March/April 2002

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Leather Ethics

Pansexual - The
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Using Safewords

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Dining at Harry's

Retribution - Pt. 3

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Life Under the Three Moons
- Michael

Michael found the Gor series during a naval deployment to the Mediterranean Sea in 1973. The first book he read was Captive of Gor (Book 7). Michael lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his kajira Mika and their children. Gorean tradition, customs and ritual are followed in the house as much as the law and having children allow.


Picture HereFrom a Dom's Perspective
- Dennis Burns

Dennis is Dungeon Master and DM trainer for APEX (Arizona Power Exchange). Dungeon Master from 1998-2001, board member from 1999-2000 and served as a Co-President for APEX for 2000. He is also the founder and currently co-facilitator of the Dom Roundtable, a group for dominants only, to discuss issues that deal with our life. [continued]


Trubled Times
...when you're having a "bitatruble"
- Celeste aka BitaTruble

I have always had an interest in BDSM, since I was a very young child but didn't have my first r/t session until July 3, 1982.  I knocked on the Dom's door at 4:50 and didn't go home until after 1 AM in the morning.  I think it's obvious it made an impression on me. That first session hooked me r/t on BDSM and I've been steeped in the leather vats ever since.  [continued]


Picture HereTransgressions
- Miss Ayme

Miss Ayme is a MTF Transsexual who's lived and worked successfully as a woman for over 10 years. Currently residing in the Bay Area, California with her domestic associate, Chloe (a pure-bred Manx), she is the Editor of TGSF's (TransGender San Francisco) monthly newsletter, The Channel. After six years as a submissive (3 of them in a LTR D/s relationship), recent years have been devoted to expressing her Top space - derived from what she calls her "residual male programming." [continued]

Picture HereWhat's a slave for?
from a male submissive's point of view
- semanticus

I have come to believe that I am quite a bit the vanilla guy in addition to being a masochist. I have been submissive in sex all my life, and that is a defining part of me, not to be denied, pervasive, intense. But I have the same troubles as all men. Relationship problems, family problems, business problems, but they are not due to my sexuality, as I once feared. My masochism is a life enhancing part of me. Married to Mistress Cherie after a long search for Her, we are now 24/7, which works better for us than the bedroom M/s play we tried in the beginning. [continued]


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