...."LadyWhispers (a.k.a. Twinklin) art comes from her raw passionate core....her work is filled with a haunting beauty that makes one salivate upon viewing. These paintings are the whisper that can drown out a thousand screaming voices." J. L.

"I had never before gazed upon a work of art that I felt was capable of being touched and returning that touch. Twinklin breathes life and a seducing beauty onto the canvas. You want to know the muse, visit that world, and become a part of it, for more than a moment. She is an artist who sees life as more than it appears in the light or in the dark." Ritual

From a young age my heart beat the passion and a longing that I never was quite able to satisfy, until about four years ago I bumped into this lifestyle through a friend and my journey finally had found a path! Through the writings of other submissives' and my own research I discovered that what I desire most is the freedom to be me. The freedom to express myself in all areas of my life. As it has only been a short time since my self-discovery my experience is limited, but my willingness to learn and achieve a total peacefulness in my soul is the driving force behind my paintings. I have barely felt the heat of my own fire. J.L. said it in his critique of my work, "Her passion is raw, but it is real..."

My passion for life will lead me on this journey.....

I know that through the guidance of Sir Steven the horizons I'll see rise before me are only limited by the pace at which I travel towards them.

The next step on this journey will be to kick off my new website, "Ink by Twink" with the help of a wonderful new friend (hugs, LB). Through her others will be able to experience and purchase my creations. Look for it soon.

Feel free to contact me at: