Sensual Spanking
by Unknown


A sensual spanking experience can start long, hours or even days, before the actual spanking. For some people, the anticipation of the event is often more exciting than the event itself. One thing you can do to heighten anticipation is to go toy shopping together.

Check out your local kink shop. If you don't have one in the area, beauty supply stores, kitchen shops, hardwares, pharmacies, pet stores, and tack shops offer a great selection. Another thing you can do is to simply talk about what is going to happen. Tell your sub what you will use on her. Tell her what position you are going to put her in. Let your imagination run wild.

Another fun trick is to tell your bottom *exactly* what time she will be spanked later in the day. Then, call her with the countdown every once in awhile. I guarantee there will be nothing else on her mind all day long. Perhaps you are going out to dinner that evening. Request that she doesn't wear any panties, and when you get to the restaurant, have her slide her skirt out from beneath her. Bare skin against a leather seat is oh-so-delicious, and puts the focus exactly where
it oughta be. <eg> When the time comes to start the actual festivities, heighten the anticipation a little bit more. Stand her in the corner. Or, send her for the toys. "Young lady, bring me the hairbrush" is likely to send shivers up her spine and down to her, uhm, toes. Perhaps you would like to send her to the bedroom to "prepare herself" and wait for you. Maybe you would enjoy putting her in position over the arm of the sofa to wait while you finish the evening paper, or make that phone call. Again, use your imagination to draw the fun out.

Finally, it is time for the actual spanking.

I like to start over the clothes, with slow, firm strokes of the hand. Take your time, there is no need to rush. When you get tired at looking at her skirt, slowly raise it up to her waist. With each inch, you will probably be able to feel her excitement grow. Go through the same routine over her panties...slow, firm strokes..making sure to spread them over the entire bottom.

For a lot of people, the "taking off of the panties" is a big part of the excitement. Tell her you are going to "spank her on the bare". Tell her when it is time for her panties to come down. Then, take them down slowly inch by inch until you've positioned them in a way that is pleasing to you. Or maybe you want to bring them down with one jerk.... allowing her to feel a surprising rush of cool air on an already-warmed rear. Variety is the spice!

Some things to remember while you spank: Technique is very important. A relaxed hand, fingers closed, is usually a much more pleasant sensation than keeping the hand stiff and rigid. Try it on yourself. See the difference?

Take care to vary the placement of your strokes, and make sure you cover the whole bottom. For most people the "sweet spot" is the lower part of the rear...right above where the thighs and buttocks meet. Make sure to pay special attention to that area, but don't forget any others! While three or four spanks in a row on the same area is exciting, many more than that can often become unpleasant. Vary your intensity. Give her a few soft ones and surprise her with some hard. Chances are, you will love the reaction. Also vary the speed. Going from slow, even strokes to quick, choppy strokes can keep things from getting boring. Keep watch on what you are doing and how her bottom changes color. Be careful to avoid any areas that are bruising, or turning a white, bloodless color.

When you decide she has had enough, it is time for the aftercare. Ice is always nice, as is cool, soothing lotion. And both are such fun to apply! Make sure you give her plenty of hugs and cuddles. This is the time to let her know how much you care about her, and how happy she makes you by taking what you dish out.

Of course, if you are giving a punishment spanking, all of the above goes out the window.