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SadieAccording to Cléo
- Cléo Dubois
Cleo Dubois is a renowned BDSM educator, personal trainer in the kinky arts, Domina, ritualist, and BDSM educational/play video maker.Having begun exploring the SM frontiers in the San Francisco Leather Community in the early 80's, she sees fantasy/mind/body explorations as powerful venues for intimacy, erotic fulfillment and self-discovery. Her Academy of SM Arts, created in 1995, teaches bondage and Her Academy of SM Arts, created in 1995, teaches bondage and SM to couples, Dominants, and switches both privately and in regularly held seminars. [Cleo's Column]

SadieSCENEprofiles Interviews
- Sensuous Sadie
I started doing interviews with BDSM group leaders because they have such interesting ideas about their own practice and our community. As a leader myself, I wanted to share the particular challenges and joys of making a BDSM group happen. As I moved out of leadership and focused on my own writing, I discovered that I particularly enjoyed interviewing authors because they have such a broad range of experience and ideas to share. Of course I could write articles about these people, but it's much more interesting to read about their experiences in their own words rather than filtered through my own writing style. [Sensuous Sadie's Interview]

DennisFrom a Dom's Perspective
- Dennis Burns

Dennis is Dungeon Master and DM trainer for APEX (Arizona Power Exchange). Dungeon Master from 98-01, board member from 99-00 and served as a Co-President for APEX for 2000. He is also the founder and currently co-facilitator of the Dom Roundtable, a group for dominants only, to discuss issues that deal with our life. [Dennis's Column]

JohnGaultThe Sadist With A Mean Streak
- John Gault

I’m sadistic, not very dominant but certainly an ‘A’ type personality. My outlook is generally humorous (I don’t take life seriously), safe play is an option not a rule, sanity is an illusion, consent is always assumed even up to the point where the other person is running out the door screaming. I hold a graduate degree in math (statistics), a second in business, a third in psychology, and a Ph.D. in philosophy. [John's Column]

CelesteTrubled Times
...when you're having a "bitatruble"
- Celeste aka BitaTruble

I have always had an interest in BDSM, since I was a very young child but didn't have my first r/t session until July 3, 1982.  I knocked on the Dom's door at 4:50 and didn't go home until after 1 AM in the morning.  I think it's obvious it made an impression on me. That first session hooked me r/t on BDSM and I've been steeped in the leather vats ever since.  [Celeste's Advice]

RogueInside a Rogue's Mind
- Rogue

I have been a masochist since birth, in my opinion. I have very early memories of my inflicting pain on myself. I grew up playing the Houdini in bondage games with my sister and have had a love of bondage ever since. It took quite awhile for me to come to grips with my sexuality though and I did not become officially active in the scene until 1998. I have been around the scene, hanging around with my sister who was a lifestyle mistress and dominatrix, since 1989.  [Rogue's Column]

The Pervertable Toybag
- Kyphi
The cost of scene-related paraphenalia is through the roof. But does one really need all that fancy stuff to have a good time? Whatever happened to using one's imagination, grabbing what's handy and having a kick ass time for nothing? Well, weep no more over your credit card, the handy dandy pervertable diva is here to save the day!!! [Kyphi's Suggestions]

depuss's Couch
- depuss

I’m depuss and I will be providing book reviews for the Dom-sub Lifestyle readers. I’ve been in the BDSM lifestyle for about five years now and my Master and I have just made the move to sunnier climes from the frozen north. I am a reader of anything printed and will give you my paws up or down on what I think will tickle your fancy. Join me in my little corner and we’ll see what depuss has in store today.. [depuss's Review]

Life as I See It
- Randy Burns

I began writing politics and anti-war articles for The Greenwich Village Gazette, featured every week. I got fed up with politics and went to this - the exploration of sexual lifestyles and fetishes. I enjoy this and find it extremely rewarding. From Ashley Renee to Dominant Females, TVs, TS, and any fetish at all. I will, and do, look into everything. I now reside in Connecticut, I'm 54, and spend my time writing to my hearts content. [Randy's Column]


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