This issue we have a two incredible CDs that you will find a necessary addition to your dungeon music collection! Although they vary greatly in the "type" of music, they each will find a home in your dungeon and enhance the experience for all in attendance.'s Best of 1999
Trent Reznor took five years to record this monstrous double-CD set, wielding a perfectionist's touch in the production and the subtlety of a chainsaw in the musicianship. The result is uncompromising, full of hysterical noise and yet utterly accessible. Somehow, someway, this is one of the best pop records of the year. --Matthew Cooke
One of the best Classical works you'll ever hear!,
Great piece of music! For any real music lover. A true work or art. The movement Jupiter is really well none! This one will make you forget Pop music ever existed.