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Le Ceinture

The smack of a hand against your bare buns is one thing, the harsh slap of a belt is another entirely! The La Ceinture will do the job and then some. Quality leather strapping attached to beautifully crafted and highly finished wooden handles make this piece a beauty to behold and feel. When you think that they have had enough of the " belt " just turn it around and use the handle for a while. Two for the price of one!

Was $35.88
Now just $29.88

Rounded Rulers

Ever get "punished" by a teacher in school? Well these little 1 1/2" x 18" beauties will bring back those memories in a big way!

Was $25.88
Now just $19.88

Hair Brush Paddles

These palm sized and completely portable (fits in your pocket) paddles are just right for that naughty someone.

Was $30.88
Now Just $24.88

Frat Paddles

Who says that a toy can't have a "touch of class"? Utilizing both Domestic and Exotic woods, these are beautifully crafted and finished.

3" x 18" paddles are pleasing to both sight and touch.

Was $40.88
Now Just $32.88

Giant 12" Wood Clamps!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Just look at these beautiful wooden clamps!! The only thing we need to say here is that this price is for a SET of two, not just one!

Was $9.88 - On Sale Now Just $7.88

Wartenberg Wheel

These wonderful wheels are needle sharp which allow you to create feelings from mild to extreme, the choice is yours. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel and will last for many many years, with very little maintenance needed. Every serious toy bag should have one or two of these included. Get yours today and pick up one for a friend while you are at it.

Only $9.88
Free Black Pouch!

Paddle Key Ring!

Appears fairly innocent... or is it? A six-inch mini-paddle that can be used as a keyring, or simply tucked into a shirt pocket. It may seem unthreatening, but boy does it pack a sting! Various woods from light to dark... randomly chosen.

A mere $8.88!

Limited Number Available!

"Dem Bones"

Nasty little critters. They may look innocent.. but attached they become quite devilish! There are five settings... "Hello!" - "OUCH!" - "OMG" - "Why are you squealing?" and "You don't mind a little less skin do you?" And remember... that blood rush when they are removed is ever so shocking!

So... just where can you imagine using these little devils?

Package of 10 for just

Bag of 100 for



Two perfect sizes! 24" and 36" Made of Kooboo Rattan Cane, with a finished wood handle and a leather thong. Please note that these are for more severe play... but they are SOOO delicious!

24" - $10.88

36" - $14.88

Bamboo Spanker

12 inches of bound (isn't that a good word?) bamboo... can be used on "wobbly bits" or anywhere your heart desires. A toy that isn't too severe unless used repeatedly on more "tender" areas. And you wouldn't do that now would you?



Indeed it is! 5 inches long, with it's own discreet carrying case. Can be carried anywhere... purse, pocket.... brief case? Requires one "AA" battery.

Just a mere $6.88!


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