The Table
by Nickie


“What to buy, what to buy,” she muttered to herself. Kari scanned her eyes on the items before her. She had finally decided to purchase a piece of furniture for her playroom. After a year of exploring that hidden part of herself online, she was ready to push herself to the next step. It started by accident one day, a chance entrance to a strange URL and a conversation that left her breathless and wanting more. In Domination and submission, Kari found a new world where she could let go and explore herself. She had decided to buy a piece of furniture to help her in her explorations. After doing some research she found a shop that made all types of furniture.

Kari hadn’t realized how difficult a decision it would be. She looked over each piece of furniture, her mind wandering, exploring different possibilities. Several of the pieces she recognized from some of the websites she had visited, but with some of the others she was uncertain but oh so curious. Her mind searched for answers, unsure of how some of the pieces might be employed. She shivered, hoping that one day she might find out. She turned to her right and her eyes were drawn at once to one piece unlike anything else in the store. It was a rather tall table, hidden around the corner. It reminded her of a couple pieces that had caught her eye online.

Looking around to see if anyone were near, she stepped behind the wall and studied the table closely. She ran her index finger along it, shivering slightly as the cool surface chilled her. She wondered momentarily what the table was made of, but the thought passed quickly as she studied the table more. Leaving her purse on the top of the table, she bent down to have a better look. Her fingers moved along its smooth edges, studying the attachment points along the side. Each one only a short distance from the next.

Taking another look around, Kari climbed quietly onto the table, letting her mind wander. Visions danced through her mind about the possibilities this table held. Her eyes slipped shut as she felt the chill from the surface set onto her back, her mind still racing. She could see herself on the table, with intricate rope work or simple soft restraints used; this table could be so versatile. When she remembered where she was, her eyes opened, only to find they were bathed in darkness. As she lifted her head, she found that a soft strap had been placed around her, holding a blindfold in place. Kari’s arm lifted to remove it but she was stopped. She felt a hand on her arm. Someone held her with a firm, tight grip. Her pulse quickened and her breathing grew short as her mind raced.

“Please, relax,” a soft voice echoed through her mind. Unsure of her predicament, Kari relaxed only slightly. The voice continued, “My name is Matthew. This is my shop, I am the maker of all you see here, however, this item, miss, is not for sale. I will give you two options of how you might wish to proceed.”

Kari’s voice shaky as she responded to him, “Go on please, I am listening.” Her body trembled, as she tested his firm grip on her arm.

“The first option is that I shall put your arm down and walk away, after which you can remove the blindfold and continue to look around my shop.”

Kari’s heart raced as she felt his warmth and she whispered, “And the second one…Sir?”

Although she could not see him, Kari could sense he was smiling down at her as he replied “The second one, miss, is that I shall go close up shop and perhaps you might find out why this table is not for sale.” He reached out to trail a finger through her hair lightly, watching her twitch a bit. “Can you accept either of these options miss?”

“Yes, I believe that I can Sir.”

“Good. I will leave you for a moment to make your decision. I will be in my office. If I do not see you come out, I will assume then that I know your decision.”

He lowered her wrist to lie beside her on the table, brushing a finger lightly against her side. He moved from her and whispered as he slipped behind the wall, “I await your decision.”

Kari’s breathing returned to normal as she waited a moment, while she gathered her thoughts. She lifted her arm, pulled the blindfold off and sat up. Her mind moved a mile a minute. Her heart was racing. ‘How dare he,’ she thought. She swung her legs over the side of the table and started to slide off. She paused a moment, she couldn’t help but remember the way his touch felt. She shook her head and muttered to herself how ridiculous this was, but his touch, his voice stayed with her.

Could she really be entertaining this idea, she thought. Her breath quickened a bit as again she thought of the possibilities this table offered. Her thoughts moved to him. His soft touch was comforting, but the strength behind it made her weak. This was something she had been waiting a long time for, the touch of one so knowledgeable, so capable. Was he really worthy of her trust, of this gift she had? How could she not find out?

Lifting her legs back to the table, she stretched out again, feeling the chill from the tabletop against her bare legs. She pushed the blindfold back in place; her pulse became more rapid as she grew more excited. Her head hit the table and she noticed how quiet it was. She tried hard not to fidget as she waited.

She wasn’t aware of it, but he had watched her from his office. She had surprised him a bit, though he wasn’t entirely certain she had completely made up her mind. He watched her a moment longer before stepping out of the office and heading for the door. He placed the ‘closed’ sign in the window and locked the door firmly.

Other senses heightened by the blindfold, Kari turned her head upon hearing the click from the door. Her body trembled a bit as she waited in anticipation of what would happen.

“Are you certain this is what you want, little one?” She nodded her head slightly, her breath catching in her throat as he touched her shoulder.

He leaned forward, his breath warm against her neck. “I need to hear it. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I need to make certain you communicate with me. If you have to stop, say the word ‘red’ and it will end. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Good little one, very good.” He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and rose back up.

She heard him rummaging through what must have been a cabinet. She heard the sound of metal clinking together and then it was silent. She waited, her breathing deep as he drew closer, her rhythmic breathing the only sound she could make out.

Kari inhaled deeply, smelling a faint vanilla scent. She waited excitedly for his return. He bent down and blew softly against her skin, causing goose bumps to rise on her flesh. She turned, hearing something hit the table, but couldn’t figure out what had made the sound. She could feel new warmth around her, as she smelled the intoxicating scent of vanilla.

“Now spread your legs dear. I want them to the edge of the table.” Kari paused a moment to confirm in her mind that this was the course she chose, and then complied. She let her legs fall open and move to opposite sides of the cushioned table. The material of her skirt rose a bit on her thighs as she spread them widely. She felt her foot bump against him as she pressed them open. He slipped her right shoe off, followed by the left. She felt something soft against her foot and she let a little gasp slip past her lips as he slid something around her right ankle.

Kari turned her ankle in a circle, curious about what held her. It felt like a soft leather strap. He took hold of her left leg and pushed her open further. Lightly, he ran the second strap down her leg, starting just beneath her skirt and sliding down her thigh and below. He let the strap tickle her skin lightly, and watched as she squirmed upon the table, She twisted her foot in small circles and noted the firm grasp that the restraints held her with. After he secured the second strap he stood back. He enjoyed watching her. He watched as she tested the straps curiously, moving her legs back and forth slightly against the leather straps. He moved to the top of the table and leaned over her to whisper, “Be still.”

Her soft voice almost trembling, answered, “Yes Sir,” as she relaxed again on the table. He took her hands in his, and raised them above her head. Taking two more ties, he wrapped them gently around her wrists and secured them to attachment points on the table.

He stepped away from the table and she could hear him in the cabinet again. She tried to relax but found it quite difficult. Her mind raced as her body quivered with excitement. She had been searching for so long, yearning to find someone to teach her.

‘click’ She moved her head after hearing a faint noise and waited silently. He returned to her side momentarily, and lay something beside her. She couldn’t feel it but could tell it was close. Her breathing grew more rapid as a twinge of fear swept over her. ‘Click’ She heard it again as she felt something pressing against her side. It felt almost as if he were opening a box. She laid still, her mind racing while he worked silently.

Her body twitched again as she heard him place something on the table, knowing he must have pulled it from the box. ‘Click’ The pressure against her was removed as he closed the lid before pulling it away.

He stood watching her before slipping the box under the table. She intrigued him. He was curious about her limits, her desires. She seemed quite innocent of this, yet so needful of it. He smiled again as he picked up the item in one hand and raised her shirt exposing her stomach. She gasped as the cool air hit her exposed flesh. She shuddered as she felt something cold against her skin.

She opened her eyes under the blindfold and struggled slightly as she realized that he held a knife. She fought to relax as she lay there. She was afraid yet strangely excited. He held the blade to her stomach, watching her to make certain she was okay. His soft voice echoed through her head. “Are you okay little one?”

Kari tried to find her voice but her breath was rapid as she lay there. She no longer struggled against her restraints as a calm yet highly intense feeling came over her. “Yes Sir,” she whispered.

He touched her hand gently and moved the blade higher, pulling upwards slightly to cut through the soft red material that covered her. Her body was on fire as he moved higher; she could feel the cold steel of the blade brushing against her skin lightly. He pulled the knife through the last of the silken fabric and pushed each piece aside. She lay in front of him, as she breathed harder, her breasts rising and falling. He trailed the blade down the center of her body, sliding under her bra. Lifting upwards with the blade, he cut the lacy fabric away from her, exposing more of her to him.

She lay before him, shivering as the cool air hit her nipples. He set the knife down on the far side of the table and ran a finger along her side and across her breast. She moaned softly as he brushed lightly against one nipple. He moved his fingers across her chest and pulled her other nipple sharply. A low growl emitted from her lips at the sudden tension on her nipple, moaning louder as he rolled it between his fingers, pinching and pulling on it.

Matthew gave it one final pull before releasing it. He picked up the blade and brought it to her skin again. She stiffened a bit as he brought the blade up under her skirt, letting its cool metal kiss the skin of her thighs. Running it up over her smooth soft thigh and across her heated mound, he pressed the knife against her panties, causing her moans to come louder. Her body arched slightly, as he pressed the knife against her.

She could feel herself slipping away, giving in. She shivered as he twisted the blade, and felt him cut through her skirt. Her body quivered as he raked the blade against her, pushing away the fabric from her skirt. Her thighs trembled as he slipped the blade along each one lightly before letting the knife rest against the table.

Stepping away for a moment, he turned to watch her while rummaging around in his cabinet. She could hear light sounds coming from his direction, but couldn’t place any of them. She lay there waiting, shivering as the cool air continued to move over all he had exposed. She heard what sounded like a door open, but couldn’t place where the sound had come from. She shivered slightly, grateful for the strange warmth that lay beside her, head spinning from her heightened sense of smell as the vanilla scent filled her. She heard what must have bee a door close again, and waited as He drew closer.

Matthew placed something on the table, near her feet. He moved towards the head of the table and brushed His finger against her cheek, while he watched her. He picked up the item that had been lying beside her, and she could feel the heat draw near when he pulled it close to her.

She breathed harder, waiting in anticipation. He watched as she squirmed on the cool table and raised the item above her. She whimpered softly as the hot wax dripped onto her tender flesh. A tear slid down her cheek as the wax burned her skin lightly. She steadied her breathing as the liquid pooled on her stomach before dripping down her side, another tear falling as the hot wax kissed more of her skin. She writhed lightly on the table, restrained by the leather as He poured more wax onto her skin.

Kari’s whimpers turned to loud moans as he continued. Her body and mind succumbed to him, to his will. He moved the hot wax higher on her body, letting little drops spill onto her breasts. The white wax covered her tanned skin. Making small circles of wax around each breast, he delighted in the way he painted her. His finger moved to pinch and pull on her nipples, which caused her back to arch up towards him as he let more wax spill down onto her.

“Oh yes, thank you Sir…” She whispered up to him. Her body moved slightly upon the table as the wax continued to drip down onto her body. She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth, and nibbled on it as she felt more of the hot liquid warming her skin. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Matthew continued dripping wax onto her nipples, covering her breasts in the hot liquid. She moaned loudly as the wax slipped down pooling under her breast. He watched her as the wax hardened, leaving a trail down her body. She moved a little, her breasts lifted to him. He tipped the candle letting the wax spill onto her and slip down her side.

He placed the candle back on the table and moved to the item he had placed at her feet. He looked at her face, and watched her as he pulled an ice cube from the bowl and pressed it to her nipple.

“Oooooh Sir…” Kari squealed softly as he pressed the ice cube to her nipple. The differences between the heat and the cold caused her body to arch up to him, as if to meet his fingers. She moaned loudly as he let the ice cube come to rest on her heated nub.

Her nipple, still warm from the wax helped to melt the cube; the cold water slid down her body, causing her to shiver. She squirmed against the restraints as he pulled another piece of ice free, letting it trail along her side and up to her breast, circling the other nipple. Kari moaned loudly and rocked her hips slightly, feeling the burning deep within her wet sex. He trailed another piece of ice down her chest, dipping it inside her belly button. She writhed on the table in front of him, pulling at the restraints that held her firmly in place. Her sex burned as he pulled one more piece of ice free from the bowl. He moved it just above her panties, letting it melt onto the wax that had gathered there, before slipping it inside to run it down over her wanton sex.

Reaching over her, he picked the knife up once more slipping the blade under the thin strip of material covering her sex. He ran the blade against her skin, and watched her as she went still. He tugged sharply breaking the first strap and then the second. He placed the knife under the table and delicately pushed the material away.

Kari moaned loudly at his soft touch, her body trembled, and her sex quivered as his hands drew closer. Her body arched off the table as his fingers brushed lightly against her lips, a soft chuckle left him as he watched her squirming, needing. Her moans continued as he played with the ice on her wet lips. He moved the ice in a slow circle, slipping past her lips finding her hardened clit.

“Oh God oh Sir, yes…” she moaned while squirming, lifting her hips slightly. She yearned for his touch, for him.

“Ooooh, you like that do you,” he chuckled. Matthew slipped the ice inside her deeply, and felt her wet walls contract around his finger; his thumb gently massaged her clit. “Oh, one more thing little one,” he paused, and laughed softly to himself. “You are not to cum, unless I allow it.” He laughed harder as he watched her squirming in front of him.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered softly, and squirmed more against the restraints as the ice melted deeply inside her. Her clit throbbed as his thumb rubbed against it in little circles. Her sex quivered as he quickly plunged a finger deeply inside her, the mix of the ice and his heated finger, pushing her deeper, taking her higher.

Matthew bent over her, and blew against her clit, which sent shivers down her spine as his thumb continued, quickening its pace, and then relaxing. He pulled her closer, only to slow, teasing her senses. Her pulse heightened as her body twitched and quivered. She was lost in her feelings, the sensations, lost in him. Her moans grew louder still as he kept pulling her closer, soft high pitch squeals slipping past soft lips.

“Please, oh God please Sir, oh God can I cum, please, please Sir?” Soft pleading words slipped past her lips, intertwined with her loud moans. He enjoyed watching her, but didn’t answer her. Instead, he bent to run his tongue lightly against her clit. Her hips rocked forward, pressing against him as he slipped a second finger deeply inside her, his breath warm on her clit.

“Oh God…mmmm please Sir?” She continued to beg him. Her soft voice was barely audible, as she breathed harder, her sex quivering as he slipped his fingers repeatedly into her wetness. She writhed on the table, lost in the heat from his body and the sensations inside her. “Please, please oh God, please Sir.” She pleaded.

“Not yet, sweet little slut…not yet,” his soft voice echoed through her mind. His words spoke to her, she couldn’t get that word out of her mind. Slut. What a nasty word, but yet seemed to fit her. It pushed her further into his world.

Kari’s mind reeled as she listened to him. She could hear that word repeated in her head. “Please Sir… oh God, please.” She squealed with delight as his attentions drove her further. Her clit throbbed under the pressure from his thumb. Her mind raced as he took her higher.

“Yes Sir…I am your little slut…. yes Sir…” The words slipped past her lips, she was completely lost in him, completely his. She let herself go, felt him draw her closer, her body trembled as he pulled her higher and higher. He bent down once more drawing his tongue against her clit. He felt her muscles clenching so tightly around his fingers as he continued to fuck her with them. His tongue flicked at just the tip of her aching clit, so hard and throbbing.

“Now, little slut, cum for me.” His voice sharp in her head, it commanded her. His thumb rubbed faster upon her clit, coaxing her to her orgasm. Her body shook as she felt him. It was as if he were inside her. Her entire body trembled as she felt her release, her wetness slipping out onto his fingers as he continued to slowly slip them in and out of her quivering cunt, his thumb still teasing her clit, making her breath short. Her sex shuddered and her body trembled as she relaxed onto the cool table.

Her mind raced as she laid there, muscles still contracting, a soft tear slipping down her cheek. Never had she felt such amazing sensations. Her body trembled as she felt the cool air slipping over her hardened nipples. Her stomach tightened, as his thumb brushed lightly against her clit, her body arched up to his touch.

Matthew withdrew his fingers fully and moved closer to her. He whispered in her ear as he brought his fingers closer to her lips. “Now little slut, you need to clean me.”

Kari breathed in her scent, and let her tongue slip past her lips. This was something she had never done before, but her body just reacted to his words. Her tongue licked up the length of both fingers, curling around slightly as he pushed his fingers into her mouth. She suckled softly, tasting her sweet juices for the first time as he continued to whisper to her. She was completely lost in him, lost in his control.

Matthew pulled his fingers from her hungry mouth and moved to untie her. Slowly he undid the restraints that held her arms and placed her hands on top of her stomach. He ran his finger lightly over her skin as he moved to the other end of the table, taking the left restraint in his hand. He toyed with it and played with it lightly against her skin, and moved to release her right leg.

She let a soft moan slip past her lips as he removed the soft leather cuffs from her legs. Her skin was so sensitive to his touch. She moaned more as he continued touching her softly. He pushed her legs together and slipped the restraints under the table and watched her. Matthew moved to the top of the table, and bent down to whisper softly in her ear.

“I am going to guide you to a room to rest and clean yourself. Once you are there, feel free to take a nap or simply take a shower, but the blindfold must stay on until I leave. Do you understand my sweet little one?”

Kari smiled up at him as he took her hand. She whispered ‘yes’ as he helped her off the table and pulled her close. He led her down a hallway and to a quiet room. She smelled that faint vanilla scent again and she shivered as her thoughts turned to what had just happened.

He led her by the bed and helped her to lie down. She lay back, happy to feel the warmth from the bed as she continued recounting the events of the afternoon. His soft voice broke her thoughts as she turned to listen to him.

“There is some clothing in the closet, please take whatever you wish.”

“Thank you Sir,” she softly whispered back just before hearing the soft click of the door.

Kari lay there a long while before moving her arm to remove the blindfold Her mind moving along the events of the afternoon, thinking about all that had just happened to her.

She felt pressure against her arm, realizing she couldn’t move.

“Please, relax, my name is Matthew, this is my shop.”

Her pulse quickened as she squirmed. She pressed her back down and realized she was still on the cool table. Her hand brushed against her side as she noticed she was fully clothed. All of this had been a dream. It was a fantastic, beautiful dream.

“Miss, excuse me, are you okay?” His voice captured her. It was so much like she had imagined it.

“I am sorry, Sir. I must have dozed off.”

“That is quite all right little one. I am glad you find my table comfortable, but this table is not for sale. I will give you two options of how you might wish to proceed.”