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We need your help!!

The staff of Dom-sub Lifestyle is totally made up of volunteers. Nobody on our staff draws any type of a salary or financial benefit.  We are all here for the love of the lifestyle and to try to make a positive influence on those that come to visit us.

There are many ways that you can help us.  Some of the ways that you can help are in the form of submitting stories, articles, artwork, photography etc.  A second way that you could help would be to make a small financial donation, which would be easy, fast, safe and secure.

Where will your dollars go?

  • To pay for server space

  • To pay for bandwidth

  • To pay for software

If you have not used PayPal before then there is an added benefit.  They will give you $5 to open your account for FREE.  That $5 would surely help keep the pages of Dom-sub Lifestyle online and what is better is that it would actually cost you nothing to make that donation!! 

By donating through PayPal all of your Personal Information stays between you and PayPal.

Click here to see the Dom-sub Lifestyle Benefactor Honor Roll. Be sure to let us know how you want your name listed!