The Perfect Answer
by Bleu Sadist

How many strands are used to make the perfect flogger? What brand of lubrication is best for sensitive skin? Is it safe for an unescorted woman to visit one of the national lifestyle events?

Have you ever had a question, just a little question that you did not have an answer for? A question, which you had no idea where to look in order to get an answer? Look no further, we have every answer to every question in the world that pertains to the BDSM lifestyle and all of the other related groups.

How can this be you ask? Very simple!!! The staff at Dom-sub Lifestyle has put together a group of experts from all over the United States and from several foreign countries for the explicit purpose of answering your questions.

Who are these people you ask? They are people just like you. People with varying degrees of expertise in the lifestyle that are willing to add their two cents worth of information to any question asked of them. They come from all walks of life and from just about every occupation that you can think of. We have Doctors, Lawyers, Ministers, Construction Worker and believe it or not, even a Cop or two. (Their handcuffs are not just for work you know)

I would be so embarrassed if anyone knew who I was. No problem, we dont ask for any identifying information and our group is free to join. You will blend in with over 500 other people and nobody will ask for any personal information.

By clicking on this link: you will be taken to our group and in a matter of minutes you can be a member of one of the nations fastest growing online Lifestyle Groups. Sit back for a bit, watch what happens in the group and when you feel comfortable jump right in and ask or answer a topical question. You will be made to feel quite at home and are always welcome, just like at Cheers, except nobody will know your name.

If you prefer, below is a direct link to apply!

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