by gîna«Tau»

She stood in the corner fighting back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. Her nose to the wall, hands clasp behind her back and her bottom thrust out - she was in punishment position. Lately, she thought, that seemed to be where she was spending the most of her time.

What had happened to them? So alike in so many ways, neither had been prepared for this turn in thier journey. As His control of her had spread from the games they played in their bedroom into thier every day life; she had found it harder and harder to submit. Submitting her body to Him had been the easy part…submitting her will was so much harder! So many times she would forge ahead - thinking only of herself and forgetting that she now needed to remember Him also.

She heard Him enter the room. She tried to still the feelings that coarsed through her body as she heard Him walk across the room and stop just behind her. She wanted to turn and look at Him so badly but dared not remove her nose from the corner; knowing from His past lessons that she was to hold her position until He released her from that corner.

She hadn't meant to shout at Him. The words were out before she could stop them from tumbling through her lips. Angry hurtful words that she had immediately wished to take back. Unable to, she did the next best thing and burst into tears. This had softened His reaction just a bit and instead of a hard spanking she expected, she found herself being led to the corner and told to 'assume the correct position please honey'.

She had known what to do and had placed herself into the corner. Now He was back. She tried so hard not to move. What would He do now? Would He punish her? How? Her body shuddered at the thought although she wouldn't blame Him if He did. During the last few weeks she had been just horrible. She knew that He had reached the end of His patience.

He stood behind her quietly watching her as she stood proudly in the corner. He saw the stiffness in her back as she tried to control herself and not turn to look at Him. He was glad that she controlled the impulse as He would not want her to see the smile forming now on His lips as He watched her struggle with her pride and her need to be controlled.

They had talked long into the evening the night before. Having had a few months of serious ups and downs; He had finally forced the issue and made her sit down and listen to Him. She was jumping to too many conclusions lately and He didn't like it. She was to stop, He told her, or face punishment. She had agreed. She knew that He was right… she had been too quick with her temper lately, she had jumped to conclusions and attacked Him. She had been very busy testing Him and His control. He had never failed a test yet.

So she had asked Him to help her with this and He had agreed. But that was last night and today she had fallen back into old habits, deciding that she knew what His plans were for the day and snapping at Him without even giving Him the chance to explain. That had lead her to the corner. After all, she had asked for help and He was a good Dom.

He smiled once more at the vision she made with her nose in the corner like that, her well rounded bottom stuck out waiting for what she expected to be a long, drawn out spanking and lecture. But she was a lucky sub and He had more in mind for her tonight. He was about to guide His sub one step further down the road in thier shared journey. Last night she had consented. Tonight she was His to guide.

She tried not to move when she felt Him slip a blindfold over her eyes. He had never blindfolded her for punishment before!!! What was He doing? Before she could answer her own question, she felt His thumb on her lips forcing her to open her mouth while He inserted His favorite penis gag. It took everything she had to stand in that corner with her nose to the wall and her bottom pushed out…waiting. She was sure now He was going to beat her…why else would He gag her?

He stood back and looked at His sub and noticed the slight slump of her body. He was a good Dom and had taken the time to learn about His sub. Sensing her need, He took ahold of her arm. He whispered in her ear…'honey? I want you to trust me tonight. That is very important to Me. Do you understand? Can you give Me that?'

She shot Him a look. How could she answer that? He had gagged her… grrrr and then she realized… she could nod. She nodded her head yes. and then He surprised her even more by telling her to walk with Him. Still holding her firmly by the arm, He led her into the dining room.

'Up on the table honey' He told her as He lifted her so her butt was sitting on the table. She felt Him take first one ankle and then the other and place cuffs on them. 'Spread real wide for Me honey' He instructed as He tied first one of her legs and then the other to the legs of the table. She lay on the table on her back, her legs spread wide open. She loved to be wide open and exposed, just waiting for Him.

She heard Him come around and then felt Him take each hand and put on her wrist cuffs. Pulling these tightly over her head, she listened to Him tie each arm to the remaining table legs. She pulled a bit on her arms and legs when she felt Him move away; testing her bounds only to find they were very secure. She could not move.

A moment of panic and then His voice again in her ear… 'trust Me honey' and she relaxed a bit. Perhaps she wasn't going to be punished after all? Maybe He was just going to play with her; tease her in that way that made her so crazy with desire… she squirmed just a bit. Maybe she would even be allowed to cum! She squirmed.

He approached the table and noted the wetness forming between her legs. Smiling, He reached own and run one finger through the wetness of His pussy. It was His. She had given it to Him. He told her when she could touch and when she couldn't. He controlled her orgasms, loving to hear her beg Him with desire for permission to cum for Him… almost as much as He loved making her beg Him not to let her cum. He almost laughed out loud.

But He had a lesson to teach and sometimes being a Dom was damned hard work. He grimaced looking at His love bound out on the table in front of Him and knowing what He had in store for her. Taking a deep breath, He leaned down one more time… 'remember honey… you promised to trust Me… don't you dare disappointment Me'.

One kiss and then He was gone. She couldn't move and could feel the hard coldness of the table on her back and bottom. Her legs were pulled very far apart and she could feel the lips on her pussy being pulled wide also. She tried to listen to hear what He might be doing but she heard nothing.

And then she heard the doorbell! It couldn't be. He didn't share her. He wouldn't let someone in with her bound to the table like this. She knew better than that. But she could hear voices in the hall. More than one! Oh my God she could hear many voices. What in the world could He be doing?

She froze when she heard the dining room door open and the sounds of people laughing came into the room. She pulled at her binds. She would kill Him!! He knew her limits and crowds were not for her. She had never even played in public. She was so mad!!! He wanted a strong subbie did He? Just wait till she got free, she thought.

She heard someone approach her. Who was it? What was going to happen? She couldn't believe He was letting this happen. When she felt someone reach down and twist on one of her nipples, she almost jumped off the table; would have in fact bolted and run if she had not been tied down. She felt the other nipple harden and tighten in response to the pain and her face reddened when the room filled with laughter again.

She tried to yell though her gag. She couldn't see a thing. Another hand reached out and twisted the other nipple. She tried to pull away but she couldn't move. She tried to yell again as her nipples were roughly pinched and pulled and she felt clover clamps being placed on each throbbing orb. She could hear people talking all around her… and again they laughed when someone reached out and pulled the chain on the clover clamps tightening them on her nipples and causing her to moan.

Voices were all around her. Where was her Master? How could He do this to her? He must know she would never ever ever forgive Him. He must not want her anymore! How could she have been so stupid as to behave so badly that He would use her like this?

As soon as she was free she would pack up all her stuff and leave. Dom or no Dom she would never trust Him again. Tears formed in her eyes as she remembered His words of 'trust me'… how could she have been so wrong as to trust Him? Had she ruined everything being so willful?

She had never been this angry before… not with herself and certainly not with Him. She felt hands on her legs and pulled so hard on her binds that she felt the table move slightly as she tried to avoid the fingers that seperated the lips of her pussy and invaded her. As they thrust deep inside of her and rubbed on her clit, she felt another enter her ass. How many people were touching her?

She tried to count voices and lost count at 15. She felt pegs being placed on the lips of her pussy and the lips being pulled so far apart that it hurt so bad she cried out. She heard the sound of tape and felt first one side being taped to her leg and then the other; leaving her wide open and exposed. What would they do to her next?

And then she heard Him. One finger touched her pussy and He declared to the crowd… 'look how wet she is!' She felt her face get hot as first one dildo and then another was pushed up into her holes and moved in and out causing her to get wetter and wetter. She felt someone licking and sucking at her clit.

She started to cry. And He was right there, taking her hand whispering into her ear… 'I love you honey… trust me' and she calmed a bit. The dildos were removed. She winced when the tape was pulled off. The pegs were taken off her pussy lips and she gasped at the pain. She was allowed to rest for a bit. The voices died down a bit and she lay on the table praying that they were all leaving…

And then the room was full again… even louder than before… she could hear the laughter of women and men. She cried out as the chain on the clover's was pulled one more time and then both clamps removed at once allowing the blood to rush back into her bruised nipples. She squirmed on the table as the feelings ran through her body.

She heard the flogger only seconds before it hit. Her breasts, her tummy, her thighs, her legs… all of her was struck at one point or another. She tried to count the number of floggers and voices and couldn't do it. One of the floggers made contact with her sore nipples and she moaned again as feelings of pleasure cursed through her body bringing on much laughter from the room.

And then they were gone and she was left to lie on the table and just listen to the voices and the sound of people eating and enjoying themselves. Finally goodbye's came and the last person left. She was still tied to the table and she lay there and welcomed the silence. As soon as He untied her, she would leave.

Her blindfold was removed and she glared at Him as He smiled down at her. 'You did so good tonight honey… you made Me so proud'. She tried to tell Him how much she hated Him with her eyes. Just wait till He got this gag out of her mouth…..she was going to tell Him a thing or two.

He removed the gag while asking her… 'did you enjoy yourself tonight My honey?' She was still bound but that didn't stop her…she began to yell and curse at Him. After a while she noticed He was just standing and looking down at her and smiling and she shut up long enough to wonder why…

She looked up at Him and He began to untie her. 'So you want to leave Me huh?' He glared at her. 'what happened to trust?'

'Trust went away when You voilated my limits' she spat at Him. She pushed away from Him and climbed off the table and started across the room… stopping only when He grabbed her by the arm…

'Just one thing before you go honey please?' He asked and she glared at Him once more trying to shake off His hold on her arm.

He looked at her with such pride as she stood naked in front of Him and still managed to challenge Him. "Was it hard on you to be on the table while all those people were eating?' He asked surprising her… 'You know…the smell of the food and everything?'

And then it hit her! She had smelled no food. No perfume… no cigerette smell… no smell of drinks… nothing. She looked at Him with puzzlement as He smiled down at her and walked over and turned on the stereo in the corner. She heard the sound of a door opening and people laughing coming from the speakers and looked at Him in amazement.

They had been alone all night!


© 2004 by gîna«Tau» TheFemaleSubmissive