A New Yoyeur - Part 10
Hops Revisited
by DarkWhisper

Donna groaned in her sleep and turned over to snuggle deeper into her pillow. She slowly opened one bloodshot eye, and winced with pain as the morning sun streamed through the window and found its way straight to her pupil.

"Oh God..." Her head was pounding, and her throat felt as though somebody force fed her about a ton of sand. What the hell had she done last night? It hurt her head to try to remember, so she just closed her eyes again, and tried to keep her head from splitting open. After about fifteen minutes, she realized that she wasn't feeling much better, and decided she might as well get up and take at least a handful of Excedrine. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and gingerly sat up. The room swam for a few moments before finally righting itself. Donna swore to herself that she'd never again drink that much.

She made her way to the bathroom, and stood under the shower, washing away some of the pain in her head, and giving her a bit of relief from her aching muscles. Gradually, the previous night's events started seeping through her subconscious. She felt the heat of embarrassment add to the warmth of the steamy water. She couldn't believe she'd fucked Geoff! Despite her headache, she felt a little tingle in her pussy when she remembered the way he'd pushed her against the wall in the bar, holding her against it while he levered himself up...stabbing her pussy with his rock-hard cock. Anyone could have walked in. She caught her breath when she stopped to wonder if perhaps someone did walk in. She shook her head ruefully and realized that it would be quite a while before she went back to Hops.

Fifteen minutes later, she emerged from the steamy bathroom, feeling much better than when she'd gone in. Her damp hair was twisted together in a thick towel, piled high on top of her head. Her face shone with health and youth as she sat down at her little vanity to get ready for her afternoon shift at the bar where she worked. A little smile curved her lips as she applied her makeup. Donna let her fingers take over, each movement was automatic as she smoothed on foundation, followed by eyeshadow, liner, and mascara.

Her mind took the opportunity to re-live the night before. God, what a rush. She pictured how they must have looked to someone who might have stumbled into the little room. Two bodies so desperate for each other, neither could wait for complete privacy. She imagined the look of Geoff's silver hair contrasting against the vibrant red of her own. She could visualize her long legs wrapped around his tanned hips as he surged into her over and over, her mouth open and gasping in pleasure. She could hear once again the excited moans and grunts as Geoff grabbed her ass and used the added leverage to force himself deeper into her wildly squirming body. Oh yeah, she was getting turned on just thinking about it.

She slipped lower in her chair, causing the thin nylon of her panties to press firmly between the lips of her pussy. She enjoyed the pressure on her rapidly swelling clit and rocked her hips back, then forward about an inch. "Unngh" she moaned as the pressure released and tightened again. Her right hand reached for her breast. She pinched lightly on her nipple, making the rosy tip stiffen. The small of her back arched away from the little chair, and she felt the ornate wooden seat-back dig into her shoulder-blades. She enjoyed the combination of pleasure and minor discomfort; it made the pleasure seem somehow more intense. She grabbed the waistband of her panties, and pulled it up tight, causing the panties to pull harder between her labia, rubbing it against her extremely tender clit. Her head tilted back in pleasure, dropping the wet towel to the floor, and sending her wet hair slapping against her skin. Donna closed her eyes, and continued playing the mental movie behind her eyelids.

She saw again the look of pure animal lust in Geoff's eyes when he guided his cock between her legs, pushing the bulging head past the tight barrier of her drenched pussy. Her finger slid down to push the crotch of her panties into her cunt, shoving the material inside. She could feel how wet the cotton crotch had become even before she pushed it inside. With a tantalizing slowness, she pulled the material out of her pussy, making her ass squirm on the hard wooden seat. She slipped the wet material down her thighs and legs, tossing them into the corner of her bedroom while her fingers began a slow examination of her own pussy. She traced the outlines of each bump and fold, then tested the thickness of her inner lips between forefinger and thumb. Donna moaned when she pinched the skin between her fingernails, bringing a momentary flash of pain, but with it, an undeniable pleasure.

Donna's body was on fire. Her legs were spread wide, feet planted on either edge of the vanity table. She reached out to find something she could push into herself, finally finding the thick handled hairbrush and sliding the handle up and down her slit. As the hairbrush found her entrance, she pushed it deep inside. She moaned when the stiff bristles brushed against her throbbing clit. She twisted it back and forth, grating the bristles over her clit and causing her muscles to clench down on the cool plastic of the brush. Her mind started to add details to the encounter between her and Geoff, details that never happened.

She saw a shadowy figure at the doorway, standing there watching the two of them fuck. The figure moved deeper into the room, unzipping his pants as he came. He was a big man with thick, hairy arms, and a rough short beard. His eyes blazed with lechery as he watched.

In her mind, she saw Geoff motion the man closer, wanting him to get a better view of Donna's pussy stretched tight over Geoff's cock. The fantasy continued when Geoff yanked her away from the wall, and positioned her face down on the table. She felt a foot nudge her legs further apart, and a warm hand caress her asscheek. At this point, she wasn't sure whose hand it was, or what was happening behind her. She jumped when she felt a thick finger slide into her pussy, and knew it had to be the stranger. She tried to turn her head back to look, but hands reached out and held her head down onto the highly polished table.

Donna started thrusting the brush hard into her pussy, making sure her clit made contact with the wet bristles with every downstroke. Her finger was rubbing the slippery clit in little circles while her hips rode up and down, forcing the brush deeper and deeper. She knew she was close to climaxing, and slowed the pace, not wanting to come until it would be painful to avoid it. She pulled the glistening plastic from her pussy, and brought it to her nose. She inhaled deeply of her own musky scent, enjoying the way it made her feel like a very sexy woman. She kept up the light circling of her clit, and put the brush back on the vanity. She could feel her lubrication sliding down her ass-crack to wet her tight little hole, and then closed her eyes again to continue with the half reality, half fantasy.

The hand on her ass was slightly rough from work, and she knew then that the stranger was looking at her wide open pussy. She heard a grunt, then felt his thick cock pushing into her. He moved slowly, stretching her opening to accommodate his girth. It seemed an eternity before she felt his heavy sac bump up against her mons. She flexed her inner muscles, massaging his cock with rhythmic contractions. Her eyes were still closed when she felt the head of Geoff's cock nudge her lips. She opened her lips just a tiny bit, and Geoff rocked his hips forward, pushing himself into the warmth of her mouth. Her tongue slid back and forth on the underside of his shaft, flicking just under his glans. Donna was in ecstasy as she felt two men entering her. She sucked lightly on Geoff's cock, causing Geoff to moan and thrust his hips harder against her mouth.

The stranger was running his hands up and down the supple skin of her ass, scratching his nails lightly over her flesh. She shuddered and rocked her hips back, forcing him even deeper. She felt him withdraw about an inch or two, then ease back into her throbbing pussy. God, he was so huge! Donna was whimpering with desire, as the two men used her body.

Her finger moved faster and faster on her clit, circling it for a few moments, then flicking her fingernail rapidly across the exposed head. She had to get something inside of her, or she'd go crazy. She tore open drawers on her vanity until she found her toys. She grabbed the thickest dildo, and bracing her heels, shoved it inside of her cunt, feeling every ridge rub against the walls of her pussy. She moaned with satisfaction when she felt the promise of the stranger's fantasy cock fulfilled by her big dildo.

Donna once again lost herself in the fantasy. Geoff pulled out of her mouth and moved to stand by the stranger's side. "What do you want to do to her?" He asked the big man. "Do you want to tie her up? Do you want to fuck her mouth? She's all yours, take what you want from her." Donna bit her lip, but found herself incredibly turned on by the conversation of the two men. Donna was an independent woman by nature, but when it came to her fantasies, she liked to play the submissive; to let others tell her what to do.

"I want to tie her up." The stranger's voice was thick with desire. "I want to blindfold her, and not let her see what I'm going to do to her lovely body, just feel it." Donna felt a thrill when she heard his words, she also felt the tinniest bit of apprehension. She heard Geoff agree, and the next thing she knew, her hands were being pulled back. She felt what had to be a man's belt circle her wrists, and be drawn tight. She tested the strength of the leather, and knew that until they released her, she was truly their captive. Next she felt something soft and silky cover her eyes, then winced as it was tied tightly behind her head. She was effectively blind. The creamy skin on the inside of her thighs was trembling with excitement. She felt hands all over her ass and back, rubbing and caressing her fevered flesh.

They moved her over onto her back, her bound hands pressing painfully into her spine. She felt them raise her legs, and drape them over a pair of strong shoulders. She became aware that someone was blowing on her crotch, stirring the silky hair that barely covered her dripping pussy. She moaned softly, and struggled briefly against her bonds. She almost screamed with pleasure when she felt a warm tongue replace the cool breath. Her hips bucked up when the tongue lapped at her slit, flicking rapidly on the sensitive nub.

By this time, Donna knew that she would have to come, her imagination had her so wet that the juice was dripping down the insides of her thighs. Her hand was a blur as she fucked herself with the dildo. The thick rubber was gliding in and out of her body, almost as if it were deriving as much pleasure as she was. The muscles of her neck strained as her body tightened, and her back arched way off the chair. Her fingers were rubbing violently on her burning clit, and she held her breath and allowed her body the sweet release it so desperately needed. Donna shouted out in rapture as her body bowed as tight as the strings of an expensive violin. Her whole body shuddered and quaked, and her teeth clenched tight as the orgasm whipped over her entire being.

Slowly, very slowly, her body ceased convulsing, and her heartbeat stopped galloping inside her chest. Her fingers now moved gently over her clit, avoiding her most sensitive spot. She lay slumped in the chair, recovering from the intensity of the orgasm.

Donna raised a shaky hand to her face, and smelled the heavy scent of aroused woman. She smiled slightly and made her way back into the bathroom for yet another shower. This time, she didn't have time for her fantasies, and quickly dressed before running out the door.

The night seemed to speed by, and Donna was grateful when her shift ended and she could make her escape. She wanted a drink, but at the same time, didn't want to have it in the place she'd just spent several hours working in. The encounter with Geoff must still have been on her mind, because without realizing it, she had driven back to Hops. She gave herself a rueful little smile as she walked into the bar. It was late, and very few patrons were left, leaving several of the little rooms empty. She liked Hops because of the way it was laid out. Originally a large home, it had been converted into a micro-brewery/grill. She had been there many times, and had yet to see all the little rooms tucked away down narrow hallways and under stairwells. It made for a private little getaway that allowed for the thirsts and hungers of its loyal clientele.

She went to the bar, and ordered the sampler tray; eight 6 ounce glasses of different flavored beers. She took the tray into one of the smallest rooms in the back, and stretched out on the couch that all but filled the room. This was the room she went into when she wanted to just be by herself, and relax. She sipped slowly at the drinks, tasting each one to try to determine her favorite, but gave up after about four. They started to all taste the same, and she was getting tipsy. Donna closed her eyes and let herself drift.

She must have dozed off, because she came awake quickly when she heard the door to the room close. Her eyes flew open, and there stood a man that looked almost exactly like the man in her fantasy. She was a bit confused, and thought she must still be sleeping, until the man walked forward and stared longingly at her lap. She was still wearing the little skirt that was part of the 'unofficial' uniform of the bar she worked at. It was black, and fit like a glove. During her little doze, her legs had spread open, and the crotch of her white panties was fully exposed. The stranger stood before her, his eyes darting back and forth from the V of her thighs to her flushed face.

"Who are you?" Donna's voice was slightly husky and sounded sexy in the small confines of the now closed off room. "Have we met?"

"You're Donna, aren't you?" Donna felt her tummy do a weird little flip-flop when he knew her name. "I've seen you in Geoff's class, haven't I?"

Suddenly she knew the answer. This was Geoff's friend, the neighbor he went sailing with all the time, then she knew why she'd used him in the role of fantasy lover. He'd come into the classroom on several occasions when he and Geoff had planned on a weekend sail. She'd seen him before, and liked his big body and strong arms. She remembered turning once and catching the two men watching her. It suddenly hit her that he owned Hops, and a rueful smile curved her lips.

"Yeah, that's me. I remember you now, you're Geoff's sailing buddy, right?" Donna deliberately let her knees fall even further apart, giving him a good view of the shadow of pubic hair resting just beneath the thin material of her panties.

He nodded and said, "I'm Mike. I came in to tell you that we're closing up for the night." He glanced over at the four empty glasses and two still mostly full. "Would you like some fresh beer before you go? These are warm." He bent to pick up the tray, and Donna understood that her earlier fantasy was partly correct. She was almost positive he had been watching her fuck Geoff.

"Mike..." Donna began softly, and when he turned back to face her, his face was flushed and she saw a noticeable bulge in his jeans. "You saw us, didn't you? You saw how Geoff had me up against the wall and was fucking the shit out of me, didn't you?" Her voice was silky smooth and quivering with a hint of excitement. He nodded reluctantly, his blush deepening. "Did you like what you saw? Did it make you hot?" Donna continued on in that silky, sexy voice, and she saw his bulge lengthen and thicken against the thick denim of his pants. "Did you stand in the doorway and jack off? Or did you wait until we were done then go get a woman to give you a blowjob?"

Mike swallowed convulsively, then admitted "I closed off the hallway to the room you two were in, and stood just outside the door...watching you."

"And..." She prompted.

"...And I jacked off. You two were so hot, and I could hear you moaning and Geoff grunting. I couldn't help myself, I had to shoot my load into a kitchen towel." His eyes couldn't stay off her rapidly dampening panties.

Donna couldn't believe how bold she was being, but she slipped her hand down to the elastic that hugged her pussy lips, and pulled it back and away, exposing the trimmed hair and inner lips of her now very wet pussy. "And what did you want to do Mike?" She trailed her middle finger lightly up and down her slit, drawing a bead of moisture with it, and then smeared it over the inside of her thigh. Mike was almost shaking with desire as he stood in front of her - thick cock straining against his jeans - and told her.

"I wanted to fuck you too. I wanted to feel my cock sliding in and out of your pussy."

"Is that all you wanted to do?" She arched her left eyebrow and continued to slip her finger under the tight elastic of her panties, spreading her legs wider and slumping down further on the couch. "You can tell me, I want to hear." Donna's breath was coming short and fast as she watched the look of lust flare in Mike's eyes.

Mike cleared his throat and answered, "No, that's not all. I wanted to fuck you while you were still fucking Geoff."

Donna smiled and gave him a teasing smile, "Mike, you've got to be more specific. Tell me exactly what you wanted to do to me. Every detail." She raised her hips and tugged the silky material of her panties down to her knees, showing him just how sweet her pussy lips looked, how they puffed with excitement and spread to show the deep pink of her inner core.

Mike swallowed almost convulsively and knelt down in front of her wide open knees. He could feel her heat even from several inches away, and this close he could see just how turned on she was. His indecision fled as he trailed a featherlight fingertip up the inside of her thigh, and Donna shuddered with pleasure. He began kissing the creamy soft skin just above her knee, and traveled slowly upward, pausing to lick here, nibble there, until Donna was moaning with need. He pulled away from the enticing sight of Donna's pussy, and looked at her blissful face. Her eyes were half open, and her teeth were nibbling softly on her bottom lip. Her hands were clenched into fists on either side of her gently rotating hips - she looked like a woman who was being pleasured well.

Mike's lips reached the soft fluff of trimmed hair that framed her pussy. She heard him say softly, "I wanted to feel your pussy grip my cock tight in it's heat." Mike punctuated the sentence with a flick of his tongue against her swollen clit. "I wanted to grab your hair and mount you like a dog and shove my cock deep inside of you." Flick, flick. "I wanted to hear you whimpering and cussing and begging me to fuck you harder and faster." His tongue traveled down to lap gently at the moisture pooling at the bottom of her entrance. "And then," he continued, "I wanted to fuck your ass while Geoff fucked your cunt. I wanted you so filled up there wouldn't be room for even a breath." At this last sentence, he slipped his finger into her. She was so wet that his finger met little resistance, it was like sliding a hot knife through softened butter. He reached for her panties and drew them all the way down her legs and tossed them onto a nearby table.

Donna raised her legs and draped them over his strong shoulders, leaving her pussy open and gleaming for him to examine and play with. She shivered when his lips closed over her clit, drawing it into his mouth and between his teeth. He very carefully brought his teeth together, applying just enough pressure to send her arching up to meet his hot breath. She felt his hands encircle her upper thighs, then his fingers spread her pussy lips wide. He pulled her closer to him, and began an intense examination of every crevice and fold of her waiting pussy. Donna was squirming, wanting him inside of her, but not wanting to rush this exquisite experience. Mike took his time studying the way her clit reacted to every breath blown lightly, and every touch of his finger. He slid his thumb into her opening and rotated it in wide smooth circles. Donna's hips swayed back and forth with delight. He pulled his thumb out of her pussy, and drew it downward, wetting the bridge of skin between her vagina and asshole. His thumb took several trips over her glistening skin until the surface of her ass was slippery with her thick juice.

His tongue began to lash lightly on her clit as he pushed the first joint of his thumb into the tight ring of her ass. Donna sucked in her breath as she felt the intrusion, and her muscles involuntarily clenched tight on his thumb. Mike continued his tongue-bath on her extended clit while her body once again relaxed and shuddered. She felt the pressure increase, then her ass opened for him, and he pushed harder into her. Donna brought her hands up to cup her breasts, rubbing her thumbs across their hardened peaks. She quickly undid the buttons down the front of her blouse, and flicked her fingernails over the satin of her bra, teasing her nipples. She loved having her ass spread open by a man, whether it be his fingers, tongue or cock. There was something forbidden about the pleasure, which only added to the excitement.
Mike enjoyed giving a woman oral pleasure. Unfortunately, his wife didn't enjoy the activity, so Mike was rarely able to indulge his desire. His wife didn't particularly enjoy sex, truth be told. She allowed him to enter her in the missionary position, and sometimes she would deign to be on top, but that was about it. Mike was a highly sexual person, and the infrequency of their sexual relations, coupled with the monotony was enough to drive a man insane. Donna was so completely unlike his wife in every respect, that he took extra pains to bring her as much pleasure as was humanly possible.

He spent long moments teasing her clit and lips, pulling each fold into his mouth and sucking lightly. Donna was whimpering above him and squeezing her nipples hard between her fingernails. His thumb was now buried all the way to the web between palm and wrist inside of her, and he slowly drew it all the way out, then sank it back in.

"Oh God...Mike...oh God." Donna was murmuring over and over as Mike kept up the sweet assault on her body. She felt each joint of his thumb press past her tight entrance, to sink deep into her body. When his tongue pressed hard on her clit, then grated up and down on its sensitive surface, she knew she was lost. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as the orgasm built and exploded. Her eyes flew open and she was unable to control the scream that burst from her lips. Her hands grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her crotch, his tongue never letting up the pressure. Her hips bucked and ground hard onto his mouth while his thumb jabbed deep in her ass.

Mike lapped up the sweet juice as it poured from her entrance, his tongue moving lazily while she sobbed and tried to bring her traitorous body back under control. When he sensed that she was gaining control, he kissed her throbbing pussy and pulled away. He looked up into her face, and was intensely gratified at what he saw. Donna was still struggling to fill her lungs with air after her violent orgasm, and her hair was in wild disarray. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and the hard-on that Mike had been steadfastly ignoring suddenly became unbearable. He stood up quickly, and kicked his shoes into the corner of the room before peeling off his tight jeans and leaving his wide, long cock fully exposed to Donna's appreciative stare.

"Oh yeah, baby...nice and big. Is that for me?" Donna licked her lips, and leaned forward, wanting to take him into her mouth. Mike grabbed her hair with just enough force to gain her attention, and pulled her head back.

"Yes, it's for you, but if you give me head, I'll come down your throat, and I've been waiting to feel your sweet pussy wrapped around me. Lay down on your stomach, Donna." Donna delightedly complied, and turned onto her tummy on the couch, raising her ass a couple of inches. She felt the springs compress as he knelt behind her on the narrow cushions. His hands were warm and strong on her hips as he steadied their slight sway, then eased his big cock into her welcoming pussy.

He was really big, and she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate his expanse. God, she was so tight around his straining cock. Mike groaned deep in his throat as he kept up the steady pressure, finally succeeding in sinking his cock all the way in to his balls. He didn't pull back, but kept himself deep. His hands moved over the smooth skin of her ass while he ground his hips into her.

She felt him pressing against her cervix, and knew that he held himself from coming with an iron will. She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her as he battled for control, finally finding it, then withdrawing half way before thrusting hard, filling her once again. Donna wriggled her hips, trying to push him even deeper. She felt Mike's fingers digging into the skin of her ass as he reared back and slammed himself back in, smashing his balls between her body and his. She felt him pull out, and turned her head to look back over her shoulder. Mike was pinching the base of his cock hard between his forefinger and thumb. His cock was dark purple at the tip, and the veins stood out visibly on the shaft. She knew he was trying to keep himself from coming, and she dug her fingers into the couch cushions to keep from sending him over the edge from just the touch of her pussy or ass.

When Mike had himself back under control, she felt the tip of his cock nudge her pussy, and she rocked back to encourage him. She sighed with pleasure as she felt him enter her once more. Her body was shivering, and gooseflesh stood out on the skin of her ass, as he slowly pumped into her. She tightened her pussy muscles on his shaft, and he bent low over her back and groaned close to her ear, before kissing her neck and sucking on her soft skin. He was moving incredibly slowly inside of her. Donna thought she would go insane, but was totally unprepared for the climax that washed over her. Gentle waves of sensation, building in intensity until her pussy spasmed hard on his cock. He felt her come, and increased the speed and power of his thrusts. Donna was bucking beneath him like a wild- woman, and he gave as good as he got.

He felt her cum bathing his cock and balls, before rolling in drops down the inside of his thighs. He'd never fucked anyone like Donna before, she was as intensely sexual as he was, and he reveled in her eroticism. His cock was dripping with her juice as he pulled out of her pussy, and pressed its tip against her tight little ass. Donna shuddered as she felt him pushing into her ass. She willed her muscles to relax, and felt herself stretch to take him. When the head passed her barrier, she almost groaned with satisfaction. He was filling her fuller than any man ever had.

"Jesus, Donna. You're so fucking tight!" Mike felt her inner muscles gripping him with an desperate strength as he steadily shoved his big cock deep into her ass. Her soaking pussy had ensured there would be plenty of lubrication, and though it was tight, she was also very slippery. She felt his balls finally bump against her clit, and she reached back to caress and knead the heavy sac. Mike grunted and pulled most of the way out before thrusting his cock steadfastly forward, filling her once more. He began to rock his hips back and forth rhythmically, thrusting deep with every stroke. Donna was almost crying from the sheer luxury of his huge cock filling her ass. She felt Mike grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back as he thrust mightily into her clenching ass.

Mike was using her hair like a pair of reins on a wildly out of control horse, yanking her back when she lunged forward, pulling savagely when she tossed her head. Each time she felt him pull on her tender roots, a new gush of liquid splashed down her thighs. She reached beneath herself and started to rub furiously on her extended clit, causing her body to buck and roll even more. Mike yanked brutally on her hair every time she bucked her ass back into his hips. Tears of pain mixed with pleasure rolled down her cheeks as he rode her like he told her he would. When his hand made a stinging blow to her hip, she shrieked out in pain. But in the next breath, she begged him not to stop.

"Yes! You son of a bitch! Fuck me!" Donna was beyond mere enjoyment and was teetering on the edge of another explosive climax.

"You like that? Huh Donna? You like getting your round little ass slapped?" SMAAAACK! His hand made another stinging contact with the red skin of her hip, and Donna's pussy and ass began to clench with ecstasy. SMAAAACK! He slapped her again, and Donna was whimpering deep in her throat.

"HARDER!" She screamed and his hand came down once again, delivering a solid slap on her fiery flesh. "UNGH! YES! AGAIN!!" Mike couldn't stand it anymore, and his hips started wildly crashing into her ass. Again and again his hand came down on Donna's ass, leaving white welts on her skin. Donna was totally lost in rapture as she succumbed to her climax. White hot stars exploded behind her tightly closed eyelids, and her body clamped down tight on Mike's cock.

Mike felt the long denied orgasm building up in his balls. Donna was the best fuck he'd ever had, and hearing her beg him to slap her was more than he could bare. His pelvis pummeled her ass as his balls tightened up, and his cock flooded with blood. He felt his cum come boiling up his shaft and spew from the tip in spurt after spurt of thick, hot semen. He bellowed with animal lust as he filled her clenching pussy with his seed. He continued thrusting slowly into her ass, his cock still hard and her hole still tight. When their spasms finally quit, he gradually came to rest against her butt-cheeks, his cock still buried inside.

He gently disengaged his now semi-soft cock, and watched with satisfaction as a thick stream of cum leaked slowly from her ass. He rubbed gently at the hot skin of her butt where his hand had left its raised welts. He bent to kiss the abused flesh, and Donna collapsed on the cushions of the couch, totally spent by their feral lovemaking. Mike laid down next to her and took her gently into his arms. They lay side by side, recoving slowly.

Donna sighed with gratification at the hours spent in such a pleasureable way and turned to kiss Mike softly. "That was wonderful. Thank you."

Mike chuckled and ran a hand posessively down her stomach to cup her mons. "Mmm, the pleasure was mine. And I hope one day, we'll find time to experience more of the same."

Donna yawned contentedly and murmured, "Bet your ass." Then promptly fell asleep.

copyright DarkWhisper
A Dark Whisper of Sound