Trubled Times
Picture Herefor those times when you're having a "bitatruble"
by Celeste aka BitaTruble



Dear Bita,

My submissive V and I are at a point, after 5 years together, in our relationship where we have gotten comfortable with one another. We are not mind readers, but we tend to know how the other feels about issues that crop ::no pun intended:: up and things of that nature. We communicate quite a bit and are very happy in our situation. You're probably wondering what we are writing to you for, but we've come to an issue that we can't resolve by ourselves and are seeking an objective opinion on the matter. We both have a lot of respect for you and have decided, mutually, to use you as our arbitrator. When we met, I told V, to keep a diary. She was to write down everything she thought was important or that made her laugh, caused her pause to think or just things she wanted to keep as a memory, and I promised her that she would never be punished by what she wrote in it and that if she wanted it to remain private, I would not infringe on that privacy. Recently, V has requested that our relationship move up to the next level and I agree that it's time. I plan to stay with this woman until I die and she hopes for the same. To make a long question a bit shorter, V wishes to become v, my slave rather than my submissive. To that end, I have requested she turn over her diaries of the last several years to me. I, believe that there is a difference between Dom/sub and Master/slave as does V and that negotiations made between Dom/sub do not hold under a new Master/slave contract. I understand, too, that she wrote things in there of a private nature, maybe things about me when she was mad or angry, but I have a thick skin and I'm not worried about what I may find. I want her soul bared to me, so to speak, as I believe befits a Master/slave relationship. V believes that any entries she makes in the future should be given to me, but the past diaries should not come into consideration because she was a submissive and not a slave and did not agree to give that part of herself to me at that time. What is your opinion on this issue?

All our love to Michael and you,

D & V


My friends,

First of all, I congratulate you on your new course. Watching you two grow together has reaffirmed my own faith and love of leather and I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your lives. Now, to your question. D, you told V she would never have to turn over her diaries and she wrote what was in her heart and soul on that premise. Think about it this way.. v will always hold a part of V within her as it is the past that leads us to the present, but she will be different in many ways and the diaries of V should remain in the past as v embarks on her new life. Think of the discoveries you can make without those diaries. A five year relationship in which you have a whole new person to learn of and care about! What an opportunity. If you and V want to let go of that past and step on the new road, leave those things of submission behind as you wrap the mantel of slavery around her. Don't look upon it as defiance from a submissive because the submissive is leaving to be replaced by your new slave. She will need a lot of help from you and you from her to see if this is right for you. It may well be that slavery is not what is meant for you and you will choose the course of Dom/sub in the end. Take your time, have patience with one another. If slavery is in V's heart, you may find her on her knees one day holding those diaries in her hands to present to you as her choice. That's an honor I don't think you should deny yourself, D. Now, you can always order her, once she is your slave, to turn her diaries over to you and, if she is a slave, she will do so without hesitation, but D, please, think long and hard before you would make such an order. Things that are given to us from the heart have much more meaning than those things we take. I wish you both, peace and love. May your relationship continue to grow and thrive.



Dear Bita,

I have been on AOL for several weeks now and I stumbled across your advice column. Let ME start by saying that I'M a new Master and I have IM'd several women and they treat ME like dirt. Are there any real slaves out there and if so, how does a new MASTER get them to serve? All the women I'VE run across are fakes and don't do what I tell them to.



Dear master,

Yes, I can see the problem that you're having. It's a shame that there are not more 'real' slaves out there for you. The first thing you need to do is fix your caps lock key. It seems to be broken and a master that can't keep his keyboard in good working order will never find a 'real' slave. Secondly, and don't take this the wrong way, but a real slave wants a real master, so you should consider going ahead with a fake slave for now or, perhaps, a blow up doll. There are several pros to a blow up doll and only a few cons. She will never talk back, she'll always be available, she will serve in silence in whichever position you place her in. Oh, the possibilities are simply endless! Of course, needle play may be an issue, but as a real MASTER, you should be able to work around that. Don't sweat the small stuff and I'm sure you'll be very happy with your new toy for a long, long time.