The Sadist With A Mean Streak
by John Gault




Perversion or Tolerance

Have you ever met someone with a deviant behavior you couldn't stand? For instance, someone with a tongue piercing who constantly runs the ball stud across their teeth making the clack-click-clack sound over and over again? It crawls up the back of your neck and you want to reach out and strangle the life out of them! You wonder if you should be polite and explain in an intellectually astute and perfectly thought out well phrased description of the irritation their simplistic idiotic behavior causes. Would it be enough to make them stop or should you take a more aggressive approach and scream at them to STOP with every bit of energy your chest and lungs can explode with from the largest existing down to the smallest capillary muscle in your body? Some times we have the choice to disassociate from the person with the objectionable behavior and the problem is solved with little effort on our part. For the times when you must associate with the person or persons the irritation grows like a virus in a petri dish. Eventually the only thought you have of the person is the irritation they cause you and nothing of value for them at all. I often refer to those people or groups as -shit on your boot- (you can't stand the look of it, smell of it, thought of it, and you can't stand cleaning it off!) or SOYB for short.

Socialist will explain that this is normal human behavior to not like SOYB. The product of your environment - parents - schools - friends you were influenced by as you developed from a child to an adult have caused you to have values of tolerance and intolerance. It is a learned behavior and with the proper guidance you can unlearn or relearn your levels of tolerance. I find most socialists to be SOYB. I've met some pacified simpletons who will explain to you with out hesitation that the source of irritation is nothing more than a lack of understanding on your part. It is fear that causes you to not be tolerant of their behavior and/or perversion. This is another group of people that is SOYB. Why not have tolerance and intolerance? Wouldn 't we all get along much better if we simply accepted the fact that we all will never accept everything? There is a lot of peace in knowing that everyone will not like me and I in turn will not like everyone too. For those who spend their days busying themselves in everyone else's business deciding what you can and can't think, buy, eat, say, or do I say S-O-Y-B! Or better yet, shut the fuck up!

Let's face facts: people are mindless creatures for the most part. We wander through life trying to find some school of thought and/or association that we can hide behind and adopt philosophies from. Imagine the implications of forming our own opinions or making a stand to personify an original personality or even an original thought of your own? No way! It is far more acceptable to classify one's self as a stout member of a religion or established-chartered-registered-documented-and licensed group/ organization. Since the beginning of recorded history people have clung to everything but their own ability, and with passion. Take away a religion and the masses will find another. Disband a group and another will form in its place. We are superstitious enough to believe it a divine calling of some miracle, which occurred in our life that told us to follow some religion or group. It 's all just a big messy bunch of SOYB.

One a person follows their divine calling to the association of their divine inspiration they defend it and their fellowship to the last breath in defiance of all opposing schools of thought. One thought survives provide all others die becomes the narrow-minded conformists cemented view of the world. Once we adopt our new found and miraculous association we can not perceive for an instant we are wrong or even tinker with the possibility that some other association may be more correct than our own. So stern and convinced are we for this our divine calling in association that all others are nothing else but deviant perverts! We know they are ignorant perverts too. And then, one day we wake up to find ourselves surrounded by deviants who are gathered in perverted groups all of which look upon us as deviant perverts! We believe that we can't be wrong! All is SOYB.

We live in a world where self-thinking and self-serving are ideas with a negative connotation. Even among those of us in SM or you weirdo's in BDSM who proudly boast of perversion and deviance as your credo you struggle for classification of group order and standing. You ask a person, "Are you a dom?", to which they reply, "No!" and so you tell them with confidence of your associations accepted norms and well established procedures of conduct and behavior, "Well then you must be a submissive or a switch." To which they reply, "Nope. None of the above at all. Thank you!" Now you have but one choice and that is to classify the person as ignorant-belligerent-intolerant and a nonconformant. Black listed from your association they will never be accepted into the enlightened truth of your divine calling miraculous thoughts and ideals. Not your thoughts and ideals rather your associations'. Eventually we must all find ourselves divinely inspired to the awakening of two types of people in this world: Those who know there are two types of people in the world, and those who know better.

John Gault,