The Halloween Party

by FineArt

Mary sat impatiently at her desk, drumming her fingers. "Doggone Windows!" she thought to herself. It takes forever to boot up first thing each day. "What a way to start the weekend, finishing this darned analysis." She had been working long hours on this project for over 3 weeks.

Dressed in an old tee shirt and faded blue jeans, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she had come in to get an early start, try to finish before noon. This was her first solo project, and she wanted to do a really good job with it; to make a good impression with Mr. Jenkins, her new boss.

She had started the job with the Social Security Administration three months ago, shortly after she had gotten her CPA. The job offered great opportunities, but she'd had to relocate to Baltimore from the Midwest, where she had lived her entire life. People were soooo different here, not friendly and warm like she was used to. She was not sure if she would be able to adjust. At least she had her roommate, Ellen.

Mary had met Ellen through a "roommate wanted" ad. They had hit it off immediately. Both were about 30 and seemed to be much alike. Both tall, slender blondes, both reserved... almost conservative in their lifestyles. They looked so much alike that people often took them for sisters. During their 3 months together, Ellen had had a number of guys to the apartment, but none had even gone into her bedroom, let alone stayed the night. Mary appreciated that.

And Ellen had promised to help Mary learn the ropes of living here. In fact, after LOTS of coaxing, Mary had agreed to go to the Halloween Party tonight with Ellen. "It's just a bunch of friends from Columbia and DC" Ellen had said with excitement. "It's a 'masked party', so we can let our hair down a little bit. Besides, Mary, you NEED to get out, have some fun. All you've done since moving here is WORK! And that's no fun!"

"Work" thought Mary as her computer finally wound its way through the security systems and brought up the spreadsheet. "That's all I've done for the last seven years is WORK!" Every since Brad had had that accident. They had been so close, shared so much. But then they had just drifted apart. A series of jobs, getting her degrees and completing the CPA, moving. How long had it been... four years, five since she had even had a date! There were always guys hitting on her. People told her she was very attractive, but she didn't think so. She was lonely... but... well... nobody really caught her interest.

The spreadsheet finally opened and for the next three hours, Mary focused on her project. She knew it was important. Mr. Jenkins needed the information for some congressional review.

Jenkins. What a strange man he was. 50ish. Athletic build. But he was all business, so formal! He had been a tremendous help to her as she got started in her job, showing things to her as needed, explaining with precision what sorts of results he needed... but still giving her lots of leeway to do things her own way. He demanded a great deal of work, and expected it to be done to the highest standards. She had been very surprised and felt really good when he had made this important project a solo for her. Others had even commented about how unusual this was for him to place that sort of confidence and responsibility in a person who had not been there for several years! Mary sighed. She had to make sure this was all PERFECT!

Here it was nearly noon, and she STILL had a lot to do. So much for finishing early!

"Good morning Ms. Stevens. I hope you won't be spending your whole weekend in here."

Mary looked up with a start! She hadn't heard anyone else come into the office. Her face turned red.

"I'm just about done, Mr. Jenkins. As promised, the report will be in your e-mail first thing Monday morning."

"Thank you, Ms. Stevens. I hope you have some time to relax this weekend. You've earned it." He almost seemed to smile as he turned to go to his office.

Mary felt embarrassed as she watched him go. Saturday morning and he looked like the cover of GQ... the pressed suit, fashionable power tie, perfectly shined wingtips and looking like he had just had his hair styled! And here she was looking like she was ready to clean the oven and scrub toilets. She knew he noticed. Heck... the man noticed everything! But it didn't seem to make any difference to him. Others in the department had said, and she was starting to agree... all he cared about was his work! He was even handsome in a rugged sort of way. The others said he was single and never did anything remotely social. It wasn't that he was unfriendly, just so focused and formal... remote!

For a moment, Mary's thoughts drifted back to one of her grad school professors, a man she had had a bit of a crush on years ago. "The man can do anything with numbers" she'd overheard one of his colleagues say once. "But smack him in the face with a pair of tits and he would be totally lost." Mary had had a fantasy about that... she flushed at the memory! Was Jenkins like... "No" Mary thought. "Don't let your mind go there." Brad was the only man she had ever been even slightly intimate with, and they had dated for 2 years before she'd allowed him to touch her breasts, nearly 4 before they'd made love!

Several hours later, much longer than she had expected, Mary finally finished reviewing her work, hitting the send button to forward it to her boss. She saw the light on, door open to his office as she was leaving, so tapped lightly on the door frame. He had removed his suit jacket. It was hung, neatly, on a hanger on the coat rack to the side of his desk in the windowed corner office. There was not so much as a scrap or a paper clip cluttering his desk or credenza. And nothing personal there or on the walls... just business related stuff.

"Excuse me, Sir. The report is on the shared drive, an executive summary in your e-mail."

He looked up from his computer. "Thank you, Ms. Stevens. I'll look at it as soon as I can... probably this evening. Enjoy your Halloween weekend." And with that he turned back to studying his screen.

What a strange man, Mary thought again as she left the building and walked to her car. Then she forgot about him and for the first time in months, she forgot about work too. For the first time in forever, it seemed, she had something else to look forward to... not much perhaps, but something.

The theme of the party was Children's Stories and Nursery Rhymes. Mary and Ellen had talked for several days about what costumes they might wear... Ellen deciding on Little Bo Peep and convincing Mary to go as Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. Ellen had said she would take care of getting costumes together from things she had in the apartment. It was already getting dark when Mary parked her car and headed to the apartment.

Mary found the apartment empty. There was a note on the breakfast bar. "Out for some errands, back in plenty of time. Candy in a bowl for any Trick or Treaters."

It was almost 8 before Ellen returned, excited. Most of the candy was gone, but no more kids had been around for a while. The party was to start at 11, so they still had plenty of time.

"You're gonna LOVE this" Ellen exclaimed as she pulled some things from a bag. "I got all this stuff at the Re-Run Closet. And Wal-Mart was having a close out! This is gonna be fun, fun, fun!"

Mary followed Ellen into her room, anxious to see what she'd found.

"Ta daaa.." Ellen pulled a flimsy peasant blouse and extremely short skirt from the Re-Run bag and then a pair of white cotton panties with flowers from the blue Wal-Mart bag. And these are our masks, waving a pair of black eye masks about. The masks would cover most of their faces, just leaving their mouths and chins bare.

Mary held the skirt up against her... "Kinda... ahhh... short isn't it?"

"Mary, don't be contrary!" Ellen giggled.

Mary took the clothing and went to her room to dress... returning just a few minutes later. "Ellen... I don't know... this blouse is... awfully sheer... and this skirt... is soooo short."

Ellen looked her over from head to toe. "Right" she finally said. "That bra won't do at all!" And went to dig through one of her drawers. "Here" she said... holding up a very sheer underwire with a front clasp. "It's a push up! Perfect for that blouse. I'm a little less blessed than you are, Mary Mary so Contrary, but I think we can stuff you in there."
Mary blushed.

"Hurry, hurry girl... It's too late to change your mind now!"

Reluctantly, Mary took the bra and went to change, returning a few moments later, gasping when she saw what Ellen was wearing!

"I altered things slightly to Little Bo Peek" Ellen giggled, spinning around. Her blue blouse was quite sheer, and there was nothing under it. And the cheeks of her bottom flashed by as her short skirt flared up... giving a glimpse of her matching thong.

"Ellll-lennnnn! We can't go out like this! I think you've changed to Little Peek a Boo."

Ellen just giggled again and came over to adjust Mary's blouse, unbuttoning the top buttons and baring a good deal of cleavage and the upper edges of the sheer bra. "Right.... ummmm... MUCH better! Yep... need to give Peter Piper a place to pack his pecker."

Blushing at the very thought, Mary laughed. "That's pepper, Ellen.... pickled peppers. Remember."

"Things change on All Hallow's Eve, naughty Mary."

"I'm not sure I can do this, Ellen. I don't show this much when I take a shower."

Undeterred, Ellen ignored that comment. "Come on... let me fix your hair!"

Half an hour later, they were ready to go. "I look like something from an X-rated Mary Englebright drawing" Mary quipped. Ellen had fixed her normally long flowing blonde hair into tight curls. "We look like a couple of cheap, pedophilic streetwalkers!"

"Good for us!" Ellen replied with a firm nod. "We each need something different, a little excitement. Nobody there will know you, or recognize me either for that matter in our masks!"

Ellen grabbed her keys and a gym bag in one hand, Mary's wrist in the other and headed out the door. "Packed some spare clothes for us just in case" Ellen said as she tossed the bag in the back seat and climbed in to start the car. Mary noticed a flowered white watering can for her and a shepherd's crook for Bo Peek in the back seat.

"In case of WHAT?" Mary thought as she got in the car and buckled up her seat belt, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Moments later, they were on the beltway, then headed south on I-95 toward DC.

Ellen pulled off of the interstate at the Columbia exit, then took a side road. They were driving into the little bit of open country that still existed between Baltimore and DC. "Ahhh, there it is!" she said as she pulled into the parking lot. "Just right for this party, don't ya think?" The building looked like an old castle. The sign on the roadway read Kiddie Keep. There were 7 or 8 cars already in the lot.

Mary hesitated about getting out of the car. "Come on, come on" Ellen urged. "It's too far to walk back from here!" Reluctantly, uncertain, Mary got the watering can and shepherd's hook and followed Ellen into the building.

The large playroom was noisy with others talking, laughing. There was Old King Cole, Snow White, a Prince Charming, of course, Rapunzel with her long, long hair and a short guy dressed as Dopey. Cinderella, Jack be Nimble and even Peter Piper were there too. Recalling Ellen's earlier comment, Mary blushed when she saw he was carrying a small basket of long peppers. Each of their costumes had been altered from the storybook versions, each a bit risqué.

Mother Goose came waddling over to them. "Good, good, good" she squawked. "You girls are finally here... only one more to go. Get some cider, mix, mix, mix!"

For the next hour, Mary and Ellen found their way around the room, laughing and enjoying themselves. Mary soon realized that she was the least adventuresome there in terms of her costume... and forgot about it. She had to admit she was having fun. It felt good to relax and laugh.

Then, about midnight, the room dimmed to near dark, and grew quiet. In the double doorway, a shape appeared. A large man, broad shouldered... muscular. And on his shoulders, where his head belonged... a jack-o-lantern with blazing eyes.

"Ohhhhh..." squawked Mother Goose, "He's here, he's here! Now the real party begins!"

For the next hour or so, the group, numbering twenty, equally men and women, played a series of games. Most Mary remembered from her childhood and she had to hold her sides she was laughing so hard. Thank heavens Ellen had not let her back out of this party. She was having a ball.

Mary was totally shocked when Mother Goose announced the next game. "Pin the tail in the donkey." One of the men had come as Eeyore. He was placed on his hands and knees on a low kiddie table in the middle of the room where his pants were lowered, leaving his bottom bare and private parts exposed!

"Wha... what is that?" Mary whispered to Ellen.

Ellen laughed and whispered back. "You HAVE led a sheltered life, Mary, Mary so contrary. That tail is attached to what is called a butt plug."

Mary wanted to go hide in the lil girl's room... but was simply too intrigued to leave now. Only the women were given opportunity to "pin the tail", and most came close, but not close enough. But most also took the opportunity to do a lot of exploring, groping as they tried to find the right spot for the tail. Eeyore's manhood grew and grew like Pinochio's nose!

Mary came no closer than his thigh when her turn came, but she was shocked to see Ellen spend several moments stroking Eeyore's shaft, bringing him to the very brink of splattering his costume before she stopped.

A bit later Mother Goose finished the job, pinning the tail in place... a number of times, rapidly until Eeyore finally lost his control, splattering his ejaculate on his costume and the table to the jeers and cheers of the others around the table.

Mary could just stand and stare, open-mouthed. She had never even imagined seeing, let alone participating in anything like this!

Next, Rapunzel was brought to the middle of the room... only she was not Rapunzel but Lady Godiva! Old King Cole became her evil, greedy husband, and they re-enacted their discussion and her agreement to ride through the city nude. Several of the men, feigning covering their eyes, stripped her naked. And although she tried to cover herself with her long hair, she didn't try very hard. The group cheered when Godiva mounted a spring-loaded rocking horse on a wheeled cart. Mary's mouth dropped open again when she saw that a phallus had been attached to the saddle. The horse rocked and bounced as it was pushed and pulled by some of the men around the room until Godiva could take no more. It seemed to Mary that she must have orgasmed at least a dozen times... to everyone else's delight! Mary wasn't sure what to think!

The William Tell Overture blared from the boombox and Mother Goose squawked "OK girls, girls. Who's volunteering to be the target?"

Mary was blown away when Ellen stepped forward. In only moments, she was stripped bare except for her mask... and bound, spread eagle style, against the chalk board that filled one of the walls. Little Boy Blue took a long wooden pointer and poked, several times at her breasts, using it to play with the swollen nipples. "Right here" he said as he flicked the pointer back and forth over her left nipple, "5 points. Same here" he said as he poked the other nipple deep into her breast. Gotta be a bull's eye shot to count," he said as he circled the nipple with the pointer. "3 points for the belly button," circling her navel with the pointer. "But that is uninteresting. And HERE," he said as he dropped the pointer to the slit between her legs, sliding the tip along her swollen clit, "15 points for a direct hit. And an INSTANT WINNER if you can get one to stick!!! Winner has her for the rest of the night, gentlemen. Ready, aim, cum!"

For 20 minutes, Mary watched in awe as the guys took their turns firing rubber tipped darts from a toy gun at her roommate and friend. She was shocked... she was aroused! Jack be Nimble won... and soon disappeared with Ellen into one of the side rooms after cutting her down.

The Headless Horseman stepped toward the middle of the room and nodded to Mother Goose. All evening, he had not spoken a word, and Mary realized that he had not participated in any of the games either. But there was an obvious respect for him in the room. Everyone quieted and turned to him.

"Ooo, oooooo," squawked Mother Goose. "Musical chairs, musical chairs. Girls, girls... center of the room!" With Ellen and Godiva gone, there were seven women who gathered in the middle of the room. Mary joined them very, very hesitantly given what she had seen. But she didn't have to be pulled into the group. She was extremely intrigued to see what would happen next.

There were 6 chairs arranged in a wide circle. "Ok, girls, you have to walk the circle of numbers and letters in the floor. If you are left standing, the gentleman I select will escort you from the room for... well... more games! Ready!" And the music started... stopped when Mary was right beside a chair. She sat... fast! Cinderella blushed as Mother Goose pointed to Dopey... and they left!

Mary managed to last two more rounds before she found herself without a chair when the music stopped! Oh God... what now! Mother Goose pointed to the Headless Horseman. Mary felt a panic when he did not come to her, but simply held out his hand, beckoning her to him with a crooked finger. Everyone was staring at her... wondering what she would do. Slowly, flushed with embarrassment, hands folded in front of her and staring at the floor, Mary shuffled to stand before the Horseman, biting her lower lip.

His voice rumbled from deep in his chest. "Mary, Mary so contrary." He extended his arm out to her, opened his hand. "Come."

Frightened and uncertain, Mary gave a little curtsey and took his hand. She had not only heard, but actually felt the power in his voice. He turned and led her from the room. She heard the music start again as he led her outside, to the playground. She felt some comfort in the strength of his hand, his confident manner.

In the middle of the playground, he stopped, dropped her hand... turned to face her, an arm's length way. She folded her hands together in front of her again, staring at the ground. She couldn't look into those blazing jack-o-lantern eyes.

"Mary, Mary... you have been contrary. What shall we do with you?" His voice was soft, but she again felt the power of him. She said nothing but simply shifted from one foot to another, waiting, biting her lower lip.

He reached and stroked her cheek... his fingers warm, soft... strong. He lifted her chin so that she was looking into his pumpkin face. "You have been naughty, Mary. What shall we do with you?" She could not see his eyes; the mask distorted his voice. She lowered her eyes again.
His hand dropped to very lightly caress the tops of her breasts, his fingers tracing down into her cleavage. Then it dropped to the top of the two buttons that held the blouse closed and adeptly tore the button away. Instinctively, Mary pulled her arms up across her chest. She was not scared now... but... this was too much!

"Mary, Mary... this is not the time to be contrary." His voice was soft, but he was firm as he took her wrists and moved her arms back to her sides. She stood still as he tore the other button away and the front of the blouse fell open.

"Mary has grown up," he said as his right hand cupped her left breast, his thumb passing over the hardened nipple through the flimsy bra. Mary winced as his fingers dug into her breast. "Mary is truly a woman."

Mary felt herself growing wet. She couldn't help herself.

His left hand sought her right breast, kneading it. Then his fingers gathered at the nipples, rolling around them, finally pinching and pulling them through the sheer fabric of the bra. Mary did not move... could not move. She could hardly breathe as he caressed her, toyed with her. With his right hand, he deftly undid the clasp of the bra... and ever so slowly, he pushed the cups aside, replacing them with his large hands, kneading gently.

Mary gasped as he flicked the left nipple by snapping his forefinger off of his thumb. It didn't hurt so much as just startle her. The sensation went directly from her breast to between her legs. Brad had never... NEVER done anything like this to her. She heard the chuckle from deep in his chest as he pushed the blouse and bra back, over her shoulders, down her arms, pulling them off of her wrists and letting them drop to the sand in the playground.

"Mary, Mary... what shall we do with you naughty Mary?" His hands returned to her breasts, lifting and caressing as his pumpkin face tilted down to peer at them. It was a cool evening, but it was not the weather that sent a chill down her spine! She shuddered at his touch. God, it had been so long since she had felt a man's touch... so long. And this was no ordinary man!
"Bend over Mary. Put your hands on your knees and bend over."

She hesitated.

"This is not the time to be contrary, Mary." His voice had a more commanding edge. She felt her breasts sway out as she did as he instructed, supporting herself on her knees, bending until her back was parallel with the ground. He slowly walked around her once, then halfway again, reaching to gently stroke a swaying breast as he walked along her side.

He was directly behind her, she could sense him. She caught her breath as she felt him lift the hem of her short skirt up over her waist, his hand continuing up to caress her back. He pressed his hips against her bottom as he did so. Mary caught her breath and had to steady herself as he caressed her.

His other hand sought her buttocks, kneading them through the cotton panties. Then down, to the back of her bare thighs. His fingers moved to explore the strip of thin cotton that covered the space between her legs. Mary felt herself flush... she was so wet. He couldn't help but feel her arousal. She bit her lower lip, fighting to not stand and run from him.

His fingers moved to the sides of that thin strip of cotton, barely scraping the flower of her womanhood as they closed together inside her panties... and with a jerk, pulled down... ripping open the crotch. Somehow, she stayed still, feeling his steadying hand resting, controllingly, on her back.

He pulled the sides of the tattered panties up over her hips, joining the skirt lying on the small of her back... exposing her completely to him. Oh, God... OH God... she felt the fire in her womanhood. She wanted him to touch her, to play with the flower of her, to push those strong fingers into her.

His fingertips traced down the sides of her hips, her outer thighs as his crotch pressed against her bare bottom. She could feel him through the fabric of his trousers. He was engorged, he felt huge. She could feel the throbbing of his shaft against the crease of her buttocks.
"Mary, Mary. So contrary. What shall we do with you, sweet Mary?" His hands traced back up her outer thighs, across her hips, along her sides to cup her dangling breasts as he pressed against her.

"Fuck me, God fuck me!" Mary wanted to scream; she bit her lower lip instead. She felt his hands leave her breasts... felt him step away. She started to stand back up, but a hand on her back steadied her as she had been.

"Stay, Mary, stay as you are. Do not dare move unless I tell you to." His voice was so calm, so firm. Mary's heart was racing; she wanted to explode!

SLAP. His hand landed a stinging blow to her left buttock. Mary yelped, started to stand until the hand on her back steadied her.

"Mary, naughty Mary... what shall we do with you!" SLAP to the other cheek!

Then his fingers found her flower. So gently at first, caressing. They gathered inside her nether lips, rolling the essence of her womanhood... stretching it, pulling, and pinching it. Mary let out her breath, her knees began to buckle. And the hand went away. "Stay Mary. Stay as I have put you."

"Yes Sir" she managed to say, barely audible. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lower lip as she waited whatever was next.

SLAP, SLAP. Fingers entering her, pressing deep into her... fingers gone. SLAP, SLAP. Mary yelped, she whimpered. She had to fight to maintain her balance on her shaking legs. God, she was so close... so close... but he seemed to sense... to stop at exactly the right moment...

The fingers again... rolling her clit, entering her... gone as quickly as they had entered. SLAP. SLAP! Her ass, her upper thighs were burning from the spanking... she was fighting for breath, mouth open, gasping as he assaulted her bottom and her womanhood. "Mary, Mary... what shall we do with you?"

He moved to her side, helped her to stand upright on unsteady legs. The skirt fell back into place. As he held her up with one hand, the fingers of his other hand slipped under the waistband of the skirt and tattered panties. With a sudden move of his wrist, they were torn away, tossed aside.

He picked her up in his arms, carried her across the playground to the jungle gym, where he returned her to her feet. She had not seen the ropes on the ladder above her head until a noose was slipped around her left wrist, then the right. Mary found herself bound to the children's playground equipment, arms stretched upward and out... the ankles soon followed. Mary found herself spread open, vulnerable. Except for the mask, she was completely nude... naked... as Ellen had been earlier.

He was standing in front of her, seeming to just be visually examining her from behind his jack-o-lantern mask in the dim moonlight and a large mercury lamp in the far corner of the playground. Mary turned her head, saw the flickering lights, heard a car speed by just beyond the hedge a few yards away. Her eyes returned to him... and again she gasped. She had seen the riding crop hanging from his belt... he was a Horseman, after all. But now he was snapping it into the palm of his left hand... hard!

"No, no!" screamed Mary.

"Hush Mary. You have been very, very naughty. This is not the time to be contrary!" The edge was back in his mask-distorted voice.

He reached out with the crop, brushing it lightly across her left breast. She recoiled, pulling herself as far away from him as her bindings would allow. He chuckled... a deep, dark, sinister chuckle. The crop began flicking rapidly back and forth across the nipple. She yelped! God... it hurt... it hurt so good! She felt a flood between her legs as each flick went directly from her nipple to her clit!

In a move so fast she did not really see it, his hand dropped and came back up, the crop landing squarely on the flower of her womanhood. It was not that hard, but it stung... God, it was so good... how could this feel so good?

The crop hit the side of her right breast... again, a sharp, stinging blow. She squealed... she could feel the fire of a welt rising on her breast. The crop found her again and again... her nipples, the sides of her hips, in the fleshy places, her clit, and the sides of her breasts. Each blow brought her to a higher level of pleasure... her body, suspended and spread tight as it was to the jungle gym finally gave in. Mary's muscles convulsed and jerked as she orgasmed, she screamed out, gasped for her breath... then was taken to a level still higher as the handle of the crop entered her... plunging in and out in short, hard strokes. The orgasm was continuous, with ever-greater intensity until she lost complete awareness of everything, lost herself in the exquisite pleasures of her body!

When she regained her awareness, Mary was cuddled in his lap. He had taken her down and carried her to where he sat on a playground merry-go-round. He was turning the equipment slowly around with his feet as he caressed her hip with one hand, a breast with the other. She reached up and gently caressed his pumpkin cheek, smiling up at him. Mary had never felt so completely a woman, so alive, so content as she did now. She shivered both at the realization... and at the chill of the late night, fall air.

"Mary, Mary... what shall we do with you?" His voice was soft; he sounded amused.

"Make love to me," she whispered.

Deep from inside the pumpkin she heard a laugh. "I thought you'd never ask."

He carried her over to the playground swing set, lowered her gently to the ground. Then he undid the large silver buckle of his belt, unzipped his pants and stepped out of them. His manhood swung free. He was flaccid, but Mary could see that he was a well endowed man. He sat on a swing, his hands holding onto the chains that stretched to the bar far above.
"Mary, Mary... prepare me, prepare to ride the Horseman."

Mary laughed with wicked delight as she knelt in the sand between his legs... and reached to take him in her hands, stroking him, cupping and caressing the sac that stretched below. As he began to swell, she impulsively bent her head and took him in her mouth... teasing him at first, then taking him deep into her throat. She felt herself growing wet again as she attended to him. She had never done this with Brad... it had seemed so... dirty!

Mary heard, felt his breathing change, grow deeper... saw him adjust the grip on the chains so he could lean back a bit, give her more freedom to attend to him.

Then he suddenly straightened up, his stomach pushing her off of his shaft. He scooted up a bit on the swing seat, leaned back again. "Mount me, Mary. Take me deep inside of you."
Mary stood and straddled his legs, reaching behind and between her legs to direct the head of his manhood into her... and smiled seductively at him... with his pumpkin face... as she took him inside of her... deeper, deeper. Her feet left the ground and she had to grip the chains to keep from slipping off as she settled against his pubis, feeling his coarse hair against her soft curls.

She felt the swing begin to move as he stretched his legs... felt him moving deep inside her as he leaned back to make the swing go higher, faster, the pull back out as he straightened up, as millions of kids have done for eons when swinging. Her breasts swayed in the chill of the pre-dawn air as they made love on the swing... faster, higher... their passion soaring with it.
Until his body stiffened, almost throwing them off of the swing, but driving himself deeper still inside of her... and she felt his eruption inside of her... so deep, so hot...

She felt his erupting passion in every other part of his body as well as she swung with him, rode him in the open air.

And her body reacted with his... wracked with pleasure from her head to her toes... centering in the essence of her womanhood. She was saved from falling when she lost her grip as one of his arms reached to encircle her.

Together they calmed as the swing slowed, came to rest. He withered and slipped from her, even as she tried to keep him there. Reluctantly, she slipped from his lap, took his hand and kissed it softly, whispering "thank you, thank you."

Mother Goose appeared at the doorway. "Time, time" she squawked. "Playtime is over kiddies!"

Right now, Mary didn't care that she was standing nude in the middle of a playground having made love with a man she did not know... being summoned by a goose! What a totally unexpected night this had been!

She shivered. "I have to get my clothes on," Mary giggled. "I can't go back in there like this!" She spread her arms and laughed, her breasts rising with the arms, bouncing delightfully with the deep laugh... her first pure joy in many years.

He had already pulled his pants back on, buckled the belt. He laughed and smacked her bottom, pinched a nipple. "First timer. I suppose not, Mary, Mary." He slipped his coat off, placing it on her shoulders. He was wearing a jersey below the coat, with the sleeves cut off at the elbow.

They gathered the remnants of her clothing, and he led her back into the Kiddie Keep. Others were gathering in the large playroom. Few were still wearing what they had before except for the masks... everyone was still masked!

Ellen, dressed in a pair of jeans and a work shirt handed the gym bag to Mary, along with giving her a bright smile and wink! Modestly, Mary turned to face a wall. Under the jacket, Mary quickly donned her own jeans and a sweater, then slipped the jacket off of her shoulders, handing it back to the Headless Horseman. Once again, he had become silent. He simply bowed slightly at the waist as he reached out for it with his right hand.

It was then, in the light of the room, that Mary noticed the tattoo on his right forearm... something odd... just a knotted rope.

Without another word, he turned and left... Mary watched after him, wondering who he was, if she would ever see him again.

The girls talked very little as they drove back to their apartment as dawn broke. Each was absorbed in their own thoughts of the events of the night... and neither felt like intruding on the privacy of the other.

As they went into the apartment and before they went to their rooms... to think, to feel, and eventually to sleep. Ellen quietly, reflectively said "Well, girlfriend... we each got a life last night."

Mary just smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Mary was still sore from the spankings and the crop when she awoke Monday morning, very early. She spent a long time in the shower... caressing the bruises, recalling the lingering sensations of where he had touched her. It was a good thing Ellen went to work later, Mary thought as the steamy water turned suddenly icy cold!

Mary took great care as she selected her clothing, fixed her makeup and hair. She didn't know why, but she wanted to look good today... especially good. Professional, but... well... sexy! She felt sexy!

The computer system was just working through the torturous security processes when her phone rang.

"Good morning, this is Mary" she almost sang.

"Good morning Ms. Stevens. You sound chipper this morning. I hope you had a relaxing weekend." He didn't allow for a response. "I've reviewed your work. Very good, Ms. Stevens. Please join me in my office as soon as you can. I have a few questions."

"Yes, Sir, Mr. Jenkins. Give me 5 minutes and I will be there." Praise from her boss on top of her weekend! Yes she felt good! But she thought as she hung up the phone... what a strange man! So formal, distant.

Five minutes later, Mary knocked softly at his open door. He was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, looking out of the window. He turned to her and pointed to the worktable in the corner of his office, giving her one of his impersonal business smiles. "Close the door, please, Ms. Stevens. I don't want to be disturbed."

Mary closed the door behind her and crossed to the table, feeling really good. He indicated for her to sit beside him, to his right, so they could look at the papers on his desk together.

"Well, Ms. Stevens, shall we roll up our sleeves and get to work on this?" he asked as he unbuttoned his left cuff, rolling the sleeve to the middle of the forearm.

"I hope everything was what you wanted with the analysis, Mr. Jenkins."

"It's great, just what I asked for. Thank you." He was rolling up the cuff of his right sleeve as he had the left.

Mary's chin dropped as he reached for the papers in the middle of the table, she looked up at him in utter surprise. There, on his arm... was a tattoo... THE tattoo! The knotted ropes!

She stared at him, open mouthed... a flood of emotions surging through her.

He pushed back from the table, leaning back in his chair and let out a true laugh, his eyes shining, a genuine, happy smile lighting his face.

"Mary, Mary... so contrary. What SHALL we do with you?"

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