Donna & Geoff
(A New Yoyeur, Part Nine)
by dark whisper


“Donna, I’d like to see you for a minute when we’re finished.” Geoff mentioned near the end of the class. She had just completed her finals, and several of the students had stayed afterward to help close up the lab for the summer.

“Sure Geoff, we should be done in a little bit.” She wondered what was going on, but decided to not worry about it until they sat down to talk. Geoff was one of her professors, and he had a tendency to jump around during his lectures, earning the nick-name ‘Random access’ from the students. He was a good looking man, and was well liked by both students and faculty. Donna had a bit of a crush on him. For two years she’d had fleeting fantasies of having wild animal sex with him in his tiny office. She would have died if he had ever gotten any indication of the direction her thoughts were taking, and she shook her head and got down to the business at hand.

Twenty minutes later, the lab was stripped down to bare tables and cat5 cabling. Most of the students left quickly once their job was completed, and headed out to a nearby bar to drink to the end of a grueling semester. Donna went over to where Geoff was locking up the equipment lockers in the storeroom, and leaned against the doorjamb until he noticed her presence. She liked the way he moved. He was in his middle forties, and he seemed to have a year-round tan. He liked to sail, and most weekends, rain or shine, found him out on the water in some capacity or another. After a couple of minutes, Geoff realized he was no longer alone, and turned to see Donna standing in the doorway. She had pulled her hair out of the sensible pony-tail she’d worn to move equipment, and her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulder-blades.

Geoff smiled and walked past her into the empty lab. He looked around, then sat down on one of the desk chairs, motioning Donna to do the same.

“Is anything wrong Geoff?” Donna was concerned about his behavior, she’d never seen him act this way before, and she wondered if she’d done something wrong.

“Oh! No, of course not, Donna. I was just wondering what your plans are, now that you’ve earned your degree. Have you received any job offers yet?”

Donna let out the breath she wasn’t aware she was holding, and smiled quickly. “Well, actually, I haven’t even begun looking yet. I wanted to see what my final GPA was before I sent out my resume. I know you’ve been grilling us to get them out as soon as possible, but I have a little time before I have to find a job. Why do you ask?”

Geoff grinned at her and replied, “Because I happen to have a good friend at one of the major software companies that’s looking for someone with your skill-set, and I immediately thought of you. The salary starts out at the mid-thirties range, but after a year, will go up to forty plus. If you’re interested, why don’t you send me your resume, and I’ll forward it on.”

Donna sat in stunned silence, mentally calculating how much more money that was than what she was currently making as a waitress. She looked at Geoff and said, “Certainly I’m interested, you’ll have my resume on Monday.”

“Great, I’m sure you’ll love it, the job is right up your alley.” Geoff stood up and started to turn back toward the utility room, then turned back to ask, “Do you have to work tonight, or did you take the night off to recuperate?”

“I’m off tonight. I didn’t want to face standing on my feet for six hours after two, two hour finals. I was just going to go down to Hops and have a couple of drinks, would you like to join me? Some of the other students will be there too.”

Geoff seemed to hesitate for a moment, then chuckled softly and grabbed his coat. “Let’s go.” He walked her out to her car, then followed her to the small, cozy, micro-brewery that made the area’s best flavored beers. When they walked in, the warm atmosphere was instantly welcoming, and though Geoff said he had never been there, he felt right at home. They went into one of the smaller rooms that was playing music from the 1970’s, and Donna grinned at Geoff.

“I know, it’s the old stuff, but I’m a sucker for pre-disco 70’s music.” Donna said, and turned to Geoff apologetically. Geoff was happily humming along to an old Journey song, and just smiled.

Two hours later, both were laughing and dancing to even the disco songs that came through the speakers. Geoff was doing his best to act like John Travolta, and Donna was keeping pace. Their tabletop was littered with big beer mugs from every variety the micro-brewery had to offer. None of the other students had shown up, or if they did, they stayed out of the area where Donna and Geoff spent the evening. Donna was very drunk, and Geoff knew he’d better not drive home when the evening came to an end.

When the song ‘I wanna know what love is’ started playing, Donna moved into Geoff’s arms. His arms felt good around her waist, and Donna laid her head on his shoulder. She was acutely aware of the way her breasts flattened against his chest, and the way his hips nestled next to hers. Slowly, she became aware that he was getting aroused, his cock felt thick and hard when his hips moved even closer. When his lips started nuzzling her neck, she sighed with contentment. Geoff tilted her head back, and his lips settled on hers. The kiss was sweet and searching, his tongue running along the edge of her mouth, tasting the tangy flavor of the beer both had consumed. Donna kissed him back, her mouth open and exploring.

Geoff’s fingers moved around her back and brushed along the outside edge of her breast. His hands were feather-light, as if he were uncertain whether or not she would accept his caress. Donna moaned against his mouth, then captured his hand and brought it around to cup her breast. His thumb began at once to brush lightly back and forth over the hardening nipple. Geoff’s other hand reached down to cup the bottom curve of her ass, and he pulled her even closer to his body. There was no mistaking the hard bulge of his cock at this point, it was nudging insistently into the softness of her belly.

Donna felt herself moving backward, only stopping when her back hit the wall behind her. Geoff leaned up against her, and his hands moved up and down her body, searching for the buttons of her blouse. He quickly undid the top four or five, and slipped his hand beneath to caress her breast. Donna’s hands were buried in his hair as she kissed him hard. He ripped his mouth away from hers and started kissing down her face and neck, leaving a hot trail wherever his mouth touched. Donna felt her pussy throb and knew she was getting wet. Her thigh slipped between his legs and pushed upward, trapping his cock between her thigh and his hip. Geoff ground his hips, pushing his cock harder against her. His fingers were frantic as they yanked the tail of her shirt out of her jeans and ran both hands under the material, reaching for her full breasts.

Donna tugged at the button holding his fly closed, trying to get access to his hot cock. Finally unzipping him and reaching inside to grasp his cock. Donna moaned when his mouth closed hot over her nipple. She arched her back and her fingers tightened on his thick cock. Geoff pumped into her hand while his teeth closed over her nipple and bit down lightly. Donna loved to have her nipples bit, and muttered, “Yes...oh God, Geoff, that feels so good.” Geoff pulled away just long enough to push his jeans to his knees, exposing his fully engorged cock to her fingers. Next, he slipped Donna’s knit pants down her hips to give his searching fingers more room. His palm cupped her pussy, feeling her moisture even through the panties she wore. He rubbed his hand back and forth, grinding the heel of his hand onto her clit. Donna stepped out of her pants, and pulled her panties down as well. Her pubic hair was glisteningly wet, and Geoff’s hand slipped easily between her pussy lips.

Donna was slippery, and Geoff loved the feel of her wetness. He slid his hand back and forth in her wetness, dipping his finger into her hole, then sliding back up to her hot clit. Donna was squirming with need before he finally surged against her, sliding his cock deep inside of her steamy cunt. He was pushing her against the wall, giving added leverage as he pulled his hips back, then thrust upward, pinning her between his body and the solid wall. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, her heels gripping the firm skin of his ass as he rammed into her. Her mouth reached for the skin of his neck, sucking hard, knowing she would leave her mark bright on his skin.

Geoff’s hand were flat on the wall beneath Donna’s armpits, holding her up high. Donna’s arms were wrapped around Geoff’s neck, and she was rocking her hips back and forth in time with every jab of his rock-hard cock. She felt him thrusting so deep, that the head of his cock stabbed her cervix. He kept up the steady pounding, and Donna knew she was going to come hard with just...a...few...more...strokes. Donna bit her lip to keep from screaming out as her body clenched tight before exploding in a shower of pleasure. Her fingers dug into Geoff’s shoulders, the sharp points sinking into his skin. Geoff cried out, but with pleasure or pain, she was unsure. His cock swelled inside of her, and he grunted with gratification as he felt his semen explode from the tip. His cock was enclosed by heat--heat from her pussy combined with the heat of his come, as he continued to stab his cock deep inside of her. He was still rigid, and she was obviously still enjoying the feel of him as he gradually slowed his thrusts.
Eventually, he pulled back, letting Donna slide down the wall to stand on unsteady legs. Donna felt their combined come running down the inside of her thighs, and smiled in satisfaction. With hands that trembled just a little, they both pulled up their pants and straightened their clothes. Geoff pulled her back into his arms for a gentle kiss before standing a bit awkwardly in front of her.

“Donna, I had no intention of...seducing you tonight, but I’d be a liar if I told you I hadn’t thought about this, and fantasized about it for quite a while.” Geoff looked a bit uncomfortable before continuing, “It’s just not a good idea for a professor and student to have...any kind of personal relationship. I know that you’re involved with someone else, but I am very glad we had this opportunity, even if it can’t ever be repeated.”

Donna smiled softly, then kissed him just as softly. “Geoff, as you can tell, I wanted this too. And you’re not the only one who has had fantasies about the two of us. Even if we never get this sort of chance again, and I for one am hoping we will, then I’m glad we were able to act on all those nights of fantasy.”

Geoff seemed surprised that she’d had fantasies about him, but was damned sure going to do everything he could to ensure they had the chance to meet again. He slipped his phone number into her hand and went to call them a cab. Donna smiled as she thought about some of those fantasies that had kept her up, and mentally planned their next clandestine meeting.

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound