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Hello everyone. Due to email mix up’s, back orders and whatnot, the book(s) that I have been attempting to get and read for this column are still not here and so if you will bear with me, I will tell you a bit about a book that I have not have a chance to read but have heard is a wonderful guide and instructional book.

It is The Leatherman's Handbook: Silver Jubilee Edition by Larry Townsend and Jack Fritscher. This book first came out in 1972 and almost immediately became a cult classic.

As Jack Fritscher put it :

The groundbreaking 1972 publication of Larry Townsend's Leatherman's Handbook is as remarkable a construct as Stonewall itself, because it was a declaration of independence for "Anatomically correct" homomasculinity." - Jack Fritscher, 1996

This is a wonderful book for anyone and not just for those that are leather curious. In some circles it is said that the Leather folk are the forerunners to today’s BDSM scene. The Old Guard. The book clearly explains what the scene is all about and describes some of the games that people play.

Here’s what a few people who have bought The Leatherman’s Handbook: Silver Jubilee Edition have to say about it.

“The Leatherman's Handbook is truely remarkable. This book being published back in the 70's, has some strange lingo. I found it to be a bit funny myself. This book uses stories to illustrate the chapter topic. For a portion of the chapter Larry talks about the topic and then goes into "story telling" mode. During the later he tells of expriences he has had in relation to the topic. Lots of good information here and gives a good look at "Old Guard" thought.”

Bloomington, Indiana United States
“A good introduction to the gay male SM world of the early 1970s revised briefly for the 2000 edition. It gives a good basic overview of the history of "Old Guard" as well as insights into how different from and similar to gay SM is from het SM. There are some odd digressions and a bit too much focusing on why women and hets are in the book (why would they be? this is a book about gay male SM!). Still useful for everyone who does BDSM with a male though if you are too homophobic.”

United States
“This book was recommended to me - actually, I was instructed to read it - by a prospective daddy. As a newcomer to the scene, I found it quite instructive, affirming, and positive (not to mention HOT). It answered all my questions and gave me LOTS of ideas - I can't wait to try all these new things. I recommend this book to any man with an interest in SM”

This is definitely one book that I will be getting reading all the way through and I hope that you do as well.

Larry Towndsend also has another book out, Leatherman’s Handbook II that you might want to take a look at.

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