Master's Toybag

by Lord Wolf

Clothes pins: Store bought wooden clothes pins work great for nipple clamps and making "zippers." A zipper consists of a row of clothespins with a string threaded through the spring hole. A knot tied at each end to keep the pins from sliding together, and bunching up. The reason they are called zippers is because they are removed by pulling them off the body, like a zipper.

Nipple clamps: Nipple clamps come in many forms, from clovers which you can find at any fabric store, that are used to hold cloth while stitching, to production sex shop clamps, which resemble cotter pins with little teeth cut into them. You can also find clamps at office supply stores, and your local hardware outlet. Use your imagination if it clamps, its a nipple clamp. Be sure though that the pressure is not strong or exerts too much pressure. The harder the pressure of the clamp, the less time it should be left on. A good limit for a medium clamp is 15 minutes. Note: removing the clamp is the most painful part of the process, when the blood returns to the tissue.

Breast bars: Breast bars are simply two wooden dowels tied together. Bind one end, place the dowels over the breast, and tie the other end closed. On smaller breasts it is usual to tie the dowels behind the back like a bra.

Breast presses: There are production breast presses usually made by hobbyists, and sold on the net, or at events. They are simply made by cutting 1/4 or 1/2 inch wood in rounded C shapes, and placing a long carriage bolt on the ends of the C. Use a butterfly nut to make tightening, and loosening easier.

Rubber clothes: Rubber clothes can be found at most fetish shops. Be sure to buy a skin applicant like glide, to assist in putting them on, and to cut down on sticking. Store, by wiping clean, and powdering the clothing.

Cinnamon oil and Wintergreen oil: Both cause heat when applied to sensitive areas such as genitals and nipples. You can find them at most health food stores.

Itching powder: Eww you're mean! But if you want this to really torment someone, check out novelty and magic stores, or you can still find it by shopping in the back of some comic books.

Ben-gay: Again, a heating solution that is placed on the skin causing a mild burning sensation. More than mild when placed on the genitals. Find it at the drug store.

Electric shock devices: Cattle prods can be found at a fleet farm store, or your local tack shop. Be careful as some are more powerful than others. For Light play, most hold a charge for a few seconds after you turn them off, and will product a short intense shock. You can also find shocking devices at you local novelty store. Lighters and books and such that run off a 9 volt Battery are Wicked fun. Also in this category would be electric bug swatters. These can be found at most RV centers. They look like a metal tennis racket, and have a sharp bite.

Tens: The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit. This is used by chiropractors to cause involuntary muscle contractions. It can me ordered from a medical supply house, or online.

PES: Paradise Electro Stimulation / PES. A device that electrically stimulates muscle contractions, and is made by the company of the same name.

Violet wands: Ranging from $150 to $350 these fun units have a variety of attachments. They create a constant static charge from light to heavy. Avoid the chest, head, and eyes with this exciting toy. If you want one for extended sessions, avoid the cheaper units with the wax cores. They need to be shut off after 15 minutes or they fail to work. A neat attachment to have is a cable and cylinder attachment which allows the "Top" to hold it, or bind it to their body and to use their own body as a shocking attachment. Beware though, you feel as much as they do on contact. There are also various people making mylar, and other floggers which will spark on contact. They also look great in the dark.

Hot wax: From candles to paraffin baths. Wax creates sensations from mild to wild. If your dripping with candles, and want something light, get Jewish shabbat candles at your local kosher grocers. Color in candles causes the wax to melt at higher temps, and can easily cause burns. Always test the height by dripping on yourself first. The higher you hold the candle the more it will cool as it drops through the air. Paraffin baths available at the drug store allows you to have a quantify of low temp wax for pouring.

Chastity belts: These can be either handmade leather, or steel with locks that allow a person to relieve their calls of nature, but not their sexual desire. One of the best creators of these devices is a company called "access denied," and can be found on the Internet.

Cock and ball harnesses: These can be made solely out of leather, or encompass steel rings to work on a male like a chastity belt. Other devices like the "gates of hell" are made up of a series of rings meant to cause a painful sensation as a male becomes erect while in the device. Available at most adult toy stores.

Feathers: From ostrich to chicken, you can find feather dusters anywhere from the mild to the exotic. Tickle tickle.

Specula: These medical devices can be found at most medical supply stores, and they usually don't balk at selling the non doctor types. Be careful though not to put too much pressure into opening them, and make sure you use a lot of lube.

Mice traps/rat traps: Snap snap, you know where to find them, and they make very interesting clamps.

Catheters: A bit of knowledge, and a steady hand are needed to insert a catheter. Great for long term bondage as bathroom breaks are eliminated. Find a nurse friend to show you how its done. Plenty of nurses in the scene.

Spreader bars: Buy them, or make your own. Its Just a wooden dowel with screw in rings at the end. Usually about 3 feet but any size is possible. Another trick is to sand the ends smooth on a piece of PVC pipe, and thread a piece of rope though creating a loop at each end.

Collars: Either something you have made, or something you buy at the pet store, collars are an individual statement. Be creative, and make your own for that personal statement. Many manufactures make a variety of collars in everything from chain, and steel to wood and leather.

Cuffs: A master needs a good cuff set for both the wrists, and ankles. You can find them in a variety of materials, and styles from Nylon with Velcro closures, to heavy metal manacles at your local adult toy store. Its best though to have a nice pair of leather padded, or furred buckle closure cuffs. If they have locks be sure to have a pair of safety scissors close by. Its hard getting the key in the lock if a subject is thrashing, and you need to get the cuffs off right away.

Chains: Chain can be so sexy. You can use it for restraint, or even making clothing such as a chain harness. When using heavy, or light chain its always a good idea to have a quick release connector if attaching to a person, and most definitely if your doing suspension. You can get quick releases at your local hardware store, and they are easy to find at a climbing store. While you are there pick up some caribeners also.

Straight jacket: Know anyone in a mental institution? If not try a magic store. If you want to save a few bucks put the person of your choice in an oversize sweat shirt, and tie the arms behind them. You can also get leather straight jackets at some of the finer bondage houses like Damask.

Scarves/ties: Inexpensive and fun. We all have these hidden away someplace. Usually the first bondage toy any of us have. There are several uses for that tie your grandmother gave you for Christmas. You know..., the one with the ducks on it.

Body bags: No, not the ones with dead people in them. Body bags are lace up bondage bags, and come in leather, or canvas. Great for full body bondage.

Rope: We all need rope. I have about 2000 feet of the stuff, 1/4 to 1/2 inch nylon braided, not twisted is best. Find a soft rope that is supple, not stiff. Your subject will thank you for it. If your going to do extensive rope bondage, don't forget those safety scissors.

Spandex: Spandex a privilege not a right.::smile::: Tight and thin its the perfect costume for the spankee.

Bits and harness: Got ponies? A tack shop is best for stuff you can modify for human use. Modify, because most of us don't have a horse sized mouth, and there are plenty of human use makers out there. Damask has a line that have rubber bits. In any case costumes for the equestrian are the growth industry of the millennium. Look around on the net and you'll find them.

Gags: Noisy sub? Bitchy slave? Gag em. From a knotted scarf, to a rubber ball with a rope through it. No top should be without a gag. Keep in mind though, if they cant cry out, they cant use a safe word. Have a safety drop. Something they can hold in their hand, and drop if something is just way too intense.

Blindfolds: Who's there? Ahh blindfolds, silk scarf, sleep mask, or a fancy leather and fur number. Blindfolds help heighten touch, taste, smell, and the ability to play with a persons mind. Sneak up and talk to them in a different voice, or have a friend record something for you. Be creative, there are even masks that you can buy from sharper image that have relaxing light shows. Combine a mask with a head Phone, and the world goes away.

Hoods: For you, for them. They make a top look sinister, and make a bottom blind. There are as many different masks as there are people making them. Most major BDSM shops, and companies will have a few. There are even places you can get your favorite masked avenger wrestling mask.

Corsets: Breath in, and hold it. Corsets, from sexy wear to body shaping there are a plethora of Corsets out there. Its best if they are fitted in a shop, but remember body shaping is a lifetime commitment not a weekend activity. Don't start what your not going to finish.

Bustea: A step down from corsets. A step up for your bust. Also called cinches, these waist slimming devices make you look grrrrrrreat.

Stocks: Ye hath been wicked, and ye shall be punished! Stocks are made by most equipment manufactures, but are one of the easiest pieces of Home made equipment out there. Two holes and a hinge, and there you are. Don't forget the scarlet "A" for their chest.

Pillory: Like a stock, but for the other end. This time you need 3 holes, the one in the middle is for the head. Mount it on a pole with a couple of posts, and some long feet, and you have a person ready for a spanking, or whatever your heart desires. Need plans, check out the pilgrim pages in your dictionary, or history book.

Handcuffs: Dating a cop? No, well you can buy handcuffs from the same place they do. Good cuffs cost about $40. Novelty cuffs are cheaper, but the reason they have that little peg release is because the key doesn't always work. When you get cuffs, you get two keys. Remember, you only need one for almost all cuffs. Have one in your first aid kit, and one on your belt. Keep others where you can find them in an emergency. One way to soften the play is to stitch bunny fur into tubes, turn them right side out again, and slip them over the metal.

Leather restraints: We talked cuffs, lets talk sleeves. A double sleeve takes both arms, and laces them behind the back. You can also get singles that cuff together, but they are an investment. Expect to spend at least a couple hundred per set.

Leashes: At the pet store, or leads from a tack shop. If your going to walk a slave, you need a leash. Leather is more expensive than chain. Its cheaper if you make your own with parts from the hardware store.

Dildos: Never go to a party with only one penis, if you can help it. For Doms, Dommes, and subs alike a good dildo collection is priceless, and if you have an ego problem, or no problem at all, you can get a kit to reproduce what you have.

Vibrators: Vibrators will someday replace men, as soon as they figure out how to make them mow the lawn, and kill spiders. Don't use them too much you can get addicted. Its true, and you will find it get harder to orgasm without technology nudging you over the edge.

Cock rings: You can pay up to 20 bucks at a sex shop for a leather strap, or a steel ring. You can make your own with a scrap, and a snap kit from Michael's crafts for a buck fifty. The steel rings are at your hardware store. Why go anywhere else? Basically you want a 2" closed steel ring. Make sure you put it on when the penis is soft. Erect is dangerous, and ALMOST impossible. The ring puts pressure on the veins at the top of the penis, so it wont let the blood back out and into the body again. Get the picture?

Ben-WA balls: Ever see a woman walking down the street with a BIG smile? Little steel balls filled with mercury are the answer. They click together, and vibrate, but they take a bit of practice to hold in ::smile::: No! using the large Chinese exercise balls is not the answer to weak vaginal muscles. Kegals are! Clench like you have to pee, and do that a couple hundred times. Your lover will love you for it, and so will you.

Anal beads: A string of balls about and inch apart, usually about 9 of them. Pop them in one at a time, and then when your subject reaches orgasm, pop em out slow or fast. Its wild!

Butt plugs: Anal sex really painful? Want to feel full, and ready for anything? They come in a variety of sizes from small to "Oh My GOD" and really make anal sex a breeze. The Chinese invented them, and they used to have houses with a treat they called a "Peg Boy." A row of boys seated on greased pegs so you could see who would fit, and who wouldn't.

Coconut oils: Horrible for your heart, great on popcorn, and better as a lube. Not bad tasting either, if you can find them, try them.

Mink mittens: Oooooo so soft, and a great cool down. Many toy manufactures make fur mittens. Rub them on the back after a flogging, or on those sensitive bits. It feels great, just ask a mink.

Fur: Bunny, sheep, wolf, or even deer. Any little furry animal would be glad to know they gave their lives to be used in this manner.

Suction devices: There are a few suction cup devices available, usually in kits with 15 to 30 various devious sizes. They come with a small pump, and are the lazy mans hot cups, sans fire play, safe, and fun. These things can be attached most anywhere, and come with little release buttons for ease of use. A good investment, usually about $50 to $100 dollars.

Snake bite cup: Pretty much the same thing without the pump. Like little bells, they attach like leaches, and hold on strong. Cheaper than suction devices, but less variety in size, or strength.

Hot cups: Hot cupping dates back thousands of years, and is thought to draw impurities out through the skin. You can buy a cupping set, but any thick glass, or mug will do. You need to practice this art, but its devilishly simple. You need at least 85% rubbing alcohol, bottle caps, and cotton balls. Dip the cotton ball, place in cap, light it, and place the cup over it. As it burns off the oxygen it creates a vacuum, and suction. The smaller the cup, the more vacuum. If you use a larger glass the longer the cotton ball will take to burn up the oxygen, and burns may happen. Be very careful, and always have ice, burn cream, a wet towel, a blanket, and a fire extinguisher handy. Just in case.

Emotion lotions: Slick, hot, and tasty. The emotion these usually bring out are lust and desire. There are many makers, flavors, and brands, but be careful! You never know who is allergic to what until you try them.

Floggers: Heavy to light, deer to buffalo. Floggers are like potato chips, and snowflakes. No two are usually alike, and you cant have just one. There are many makers like Heartwood, and Toybox, Lashes by Sarah, to ... well...Me, and many more makers, and hobbyists every day. A well made flogger has beauty, and function, and runs from a modest 20 dollars all the way to 400 dollars, depending on what you get, and who you get it from. Anything works, from taped lattigo lashes, to a doubled, and unbraided piece of nylon rope. If you desire a variety, know that your flogger collection will be costly to say the least. Be sure to care for them.

Cats: Cats are floggers with attitude. Usually braided, and of 9 lashes cats bite, Just like fluffy. I wouldn't recommend swinging the housecat around though, you might hit someone. Usually a bit more expensive than a flogger because there is more work involved.

Leather paddles: SMACK ouch SMACK ouch, Paddles, leather paddles, and slappers. A lot of sound, and furry with sting. Since they fold, there is very little deep bruising. Great toys that you can find them at most adult toy stores. Everyone should own at least one.

Wooden paddles: Just like mamma used to smack my bottom with. You can still find wooden punishment paddles from days gone by as well as a wide variety of next designs. A friend of mine at Devious Sensuality's will even engrave your name in it, backwards so it shows up real well. Look around, there are many makers. Wooden hurts more because there is little, or no flex, but it is porous so its deep, but not like plastic. Pizza oven paddles, frat paddles, and boat oars, are out there just waiting to be perverted. Heck for a Nice light paddle pull that rubber ball of a child's toy, I could never make that work anyway! Hint: find a warped one, Concave, the inside of the bend focus's the force, the outside of the bend dissipates

Plastic paddles: From child's games to lectern paddles, they too are easy to find, and since they are not porous they contain the force better.

Metal paddles: Add weight to the force. I have some excellent aluminum paddles, and I have seen metal, and graphite combinations that have been given names like, the "terminator," and "the Fucking Limit " "ouch."

Riding crops: Expensive braided crops from England, to nylon crops from the tack shop, this little spankers helper is a must have. You can spend from $10 dollars all the way to a couple hundred for a real beauty.

Dressage whip: Oh fun, chain a sub, and make them prance in a circle, A dressage whip is usually not good for a small space, as its a fall is attached to a long cane. For ideas on how to use one watch the horses at the circus.

Horse tail/Horse hair: Good warm up, and nasty cool down floggers, A hunk of horse tail with a handle is an American invention. An English horse hair flogger has a 2 foot handle, and is an entirely different animal. Use a rolling wrist motion for best effect.

Rubber scrapers: Ever get a toothy Ice scraper for your windows? No? Then get a friend from a colder climate! A lot of fun after a scene, and great to scrape over those sensitive areas.

Ping pong paddles: You don't even have to buy the whole table to get the paddles, you can get them instead at most Game centers. Smooth are slappy, and the rubber covered ones make wonderful marks.

Belts: You have one of these don't you? Fold it over for more sound than fury, and if you have the hand at it a belt can be used like a single tail. The belt is the most useful toy in your bag, Its good for spanking, leashing, tossing, and binding. It holds your pants up too. I am surprised the Swiss didn't invent it.

Open hand spanking: OK, Its not in your bag, but don't over look your hand. Most people think its just slapping the buttocks, but there is more to it than that. First, there is how you spank. Up, down, side to side, be creative. Next comes the shape of your hand. Cup your hand, and send that swat deep. Stiffen it, and it smacks. Round your palm for those deep thuddy strikes. Fast. or slow. hard, or soft. A great hint is if you strike, and pull back its very stingy. If you hold it, press your palm in. Its deep, and hot.

You also can spank all over, and about the body, Spankings not just for the butt anymore. Back, shoulders, breast, chest, genitals, feet. < If you use something other than your hand its call bastado> Just about anywhere you want. Slapping a cheek may be called a slap, but its really face spanking.

Gloved hand spanking: Takes the sting off you, and puts it on the butt where it belongs! If you don't have the hands of a mechanic like I do, a good leather glove lets you get a good strike in. Try dishwasher gloves, latex are grippy, and a nice pair of cloth gloves are so soft. Besides, just think what they may be thinking as you slide on a pair of long, red, veterinary gloves. You know the type, the ones they use to reach inside a cow.

Quirts: Ouch! Two hard veg tan tails make a nice mark, and they are relatively inexpensive. Used like a small bull whip, they take some practice to master. If your a novice, you can fold it over, and use it as a spanker too.

Single tail whips: A singletail is basically any number of whips. Its a basic term for whips with one tail.

Signal whips: A signal whip is a continuos braided whip from handle to tip. Usually with a shot bag in the handle. They range from 3 to 5/6 feet, and they usually run from 120 to 500 dollars. You pay for the plait. In good kangaroo whips 4 plait is usually the lowest. I have seen 28 plait that are stiff as a board. I wont tell you where to get them because they are addicting. I have tons of them, and still want more.

Dog whips: Same type of whip as a signal whip, but it has a hard handle. Usually a wooden dowel braided over. These are nice whips, some have pipe handles, and I personally feel these are to heavy for sensual play.

Bull whips: I love bulls! Made of cowhide with a rope core. Some are nylon, they range from 4 to 12 to 20 feet, and more. They also track well. Choke up on the tail, and you have everything from a 2 foot whip to the maximum length.

Drover whips: A whip on a stick. Its Australian, and its supposed to be very accurate. Some call it a target whip. Me, I don't like things on a stick ::shrug:: watch those who know me giggle at that one.

Razor strap: Hard to find, but worth it if you do. Basically a wide leather belt, but really thick.

Folded leather strap: Its a belt folks, just like daddy used to make!

English school master's cane: Usually rattan, but to some its a bunch of birch switches tied together. Easy to make yourself. Keep it fresh though, when they dry out they break.

Slappers: If its Leather, in the form of a hand, circle or square, and its on a handle, its a slapper. Many people make this fun, and stingy toy. You can too! A piece of wood, 2 screws, and a hunk of leather. Use your imagination folks!

Rattan cane: Strong, and flexible its the king of canes. Its the choice of most Asian countries. You can find it pealed at furniture repair shops, and rattan furniture manufacturers. You can also wait until a kinky person puts a handle on it, and sells it at an event. Hey, its only 5 dollars more, and you don't have to go get it.

Bamboo cane: Its natural, its stiff, its at Pier one, or the local garden store. Be careful of the green ones though, coat them with a spray polyurethane because the green is insecticide.

Plastic cane: You can find plastic rod at a hobby store, just don't tell them what your hobby is. Or do, who knows that counter boy, or girl just might let you test drive that new cane.

Fiberglass cane: Have an old fishing pole laying about? Its made of fiberglass you know. Nice sting, but be sure to coat it a few times with a good polyurethane, so you don't get splinters.

Rods, fiberglass, aluminum: If your up north, steal a plastic one off a snowplow, they have replacements, and they make great canes.

Wood canes: Steal it from grandpa, because for a good solid thud nothing works like a wooden cane. Don't try the walker though, bit much to handle.

Switches: Free! Mother natures kinky to, she makes these. Birch, willow, or just about any tree in the yard will yield a nice switch. Also, here's a tip from mom, make them go out, and cut them themselves.

Taws/tawes: A folded leather slapper, not unlike a paddle, but with a cut down the center on the end to make a "serpents tongue."

Rulers: Catholic? Then you will remember these, fun to play with, nun or not.

Your brain: This is your brain, this is your brain on BDSM. Any questions? I hope I answered a few questions, and perhaps gave you a few ideas, but here's the rub. Without your mind, and a good imagination, none of these tools, and toys are worth a damn. Don't cloud it with drinks, and drugs. Keep it sharp, so you can invent the next new toy, and then tell me, so I can use it, and add it to this list.

Copyright Lord wolf and Wolfhold 2002