Anal Play

by feather

Anal play is not necessarily specifically a BDSM activity; however can be used as such for a variety of reasons. It is a more extreme sexual act, it is considered illegal in many states; being somewhat taboo by many it offers great excitement; many find it extremely pleasurable due to the amount of nerve endings that stimulated in the course of the act; and it can be considered a more humiliating sexual act in comparison to vaginal entry sex. Being that this orifice wasn’t not intended for copulation, special care needs to be taken so it is a stimulating sexual experience for both parties and for health safety as well.

If this is an activity you wish to participate in, just for your personal knowledge, check the legal issues in your state, so you are aware of them. I am not sure if they have a team of sodomy police casing private homes, but I doubt it very much. If you are in a group play setting be aware of any possible stings set up so you aren’t “caught with your pants down”.

Many Christian sectors consider this sexual activity very taboo and many people have been raised with this society set “moral”. Human nature and its excitement value in regards to sex is often, “Tell me not to do it and I will want to more!”
The sphincter was intend for output purposes, to enter something into the channel the wrong direction will create a bit of pain and anyone who participates in S & M know that pain can also produce to pleasure.

Many find it sexually stimulating for humiliation to be used on them thus the sexual use of an orifice designed by nature for excrement is often used for this humbling effect.

For those who are new to receiving anal sex an important tip is: “relax”! For those that are new to entering the anus during sex and important tip is: “foreplay”! The sphincter is a muscle, to ease the pain and to enhance the enjoyment of this act, the muscle must be relaxed and this is done with foreplay.

Foreplay will include the use of lubrication, fingers and/or toys. Many promote KY jelly, others suggest a variety of anal lubes. Be sure your nails are trimmed, you do not wish to cause any tears. You may wish to cover your toys with condoms for easy cleaning. Use of condoms is promoted since “safe” is part of “safe sex”. Some people like to wear rubber gloves as well, do what is most comfortable for you. Do not use anything with sharp edges.

Incorporate anal touching during the course of foreplay, sexual arousal is relaxing and also tends to lessen some pain factors. When your lover is relaxed and aroused, gently tease the bud with a lubed finger, slowly, and gently pushing deeper. A rotation of the lubed finger works especially well, slowly easing the muscle open and continue, slowly, gently, deeper.

If you are planning to use toys be sure to start out with something small, smooth and be use it also is well lubed and again, slowly, gently, deeper. Keep your lover relaxed. You will know when your lover is relaxed and is more receptive to the object in their ass.

Anal foreplay may take up to ten minutes before its ready for something bigger like parts of your anatomy or a larger toy. Be prepared when this stage is ready, have lube and condoms beside you for easy access. This isn’t time for a potty break, unless you plan to start all over again.

Enter the anus slowly and gently, slowly pushing deeper. Back out a bit if you meet resistance, yet try to stay “in” and talk to your lover, keeper your lover’s arousal intact. If this is your sub remind her how she will be pleasing you and assuring her she too will be pleasured once she relaxes and is able to take in your girth.

Experiment together, try other toys as you go. Be sure this is a consensual sexual activity, relax, go slow, be gentle and enjoy!

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