November/December 2002
Trubled Times
Picture Herefor those times when you're having troubles
by Celeste aka BitaTruble

Water Sports

Disclaimer: This article is intended as an educational tool for ADULT leather folk who wish to engage in the activity of Golden Shower play but may be unsure how to proceed in a safe and sane manner. It in no way implies that this is a risk free activity or that anyone should indulge in drinking of human urine.

Water sports. Some people call it pee play. The correct term is Golden Showers (also G/S). A number of people partake in this kind of play. Some limit themselves to simple urination over their submissive; others get a little more intense and actually have their submissive ingest their urine. The ingestion of urine can be very dangerous. The body filters liquid waste products naturally, however; too much of anything is never good. There are ways to minimize the risks of ingestion and that's what we will discuss in this article.

When I first started on my journey of BDSM, I met a Master who was a Pisces male. I'm not saying that all Pisces enjoy water sports, but there does seem to be a preponderance of those that partake in the wetter sports of BDSM to hail from that particular sign. Yes, I'm a Pisces, too and one of the first forms of play I was exposed to was the Golden Shower. The thought of ingesting a Master's urine is a limit for a number of submissives and it is a limit that should never be pushed unless both parties know and desire to proceed with itů much like any other limit. You may have read stories in recent publications about people getting sick from coworkers peeing in their coffee or water containers. This is true, however, keep in mind that these people were exposed to the practice without their knowledge and on a daily basis. It is not my intent to sway anyone's' thinking that the ingestion of urine is safe if done in this way. It is not. Just as daily fisting can be dangerous to delicate vaginal and anal walls, daily ingestion can make you very ill. It can kill you. It can kill you. Yes, I said that twice. I want everyone to be fully aware of the consequences of the actions they may choose to take. Indulging in occasional fisting is more than likely not going to cause any permanent damage and indulging in the occasion internal water sports will 'probably' not cause any damage either. I'm certainly fine. (I use the term loosely.) This article is intended to educate those that desire to train their submissive who may be reluctant, but still wants to give Golden Showers a try or for the submissive that may have the fetish and desires his Dom to experience this highly erotic form of play. There are few things that show in such a way, the trust and love of a submissive than to drink from the body of their Dominant. I call it, "drinking straight from the faucet."


Golden Showers are considered a form of humiliation play. No one person engages in every activity in BDSM, so do not feel left out if the thought of water sports leaves you cold. Practice SSC, know yourself and your sub and proceed with knowledge for the best kind of lifestyle: kink, gay, vanilla or otherwise.

If a submissive is willing but reluctant to engage in G/S, there are a few things that the considerate Dominant can do to ease the stress of the submissive and make the experience enjoyable for both parties. The adage, "you are what you eat" rings especially true for those engaging in Golden Showers. Save the liver, onion and sardine sandwich for another time. What the Dominant puts into their mouth is going to have a direct effect on the taste of their urine. (This also holds true for the taste of sperm for the male of the species.) If you are one of those that believe that alcohol is best left for non-play times (and if you are not, then I will never play with you), don't be fooled into thinking you can get rip roaring drunk the day before play then expect your submissive to fall over your putrid left over stench. I hope the graphic description will dissuade you from over indulging with any form of alcohol for at least 3 days before you decide to do any form of water sports. A simple thing to remember is that it takes the body at least two full days to react to chemical changes in the body. The extra day is for recovery of the body so there are no 'taste' traces as opposed to chemical traces left.


(3 Day Method)

This takes a commitment on the part of the Dominant. If done properly, the first experience with Golden Showers can lead to many more wonderful experiences where both parties will look forward with eager anticipation to the event.



Dominant eats no strong foods. (No onions, garlic, fish, dairy products, alcohol, red meats, eggs, etc.)

Acceptable foods:

Poultry (baked, broiled, boiled - not fried)
Fresh sweet fruits (avoid citrus like oranges and pineapples)
Drink a least a gallon of water (no coffee)
Drink all the sweet juices you like (the best is apple juice)
Breads and unsalted crackers are good (peanut butter is bad!)
Sweet muffins
CANDY! Hard, sweet candies like butterscotch, cherry and the like are wonderful for this preparation. Avoid the chocolate. (I know. I know.)
Keeping yourself well hydrated is important for your own safety. You may love your submissive, but you will do neither of you a favor if you just forgo eating. The purpose here is to change your body chemistry so that your urine is palatable. No eating is not going to sweeten you up!


Follow the same regime as Day 1, but cut the water intake to ½ gallon and drink a gallon of sweet juices. Continue with the fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure they are sweet. Brussels sprouts don't cut if for this preparation. Corn is good, potato's (remember, no dairy, that means, NO BUTTER!), lettuce etc. Stay far, far away from eggs during the entire preparation. (You will notice that you are peeing a lot. That's a good thing. You are starting to change the flavor of your emissions already. You may notice that if you engage in an activity which makes you sweat a lot, you don't smell! That's a benefit that no one will complain about, especially people on the elevator with you.)


This is to be done the morning before play.

Eat a light breakfast of breads, crackers or muffins. Drink plenty of juice throughout the day. (I can't stress enough that apple juice is far and away the best for this particular prep.)

A chicken or turkey salad for lunch with a light sweet dressing is good at this point. No creamy or vinegar based dressing.

You really want to eat lightly the day of play. (If this sounds like too much work for you, as a Dominant, just remember what the rewards will be at the end.)



On Day 1, the Dominant can be given a soapy enema.

On Day 2, the soapy enema is repeated.

On Day 3, the Dominant does a fresh water enema with 2 drops cherry extract and 2 drops of pure honey in the water.


You have spent the last three days preparing your body for your bottom. You will be nice and sweet by now if not in nature or temperament then in taste. That's what this is all about.

Start off your play by placing a rubber or plastic sheet under your submissive. (You can also play in the bathtub if you don't want to have a hassle cleaning up afterwards.) Have them lie down on their back, eyes closed and mouth open. You stand over them and slowly release your bladder. If you start at the belly button and work your way up, you will have emptied about half your bladder by the time you reach the sub's mouth. (Bladder control is very important here. Practice for a few days shutting your flow off.) You don't want the beginning or the ending of your flow to be ingested. Something in the middle is best. Your aim should be fairly accurate if you kneel over the chest of the sub by this time. Start with just a few drops into your sub's mouth. Let them get the taste of you slowly. If they safe word. STOP. The activity may just be too intense for them. You can try again another time or it may be that it is not meant for you to engage with that particular submissive. If, however, the submissive seems to be okay with what is going on, you can gradually add a little more to the stream. Resist the urge to let go with your full force flow. You can scare the hell out of your submissive if you do! By now, you should have a fairly good idea of how the submissive is reacting to the play. Keep in mind that the sub's body is your responsibility at this point, but no less so than their mental state. Keep your eyes on every nuance of what you are doing and how the sub seems to be doing. If the sub ever seems to be distressed, STOP. Talk about what's happening. Reassure the sub that if they can't go on, it does not make them less in your eyes, but more because they have the courage and intelligence to know what they can't handle. By the same token, the Dominant also needs to keep their mental facilities at full. If the Dominant is not really enjoying the activity, if they feel repulsed by the willingness of the sub to engage in it or for any other reason are not completely comfortable with it, then they need to STOP as well.


It's now the sub's turn to drink plenty of fresh, clear water. Keep hydrating for a few hours so as to clean your own system out and spend the next few days overindulging at the water cooler.

After play, a hot bubble bath in a tub just a bit small for the two of you can be a great way to relax, get clean and talk about the experience. Lots of cuddles and kisses will go a long way in assuring the sub of the pride and love you have for them. And don't feel bad if you want your sub to brush their teeth first. After all, it's one thing to ingest your Master's urine, it's another to ingest your own! Bon Appetite.