November/December 2002
Inside a Rogue's Mind
Miss Aymeby Rogue

So, you want to know about me? I don't like talking about myself much, so I will give you a quickie bio and if you have any questions, you can just write me.

I am 31 years old and was born in June of 1971. I am a typical Gemini in most ways, as my personality seems to be quite dual, though many have said that my personality changes with my various moods. I was born and raised in Kentucky was living in Florida, but am back in Kentucky temporarily while HARD is overseas.

I have been a masochist since birth, in my opinion. I have very early memories of my inflicting pain on myself. I grew up playing the Houdini in bondage games with my sister and have had a love of bondage ever since. It took quite awhile for me to come to grips with my sexuality though and I did not become officially active in the scene until 1998. I have been around the scene, hanging around with my sister who was a lifestyle mistress and dominatrix, since 1989.

I was associated with TN Leather (a group now defunct) in North-Western Tennessee for over a year and learned more than I could ever write about. They were a great group of people that gave me a space to explore and educate myself. It was not uncommon to find me at most of the gatherings, participating in demos (from the top and bottom), talking to the newcomers about our rules, and DMing dungeon parties.

I also was a member of the WKyDs munch group in Western Kentucky. They are definitely a great bunch of people and if your in the area, I suggest you check them out.

My relationship with my Owner actually began in 1998. We met on a list called BlackDom and immediately became friends. Our friendship has been unique and wonderful. I never thought that I would be able to say that I met my very best friend in all the world over the net, but that is exactly the truth of the matter. He has stood beside me through thick and thin! At times he was the only person in the world that I trusted and I am forever grateful for the strength he gave me when I needed it most.

On September 29, 2000 at sunrise, in a cabin in the woods, HARD collared me. It was beautiful and will be a day that I forever hold dear in my heart. It took me a long time to finally get up the nerve to flirt with the man that I had come to hold in such high regard and has shown me so much. But, after many growing pains as a slave, I finally found the ONE that I know I can serve from a place of joy within myself.

I am the Webslave of Exchanging Power. HARD and I also moderate the Florida Leather Folk and the Exchanging Power discussion lists. I also am founder of the BDSM Copyright Alliance.

I am also an Individual Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the ACLU. I strongly urge you to become one too.


This is a prayer I wrote after reading the Slave's Prayer and thinking that it was way too damn mushy and nothing like the Lord's Prayer which it was supposedly inspired by. Also, it is just not me!

Master, grant me the latitude
to screw up, make mistakes, and learn my lessons;
courage to accept my punishment with a minimum of yelling;
and the wisdom to not manipulate you to get what I want.

Like those delicious ass-spankings you give! ;)

The Hard House