November/December 2002
Life Under the Three Moons

by Michael

There is a saying that goes, " The only difference between a sea story and a fairy tale is that a fairy tale starts with "Once upon a time" and a sea story starts with "Now this ain't no shit."" . I will ask the reader to decide how the following story should start but it goes like this.

There were three girls. Whether they knew one another is not known. Two of the girls were named Cynical and Bitter. They lived behind a computer keyboard in the Kingdom of VirtualBDSM. From their vantage point they would watch over the daily goings on of the other people that lived their lives and they would impose their negative views on others. No master/dom/top was good enough, no slave/submissive/bottom was worthy. In their travels through the kingdom via their keyboards they happened upon a Gorean house that was seeking a second girl. Their first reaction " What would be in it for me/her?" "Sounds bleak", "Just want a babysitter", "What would that do for the slave".

These girls lived out their days before the keyboard, posting their "glass half empty" negativity.

The third girl on the other hand was less editorial in nature. Her name was LaVida Kajira (Spanish for "The Life Kajira"). She did not find satisfaction involving herself in the lives of others but instead sought to bring fulfillment to her own. During her journey through the kingdom she happened upon the same Gorean house. She read about how they bring the Gorean traditions, customs and practices to their lives. She read about the children in the house. The legend is unclear as to whether she herself had a child or two. She had experienced the online Master/slave relationships and remained dissatisfied. She may have even experienced a long distance relationship and was never really sure where she stood with this man that would be Master. Was he married, did he have another? She may never know. She read about the Gorean house and wondered how it would be to live in a situation such as that. She read as much as she could about the house and contacted the first girl of the house to establish communication. They discussed many things. They chatted about what was to be expected and about life would be in the house. LaVida learned of the beautiful serves and how the first girl would be at the left side of the master and she would be at the right hand of the Master. They discussed private things. Arrangements were made to visit the Gorean House for a couple of weeks to get a taste of how things would be. She arrived at the house to find a five-bedroom three-bath house. She was given a room that would be her own space but she spent most nights on the furs to the right of the Master. The Master of the house and the first girl both worked outside the home and between them brought significant funds to the house and she was assigned duties within the house. She would use transportation the master provided to shop during the day. When the children of the house arrive home in the afternoon she would supervise their activities and insure that they would perform their chores. She soon became an "Auntie" to the children and a "sister" to the first girl. She and her sister would plan together to bring happiness and harmony to the house. Monthly on the day that is the anniversary of her collaring the master would bring small gifts and take his girl to dinner at a favored restaurant. Weekends were often spent on the road at places like Sea World or the Grand Canyon. Every other weekend when the children were with their other parents she found herself kneeling with her sister naked and nadu, leather or steel cuffs on her ankles and a collar on her neck. She and her sister chained in the furs ready for the master's use. The master not wanting a dull or ignorant girl sent her to school during the day or perhaps it was in the evening and she would often find herself doing her homework while the children of the house did theirs. She would go out the door in the evening with her sister, giggling, having planned some naughtiness that required their temporary disappearance and the running of an errand. The master would call home to find that his girls were on the phone scheming about how they were going to serve a feast during an upcoming child-free weekend. In a short time LaVida became a beloved member of the house. Over time the children one by one left the house and the master and his two girls traveled extensively and lived out their days in happiness and harmony.

There will always be people like the girls Cynical and Bitter. They have no foresight and can not understand how anyone can find happiness unless they are in charge and there is something in it for them. Fortunately however there are those that are different. Like LaVida there are girls that can see an opportunity to become a member of a house that will allow her to be taken aboard the silver ship if only just as often as real life allows.

I once had a girl visit that we had spoken to about becoming a second girl in my house. I have enclosed a copy of a statement she wrote to be included here:

My visit to Master Michael's House

I would like to share my experience as a potential second girl to Master Michael's House. I met Master Michael when I joined his yahoo group, Life Under the Three Moons. I was met his girl, mika from the list. The three of us talked for while through yahoo messenger and got to know each other. I felt a particular connection to mika, she and I would talk for hours about anything and everything. I experienced a profound respect for Master Michael right away. Some time had past and the three of us were growing closer and closer; and it was decided I should come for a visit. There had been talk of me being allowed to join Master Michael's House and now it was time to see if I was a good match face to face.

My sister, deidre, had a plane ticket that needed to be used before it expired so I packed my bag and with some trepidation I boarded a plane to Arizona. I have to tell you, I my nervousness was growing with each passing mile. Master Michael was there to meet me at the gate. I knew him right away. I was so nervous I didn't know what to do with myself. I was packed into the van and taken to meet mika and the rest of his house. Mika was just as wonderful in person as she was on the net. It wasn't long before I was made to feel comfortable and very relaxed.

The highlight of the weekend was the Feast held at Master Michael's Home. I was asked to serve at this Feast but was quiet content to hide in the kitchen and cook. It was with ease I seemed to have found my niche in his Home. The other girls would serve the Masters and I would stay in the kitchen prepping the next course for them to serve out. ~smiling~ I would sneak tidbits of food to the girls as they came into the kitchen for the plates and platters.

Master Michael and his mika made me feel warm and a welcome addition to the Home. For a time, I seriously contemplated the offer of join his House, but due to constraints in my home state I was unable to move. There are times I sit and wonder how my life would have changed had I moved. I will always look back on that experience with fondness and with love.

Insofar as joining any House as a second, I would offer it is imperative to understand and respect the position of the First Girl. It is natural for her to be jealous and a bit weary of you as an interloper to her world. Yes, bottom line it is up to the Master to make the decision for his House of who he wants there, but keep in mind the objective is harmony in the House. Bickering slaves will only bring the wrath of the Master down upon you both. Remember, you are there as a second. You will not take the place of the First, she was there before you and will most likely be there after you. The attention you will receive as a second will be different then what the First gets, that is the natural way in the lives of slaves. Take the time to get to know your First, she can be your best friend if you both work together for the betterment of the Master's house.

Steel's snow.

At the writing of this article I am still seeking a second girl to join my house. This is not to complete a set of kajira or fulfill a shortcoming that the existing kajira has. I seek a second girl because in my house it makes sense. I have the resources to afford it and a desire to have a second girl. I am a firm believer that the girls need to be close and should work together for the common good of the house. If I was asked by Bitter and Cynical "What is in it for me?" My answer would be simply that " there is nothing for you here!" Girls like this are not desired in my house and could never be kajira. Now a girl like LaVida Kajira would be very welcome. So for now I will continue to look and interview. When I find that special girl that is a fit we will all know.

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