November/December 2002
The Sadist With A Mean Streak

by John Gault




Hello Readers!

A new columnist for your favorite E-Zine here.
Name: John Gault

A little about myself:

Iím sadistic, not very dominant but certainly an ĎAí type personality. My outlook is generally humorous (I donít take life seriously), safe play is an option not a rule, sanity is an illusion, consent is always assumed even up to the point where the other person is running out the door screaming. I hold a graduate degree in math (statistics), a second in business, a third in psychology, and a Ph.D. in philosophy. Yes, over educated sadist is the correct assumption. My writing is best read with a sense of humor and light hearted with a twist of rapier whit. Some have described my writing as:

  • Blunt
  • Offensive
  • Egocentric
  • Arrogant
  • Pithy

Those who meet me and know me have defined me as:

  • Blunt
  • Offensive
  • Egocentric
  • Arrogant
  • Funny

Close enough I say! Laura, my wife is married to me. Ponder that thought! We have a detailed slave contract that binds our relationship of the few years we have been together. She is masochistic, submissive, confident in herself, and very proud of her accomplishments and family. She is my only slave, and she fills many roles for me:

  • My best employee
  • My house keeper
  • My cook
  • My pain slut
  • My whore
  • My most valued property

When she gets a little over weight, I make her diet. She follows a strict routine of weight lifting and she runs/jogs a minimum of 5 miles a week. When she is ill I send her to a doctor, when her teeth need repair or cleaning I send her to the dentist. Her glamour appearance is a must and it is her up-most priority to stay fit and healthy. My income and my lifestyle demand she do so.

Several years ago I started a couple of websites which featured a place for folks to post pornographic pictures, mostly SM related. Once I finished college I let those sites go since I no longer had access to the university servers: thatís another subject though. Four years ago I got back to the business of porn websites and currently own and manage 83 domains. The sites feature various porn niche content including models, bondage, SM, and swinging. The common thread among them all is amateur (no stages, no professional porn stars), no simulated - implied young girls, and they are for the sole purpose of generating income. Granted the bondage and SM sites are directed more toward the kinky mainstream consumer than to the hard-core SM or bondage crowd. Thatís because hard-core SM and bondage websites donít sell. Following my desire and instincts for SM and kink has none-the-less provided dozens of successful sites. The business continues to thrive and revenue is on a steady upward growth.

The business is my wifeís full time employment though she doesnít get paid, of course! For godís sake Iíd never let her own a thing much less have money, or a bank account, or credit cards. She does have a driverís license as I insist she chauffeur me wherever I need to go. Most of the content found on the sites feature her as the hostess. When I tie her up, stick needles through her labia and nipples, devise bizarre contraptions to torture and/or penetrate her, share her with my friends and strangers for sex, and pretty much what ever I do to her or have her do, I video tape it all. The video-tape is then used for content on the websites. I also do professional porn photography. I solicit would be and want to be porn stars to perform for me and my camera and use that content for the sites as well, and I occasionally do photography for popular porn periodicals.

My experience with SM and bondage began early in my life. At 14 years of age I had left home and experienced my first love. She was a 24 year old sadist who loved to torture every inch of my body and mind. Sadly, I was not a good masochist for her and our relationship was always a struggle. When I was older I realized my inability to be what she needed was due in fact to being opposite of my nature. My early college years found me with a reputation as the guy who would take you out to dinner followed by a trip to the woods to be tied down and whipped, waxed, or fucked with a cue stick (one of my favorites: it has the 8 ball fixed to the side that goes inside her). I wasnít popular with the guys, but I had a fairly steady stream of girls who wanted a chance to experience something twisted. In my mid-twenties, I was taken in by an organized SM group. The group was well staffed and a careful process was in place for taking in new people. They put you through many months of group meetings, training in anatomy, nerves, torture techniques, bondage techniques, and mental analysis. At each step along the process the new people were evaluated. If you passed the evaluation you graduated to be invited to low level organized parties. Eventually, if you remained in good
standing with those who evaluated, you proceed up the ranks to be eligible for the full play party gatherings. I stayed with that group for just over 8 years when I moved to another state and over the years I've lost touch with all but a few of the members. Since that time my public scene with regards to SM has been very limited. I have occasionally demonstrated bondage techniques and moderate torture techniques for organized groups, and I invent or duplicate and manufacture SM furniture and devices. Mostly however, I mix with private groups and a few close knit friends.

My experience as a columnist:

From 1991 to 1996 I wrote a regularly appearing column for Forbes and Fortune magazines. This was a result of a popular training program, which I had developed for improving business techniques and profits for executives and managers. The program further inspired me to publish two books which then led to me being hired as a consultant by several of the top 500 businesses in the U.S. and a few European companies. Sometimes I miss those sadistic lectures and training seminars! In the later part of 1996 I resigned from the blue collar worldís hustle and stress to the hustle and
stress of establishing my own enterprise in my true passion for SM and porn.

My Column Here:

In the process of establishing the Internet e-commerce business and at the same time a Master slave married relationship it is hoped. by the editor of this fine E-Zine, that I can provide some interesting contribution by way of a column. In the coming articles I plan to be a lot less wordy than I have been here and hope to get feed back from you, the readers. If you have questions regarding what I have written here, topics youíd like me to address, hate mail as well as fan mail youíd like to send in, I will address them all in my next column.