November/December 2002
The Dog
by Michelle

Boots sounded firmly on the brick floor, the echoes bouncing off the walls on their way to the inner chamber of the business office.

“Good morning, Ma’am, there is a new applicant waiting inside,” Troy announced politely as he handed her the morning mail. She gave his thick, long brown hair a stroke, igniting a low, rumbling purr.

“Good morning, Troy, thank you. The one from New Jeri? Good, I’ve been expecting him. First impressions?” She could always count on her assistant for an honest opinion in this atmosphere of courtiers and toads.

“Subby,” he said with a slight twist of distaste to his lips. “I suppose we could use someone to clean the showers.”

Clare chuckled and tsk-tsk’ed. “They have their uses in other areas,” she said with a gentle reprimand to the tip of his nose. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“The litter-box,” she heard muttered as she went into her office.

Cats, she thought with another chuckle. Such snobs....

Glancing at the applicant kneeling in the middle of the floor, she could tell immediately what set Troy off; the boy had a definite dog sense about him. Looks like a boxer, she thought, wondering if this new boy had discovered his inner animal yet. Probably not, if he came in from New Jerusalem.

“Good morning, boy,” she said, tossing the mail on her desk and turning to stand in front of it, facing him. “I am Madam Clare. You may call me Ma’am.”

“Yes, Ma’am, good morning, Ma’am.”

He remained in formal Presentation, his eyes fixed at her feet. Clare gave a small nod of approval. She had taken a month to decide if she wanted to take him on. His previous trainers had given up on him, declaring his wall of pride was too thick for them to pound through.

“Stand,” she ordered. He stood in one fluid movement, a small surprise for such a compact body. “Inspection.” His hands went behind his neck.

“You were trained at Evedim h’Beit,” she commented as she moved around him. His skin colored slightly. “Why have you come here? You would fetch a pretty price in a private household.” She took a nipple between two fingers and gave it a harsh twist. He grunted but didn’t move. She gave his taunt butt a pat in approval.

“My Masters felt that I had too much pride, Ma’am,” he confessed after a moment. Honest. She nodded. And Troy saw a submissive in this boy? A titanium wall was what she saw.

Clare didn’t always approve of Evedim’s methods, they had no imagination, tending to treat everyone the same instead of playing on individual personalities. Clare tended to see animal souls in people and used that to her advantage. So they offered the boy to a public house -as punishment? There were still plenty of noses that went into the air over public pleasure houses. Hmmm... dogs... dogs....

She pulled her chair from behind the desk and sat, pointing at her feet. He dropped back into Presentation.

“My boots are new,” she commented. “They got dusty on the way in. Clean them.”

He hesitated. “Does Ma’am have a preferred method, Ma’am?” he asked politely. Point..

“Use your mouth.”

Starting at the tip of the toe, he began with small licks and then extending into lapping over her ankles. She could feel the warm moistness of his tongue through the new black leather. His lapping grew into slurping as he sucked at the toe of the boot, low growls of pleasure emerging from his throat. Clare raised an eyebrow. What’s this? She noticed that his hips where moving in small rutting motions. Reaching over to her desk, she quietly took the newspaper and rolled it up.


He jumped as the paper hit his ass.

“Bad dog!” she snapped. He hid his face in the floor and whined. That was fast, she thought, congratulating herself on the guesswork.

“You were not given permission to hump. Turn.”

He scrambled, keeping his face to the floor as he turned, presenting his butt to her. She smacked it a few more times, the flesh reddening nicely as he whined. He tried to pull away. Clare put the toe of her boot against his hole, grinding his hips to the floor and continued to beat his ass and the backs of his thighs with the newspaper.

Satisfied that she had his attention, she tossed the paper back onto the desk and watched his quivering form for a moment.

“Hips in the air,” she commanded. “Not that high.” She slid her boot under him, digging into his balls. “You will come when I want you to come. Your cock and balls belong to me. Under no circumstances are you to masturbate without my permission. You should have learned all that under your previous owners.”

“Ma’am, yes, Ma’am,” she heard muffled from the floor. His previous owners probably didn’t know there was a dog lurking inside of him, she thought.

She rubbed her boot on his balls and he grunted with a small quiver of his hips. Suspicious, she used her boot to flip him over. His belly and her boot were covered in a sticky, whiteness. He whined, paws in the air as he presented his belly to her.

Clare sighed.

“Clean my boot, dog.”

She made a mental note to herself to tell Troy to order more newspapers.

Copyright Michelle 2002 -