November/December 2002
A New Voyeur
(Donna & George, Part Three)
by dark whisper

Donna turned over in the bed and curled tightly against George’s back. His body was warm from sleep, and she smiled as she came more fully awake. Her thighs were sticky from the night before, and her limbs felt heavy and slightly sore. She lay in bed for several minutes re-living their bedtime antics. She had never had a partner like George before--he knew what he wanted, and took from her everything he knew she could give. Just the thought of the masterful way he fucked her brought a flush to her face, and a warmth to her crotch. Her eyes closed as she remembered the way his cock felt as it filled her aching pussy, while the dildo he rammed into her ass pushed deeper and deeper. Her breath started coming in little pants as she thought about his cock thrusting into her.

George came awake more slowly--feeling Donna’s breasts flattened against his back while her hips bumped gently onto his ass. He knew she was horny, and he marveled at her stamina. He felt her turn away and heard her soft sighs as she slid her hand down her tummy to disappear into the thick mat of curls between her thighs. He pretended to sleep and turned over in bed to face her. He could tell she was watching his face, and he forced his breathing to stay deep and even. After a few moments, he felt the subtle jiggling of the mattress, and knew that Donna’s fingers had resumed their touching. He opened his eyes just a tiny slit, and what he saw was almost enough to make him abandon his pose. Donna’s face was slack with pleasure as the fingers of her left hand stroked slowly up and down her pussy. Her right hand cupped her breast, and her thumb brushed back and forth over the swollen nipple. He could see how the skin of her areola had puckered and tightened, and her nipple stood straight out like the eraser at the end of a child’s thick pencil.

Donna moaned very softly as she slid her fingers down her slit. He could hear how wet she was in the silent bedroom. Her fingers made a soft sucking sound as she dipped first one finger, then two, deep into her opening. He watched as her knees drew up to give her more leverage, then trembled slightly as her thumb began to circle her clit. George thought he’d never seen a woman as sexy as Donna was at that very moment. His cock apparently thought so too, as it rose up of its own volition. George gave up pretending sleep and watched Donna unabashedly pleasuring herself. Her lips were parted, and the tip of her tongue poked out from between her even white teeth. Suddenly, her back arched up and her hips raised several inches from the bed. Her hand was almost a blur as she fucked herself with her first two fingers. Her thumb was banging against her clit with every thrust, and she was whimpering deep in her throat. George curled his right hand around his cock and began to slowly pump it up and down, enjoying the look of pleasure on Donna’s face.

She came with shuddering gasps, her body arched up off the bed and she gave up trying to be silent. She started shrieking with pleasure as she rocked back and forth on her hand. The hand holding her breast began to squeeze, her fingernails digging into the soft pale skin while her body bounced and writhed. George watched her body gradually lose its rigidity. She was still panting slightly with gratification as her fingers pulled from between her pussy lips.

“Mmmmm, that was nice to watch,’re a very sensual woman.” George’s voice was thick with desire as his words broke the silence. Donna twitched with surprise when she heard his voice, she’d become so wrapped up in her own pleasure, she’d forgotten he was there for a few moments. She blushed slightly as she met his eyes, but the lust that swam deep in their depths left her smiling in satisfaction. She looked down at his body, and watched his fingers stroking up and down on his engorged cock. The head was a deep purple, and blue veins stood out in sharp relief on his thick shaft. A drop of clear pre-cum clung to the small slit at the tip of his cock. While she watched, he reached for her hand...the one that had been buried deep in her pussy. Very slowly, very deliberately, he brought her hand to his mouth and began to lick at her fingers. She watched as he sucked each finger in turn, cleaning it of her juices. Her mouth lowered and she flicked her tongue against the tip of his cock, catching the thick drop of pre-cum and tasting him as he tasted her. He released her fingers as her mouth closed over the head of his cock.

Her mouth was incredibly hot and wet with saliva. She used her entire mouth to bring him pleasure. Her tongue was slightly rough on the underside of his shaft while her lips were soft and smooth on the velvety smooth skin of his cock-head. She began to exert a gentle suction, and he felt his cock being pulled deeper into her mouth. Her teeth grazed lightly over his skin as he pushed his hips closer. He groaned as he felt her warm breath stir his thick pubic hair and her chin press against his balls. George reached for her hips and pulled her so her knees where straddling his head. He plumped two pillows beneath his neck, and his face was bare inches from her soaking wet pussy. His tongue reached for her clit just as she pulled her mouth off his straining cock, and reached for his balls. She felt his groan vibrate her clit as she licked his balls gently.

His tongue was sliding up and down her sopping wet slit, concentrating on her clit whenever he reached the top. She was moaning and rocking her hips back and forth as he licked and flicked. Her lips closed over one of his balls and she mouthed it cautiously, taking care to only give him pleasure...not pain. Her right hand reached back to her pussy, playing with her clit as his tongue delved deep into her vagina. She was so wet that her finger slid easily. She brought her finger back up and began to circle his ass with the wet tip. She felt his muscles contract, but she never stopped swirling around his tight little hole. She sucked his other ball into her mouth and curled her tongue around each in turn, sucking it in, then pushing it back out with the tip of her tongue. George was bucking his hips and she could feel pre-cum trickling out of his cock as it brushed her cheek. Finally, she pressed the tip of one long fingernail into his ass. His cock surged and twitched against her face as she pressed. His muscles clenched tight around her finger, and she just let his body become used to the intrusion. When she felt his muscles relax a bit, she pressed in a little more. This time his body accepted her, and she smiled in gratification.

His hands reached up to hold her pussy lips spread wide open. He saw how pink she was inside, and his tongue slid up to lash against the thick nub of her clit. She felt another gush of moisture as his tongue swirled around it over and over. Donna kept pressing her finger deeper as George sucked on her clit, both were moaning and wriggling on the bed with excitement. Donna gave his balls a little nibble, then brought her lips back up to his dripping cock. She took his entire length with one downstroke. The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and she felt it pulse inside her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down, slowly at first, then faster as his hips began to thrust up to meet her downward strokes. She curled her other fist around the base of his cock and jacked him in time with her wet mouth. Her finger was still fucking his asshole, and George thought he would explode with pleasure. She twisted her finger, and George felt his balls pull up into his body and fill with seed. He’d never had his ass played with before, and he couldn’t believe the sensations it caused throughout his body. He was sweating with desire, and his tongue was moving fast and hard over Donna’s clit. He knew he was about to cum, and Donna was right behind him.
He let out a huge moan as his white-hot cum jetted up his shaft and exploded into Donna’s sucking mouth. Spurt after spurt coated her teeth and tongue as she sucked him in and swallowed him greedily. He felt her body tense and she ground her pussy onto his face, hips bucking wildly as her own orgasm swept over her.

Slowly, their bodies ceased their thrashing as they lay panting side by side. Heartbeats slowed to something approaching normal as they caught their breath and returned to earth. George knew that he’d finally found a woman that could keep up with him in bed, and he smiled in satisfaction as they both drifted off to sleep

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound