November/December 2001
Trubled Times

Picture Herefor those times when you're having troubles

by Celeste aka BitaTruble


Dear Bita,

I know this will seem strange, most people do not get into the D/s lifestyle until they are into their 30's (or so I've heard) but what can a girl who is 16 and has been into D/s for 2 years do to get into the scene? I know that this is considered too young but I've been studying for a while and this is the lifestyle for Me....where could I go to find people (preferably closer to My age at least younger than 25) ? I've always been precocious ....also what are your thoughts on this? I would sincerely like to know what people think of younger people in the D/s scene.

Question from a Minor ::name deleted by Bita for privacy::


To the Minor,

I must admit that I am uneasy with your questions. I have been a rather loud spoken proponent of safe, sane and consensual play for a number of years with consensual assuming 'legal adult' as part of its definition. I understand that you may have desires for an alternative lifestyle and may even 'know' that it is the lifestyle that you will choose to pursue. However, I would strongly suggest that, at age 16, you may not have enough actual 'life' experience to be sure of 'any' path at this point in time. There are any number of people that will argue the point that they were 'born' submissive or 'born' dominant and I would count myself among them, but at the same time, to pursue a lifestyle that is fraught with danger without the necessary growth and cognitive skills that only come with time is not something that I can advocate to any minor. You may not like hearing this, but in the eyes of our society you are still a child and as such need the protection and supervision of an adult. To 'reason' as an adult is a requirement to consent to activities that involve your personal health and well-being. If you count yourself an adult already, than may I suggest that as an adult, patience to reach the magical age of 18 should be no burden to you. If you find that you cannot wait, have no patience and are bound and determined to do as you wish when you wish with whom you wish, then I would say you may not be as grown up as you believe, in which case you should most certainly wait before pursuing a lifestyle such as the one you think you desire. I have zero problems with 'legal' adults pursuing their happiness in which ever way they desire so long as they don't hurt anyone. At 16 though, anyone that would play with you is a criminal in my book. Give yourself the chance to gain a little more real time living before starting to indulge in fantasy fulfilling. Once you reach 18, I have no doubt there will any number of people that will fall all over themselves to help you out in pursuing any of the fantasies which you desire.

::shrug:: I'm a Mom and Grandmother, sweetie and that outweighs all the kink in the world in my book. As they say .. if you want another answer, ask another question.

Bita Truble