November/December 2001
The Hot Tub
by FineArt


Gregory and Catherine had finally been able to purchase their own home, getting away from apartment life. They had saved and searched until they found what they wanted, a house in a quiet neighborhood, in an outstanding school system, that offered them the room and privacy they needed. The two-story, 4-bedroom house was on a fair sized lot backing to a golf course. Gregory also had plans for how they would use the unfinished basement... building a room that would accommodate the dark side of their relationship.

Gregory and Catherine, with the assistance of friends, had spent two weekends during the summer building a large deck. Since the back of the house faced east, the deck would be perfect for catching the morning sun... and for evening relaxation in the shade of the house during the hot mid-west summers. One of the unique features of the deck was a sunken portion, in the L-shaped corner of the deck where the family room extended beyond the kitchen. This was the area where they eventually placed the hot tub! Large enough for four, the hot tub was just 2 steps from the door to the family room. With the location of the family room to the north and shrubbery to the south, it was open only to the quiet golf course at night... very private!

Later that year, in the dead of winter, Gregory and Catherine had spent a fun day playing with the kids. It was the day of the first significant snowstorm since moving into the house, with several inches piling up in the yard... perfect for building snowmen and making snow angels in the back yard. Both Gregory and Catherine had laughed until they hurt at the efforts of their young children, Jason and Allison, helping to clear the driveway and walks.

The combination mud/laundry room off the garage was piled high with wet gloves, hats, boots, scarves, coats and snowsuits. Catherine had tried to get the kids to hang their stuff up, but had finally had to do it herself! Allison had helped Catherine fix the hot chocolate while Jason, under his father's watchful eye, did the "man's work" of building a fire in the family room. No one saw anything unusual when Catherine brought the four steaming mugs of hot chocolate, piled high with melting marshmallows, into the room and knelt beside Gregory's chair, offering his as she extended the tray to him with both hands palms up. This was one of the simple things that she often did when she could. Gregory recognized the signals that she was feeling amorous, anxious to submit to serving his dark needs. Before taking his brimming mug, Gregory had gently stroked her cheek with the tips of his fingers as she knelt before him, his eyes shining as he gazed at her. He had spoken softly, "Thank you, little one. I am very pleased with you." She was there only a moment before moving to help Allison, making sure she did not spill her chocolate on the carpeting. Later, after a vigorous, noisy 4-player game of Chutes and Ladders on the rug in front of the blazing fire, Catherine had sat at the foot of his chair, eating the sandwiches she had fixed for the four of them while they watched The Wonderful World of Disney. Jason kept moving from his plate to a tower of blocks and back. Allison sat on daddy's lap, leaving partially eaten sandwiches for him to finish. Frequently, Gregory would reach out to stroke Catherine's hair or her cheek as she leaned against his leg. Gregory was not paying much attention to the dancing elephants in tutus in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", instead just appreciating all that he had in life. The fact was that his life was good... very good!

The show over, the simple dinner finished and things cleaned up in the kitchen... with assistance from the kids, of course... Catherine took Allison upstairs for a bath and jammies. When she came back down, Allison in her arms, Jason was riding on Gregory's back as he crawled around the floor. "You make a GREAT pony," Catherine had said mischievously. "Where's your tail?" She knew she would pay for that later, when they were alone!

Gregory had laughed when he looked up at her from his position on the floor, on all fours. "You'll find the tail soon enough, my dear. Yes, plenty soon enough!" He winked at her as Jason slid off of his back. Together the guys picked up the scattered toys while Catherine watched. Then a very sleepy Allison was transferred from Catherine to Gregory to be taken up and tucked in bed. Catherine took a protesting Jason by his hand and led him up to take his bath. He was a big guy now, and did not need help... at least that is what he was telling his mother.

Gregory sat at her bedside while Allison said her prayers, tucked her in, kissed her forehead. Catherine sighed as she closed the bathroom door, meeting Gregory in the hallway. "Your son," she said in exasperation. "He can't have a woman see him naked anymore." She giggled, lowered her voice and repeated the drawn out "mawmmmm" Jason had given her because she was still there filling the tub while he undressed.

Gregory laughed, popped her butt with his hand as he kissed her and said "Speaking of naked, I'll get him down and meet you in the family room as soon as I can."

"Yes, master." Catherine giggled again, scooted so he could not pop her again, looking back over her shoulder, smiling as she went into their bedroom. It was not long before she slid back downstairs, wearing only a light housecoat.

Gregory went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet beside the tub as Jason played in the bubbly water. Finally, Gregory scrubbed behind his ears and pulled the plug on the tub. It wasn't long before he had repeated the bedtime ritual with Jason, the only difference being that he left him reading a book. Gregory would come back and turn the light out a bit later.

When Gregory came back downstairs, he found his Catherine in the family room. The housecoat was gone, and she was kneeling beside is chair. There were crackers neatly spread with a cheese topping and an unopened bottle of white zinfandel on the table beside the chair. There was a single wineglass. Gregory paused in the doorway from the kitchen, just admiring her for several moments. Yes, his life was very good indeed! He crossed the room to stand before her, reaching to lift her chin so he could kiss her, dropping the hand to cup her breast as he did so. His fingers slid along the underside of her breast and the hardened nipple slid between his spread fingers as he stood back up and then moved to sit in his chair. "I am very pleased with you little one. This has been a fine day."

"Thank you, Master. Yes it has."

Gregory opened the wine. They spent the next hour talking about the day. Catherine turned so she could drape her arms across his lap, resting her chin on her forearms as the talked. Occasionally, he would feed her a cracker or offer her a drink from the wineglass. Twice, he got up to feed logs to the fire, once opening the wide wooden slatted blinds to look out into the back yard. "Snow's stopped and the moon is out." He said when her turned back to her. "Great night for the tub. I'll check the kids, you get another bottle ready, two glasses."

Catherine's eyes were shining. "Yes, master."She stayed at the foot of his chair until he had started up the stairs.

When Gregory returned, he was wearing only a heavy terry robe, a matching, smaller one draped over his arm. In his left hand he held things that Catherine had originally resisted, but had come to love... her collar and leash. "Kids are sound asleep, little one." His smile was a wide one; his eyes were shining. They had waited for a night like this one for a long time!

Catherine was kneeling near the door to the deck, the opened bottle of wine, cork loosely replaced, two glasses sitting on the entertainment center built into the wall. The lights had been dimmed and only the dying fire illuminated the room. She just looked up at him and smiled. Reaching back to lift her long hair off her neck as Gregory crossed the room to attach her heavy leather collar. They both smiled at the sound of the "click" was the leash was attached to her collar.

Gregory tuned the stereo to a soft jazz station, switched the speakers to the ones he had installed on the deck. Then he used the leash to coax Catherine to her feet, nodded to the tray with the wine and glasses as he slid the robe off his shoulders. Catherine smiled when she saw he was already quite aroused. Gregory left both robes on the rocking chair near the door, opened it and led his submissive, this beautiful woman, out into the moonlit night.

The temperatures were in the mid-teens, the air calm. The clouds had moved away, and the landscape was sheathed in the light of a nearly full moon, which shed long shadows from the trees lining the boundary with the golf course. Gregory had not allowed anyone on the deck that afternoon, and they marred the snow for the first time as they stepped onto the deck. Both got quite chilled while Gregory fought to get the snow-laden cover off the hot tub, and he soon wished he had at least done that earlier. The cold was... deflating! However, it was not too long before he entered the tub, took the wine tray from Catherine, and, leading her with the leash, and taking her hand, helped her to straddle the edge of the tub. He could not miss the opportunity to press a finger along the slit between her legs as she stood, one long leg in, and the other out of the tub. Catherine squealed and said, "It's cold out here." Reluctantly, he let her into the tub.

Gregory settled back into what had become "his" spot in the tub, with his back to the house, looking out over the golf course. He removed Catherine's leash, setting it on the edge of the tub as he turned on the jets and the light that turned the water a luminescent blue. Catherine lowered herself into the middle of the tub, dipping to shoulder depth for a few moments to warm herself, then raising back up so that her breasts were just at the surface. She allowed her arms to float on the surface, spread more than shoulder width in front of her. In the shimmering light, she was absolutely beautiful!

Gregory reached out to caress her breasts, and to slide his foot between her legs, finding the flower of her womanhood with the big toe of his left foot. It was not long before Catherine was moaning; biting her lower lip as Gregory explored her... enjoyed her and all that she made available to him. Later he poured the wine, and throughout their time in the tub, they consumed the entire bottle.

For the better part of the next hour, he enjoyed this amazing woman, using his hands, feet, his mouth... even the jets of the hot tub. He had her stand, steam rising from her wet, warmed skin as he pulled her to stand before him, bringing her to a moaning orgasm with his fingers and tongue. He allowed her to play with him, to bring him to the brink several times.

Finally, Gregory stretched out, his head resting on the special pillow, his chin near the water. He stretched his legs to the other side of the tub and braced himself as he directed his Catherine to straddle him, then lower herself until she was impaled on his swollen shaft. Pressing against both of the tub walls, he forced himself upward, deep into her, raising her nearly all the way out of the water... and together they began the coordinated, rhythmic motion of lovers with long experience together. Gregory watched Catherine's full breasts bounce and sway as he drove himself into her again and again and together they rose to higher and higher level of passion, always slowing just before either reached the apex. Gregory had her play with her breasts, pinching and pulling, twisting her nipples. Finally, able to control his desire no longer, Gregory gave her the command she was anxiously awaiting, to do what she had been fighting to hold back.

"Let it go now, Catherine. Yes! Let it all go now, little one!"

"Yesssss, oh yesssss!" Catherine moaned as her body immediate began to convulse. She had to fall forward, arms outstretched to maintain her balance. She could feel herself gripping, milking him as his passion continued to build, his pace quickening, nearly bucking her off until he finally exploded in her, feeling all of his passion and strength pass through his manhood into her.

Finally, both spent and exhausted, Catherine slipped off of him, and each sat on the benches on opposite sides of the tub. He watched her heaving breasts moving in and out of the water as she caught her breath... steam rising off of her skin in the cold night air. With his foot, he coaxed her legs apart, and with the big toe of his right foot, he played with her again, quickly bringing her to one more orgasm.

After a few more minutes to rest, Gregory retrieved the leash from the side of the tub and scooted across the tub to attach it to her collar. He stood and coaxed her to stand with him. They both stood out clearly, lovers in the combined light from the tub and the shimmering moon.

Catherine turned to get out of the tub, toward the tree line along the golf course and stopped dead still. There between two of the tress, in silhouette, were the stark shapes of a woman and large dog. Catherine recognized them immediately... Cheryl and her dog Max, a neighbor from two doors down.

Catherine turned to Gregory as she reached to cover herself. "She was there when I poured the wine little one" he chuckled and shook the leash for her to get out of the tub. Catherine groaned and her head dropped to her chest. Gregory knew she was blushing. As they climbed out of the tub, Cheryl quietly turned and walked with Max back toward her home.

The cold did not phase them as they put the cover back on the tub, Catherine grabbing the tray with the glasses and wine bottle just before Gregory folded the lid clear down, taking the time to latch the cover securely.

Steam rising from their bare bodies, Gregory lead Catherine to an unblemished part of the deck, where he had her lie face down in the snow, making a snow angel. In the morning, they would still be able to see the perfect imprints of her full breasts in the 8" of snow!

When finally they went back into the house, each used the terry robes to towel the other off, but they were much too hot to put them on. Gregory turned off the stereo, and led Catherine into the kitchen on the leash, so she could put the glasses into the dishwasher. He then led her upstairs, where they checked on the sleeping kids before he led her into the bedroom. Gregory removed her collar, putting the collar and leash in the closet. Soon, they were entwined together, uncovered and hot, in their king-sized bed. A pleasantly exhausted Gregory was thinking of enjoying a night with Catherine in the tub when large snowflakes would be falling. Wrapped in Gregory's arms, pressed against him, sharing the warmth of their bodies, an equally exhausted Catherine went to sleep wondering how she could ever again face Cheryl!