November/December 2001
A Story
by pet_one


Master comes in my room. I am sprawled out on the bed reading. He starts rummaging through my drawers, and picks clothes he wants me to wear. He chooses a maroon bra and panty set, and a simple black dress I wear around the house. He tells me to get myself ready. I go to the bathroom and draw a bath. I wonder what he has in mind. I have done nothing wrong, so this is not punishment or discipline. I take a long bath, hoping, he will come tell me to hurry up. Finally I rinse off and dry my hair, add makeup to please him. I dress and I approach him. I just kneel and wait. He tells me "get comfortable pet, this will be a while." I just sit on my butt and wait, hands folded in my lap. I feel my pussy moisten, and my rock hard nipples. My body betrays me once again. He runs his hand across my breasts, and a twinkle comes to his eye. He stops what he is doing, and starts tying me with my dress on. I wonder why he is doing this, and ask "Master, don't you want to remove the dress?" quickly I am gagged with an O ring gag, and he growls about topping form the bottom. He slaps my ass so hard I think I have flown across the room. I wait in silence, whining a bit in my gag. The noises I make when I wear it distract me. I can't believe it's me making them. He interprets them well. He rubs my ass and says "pet, I want to watch you while I work." He puts me on my butt. I am saying "please No Master" but only muffled sounds come out.

He has my ankles, knees, and thighs bound under my dress. He has my breasts bound very tightly, ropes going all around me. The rope looks wonderful against the black dress. My arms are secured behind me, but he has been gentle. I am still whining a bit when he says, "pet, I am working." I silence myself and try to think about something else. My mind wanders, what will Master do today, he is always so creative. What will Master make me do that I don't want to do. I am afraid I know the answer already. I always want to please him, so I know it is useless to think about resisting. That will come naturally with me anyway. Master always makes it feel all right to please him. I smile a soft smile and then shake my head. I can't stand the drool, I know Master is watching while he works, it runs constantly and is soaking my dress. You can see the marks of my bra through the dress, it is so wet now.

Finally Master comes over, he manages to feel through the ropes, and my tight legs if I am wet. Whispers in my ear "what his good little fuck toy I am." his voice sends me to another place, a very compliant one. He kisses me through the gag, and teases me. He takes out his cock, and runs it around the dress, lets my drool fall onto it and shows me. I start begging for his cock, moving my head and tongue to get at it. I manage to get myself turned around on my belly, and Master rubs his cock around my nose, my mouth, and the smell makes me so horny. He moves back a little, and I wiggle and try to follow. I can't move. I cry out through my gag. Master gets up and walks to the drawer, walks back with scissors. I get very upset, I know what he will do, and I love this dress. I roll on my back and am trying to fight him. He is laughing and toying with his prey. He knows he will win, he always does. He finally gets a hold of the top, growls at me to "Not Move" and starts cutting. Then he tears the rest to expose my breasts. He pops my breasts out of the bra, and they are huge already from being tied so tight. I can hardly breathe from the excitement. Master slaps both breasts very hard. I can only lay back down and take his pain. I moan for my Master, he knows I love this. He suckles my breasts and they are wet from my drool. He starts slapping harder. I love the feeling of the wet, mixed with his hand. God, I need to suck on his cock so much. Sucking on his cock while taking pain at his hands, is what I love.

Master straddles over me, and starts teasing me once again. He places tweezer-clamps on my nipples, not too hard, just enough so he can control me with them. So I know there is more to come. He once again teases me with his cock. I have drool everyplace, I have forgotten about that, but he uses it now to wet his cock. He lets me lick it through the O ring gag, and I am begging for more. He takes it away, and slaps my face gently with it, teasing me unmercifully. Finally he starts playing with himself slowly. I am shaking my head NO, I want him in my mouth. He can hear me begging and this increases his speed and pleasure. Finally he cums all over me, in my mouth through the O ring, on my breasts, on my face, in my hair and he growls so loudly when he cums, I am floating in heaven. He removes the gag, and has me clean his cock, which I do gently and lovingly. I tell him how much I adore his cock, and I know I do worship it. We don't say it out loud like that, very often so I tell him, "Master, your slave adores your cock." I know princess, he says as he strokes my head. He starts untying me, and I am panicking inside.

I want more. This is not enough...

Master removes my dress completely, and attaches a leash to my chain of my clamps. He removes my panties and stuffs them in my mouth. Places me on my hands and knees, ties a piece of rope around my mouth, and walks me around by my nipples. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I don't like the leash and he knows it. I love it because it pleases him. He brings me to a bowl of wine with ice, and does not let me drink it. I slap my hand on the floor because I want it, and he slaps my ass much harder because he does not want me to have it. It is very clear who is in control here. My Master! He takes a piece of ice from the wine, and shoves it as far up my pussy as he can. I am so hot, all I feel is water drip out a bit. I don't care, I am where I belong, in my Master's control.

Master walks me into the bathroom, and helps me to my feet. He kisses me and murmurs in my ear, how much he loves the drooling, and my love for his cock, how happy I make him. I can only lower my eyes and blush. He brings my eyes back to him, and kisses me hard. Then he just waits! Stands there. I know what is next. I decide to try something new.

"Master, may I be excused to use the toilet please?" I know there is desperation in my voice. Master says "no pet, you have not learned yet." I try to turn and stomp to the toilet and I am yanked back to him harshly, by my nipples. I beg forgiveness and put my head in his chest. He knows I want to please him. He turns me gently and I just quickly use the toilet. He hands me a warm rag. I notice that he is letting me take care of myself. I like that better. I finish and thank my Master. He puts the gag back in my mouth and turns me to the mirror. He says "you'll need the gag pet." he fingers my pussy for a bit and I am still running wet, I start bucking on his fingers, I don't care and he stops. I open my eyes and he quickly removes my clamps. My Master is right, I scream out loud into the gag. Master rubs my breasts and soothes them. Master knows his pet can take more.

Master walks me back to the living room, removes the gag and lets me drink the wine. I no longer care it is from a bowl on the floor. Then Master gently inserts my butt plug, and places me on a wide chair. I am not worried, because I think we are going to do more right away. He has me bend forward first, and ties my breasts tight, he binds me to the chair spread eagle. My embarrassment soars because my pussy lips are so wide from the plug. I strain to close my legs to no avail. Master puts on a blindfold, puts in a ball gag, and ties my hair so I am not straining my neck but I can't move my head. I hear him sit down and go back to work. I get very upset, I do not want to play anymore, I need my Masters mouth and cock. I struggle hard and wear myself out with a hissy fit. Then I hear him next to me, in my ear. "slave, did I say you could move?" I still myself, I know I am in trouble. I feel the trouble too late. There is an unmistakable feeling when you are struck by a cane. Master struck swiftly!

With one blow and caught both breasts. It takes a moment to register, time stops, then from the inside out, the cane works it's magic. I scream painfully into my gag. I buck wildly as I feel another lash under my breasts. They are tied so tight, there is no mistaking the target. Quickly.. one more stroke directly on both nipples. I can hear myself screaming inside my head, someplace, I hear my Masters voice, "I am working, be quiet!" I try to settle down, I am whimpering and the pain lessons with time. I don't know how much time goes by, but I feel the welts rising, I long to feel Master touch them. It seems like hours go by, I have no idea, but it could not have been that long, and I feel Master inserting something into my wet pussy. Then he inserts a small egg vibrator and turns it sideways so whatever he has inserted won't come out. Quickly I feel the ginger working, it is hot, I can feel my pussy lips working, I am moaning and begging into my gag for relief, I feel Master's fingers on the marks he made. I had forgotten them. Now they spring to life. I am begging Master through my gag, to let me cum. He brushes his fingers across my clit and then takes them away. I literally scream into my gag. Master "whispers, "I own you, and the rule is Do what Master says, Do it now. " "do you understand slave?" I can only nod yes, a little, and I am screaming into my gag, more like a crying noise. I don't care. Master takes away the vibrator, and the ginger, hich has stopped working, and puts the egg back in. It teases me and he knows it. I groan into my gag begging my Master to make me cum. He just goes back to work and I have to wait.

I am still, but moaning a bit. My Master ignores me and he knows my need. He continues working for what seems like an eternity. I know not to interrupt him. He comes over, and spanks my breasts again, turning them a bright red, on top of the cane marks. I am crying into my gag, I love this pain so much it scares me. Master seems to know how much and when. He removes my gag, and looms over me with his large cock. I suck greedily, I make loud noises for him and I try to make him cum inhaling his cock. I can tell he pleased, and then he just takes his cock away. I practically scream and find myself quickly gagged again. I am angry he took what I need from me and it shows. He yanks on my hair and tells me "I am his slave and he owns me." I take comfort in his words and calm down. I love sucking my Masters cock more then anything. He just turns and leaves me there wiggling, and trying to catch up in my mind with what just happened.

From the beginning I have been his slave, and I know this is part of it, the waiting. In pleasing him and him teaching me, I am pleased. Mostly being a good girl is the way to his heart. I am getting restless, my breasts burn for more attention, my pussy is humiliatingly wet, I wonder what he has planned next. He stops working and looks at me, just watches me for a long time. I try to turn away but there is no place to hide. I can not tell what he is thinking. He is deciding something,.. that I am sure of. My nipples get rock hard. I see in his eyes he notices. The feeling of him just looking at me exposed, sends chills through me. By now I should not feel ashamed, but I still do. I wonder if I will ever get used to him watching me. He gets up and approaches me, I know he has decided. He just runs his fingers around my pussy, sucks on my nipples, soft then hard. I can't help but respond. I am my Master's fuck toy and I know it. It has been a long day today and promises to get longer. He asks me questions: am I his fuck toy, am I his slut, do I like when I am this wet,, do I want more pain, do I know who owns me, am I going to be a good girl, how much do I want to suck on his cock, do I know how big my lips are and how beautiful Master's pussy is. He looks directly at me and I can only nod my answers at him. He owns me completely. Meanwhile his fingers work their magic and I am on the verge of cuming. He can read it on my face and in body movements, he moves away from the area that arouses my pussy the most. I moan and want to scream. I don't know what sounds I making with the gag in, I don't care. Finally I hear my Master ask me "if I am ready for more humiliation." I just go limp. I know I am and so does he. I am frightened of everything we do, but he makes me want it. Master runs his fingers on the marks from the cane, I groan out loud from the touch.

You will do what I say to cum slut? I cringe at the word and nod yes. Master unties one hand and whispers in my ear, "touch yourself, pet." I notice he has gone to the gentle word pet. I shake my head "no" I am already trying to escape and begging him through the gag, Master I have not done this before, you know I haven't. We have talked about it, I am not ready. I look deep in my Master's face and I know he understands all my fears. I see I will do this for him anyway, the time has come. My tears fall and he just waits. He wipes them off and murmurs softly "I want to see you cum my pet." he releases one of my hands and waits and watches me. He plays with the marks from the cane, pours drops of wine on my breasts and licks them. I know he is being patient. He looks at me and removes my gag, tells me don't speak. I mutter a soft "Master please." he places my hand on my pussy and starts my hand, he whispers in my ear, he goes between sweet murmuring, like I am his princess, and fuck toy to his slut and whore. How much he loves me, and when I please him, what a good little cock sucker I am for him. His voice sends me to a subspace and he knows it. Meanwhile I have started rubbing my pussy and am so hot I don't care anymore. I knew this would come someday. I start to moan, I don't even know the gag is gone, I respond to his words, but I don't remember what I say. I am getting ready to cum and I hear Master say "you have to ask for permission pet." I growl very loudly, it is too late for that, I can't talk, I am cuming and Master inserts two fingers and uses them inside me and fucks me with them. I can't take anymore and try to get away, he just holds my hand and keeps my orgasm going. I am begging him "no more Master, please......" finally he stops and I feel like passing out. I tell him I am very hot, and he unties me and brings me to the couch. He whispers, "that wasn't so bad, not was it pet?" I say "no Master." the next thing I know I am over his knee being spanked, I am begging him to stop, asking what have I done Master? No more please? He stops long enough to tell me "I did not listen to him, and he is not going to coax me. It is His pussy and when he tells me to touch it I will!" I tell him "I am sorry" over and over, then he tells me "I did not ask permission." and starts spanking again. We have talked about this, bringing me to tears, this time it is easy. The excitement of the day, and my love for my Master is more then I can take. I am crying and he brings me close to him. Holds me tight, whispers in my ear that "I will learn." all I can say is "I know Master, I am learning."

I fall asleep on my Masters chest feeling a contentment I have never known.