The Sadist With A Mean Streak
by John Gault




Breathe Play

I wasn’t sure what to write about for this issue of the Ezine. God we’ve had so many things happening this year and the struggling economy is finally having an impact on us. Scrambling around trying to cut costs and increase traffic and then the Search Engines made some huge changes to their ranking criteria. I was fortunate to have found the white papers on one of the major engines and spent several weeks studying the details. The math was complex and the algorithm a nightmare to comprehend. I did prevail; at least I understood 80% or so of the calculations. We then decided to do a complex statistical analysis of all sources of traffic to sales for our largest and best producing site. The analysis took 3 months of data collection and a week of analysis to compute the results into a usable format. We were shocked at the results. As a business consultant I would often tell clients to look at the stats not your gut feelings. An old saying, “We aren’t loosing a competitive edge because of what we know, but because of what we know that isn’t so!” That statement summed up perfectly for what we learned from the analysis.

We had to rebuild the sites from the bottom to the top. Rewrite 200 to 500 web pages per domain and engineer the entire process. The alternative, go out of business and hit the street looking for work. Looking for work in this economy is almost as favorable as going out of business. We began the rebuilding process and designing - engineering the process. At the point of almost completing site one, Visa and MasterCard changed rules for accepting payments online and PayPal dropped adult sites altogether. I had to hire a lawyer and find a bank to establish another merchant account for selling products as I could no longer use the one for both memberships and products. Which then turned into forming a second corporation and a fifth business license. We finished all of those requirements and had site number two rebuilt.

Meanwhile we watch friends and competitors loosing their online businesses and struggling to find employment elsewhere. Sure they made some wrong choices by not licensing their company and trying to work around paying all the fees, but it is still hard to see people going bankrupt. When the war in Iraq started last April many of them saw 60% and more losses in sales so they were already feeling the crunch. When the new fees and regulations dropped in a few months later they were all but sunk. Lesson learned: If you start a business, do it legal and right from day one, and keep it that way.

The upside to this otherwise insanity is that the crap many webmaster’s have pulled in the past are all but eliminated now. There are still a large number of scam sites and credit card frauds out there, but not for long. Yee Haw! Okay bomb shell number 5 for the year sets in. It seems that the attorney general is beginning to have more free time now that the terror alerts have stayed mildly inactive for awhile. It is getting close to an election year and the conservative party is in control. Translation for adult oriented business - major crackdowns. They shut down a few hundred businesses in California early in August. Using the age-old “obscenity law” as the reason. Over the last 30 years one jury after another and the Supreme Court have overturned obscenity cases. The Supreme Court has labeled obscenity in porn as bestiality and children. Both of which, I think, most people can agree with. But, the obscenity laws in all states have never been defined and therefore they can shut you down for anything. Leaving it to the jury to make a final decision. In the meantime, while you wait for a court date, a hearing date, and pay out the ass for an attorney, your business is closed. With the election year approaching the conservatives need to lock in the moral majority’s votes and the moral majority lobbyist want porn eliminated from the world. So here we go loopty loo - here we go loopty lye…

I get the notice from Lady Bleu.. it’s time for an article! Good grief, I’m thinking… who has the time to write an article when I still have a few thousand web pages to put out? Then it happened.. the spark for this article. We have been producing three new videos a month and one of them for August was a sado video. My favorite kind! At the top of the customer request list was breath control / breath play. Also among my favorites. I chose four scenarios to produce, which were an abduction, hanging, plastic bag, and bathtub. The abduction was from the swimming pool with my favorite cheating whore sunbathing topless and a bad guy sneaking up behind her and strangling her with a rope as he pulled her from the water. The next scene finds the naughty topless sunbather with a noose around her neck, on tiptoes, ball gagged, hands tied, and nearly gasping for air from the noose. Several bad things happen to her from there and on to scene three. She’s tossed into a chair and tied tightly down then offered a chance to suck the bad guys cock. When she refuses she gets bagged. A plastic bag, clear of course, is wrapped over her head and secured around her neck. She gasps, and panics for air, which she gets from time to time. Within a few to 10 or so minutes she becomes very ready to suck cock. Imagine! The final scene was a winner for me and for the video!

The cheating whore is taken to the bathtub and treated to several bad things and then made to lay down in the tub. Her legs are tied, her hands are tied. She’s tied in such a way as to not be able to stand, or turn, or get out of the tub. Before I continue I must remind everyone that Laura has virtually no limits except dying which she asks very politely to not experience at this time. I’ve put her through some extreme - extremes and had some damn good times doing it. So anyway, back to the tub. I took one of my weight lifting dumbbells of fifty pounds and place it across her throat as she lay there in the bottom of the tub. The diameters of the weight on either side of the bar are enough to prevent it from pressing down too much on her esophagus. Just enough pressure to make it difficult to breath but not impossible. The intent was to use the weight to hold her from sitting up and make the breathing a challenge, and it worked. Now with her face up and positioned beneath the faucet, I turned on the water to fill the tub.

When I mapped the scene out in my head I imagined myself sitting back to watch her as the water began to rise. When it would reach the corners of her mouth I would provide her a plastic tube to breathe through. But when I turned on the water what I got was even more thrilling. She went into pure panic mode. Her tolerance level went to zero and I had a full blown - freaking out bundle of terror. There were a few moments when I thought my rope work was going to fail -- that she might actually break free of my artistic work in knots. There were even times when I thought she was going to be able to lift that fifty-pound weight with her throat and sit up. The water was running over her eyes and into her nose and mouth and her fight to survive was frantic. As I slid the tube into her mouth she screamed even louder, then bit into it with fury. Her legs trying to kick free of the binds, her hands opening and clenching at a furious pace trying to get out of the synch cuff. As the water began to cross her lips and cover her eyes her grunting and gulps were horrendous to the ears. I recalled breaking the most stubborn of wild horses from my childhood and knew even those wild beasts did not make the death crying sounds I was hearing from my cheating whore.

We played for several more minutes beyond the water covering her face completely. It was almost time to pick up the kid from school, and I knew she needed to get some groceries for dinner, so it was time to end the scene. She shivered for almost an hour after I pulled her up from the water. She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to regroup and struggling to concentrate to no avail on most everything. She will no doubt head to bed early tonight and get a very sound sleep from the exhausting struggle. Then tomorrow, back to work writing web pages and keeping up with the ever-changing business climate. Now let’s see… what is the next request for a sado video. Customer satisfaction is job one around here.