The Picnic Table

by dark whisper

She moved aside the flap of the tent, and stood slowly. Her body was still slightly sore and tingly from the three days of almost constant lovemaking and play they had indulged in. Her hands settled on her hips, and she arched backward, stretching her muscles. She still couldn't believe they were here.

After months of getting to know each other, and exploring their relationship from a distance, they were finally together. She looked out at their campsite, taking in the towering trees and the lush vegetation that grew very close to the river's edge. She shook her head for a moment and whispered, "The Comal River."

The sound of the rushing river was everywhere, and Christine stood for a few moments just absorbing her surroundings. For a public campsite, they were fairly secluded, but anyone driving into the campsite, would drive right past them. She turned to her left and noticed again the bridge. They'd stood on the thick concrete the night before, and watched the river while they talked about anything and everything. They were like two star-struck teenagers, though both were well past teens.

She wondered for a moment how they looked together from a distance. She was a tall woman--five foot nine--but he managed to tower over her. Her eyes closed, and she pictured him in her mind once again. Thick, dark brown hair--the kind designed to make you want to sink your fingers deep into its short, curly lengths. She was still surprised that there was hardly any gray in his thick, short hair. She giggled a bit when she amended that to exclude his moustache, there was a smattering of gray there, and she loved to pick out the thick gray strands with her eyes.

Her hands automatically went to the silver pendant she wore around her neck in the shape of the great state of Texas. Her symbolic 'collar'. Christine smiled as she thought about the silver snowflake that Wayne wore around his neck--proof that he was tied to her as much as she was to him.

They had moved into the roles of Master and submissive slowly. Wayne seemed a bit uncomfortable with the power Christine willingly relinquished. He was still very careful with her, making sure that she was fulfilled before allowing himself to take his own pleasure. He loved her, of that she was sure, and she was willing to wait until he felt the time was right to claim her fully.

She picked her way to the water, and saw her Master standing at the river's edge--his line cast out and his eyes looking farther than just the other bank of the river. He was in deep thought, and Christine saw the smile that toyed around his firm mouth. She moved closer, and caught her breath at the way his strong legs tapered from the cuff of his shorts to disappear into sturdy hiking boots. She moved up slowly behind him, and reached around to cup the flaccid manhood that was securely tucked into his denim shorts.

"Mm, my pet. You'd best be careful, someone might come along." His voice was amused, but she could feel the way he lengthened and thickened under her fingers. Christine smiled to herself as she slowly pulled down his zipper, and took his now semi-erect cock in her hand. She stroked him slowly, in time with his even, deep breaths.

When he was hard and throbbing in her hand, she moved around to face him, fingers still clasped warm and loving around his shaft. She looked up at him, and saw the fire deep in his brown eyes. He brushed his fingers along her cheek, then jaw, and finally down to the elastic of her bathing-suit top. His finger hooked the material, and he tugged it downward, freeing her full, rounded breasts to his hungry gaze.

"Beautiful, my princess. You are so beautiful." Wayne's voice was husky as his eyes roved every contour of her creamy skin. Just as his head lowered to take a straining nipple into his hot mouth, they heard the unmistakable sounds of civilization intruding on their private idyll. The regret was deep in his eyes as he pulled her suit-top back up, and hid the perfect nipples from his eyes.

Christine smiled and moved back, accepting his unspoken wish that their play cease immediately. She watched the small group of campers splash their way past her Master as he stood, endlessly casting and reeling in his line. God, she loved this man.

The moon seemed heavy and swollen in the clear Texas sky. Every star sparkled as if hand cut to show each facet to its best advantage. Wayne bent over their campfire, and fed thick logs to the hungry flames. Christine watched his long, slender hands as he tended the fire, and thought again about how they felt moving over her skin. She looked up and saw him watching her. There was an intensity about his gaze that made her shiver slightly in the warm night air.

"Come into the tent, my pet." Wayne stood away from the flames and watched her as she nodded, and moved toward the cozy, two-person tent.

"Of course, Master." Her voice was smooth, but held a hint of excitement when she heard the desire curling through his words.

He held open the flap, and she ducked into the low space. There wasn't enough room to stand, so she knelt down on one of the neatly laid out sleeping bags. Christine wondered what was going through Wayne's mind; there was a palpable vibration just under the surface of his calm exterior.

He stood outside of the tent, and slowly undressed. The moon was so bright, that she could see his every movement. His body seemed to be framed in the open doorway of the tent. His shirt came off first, displaying his broad, firm chest. She caught her breath when he unbuckled his belt and tugged on the buttons of his 501's. His hands pushed the tight denim over his hips, and his cock sprung forward as it was released from his briefs and jeans. Christine was already breathing heavily as she watched. She knew she'd never grow tired of watching this man.

He slipped back into the tent--naked. In the soft light of the full moon, Christine saw that he was already hard and excited.

"Now, little one, I want you to undress."

She wasn't overly shy about her body, but like every woman, felt that there were some flaws. She blushed slightly, but as he was her Master, she wouldn't have dreamed of not doing as he demanded. The ceiling of the tent was too low for her to stand, so she lay back on the sleeping back and slid her cotton shorts off her hips and down her legs, leaving her wearing only her one-piece bathing suit. She rolled back to her knees, and tugged the bodice down. Her large, full breasts bounced softly as she lowered her hand to the elastic and tugged it further downward.

Wayne watched her every move. Christine's gaze was focused on his face, and she was awed by the possessiveness she saw in his eyes. He claimed every inch of her with his regard, even the parts she longed to hide from his intense stare. His eyes never left her body as more and more of her creamy skin was exposed. She could almost feel the brush of his gaze on her tingling flesh.

He stretched out beside her in the close confines of the tent. His hand reached out to graze the curve of her breast, and Christine took a shuddering breath as his fingers found the hardness of a nipple. He played with the tip, pulling and twisting the rigid flesh. His mouth settled warm and wet on the curve of her breast, and Christine felt the tingle of excitement flow through her body and settle deep between her thighs. They lay together for long moments as he stroked her body possessively. His hands were very warm and sure on her tingling flesh.

"You are so beautiful. I love touching you." His voice was soft in the balmy Texas air. "Do you feel how exciting you are to me? Your skin is so very soft."

Christine's hands moved just as slowly over the curve of his hip as he stroked her tingling flesh. She felt the crispness of the hair that curled over his hardened nipples. Her voice was low with feeling as she whispered, "I love being with you. You complete me." Her hazel eyes shone in the moonlight that slanted through the open tent.

Time lost all meaning as they touched and explored each other's bodies. Christine's fingers searched below his thick cock and found his heavy sac. Her hand was warm and sure on his skin, and Wayne arched into her grasp. She felt his firm hand slide over the curve of her hip, and down her smooth thigh. Her pussy throbbed with need as his fingers settled between her thighs. He slid his finger back and forth across the full outer lips of her pussy, then sank slowly into her damp slit. He swirled the tip of his finger across the head of her clit, and Christine moaned with pleasure. He kissed her softly, then pulled away from her tempting nakedness.

"Stay here, I'll be right back." Wayne's voice was perfectly suited to his tall, Texan body: deep, slow, and oh-so-sexy. Christine nodded, and watched him gather up the other sleeping bag and a pillow, before ducking back out of the tent. Long moments followed with only the night sounds to keep her company. She didn't move from where he left her.

She watched the flex of his butt as he moved through the bright night. The thought of sleeping under the stars--wrapped in his arms--warmed her heart. She was acutely aware of the night sounds all around them. The rush of the river, the sound of crickets and small animals, all added to the magic of the night. She tucked a strand of honey-brown hair behind her ear and ran her hands slowly down her breasts, feeling the same smooth skin Wayne had been stroking only moments before. Her palms ran lightly across her nipples, and she sucked in her breath at the instant tingle that ran through her belly.

She smiled softly as Wayne appeared once again in the frame of the tent.

"Come, my love." Wayne held out a hand, and Christine grasped it as she followed him out of the tent. She felt the prick of stones and twigs on her bare feet as she ducked under a tree limb, and trailed behind him. They were naked and exposed as they moved toward the river. There, in the silvery glow of the moon, Christine saw the sleeping bag. Wayne had opened the bag, and spread it out on the top of the big wooden picnic table.

Then she knew. Her heart was thudding loudly in her ears as he led her to it and gently pushed her forward. The cup of her hips rested against the edge of the tabletop, and her breasts were flattened beneath her.

"Open your legs."

Christine immediately responded by shifting her weight, and separating her ankles. The lips of her pussy were parted, and she felt laid bare to the eyes of the night. She was intensely aware of the other campers not five hundred yards away. Shivers ran down her spine at the thought of discovery, but she was also thrilled at the danger of being caught--exposed, for anyone to see.

"Mm, let's see if your pussy is wet enough for me." Wayne slipped the tip of his finger between the soft folds of her outer lips, and then pushed it into her vagina, inspecting her. His commanding tone was erotic and sexy. "Yes, my pet. You've pleased me once again with your readiness for me."

He pulled his finger from between her damp folds. She felt his strong hands squeezing and kneading the twin globes of her ass, and then felt him pull her cheeks apart.

He took her. Without warning. Without preparation. He simply pierced her pussy with his hard, thick cock, and pushed his hips forward until he was buried completely inside of her.

Christine sucked in her breath at his sudden and somewhat dry entrance. "Ungh."

Long, hard, deep, and rough strokes. Wayne was a large man, and for the first time, he ignored her cry of pain. She was his, to do with as he liked. The power of his plunging cock moved her farther up the table; she was now laid fully across it as he slowly and thoroughly levered himself into her welcoming body. His hands held her hips against the hard table as he fucked her. Her excitement rose with every deep thrust.

He reached beneath her and grasped her breasts. His big hands squeezed the fullness of them, and it seemed as though he was trying to milk her. He tugged and twisted her nipples, and she felt little jolts of pain race through her body. All gentleness was gone, and in his utter possessiveness, he was giving her immense pleasure.

"Turn over." Wayne pulled his throbbing cock out of her and stood back as she turned onto her back. He reached for her hips and yanked her to the edge of the table. Her ass was barely supported on the end, and her legs dangled over the edge. He stepped between her thighs and proceeded to thrust himself into her again.

"So tight. Nobody can fuck you like I can. Nobody can fill you like this. You belong to me, Christine. You are mine."

"Yes, my Master, I am Yours. You feel so good inside of me." She moaned out the words as, for the very first time, he took complete possession of her body. Always before, he checked his desire in an effort to avoid hurting her. Now, he took what was his.

"You've never been fucked this deep before, have you my pet?"

"No Master, I have never had a man as large as you before." She watched the pleased look come into his eyes at her truthful words.

He used all the leverage in his strong legs to thrust into her. She felt as though he were splitting her in two as he fucked her hard and deep. In his eyes, she saw his pleasure, and the knowledge of his ownership, but also the deep respect and love he held for her.

"Master." Christine groaned out his title as he reached once again for her breasts. His hold was forceful, and she knew that her flesh would be tender where he gripped her tightly.

His cock was liberally coated with her slick juice. The skin of his shaft glistened with it with every withdrawal of his thick manhood. He pulled himself completely out of her, and then pressed the wet tip to her dark star. He pushed slowly forward.

The tip of his cock spread the globes of her ass, and pressed into her. He stopped, with just the head resting inside the warmth of her tight backdoor. He waited silently for her body to adjust to his impressive girth. When he felt her body opening for him, he pressed forward; filling her slowly. Christine moaned with a curious mixture of pleasure and pain. Their only lubrication was that which she provided herself--her own slick juice.

"I love fucking you here, baby. You're so incredibly tight. I can feel My cock spreading you wide." Each sentence was punctuated by a muffled groan as he pushed solidly into her tight ass.

"I love you in my ass, Master, it's Your ass." All of a sudden the world swam into view as Wayne hooked her knees in the crook of his elbows and pushed forward. Christine's ass and pussy were lifted several inches off the table as he thrust himself into her. The pressure was intense. She was pinned beneath him and he seemed to use all the strength in his legs to fuck her.

"I love being in your ass, but I want to fuck your pussy again." He pulled out of her ass, and with no warning, shoved himself back into her pussy.

"Oh, God. Your pussy is so tight, and so very wet. I have never had a woman like you before; never had a pussy like yours. I love fucking your pussy." His deep strokes paused for just a second, before he began again, "No. That's not right. That's My pussy, and My ass."

Christine was squirming and panting beneath him. Her pussy was on fire where he pressed into her. Her voice was strong and clear as she answered, "Ohhhh, yes, Master! Yes, it's Your pussy and Your ass. All my holes are yours to do with as you wish. I am Yours: anyway, anywhere, anytime."

With her legs still hooked in the crook of his arm, he leaned even farther forward and grabbed onto her shoulders. He used the added leverage to pull her into his thrusts. Their moans of deep pleasure mingled with the sound of the rushing river, adding a new dimension to its beauty.

Christine was completely pinned beneath his pounding body; she could only groan and cry with need as he fucked her harder and harder. All her thoughts were centered on the feel of his cock burning into her pussy.

"Please Master, may I come?" Her voice was a mere whisper amid their frantic lovemaking.

"No, not yet." The sweat was rolling off of Wayne's body, making their flesh slippery as his balls bounced off her ass.

She bit her lip and tried desperately not to come. She was whimpering with need. "Please," she begged again.

"So, you want to come?" Wayne practically shouted the words. Under his breath, he murmured, "Oh God, this is soooo good." His body was moving faster and faster, his hips slamming fiercely against her ass as he fed her his hard cock. "Yes, my pet. Come for Me!"

His back arched and he drove his cock fully into her. Just as the head of his cock slammed into her cervix, he reached down, and pinched her clit--hard.

Christine screamed in pleasure as she felt her whole body curl in on itself and spiral out of control. Everything went black as the jolt of pain and intense pleasure vibrated through her veins and nerve endings. Tears coursed down her cheeks as her body rode out wave after wave of crashing orgasm. She felt every muscle clench and push as the orgasm continued, rocking her to her very soul.

Wayne stiffened inside of her as he felt the warm gush of her juice splashing on his upper thighs. All of his energy flooded into his rigid cock and out the tip. Jet after jet of thick, hot come disappeared into Christine's clenching pussy. He felt the spasm of her inner walls on his cock as they both came hard.

When his balls were empty of his seed, he collapsed on top of her. He unhooked her legs from his elbows, and just lay there, resting inside of her still spasming pussy.

His voice was contented and soft as he whispered, "I love you, Christine. So very much." His lips nuzzled the side of her neck as he uttered the words.

"I love You, too." Her own voice was shaky with reaction to the intensity of her orgasm, and the entire night. She knew at that point that she could never be with anyone but him again. She was his. Irrevocably, completely, his.

He took her trembling hand in his, and pulled her to her feet. He led her to the softly rushing river, and there, they cleaned themselves and each other. Soft, loving looks passed between them. He reached over and whispered one last secret.
She blushed, then kissed him gently.