Donna & Brad
(A New Voyeur, Part Eight)
by dark whisper


The night before final exams is always tough, but for Donna, these finals were brutal. She had a complicated C++ program to finish, and precious little time to get it done before she lost points for turning it in late. She was determined to finish. She rolled her shoulders as she felt a tell-tale stiffness, and a burning sensation along her back from hours bent over her computer keyboard. Lisa tiptoed around her, afraid to bother her after Donna snapped at her for no reason. Donna had apologized, but Lisa thought that in this case, discretion was certainly the better part of valor, and stayed out of the range of fire. Donna worked steadily through the afternoon and evening, trying not to let her frustrations color her judgment while she wrote code that would take her class objects, and make them come alive. Around 8 PM, she finally pushed back from her desk with a satisfied, albeit tired, smile.

She looked around in surprise when she realized that Lisa was no longer in the apartment. Donna got up from her chair with a slight moan of pain and went into the kitchen to get herself something cold to drink. The orange juice felt fabulous as it slid across her dry tongue and down her burning throat. She had lost all concept of time, and now she was paying for it. Her tummy grumbled loudly, and with a start, she remembered that she hadn’t eaten since around 7 that morning. She opened the refrigerator door and stared at the contents, like something would actually pop itself out of the fridge, and cook itself up. She giggled at the thought of a steak grilling itself, and pulled a package of roast turkey, as well as provolone cheese, out of the meat tray. She was suddenly ravenous, and piled both meat and cheese onto some sourdough bread.

Fifteen minutes -- and a stuffed belly -- later, she was feeling soporific. She sat back down at the computer and began going over the study guides she had been preparing all semester. She didn’t hear the door open, and jumped straight out of her chair when she felt strong hands settle on her shoulders. “What the fu...!” Her heart was leaping in her throat when she saw that the hands belonged to Brad. “Jesus Brad, you scared the shit out of me! Don’t EVER do that again, okay?” Brad was fighting to control the smile that was spreading across his face as he held his hands up in the air in a mocking gesture of surrender.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry Donna. You just looked like your shoulders were made out of steel, not flesh and blood.”

Donna was tired, cranky, sore, and frustrated; not a good combination for anyone. She stomped past him and growled, “Lisa’s not here, I don’t have any clue where she is, or when she’ll be home. So why don’t I have her call you when she does get home.” It was more of an order than a question, and Donna made it plain that he really did scare her, or at the very least, piss her off.

“Hey Donna, I’m really sorry I upset you hon. I thought you’d heard me come in. Here, why don’t you sit down, and let me work some of that tension out of your shoulders?” Brad flexed his fingers and waggled them in her direction. “I’ve been told I have magic fingers.....” His voice had a sing-song quality, and his face was filled with devastating boyish charm. Donna tried to maintain her anger, but it was getting more and more difficult by the moment.

He heard her sigh softly, then say “Ah shoot. I’m not mad anymore. I was just startled. You know, I wouldn’t mind a bit if you did rub my shoulders, they’re killing me right at the moment.” Donna sat back down on her desk chair, and Brad stood just behind her. He wasn’t exaggerating, he did have magic fingers. Donna moaned as he worked the tight knots out of her shoulders. His hands were warm and strong on her skin as he slipped his fingers under the neckline of her sweatshirt, and kneaded the muscles at the base of her neck.

“Donna, why don’t you lay down on the floor and let me get to more than just this little spot? I promise I’ll be good.” Brad said the words matter-of-factly, without a hint that he wanted to do more than just give her a relaxing massage.

Donna bit her lip in indecision, knowing that to allow him so much access to her body was dangerous to her libido, but feeling the results of his strong hands made her want to continue with the impromptu massage. She nodded and went to get a sheet for the floor. After the sheet was spread out, Donna lifted her sweatshirt over her head, and laid face down on the floor. Brad straddled her hips and began a slow, firm massage over the soft skin of her back.

“Wow, this feels great. Thank you Brad.” Donna’s voice was just a whisper as he worked his way across her shoulder-blades and up and down her spine.

“Shhhhh,” Brad whispered back, “just relax and let your thoughts go.” He got up quietly and moved toward Donna’s bathroom, returning with a small vial of scented massage oil. He poured a good amount into his palm and rubbed his hands together, warming the oil before spreading it gently across her back. He reached up and unclasped her bra, laying the straps next to her sides. His fingers found all her sore spots and a couple that she wasn’t even aware were tight. The oil made the surface of her skin slippery and his hands moved easily up her spine and over her shoulders. Donna was so relaxed, she didn’t realize at first that he was turning her over onto her back. She kept her eyes closed as she felt some of the cool oil puddle on the skin between her breasts. Brad’s hands were warm and soft as he spread the oil over her belly and worked his way back up to the lower swell of her breasts.

His fingers were not quite caressing, and not quite massaging when he rubbed the oil into the firm skin of her chest. His hands moved to her ribs, and with a firm pressure, moved them up to kneed each breast in turn. Donna’s breath was deep and steady, but her nipples began to harden when he got closer to their rosy peaks. She moaned again when his oily fingertips squeezed her nipples gently. She opened her eyes and saw desire blazing deep in Brad’s chocolate brown eyes. She sat up and pulled Brad’s shirt over his head, leaving his hairy chest bare. She ran the tips of her fingers lightly over his chest, teasing him with her fingernails. Brad swallowed hard when her fingers found his tiny, hard nipples. She moved her head closer, and her lips brushed his nipple. He arched against her, and she flicked the tip of her tongue over his firm nipple. His hands reached for the elastic waistband of her sweat-pants, and pulled them slowly down her hips. Donna raised up to help him, and he pulled them off her exceptional legs and tossed them into the corner of the living room. Donna’s pussy was covered by a pair of very lacy, very feminine panties even though she had been wearing sweats, and Brad marveled at the contrasts this woman constantly displayed.

Brad trailed his finger down her oily skin and hooked his finger under the lace of her panties, pulling them away from the mound of her pussy. Her pubic hair was a lighter shade of red than her hair, but the comparison of red pussy hair, and creme colored lace panties was enough to have Brad’s cock twitching in his pants. His fingers moved deeper into her panties, and found the slit of her pussy. Her pubic hair was already damp, and he knew that if he slid his fingers between her outer lips, he’d find her slick with desire. He pulled his hand away, and shucked off his jeans. Donna was sitting on her heels, watching his every move. Her eyes flared when his cock sprung up away from his body as he pulled his jeans off his legs and tossed them into the same corner Donna’s sweat-pants had landed.

Brad lay down on his side, facing Donna and motioned for her to join him. She complied, and their bodies were close enough to touch, but just barely. He smoothed a strand of her hair away from her face, and brought his lips to hers. They kissed gently, tongues reaching out for each other, and lips softly exploring. His hand reached for the back of her neck, and pulled her closer. Donna’s body melted against him as his tongue delved deep inside her mouth. Her fingers slid around his chest, and caressed the skin of his back. They were moving very slowly, very gently. Since the night Brad watched her and George having sex, Donna had never been in the same room alone with him, until now.

Donna’s skin was slick with oil as Brad caressed her body, and she squirmed with pleasure when the rough hair of his chest and belly brushed against her soft flesh. He molded her to him, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. Brad’s cock was trapped between their two bodies, hard and hot on their skin. Donna reached down and began to lightly caress him. Some of the oil transferred from her body to his, making his cock as slippery smooth as her skin. Her hand wrapped around his shaft, and she pumped him up and down. Brad was surging his hips in time with Donna’s hand, moaning with pleasure as she squeezed him tight in her fist. He sighed with even more pleasure when he saw Donna pick up the vial of oil, and pour a generous amount over the head of his cock. She massaged the oil up and down his shaft, squeezing and pulling at the same time. He was almost painfully hard and about ready to burst when she stopped caressing him, and turned sideways to him, slipping one leg between his, and positioning his cock against her pussy. He needed no second invitation, and pushed his oily cock between her pussy lips.

Donna felt his thick cock push just barely inside of her. Brad groaned when the bulbous head was gripped tight by the walls of her pussy. He kept his body still while she flexed her inner muscles, massaging his cock gently. When he could no longer stand the pleasure, he pushed his hips strongly, burying himself to the hilt in Donna’s welcoming pussy. He let Donna set the pace of their rhythm, and she immediately pushed up against him, then pulled back slowly. He felt the velvet grip of her steamy pussy once more when his cock withdrew almost all the way, then she rocked forward, taking him all the way inside.

They made love slowly, taking as much as they gave, their bodies so in tune with each other that they anticipated each other’s every move. After an eternity of slow, gentle lovemaking, the easy pace gave way to frantic thrusting and grasping. Donna felt her body explode time after time, while Brad held onto his iron control. His hips were pistoning in and out of her sopping wet pussy, and his hands gripped her hips fiercely as he fucked her with every ounce of strength he had. He turned her over, onto her knees, and plunged his cock in and out of her welcoming warmth. Her fingertips were frantically gripping the sheet as her body took Brad’s punishing assault. With an animal roar, he came. His hips were fused to hers as his cock swelled and exploded, sending jets of white hot sperm deep inside of her clenching tight pussy.

When Donna felt him filling her with his seed, she knew she was going to join him in ecstasy. Her mouth opened, and she shrieked with pleasure as Brad started thrusting inside her again, letting his cock completely drain of come. Both were slick with sweat and oil as they collapsed next to each other on the sheet. Donna snuggled against Brad’s shoulder and his hand gently stroked her hair. Donna started chuckling softly and the chuckle turned into a full blown laugh that she had difficulty containing.

“What’s so funny, Donna?” Brad’s voice was a little confused, and he looked down into her eyes.

“Oh yeah, ‘I promise I’ll be good.’” Donna’s face was still filled with amusement when Brad joined in her laughter.

“Well, I was...wasn’t I?”

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound