September/October 2002
Life Under the Three Moons

by Michael

School has started; the kids need new clothes and supplies. Papers to sign. Running the kids to sports practice. Did you remember to light the love lamp? Did your girl serve you wine? Did the Domme' Momme' of the house remember her collar in the evening? During times of unusual stress caused by events like those described above, financial grief and even the stress of the holidays it is easy to fall into a vanilla mundane lifestyle.

We withdraw from those things we love during stressful times in much the same way the body protects itself by going into shock, shutting down the extremities. We just worry about the basics; work, paying bills, keeping food on the table and a roof over your head. This practice, while perhaps a normal reaction to stress is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself or your partner. Putting the Gorean lifestyle aside during these times actually causes more stress for you, your partner(s) and the family. Take some time everyday, light the love lamp and serve some wine.


Simple things that make life better might be pick a date and time that you expect that girl to be naked and nadu and be in the middle of your bed ready for your use. As the appointed time approaches you will find both Master and kajira getting excited. Go shopping at the local Home Depot or other large hardware store and turn the usual items into kinky items as you shop. I once went to a Target department store with Bleu Sadist and purchased a wooden vegetable brush that was made in Germany, clothespins, some rope and a feather duster. When I got to the cashier she got this huge grin and smiled and seemed to know exactly what those items were for. We played with the items to tease her as she rang them up. A person never knows where the next bit of entertainment comes from.

Well this edition's article is a little short because I have seven children between mika and myself. Football, Lacrosse, Navy ROTC and a child in every grade from 10th grade down to 4th. Makes for a long day. I have been searching for the right second girl to join the house. And extra pair of eyes and all the other things that go with them.

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Be well and Ta-Sardar-Gor!