September/October 2002
Scorned Return
by John Gault

Making my way down stairs I open the door to greet whomever has rang the bell. As I gaze forward there seems to no one there. I look down to see her -- kneeling there her face low to the ground. I know her, I recognized her beautiful long golden hair and the perfect shape of a woman. Standing there for a moment I want to sweep her up and give her a warm loving welcome. In that same moment my heart fills with rage as I feel the shooting pains she delivered to me the day she disappeared several months previous. I stare down at her and my eyes fill with tears. I muster a quiet unemotional voice, "stay there, donít move." Returning into the house I summon Lori, a house slave to come down stairs. "Lori I will need your cooperation and complete silence in providing me with a nurse." Her look was one of worry and she gazed directly in my eyes with out shame. "Not for me", I said, "for your sister who is at the door. Go to the patio and wait for me there. Take some antiseptic and towels with you. Silence now and cooperation I demand. Go." Not a sound or a word from her and as she realized her boldness her gaze dropped quickly down
ceasing her eye contact with me. She scurries with the steps she learned from studying the Gorean slave girls.

As I prepared the patio for the girl's return my mind wandered from anger to the joy of having her here again. I will hear her voice in the halls and rooms of this house and see her figure as she lives here once more. Or will she? Fury over takes as I remember endless nights wondering where she disappeared to and why she would just go without discussion. I question my strength as a master, obviously I trained her poorly. A slave would not just depart to chase her own ambitions, she would seek guidance and support from her master. And now, she waits at my door. My heart weary from what I must do, how I must teach her and have her prove her devotion and submission. Without her enduring the pain and punishment I plan for her I cannot accept her back.

Lori arrives and it is apparent by her actions and the paleness of her face that she is stunned to find the patio as I have prepared it. A single chair at the far end of the patio. A path to the chair lined on either side with 5 cases of champagne and 2 cases of crystal champagne glasses. Boxes of new china serving dishes and glass wears made for a fine ball and dinner celebration. The path is some 20 feet long and in a straight line to the chair. I look at Lori and point to a table for her to place the first aide
supplies she has prepared. She sets them down and moves very cautiously as she senses the anger in my manner. I speak to her gruffly, "Now Lori - go fetch the bitch who waits at my door, strip her naked and bring her to this pathway. Go now!" Lori scurries off though slower than her usual pace. She must wonder what will unfold this day. Never has she seen me angry or cruel. Her mind races wondering what will unfold.

As Lori opens the door to find her sister kneeling there weeping, her heart jumps with joy. "Vicky" she gasps, "my wonderful sis oh how we have missed you." She kneels beside Vicky and helps her to stand. They embrace and weep softly together. Lori speaks softly, "Master has a return planned for you though I fear it will not be pleasant. I have never seen him angry or cross,
but today - right now -- I donít know who he is. If you donít plan to stay or if you are not returning home then I bid you farewell now sis." Vickyís eyes still filled with tears and her cheeks drenched from crying all the while she waited at the door speaks as best she can from her grief swollen throat, "I wish only to have my Master take me back and to pay for my stupidity. I want to prove myself worthy of His care and your love Lori." Lori nods in acceptance, "You know I love you hun and if you want His love back you will suffer to prove your submission. You must do as I say and follow your heart. If you have any doubt your mind will betray you and the trial you shall surely fail and terribly. So strip now and think about the decision you make." Loriís mind is purely submissive and she has learned the ways of blending the heart and soul to making them pure and in harmony. Her loving
advice to Vicky is strict and certain. Vicky removes her full-length dress and reveals no under garments. Lori reaches out and removes the collar from Vickyís neck. Vicky is startled at first but realizes that she no longer is privileged to wear my collar.

I wait for several minutes and the waiting fuels my anger. Finally they appear at the doorway. Lori steps away from her and with her eyes lowered says, "Master your slave returns." Vicky takes a step forward then drops to her knees, face to the cement arms held behind her back crossed at the wrists with palms up. The slave position for submitting to being bound. "Rise" I almost yell it with the anger in me having its first chance to release. She stands her eyes never glancing up. She has been well trained in the ways of Gor, never to look upon a Master until given permission. "Look at these boxes of Champaign, glass wear and fine china" I demand. Her eyes look down the lined path at the boxes. I spoke harshly watching her gaze "I bought these in preparation for our ceremony. The collaring we agreed to and planned for. Lori and I have lived in pain and heart sick wondering why you would cheat us of the union." Her eyes began to tear.

I walk to the boxes of champagne and tare each of them open. Lifting a bottle out I removed the foil, wire, and pop the cork out. As the bubbling liquid comes over the top I drink a bit of the foam. I hold the bottle out leaving it a foot or so in front of her. She starts to smile, her hand carefully begins to rise as to take the bottle from me. At that precise moment I let the bottle drop to the cement. It explodes in a large shatter and she jumps at the startle of the event. I see out of the corner of my eye that Lori also jumped and as I turn to see her full on I notice her tear covered cheeks. Turning back to Vicky I lift each box of champagne and dump the contents out on the cement patio. The sounds of bottles shattering fill the air for several moments. I move farther down the trail of boxes and open the china boxes. I lift a serving platter of pure white bone china. An ornate design around the periphery of the platter. "This" I say looking back at Vicky, "was to serve the guests we had invited to help us celebrate, and these dishes would have been used for their enjoyment of the feast we had all planned." I dumped the boxes out onto the cement and again the air filled with the sounds of breaking glass almost deafening. I move to the last four boxes that line the trail the lone chair. I open the boxes of crystal champagne glasses and remove two from the first container. I take one and place it on the seat of the chair then
turning quickly to her I hold the glass out in front of me. I speak softer than before, "And these would have been used to toast our union and the commitment we three made to be together." I let the glass fall and watch the crystal shatter as it strikes the cement. Then I dump each box of the crystal out and once again the sound of breaking glass is all the three of us can hear.

I take the lone champagne glass from the seat of the chair and then sit on the chair. My eyes look over the broken glass covering the patio. The crystal closest to me is shattered in very small razor sharp pieces, the china in larger more course broken chunks, and the champagne bottles are a mixture of large and small pieces of thick glass wet from the champagne that once was
held inside. At the other end of the trail from where I sit is Vicky, still standing. Her eyes looking down her naked body obviously trembles. I speak roughly to her. "On your knees scourge bitch." She obeys without hesitation. I continue, "You cut me deeply and I bleed when you left here. For months now my heart and soul bleed with worry and despair over you and not knowing where you are or why you left. Now you return to my door?!. To come back to me?! I laugh at the thought of your humble entry and the submission of you now naked and bowing before me. You disgust me with your presence and the lack of respect you brought to this home. Crawl to me you filth. Crawl to me across the glass so you will prove to me your return is true. The scars on your
hands and knees from the cuts of the glass will be as permanent as your stay must be. Never will you observe yourself in the mirror and see the perfect legs you now have. You will bleed for me as I and Lori have bled for you. Crawl whore. Crawl to me if you come to stay and if not, then leave here to never return."

Vicky raised her head. A look of disbelief in her eyes and just as quickly regained her composure to look down. She then looked ahead of her at the broken glass. Her hand raised from its place on the cement as she moved it slowly forward. Placing it down a foot or more ahead of her she shifted her weight onto it and lifted and moved the other hand simultaneously her knee moved forward. The glass gave way under her second hand as could be heard by the muffled sound of breaking. Her shoulders tightened and revealed the first of many winces of pain for her to come. Not showing any signs of stopping she continued forward. The blood was revealed as she raised her hand to move it steadily forward. Lori gasped as Vickyís right knee landed on a large piece of broken bottle and the glass sliced into her skin as she lowered her weight onto it. I gave a stern look to Lori to remind her to remain silent. Vicky stopped her movement. "Cunt bitch is not sincere" I coldly stated. She began moving toward me again leaving a bright red trail of blood behind her. As she came forward on hand and knee her fingers, palms, knees and toes all were being cut and stabbed by the large and small pieces of broken glass. She never hesitated after her first pause, and she never made a sound. Her back and legs covered with sweat and perspiration, tears dripped from her face. Her hands would no longer support her and her knees also soon fail and she continues forward on her chest and belly. The glass penetrates her skin and blood flows over the cement patio. Finally reaching the foot of the chair she stopped. Forcing her self to kneeling before me bleeding heavily she cautiously turned her palms upward submitting herself to me.

I lowered the lone saved champagne flute to the cement floor and sat it before her. "This is what you have earned for this display of apology" I said quietly. Then I stood looked at her soft figure once more and walked away from her. As I passed Lori my hand found her shoulder "care for her wounds." I said, "Clean her up, stitch her cuts, and place her in the rear bedroom upstairs. Care for her there." Without hesitation Lori rushed to Vicky and began to care for her. I left and went to my study to think.

Two days pass before I visit Vicky in her bed. She is still unable to walk and weak from loss of blood and trauma. She gathers what strength she has as I enter the room. Turning her face away from me she mutters, "greetings master." "Turn over" I say directly. She rolls onto her stomach placing her forehead on her torn and bandaged hands. I pull the blanket off of her and
look at her naked back. My eyes gaze down to her soft white ass and I reach out to touch her ass cheeks. She moans softly. I walk over and take a leather paddle from the wall. Then I speak to her softly, "You can leave here anytime slut. If you stay I will make you prove your devotion each time I come to see you." "I am yours to keep and do with what ever you desire master" she says calmly. I raise the paddle without warning and slap it hard onto her ass. She jumps and a shriek leaves her lips. She quickly answers the sting "Yes my master please another sir." I swat her ass harder and each time she utters the statement "please master another." After several minutes her ass red, bruising and burning hot I toss the paddle on her back and turn to leave. I say to her as I exit, passing Lori who has been standing in the doorway for sometime now, "Leave here Vicky you donít deserve this home."

Three more times I visit her room. Waiting two days between each visit. As I enter the room each time she instantly rolls onto her stomach. Placing one of her hands behind her back, the hand holds a paddle for me. I deliver her reward soundly leaving her ass red, more bruised and hot with each visit. Afterward I tell her to leave my home and each time as I exit, I pass Lori who stands in the hall waiting to comfort her sister after I depart. But she stays, obeying her previous training and accepting my wrath. My heart aches for the time when we were all united and the joy we all shared. My anger still strong caused by her selfish decision to disappear. The memories still too fresh of the days and nights Lori and I spent weeping and worrying over the wench. How will I end the anger and find the path to recover our hearts and lives?