September/October 2002
The Politically Correct BDSM Couple

by Tobie


I should say right up front that I dislike self introductions. They seem to be a podium where one is supposed to stand while a group of people stare and think loudly....impress me!

I'm Tobie. No, I didn't make that up, it's my father's fault, his name is Toby. I don't use screen names per say because I never found one that fit as well as my own name and the idea of being hollered at across an airport.." Hey.... StormDancer!" or some such just didn't appeal to me. I'm just me, here or there online and off. That way I don't get confused.

I'm an owned dominant masochist. My owner and I live in Alabama with 4 people puppies and two dogs. He works too hard and I tend to the home, the gardens, the ponds, the vineyard, the family, an elist or two, and any number of other things on any given day. In other words, more than likely we're not that much different from many folks.

If you'd like to know more about me/us, my web page is:

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You might also know of me by my gifted name, The Red Cabbage. While I don't use it as a call name, I'm proud of the gift and keep an attachment to it.

Our life and times have become Politically Correct (PC) to a degree that at times borders on absurdity. What at one time was called 'tact' has taken a bizarre twist. We need to protect everyone from anything that might be offensive.

In to this not very brave new world, comes our befuddled politically correct couple.

We have 'Person' and 'Mastress'.

We're going to watch as they find their way through various situations while trying very hard to keep to their PC standards.

This is their saga......

The person on the left side of the place of rest, rose and began the after darkness preparations. This person heated the water for the cups of beverages they both enjoyed and took one of them to the right side of the place of rest.

The person gently rubbed the body of the resting person until that person began to stir and come to a
wakeful state.

"Person, attend my after darkness preparations please."

"Yes Mastress." was the polite reply.[1]

Person maneuvered about the resting space and gathered the garments required for the Mastress. A small piece of specialized fabric was brought with a bowl of heated liquid and the person carefully tended to cleansing the Mastress of any secretions that may have exuded while the Mastress was in a resting state. A bowl of cooled liquid was then brought and they both showed shared pleasure as the Person rinsed the Mastress.

"Person...the Mastress feels inclined for a little playful dose of pain."

"That would be very nice Mastress."

"I'll grant you leave to choose the implement." The Mastress stated.

The person felt internal joy as they carefully looked over the selection of toys frequently used by some of the people who chose the alternate lifestyle termed as BDSM.

A flail was chosen and the person transferred it to the Mastress. The person assumed a common and useful position for being flogged and the Mastress began to flog the person with the flail. This was done for their mutual pleasure and with mutual consent.

There was considerable body secreting going on during the process.

"Does this bring you pleasure?" The soft toned voice crooned by the persons hearing orifice.

"Ohhhh yes Mastress, please I beg of you, please continue to flog this ever so humble person!"

The Mastress chose to honor the begged for action and they concluded their session of BDSM play with an intense bout of their particular type of sex. There was more bodily secreting going during that as well.

As they rested together in the afterglow of their combined efforts, they concluded that they were mutually satisfied with their encounter.