September/October 2002
Catherine's Instructions
by FineArt

He had called from work and left her specific instructions for the evening. Gregory needed an evening at home alone with her. The children were off with Catherine's sister for the weekend. As He drove home He thought of the dark pleasures that He would enjoy this evening.

Catherine had needed to hurry home from work and scurry to be ready for Him. She had barely finished when she heard the garage door open. She also needed this time alone with Him.

The house was dimly lit as He entered. He set his briefcase just inside the door, hung His topcoat in the closet, then quickly went up to their bedroom.

Catherine was sitting on the edge of the bed as He had instructed. The bedroom was illuminated by a number of candles on the nightstands, her vanity and His dresser. Arranged across the top of her dresser was an array of toys and implements of their lifestyle, each laid out neatly in a long row. He examined them closely. There were 3 sets of nipple clamps, ranging from the light tweezers type, to a heavy screw on set, clit clamps, anal beads, 4 different sizes of dildos in various colors, two different vibrators one with a clit stimulator and one without, an assortment of butt plugs ranging from the petite to the enormous, and an array of floggers and paddles. At the end were a jar of Vaseline, a tube of KY jelly and some scented oils.

Gregory smiled to himself. She had followed His instructions well. His eyes next went to a table that Catherine had set up in the bedroom. It contained a tray with an assortment of cheeses and meats and a fine bottle of wine, and 2 wineglasses. He next turned His attention to Catherine. She sat as He had instructed, on the side of the bed with hands folded in her lap and her eyes to the floor. She was naked. Her labored breathing revealed her excitement and anticipation of the evening. He could see her nipples were hard, standing out awaiting His touch.

Gregory stepped over and kissed her on the forehead, His fingers caressing her cheek. "Good evening little one" He said. "Please rise and remove my jacket, tie and shoes." Catherine quickly obeyed His instructions, carefully folding His jacket and tie and laying them on the chair next to the bed. Then after He sat down in the chair she had positioned next to the table, she removed His shoes and massaged His tired feet.

"I would like a glass of wine, little one," He said.

"Yes, Master" she said in a quiet voice. She quickly moved to the table, and at once realized in her hurry to be ready for Him, she had forgotten the corkscrew. She spoke softly, "Master i must go to the kitchen, i did not bring the corkscrew."

Gregory looked at her with a mirthfilled smirk, "Perhaps a memory aid is in order Catherine, please assume a position on the bed on all fours." Catherine's breath shortened as she moved to the bed, getting onto her hands and knees. Gregory moved from the chair to the dresser and examined the floggers and paddles. Oh... how He enjoyed seeing her ass reddened from His attentions.

Catherine's eyes stared into the bed cover. So much of the excitement that came from the life she and Gregory shared was that she never knew what to expect from Him. Things were always new and exciting. She had no idea if on this occasion His mood would bring the soft sting of the chamois flogger, the stinging pain of the leather beaver tail paddle, or the small welts of the knotted flogger.

Gregory looked at the array of toys. He decided He would start with the leather lace flogger this evening and perhaps, as the evening progressed, move on to ones with more intensity.

He spoke firmly yet gently, "Catherine in the future please remember the corkscrew." With that His hand moved over the soft skin of her ass cheeks, kneading and caressing each in turn. Catherine moaned softly. Gregory's touch was always like magic, lighting the fires within her. For a fleeting moment, a finger gently caressed her slit... bringing more soft moans.

The flogger swished in the air. It hit hard against the soft white cheek, instantly causing it to redden and welt. Gregory ran His hand over it, feeling the warmth and the welts it raised on the skin. Swish... a blow to the other cheek and a similar inspection with His hand. Three more swats were delivered to each cheek, Catherine thanking Him with each swat, her voice quivering with arousal. She had squealed and jerked when a tendril had caught the swollen flower of her womanhood. Gregory walked back to the dresser and replaced the flogger in its spot, then selected a couple other articles from the dresser.

"Catherine, reach back and open yourself to Your Master, spread your cheeks wide for me."

Catherine lowered her shoulders to the bed and reached back, pulling at her cheeks, spreading them for Him. She could feel the welts and the hot burning of her skin in the palms of her hands. Her clit was still stinging from where the flogger had landed.

Catherine felt Gregory's finger against her anal star. Then she felt familiar warmth as He pressed it into her, a warmth she knew well. It was the metholatum. Gregory moved His finger in and out of her anus lubricating her star. She moaned and bit her lower lip as the sensations spread through her body.

Then she felt the cold pressure of an anal bead being pushed into her. She could tell without looking that Gregory had selected the larger of the set of beads this evening, the large flourescent soft rubber ones. This would be her first experience with this particular set of beads. When he tugged at the sting connecting the beads, making sure it was securely inserted, Catherine counted "One." Before inserting another, He dropped his hand to massage her clit. She moaned and gasped as He inserted another bead. "Two." Said Catherine in a tense voice. The process continued to the count of eight. She gasped as one bead after another was pushed deep into her, filling her to capacity.

Gregory spoke softly "Relax Catherine, there are still 2 more to go and I want you to have them all tonight."

She trembled as He pushed the next one in and whimpered as the last one was finally inserted. Gregory smiled to himself. His Catherine was indeed a marvel. "Now Catherine please go get the corkscrew."

Catherine struggled to her feet, Gregory knew how difficult it was for her to move when so totally filled in this manner.

As Catherine walked, the beads sent shocks of pleasure through her, causing her to gasp softly with each step. She quickly found the corkscrew and returned to find Gregory sitting in His chair.

"Please open the wine little one, then let it breathe while You bring me the nipple clamps, the ones with the alligator clips" He said. Catherine opened the wine and then return with the clamps. She started to kneel to present them to Him.

"Please remain standing little one, and roll your nipples between your fingertips, and make them ready." Gregory watched as Catherine rolled her nipples and pulled at them until they were very erect. Even after all this time together, she was still very self-conscious and a bit embarrassed whenever He watched her play with herself.

"Thank you little one" he said. "Now flick each nipple hard, until it is reddened." Catherine did as instructed. Her body shook as each nipple reacted to the flicks.

"Very good little one" Gregory said softly. He stood in front of her. He reached for her left nipple, gathering it in His fingertips before applying a clamp. Catherine gasped loudly as He tightened it, then repeated the process with the right breast. As always she thanked Him after each clamp was attached. She whimpered as he tugged at the chain that swayed between the clamps, stretching and lifting her full breasts.

"Now a glass of wine little one" Gregory said. "Then kneel at my feet."

Catherine caught her breath as the anal beads and weight of the chain swaying between her breasts did their work as she knelt at Gregory's feet. Holding the glass in both hands, she presented the wine to Him. He sat quietly for a long time just sipping the wine, taking her in with his steady gaze.

When he had finished his wine, He stood again. "Catherine please finish undressing me," He said.

Catherine rose and quickly removed his trousers, socks, boxers and shirt. Gregory sat back down in His chair. "Another glass of wine little one."

As before, she filled the glass and then knelt before Him, offering up the glass. Gregory smiled as He took the glass and carefully poured it down His chest. The wine flowed down over His chest and splashed onto His protruding cock. Catherine now understood why He had instructed her to put an old rug under the chair.

Gregory smiled. "Now little one, please use your tongue and clean the wine from my cock and balls and chest."

Catherine's eyes sparkled as she moved up onto her knees and began to lick the warm wine from Gregory, her tongue lapped at His chest, licking and sucking at each nipple. She moved to assure that her breasts would move across His open thighs. As she moved down His chest, Gregory moved His hands to her breasts. His thumbs rubbed each swollen nub that protruded from the clamps. She moaned and squirmed as he tugged at the chain, stretching and lifting her breasts. As she licked, He would loosen and tighten the pressure of the clamps.

Catherine licked at His balls, sucking each one into her mouth. Then she lowered her mouth onto His cock. She sucked hard, her head moving up and down the shaft. She heard Gregory moan as she took Him deep into her throat. Then she heard a stern voice, "Catherine you are only to clean me, not make me cum, go carefully." Catherine released the pressure on His cock and instead flicked her tongue all over the head and shaft, until Gregory told her "Enough" in a strained and hoarse voice.

As she straightened back up, Gregory reached out and removed one nipple clamp and then the other. Catherine cried out in pain as the blood surged back into each swollen nub. Gregory kissed and massaged each breast and then smiled at her.

"Bring me your cuffs, working collar and leash little one. You seem to have also forgotten to place those on the dresser."

Catherine rose, went to the chest in their closet and quickly returned with the ankle and wrist cuffs, the collar and leash. She knelt and presented them to Him with her palms up.

"Thank you little one" He said gently, his eyes shining. Gregory stood and pulled Catherine to her feet. He expertly attached the cuffs to each wrist and the collar, then knelt down to cuff her ankles. Before rising, his fingers explored the slit between her legs until her thighs began to quiver. He stopped, and rose, chuckling to himself, just as he noticed that she was about to put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. Then He reached to the chair to retrieve His tie. Standing behind her, His erection nestled in the crease separating her buttocks, He blindfolded her with the tie. From behind, He cupped her breasts in His hands, her hardened nipples pressing into His palms. As He nuzzled and kissed her neck, His fingers pinched and rolled her nipples. She leaned back into Him, biting her lower lip as He lifted and stretched her breasts by pulling the nipples. Then she squealed as He let them suddenly fall free. Finally, she felt the tug at her collar and the loud click as the leash was attached. His right hand left a red imprint on her asscheek as He stepped back from her.

Catherine felt a tug at the leash, causing her to turn back to the bed. "Now little one, please move back onto the bed on all fours and we shall work some more on memory aids."

As instructed, Catherine got back on all fours on the bed. Gregory moved to the dresser and returned. His hand tugged slightly at the string attached to the anal beads, but He was careful not to remove a single bead. Catherine gasped as the tug further inflamed her anus, causing it to throb. A swift blow was quickly delivered to each cheek. The sound of each swat echoed in the room. Catherine could tell that Gregory had chosen His favorite wooden paddle. It actually an oven shovel converted to a more pleasurable use. It left full round, red impressions on each cheek. As each swat landed, her breath became more labored. Catherine thanked Him for each swat.

Gregory smiled as His finger trailed down a reddened and welted cheek to her sex. He found her pussy dripping as He had expected. As He inserted a finger, her pussy throbbed, sucking the finger into it. Gregory pushed His finger deeper, then added another. Catherine tensed and moaned loudly. After several minutes of play, bringing her to the brink, Gregory spoke quietly to her as His fingers plied the essence of her womanhood. "Not yet, little one. Fight it. You can do this Catherine."

"Please, Master" she asked in a strained voice as she fought to restrain her orgasm.

Gregory chuckled as he placed his other hand on her hip to steady her. "Not yet, little one. You know I enjoy your struggles." His thumb caressed the flower of her sex while the fingers continued to work in and out of her pussy. When he knew she could stand no more, he quickly removed his fingers from her. Her body jerked and she drew a sudden, deep breath as she found herself so suddenly empty.

Gregory pulled at the leash. "Turn over little one" He instructed.

Gregory had her lie flat on her back and move until her ass was even with the end of the bed, her knees in the air, soles of her feet on the edge of the bed. He stretched each leg and attached the ankle cuffs to the ropes at each bedpost on the foot of the bed. He pulled at each rope until her legs were very wide apart and her pussy was completely open to Him. He smiled as he surveyed her.

"Yes so open, so available to Me, little one. You please Me." He pulled one end of a long bungy cord from under the bed. He attached one end of it to one wrist cuff, then moved to the other side of the bed and attached the other end of it to the other wrist cuff. The cord, stretched under the bed, was very tight, causing Catherine to have to open her arms wide. Gregory smiled as He surveyed her so spread and open for Him... so available for His use and enjoyment... so vulnerable. He watched her breasts heave under her labored breathing. She squealed and her body jumper as he reached over and flicked a nipple by snapping a finger off the tip of his thumb.

Gregory moved back to the dresser and returned with the large vibe, the one with the clit stimulator. He turned on the vibe and ran it up and down Catherine's swollen clit. Then He suddenly pushed it deep into her and turned on the stimulator. She was so wet, the vibe slid into place with no resistance. Catherine squealed and moaned and tried to wiggle to a more comfortable position, but to no avail. She was too securely bound. She was able to raise her hips slightly to accept the vibrator. Her body tensed, then sagged as she fought off an orgasm from the sudden assault. The combination of having both her pussy and ass full at the same time was almost more than she could bear.

"Now Catherine," Gregory said, "you are not to release until commanded. When I am ready I will remove one anal bead. At that time, you have permission to release. This will be repeated over and over until the last bead is removed. The vibrator will be left on until the last bead is removed and the last release is granted." He chuckled. "Don't forget to keep count as the beads are removed, Cat, or we will have to start over again." He knew that even this simple of a task would be difficult for her to manage at the pinnacle of her passion.

Catherine moaned as Gregory worked the vibe within her, moving it against her clit to just the spots where He knew she would have to struggle to not orgasm. Catherine squealed as she felt the tension of a pull at the string attached to the anal beads. Her fingers dug into the palms of her hands and she bit her lower lip as she fought against nature for self-control. Her body spasmed as the first bead was being pulled from her. She gasped and continued her fight to maintain control. Just as the bead popped free, Gregory commanded her to cum. "Now, little one. Let it all go NOW!"

Her entire body reacted instantly at his command. She squealed and cried out, her body shaking with the intensity of the orgasm. Her mouth gaped open as she fought for her breath. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath, her knees were shaking. The sensations of the vibrator, still in her pussy and against her clit, sent wave after wave of pleasure through her body. Finally, in a quivering voice, she said "One, Master. Thank you."

Gregory was patient and exacting. The vibrator continued its work and tension on the beads was increased, then released time and again before another bead was pulled free.

"Ohh, ohhh yes, YES!" Catherine screamed, her body quaking as the next bead popped free. He twisted the vibrator slightly, bringing a shriek as her orgasm intensified. His assault on her pussy was relentless. Finally, between gasps for air, she managed to say, "Two, Master. Thank you."

Gregory waited a long time between the removal of each bead. He carefully studied her as he worked the vibe into her cunt, her body glistened with perspiration as He brought one crashing orgasm after another from his Catherine. He could tell she was near exhaustion as He pulled out the last bead. She cried out as in pain but He knew it was deep, dark pleasure as the last orgasm raked her writhing body. He did not turn off the vibrator until she finally managed a soft, breathless "Ten, Master." She had to take three more deep breaths, the quaking of her body finally ebbing before she could managed to say "Thank You, Master."

Gregory chuckled in sheer pleasure as he slipped the vibe from her pussy. He moved to the side of the bed and sat beside her. She turned her head toward Him as His fingers gently caressed her cheek. His hand moved to gently cup a breast as He leaned over to kiss her forehead, then her lips. After a few moments he sat back upright, his fingers moving to pinch and roll the hardened nipple. His eyes were shining as he looked down upon his wife, his submissive.

Finally, in a soft voice he said, "you please me, little one. I hope you are prepared. Our evening has just barely begun!"

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