September/October 2002
A New Voyeur
(Donna & George, Part Two)
by dark whisper

Donna moaned as he slid the dildo further into her ass. She craned her neck to peer over her left shoulder into the full length mirror positioned on the back of her bedroom door. The sight left her breathless with lust as she watched George’s big hand grasp the base of the dildo and give it a slight twist. The dildo was full sized--about 1 1/2 inches wide and a full 7 inches long. She worried at first that she could stretch to accommodate the device that was used to pleasure her pussy, but her fears appeared groundless...the dildo was about half way inside her, and George was not done yet.

She took a moment to study the picture the two of them made in the mirror. Donna was on her knees with her back bowed into a shallow dip...her elbows were bent and rested on the thick carpeting. Her long hair puddled between her elbows as her ass pushed backward, attempting to hurry George along on his ministrations. George was also on his knees. His legs were spread wide, and his ass rested on the back of his heels. His cock stood out straight and proud from the thick patch of hair that covered his pubic area. His cock was almost purple from the blood that was pounding through it.

She saw the reddened skin of her ass and pale marks where his fingers had contacted the skin. He saw her watching him, and administered another stinging blow to her fiery skin. She yelped and jerked forward when his hand made contact, yet her pussy throbbed and gushed with pleasure. God, he knew just how to please her. He reached for the tube of lubricant, and slathered it all along the exposed shaft of the dildo...making it slippery and shiny in the bright light of the bedroom. When he had it good and wet, he pushed it all the way into her ass in one smooth thrust. Donna moaned again and whimpered with desire. She reached one hand back to play with her clit, but George wouldn’t allow it. He grabbed her hand and told her, “No Donna, you are not to touch yourself or me. You need to learn patience, and I’m going to teach it to you if it’s the last thing I do.” Donna shot him a look that seemed to be equal parts disappointment, anger, and satisfaction.

“George, I don’t need patience...I need to be fucked!” Donna almost spluttered the words, she was so damn turned on.

SMAAAACK!!! The hand was swift and hard on her ass, and Donna shrieked slightly. “Do not tell me what you want Donna, or I’ll stop what I’m doing and you won’t get any satisfaction.” George’s voice was soft but underlaid with menace.

“Yes sir.” Donna said meekly, but her mouth curled up with a satisfied little smile. She liked the way he took control of her this way, she hadn’t known he had it in him to be so masterful. The hint of cruelty should have made her angry, but if anything, it turned her on to an enormous degree.

Her replied pleased him, and he bent to kiss the reddened skin of her ass, which now had little welts from his fingers. His tongue bathed the abused skin softly, and Donna clenched her fingers to keep from reaching for her clit once more. His tongue moved slowly over her skin while his fist began withdrawing the dildo and sliding it back in to the hilt. He reached the soft skin the back of her thigh and then moved toward the curls of wet pubic hair that covered her swollen pussy lips. His lips closed on a curl and his teeth pulled on the hair. She shuddered with want but did not dare move her hips. His hand pulled the dildo almost all the way out, then slammed it all the way into her. Donna’s fingers dug into the carpet and she groaned out loud. She didn’t know how much more she could take before risking his hard hand on her ass by frigging herself, but she knew she was getting close to finding out.

His breath was hot and cool at the same time, stirring the moisture from her soaking wet pussy. She felt him blow directly onto her clit, and the pleasure was almost too much. She felt waves of desire flowing over her as his tongue flicked gently over the swollen skin. Her hips pressed back, and she felt the dildo sink a further inch inside of her. A sudden sharp pinch on her nipple brought her eyes wide open. George had her right nipple between forefinger and thumb, and was twisting it viciously. A tear came to her eye but the response of her pussy was was gushing thick juice down the inside of her thigh and smearing over George’s face.

She looked into the mirror again and caught her breath at the sight of George’s cock. It was wavering in the air and a steady stream of precum was sliding down the underside of the shaft. His face was flushed with desire as he licked her pussy. He removed the hand that had been manipulating the dildo and loosely curled it around the shaft of his cock. His hand slid slowly up and down, spreading the slick precum all over the bulging veins. He kept his fingers on her nipple and every once in a while gave it a hard pinch. His mouth was all over her pussy, sucking on the thick lips one moment, then sliding his tongue up to circle her clit the next. Donna couldn’t stand it anymore and began to rock her hips back and forth against his face. She felt him give her nipple a hard tug, then SMAAAAACK! His hand left bright white fingerprints on her ass as he slapped the skin. She moaned then continued her rocking. SMAAAAACK! SMAAAAACK! His hand connected twice more with her ass, yet she kept up the steady back and forth movement of her hips.

“Oh, you want it this way hmm?” George’s eyes were half closed as he pulled completely away from her tempting pussy. He watched her ass sway back and forth, the dildo sticking about 2 inches out of her hole, her pussy wet and swollen beneath. The right cheek of her ass was beet-red, yet she seemed to want more. He saw her eyes watching them in the mirror, and when he raised his hand once more, he saw her eyes close in satisfaction. He changed direction of his downward stroke, and the slap landed on her other asscheek. Fresh welts stood up on the skin as Donna shrieked out “Yes, oh God! Fuck me George, I can’t take much more!” George abruptly pulled Donna off her knees, and onto his lap. He felt the dildo against his stomach as her pussy unerringly found his throbbing cock.

Donna thought she would pass out from the pleasure of being so completely filled. The dildo jammed deeper into her ass as George’s thick cock filled her aching pussy. He was like a wild man, his cock straining to go deeper into her steamy cunt. His fingers sank into the skin of her hips as he pulled her harder against his thighs, forcing his cock all the way into her. His balls were tight against her clit, and he rotated his hips, grinding his wiry pubic hair onto her throbbing clit...making her cry out in pleasure. George was gasping for breath as he pumped himself into her, the dildo scraping the skin of his stomach. He turned once again to the mirror, and what he saw spurred him on. Donna’s eyes were rolling up in ecstasy and her hands were tight on her full breasts. She was pinching the nipples with her long fingernails and her mouth was working in silent pleasure.

He watched his cock withdraw from her pussy, thickly covered with her juice, then slam deep inside of her once more. He watched as her body began to tighten and the muscles of her thighs strained against his grip. She was cumming, and he thought she had never looked so wanton in the time he’d known her and fucked her. Little shrieks poured from her throat as she writhed and twisted on top of him, his impaled cock gripped tight in her pussy. He pushed her down face first onto the carpet and thrust deeply into her grasping pussy. He felt the dildo slam into her ass with every shove. The heat started in his groin, and spread through his legs and stomach. He felt the cum work its way up his throbbing shaft and explode out the tip in white hot jets. He pulled out and shot the rest of the sticky white goo all over her back, some of it landing in her thick auburn hair. It seemed he came forever, thick gobs of cum stringing across her skin. He reached out a trembling hand to smear his offering all over her skin, then offered a sticky finger for her mouth. She licked his finger, then sucked it deeply into her mouth, cleaning the cum off his skin.

George slowly withdrew his softening cock and gently pulled the dildo from her ass. Donna lay flat on the carpet, drawing shuddering breaths as her thundering heart began to return to some semblance of normality. George bent to kiss her back, his mouth coming in contact with his own cum. He licked gently at the rapidly drying cum, tasting himself combined with the tangy, salty flavor of her sweaty skin.

Donna turned over, her limbs heavy and satisfied. She snuggled into his arms and played with the curls of his chest hair. “Well George, so much for our second date.”

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound