September/October 2002
Branding of Kyphi

by Kyphi

From Kyphi: This is the story of my branding and is not intended as any type of teaching tool so you can do this at home. There are a few facts about technique here but by no means all. This is something that absolutely takes training to do if one wishes to do it him/herself. If it's not something you wish to learn to do for a one time thing, I strongly suggest having it done by a professional. It is my belief that it in no way lessens the connectedness with one's owner. It sure didn't for me anyway. Enjoy ......

Branding:Some basic branding info taken from bodyart/alternative-faq Last-modified: February 10, 1997 This FAQ is maintained by Lani Teshima-Miller"

In full-scale branding, the iron is heated hot enough, and applied long enough, that the resulting wound is a third-degree burn, which destroys the nerve endings and doesn't hurt as much as more minor burns. However, areas that have been third-degree burned *never* regain sensitivity. It will make a silver scarred area, in the shape of the third-degree burn, due to destruction of the entire dermis layer of the skin (through to the underlying tissue). The surrounding skin, with years, will eventually fill in areas that haven't been too badly damaged.

Warning: Second and third degree burns can become majorly infected. Third degree is slightly better, due to cauterization. Where it gets you is if the scab cracks. [Just remember that your skin is your first line of defense against infection.]

"From an article written by Steve Haworth, of HTC Body Piercing in Phoenix, who was interviewed at a branding demonstration at "El Rancho de los Muertos". Haworth said "human branding is very different from cattle branding (which would just leave a big blob-scar with no definition) because the human body has more curves and fewer flat planes. To fit the topography, he uses small irons of stainless steel 1/16 to 1/32 inch thick. Brands tend to spread 2-3 times the width of the iron. The length of steel is rarely more than an inch long. Heated with a propane torch until red hot, it's tested on a piece of cardboard (1,800 F is the preferred temp.) and held on the skin no longer than a second or two--and apparently produces quite a stench.

"This is known as a multi-strike brand and is the technique used on me.

ZD/k Branding Ceremony
Date: 08-18-00

The branding ceremony was held at the home dungeon of friends, JG and Laura, with nine people present.

We had a lovely dinner preceding the ceremony. I ate in the kitchen with my friend, Laura due to nerves and needing to be in a quiet place to prepare myself. I ate lightly because I didn't want my body to be working on digesting too much when it came time for the branding. The week preceding I ate well and got lots of rest, also put in some extra time at the gym to prepare by body. I also did a lot of meditating and preparing myself mentally, by focusing on the purpose of the brand and it's meaning to me.

After we finished eating, Laura and I went upstairs where I changed into a simple over-sized black blouse and my formal beaded collar. Laura had fun taking pictures of me taking my pre-branding piss, brushing my teeth and photos of us in the mirror, fun stuff to help alleviate nervousness.

We all gathered in the dungeon where the cd Obsidian Butterfly was helping set the mood. Folks were setting up cameras, the brander was getting his equipment set up and I took this time to present Master with a knife I had bought him to commemorate this time for us. It was engraved with ZD/k and the date. After I gave him his gift, he spoke to me. (I'm so full of emotion by this time, I'm crying buckets.) The words he spoke to me were private, but their meaning was "This is it kyphi girl. You are totally and completely mine now through thick and thin. After this brand goes on, there is no turning back. You are mine for all time and will never be allowed to leave." Total peace surrounded us. Then I was led to the brander.

Warning: KNOW your brander. Ask to see examples of his/her work. Ask questions and get answers. Ask about technique, healing care, etc. ASK TO SEE EXAMPLES OF HIS/HER WORK!!! I cannot stress that enough. NEVER take anyone's word that they have done 25 brandings or whatever.

The Branding.

Master chose the circle which is our symbol surrounding his initials. It is two inches in diameter. It was to be placed on my right thigh, slightly lateral and about six inches above the knee.

To begin, the brander placed a stencil of the actual brand on my thigh. He used deodorant to do the transfer and we had fun with this because we couldn't find a deodorant that would work on my skin! Everyone's deodorant came out! Ken's one the prize!! It worked. And my thigh won't stink for months with all the stuff that was put on it! LOL

A ten minute wait for the stencil to dry, then it's time to begin.

It had been discussed as to whether I would be immobilized during the branding or not. The brander preferred immobilization because he didn't want any involuntary reactions to spoil the brand. So, our friend JG got his wish finally and he bound my legs, then I was lowered into position on the floor.

Master spoke softly to me and held my hand. The brander instructed me to breathe in and out slowly, then he would tell me to take a deep breath and hold it. When he told me to let the breath out, that's when he would strike. Laura is holding my right hand, my left hand is on Master. His job is to keep the skin of my thigh stretched just right so the circle will go on as a circle. This means his hands will encircle the branding area at all times, which is a comfort to me.

Our friend Inky will be the torch bearer for the brander. MsMaeve is taking pictures with our camera and JG is recording and also taking stills. DrNeedles is in charge of lighting. Everyone is involved as we begin.

"Okay, kyphi, deep breath and breath out...

"Whooooooooooooosh. You can hear it on the film.

"This is it? That's it?" It barely registered as any type of pain.

The first strike he tested the skin with because everyone's skin reacts differently. First strike I rated on the pain scale as a 3 so it was more of the intensity of the filler strikes.

The brand I received was 16 strikes and three smaller filler strikes. The actual branding segments are sheet steel, about .032" thick... there were about 7 pieces to the brand.

The brander was quite meticulous in testing the placement of each strike before he actually did it. Then he would heat the metal and set the strike. By the third strike I was really feeling it. The ones I felt the most were strikes 3, 4, 5, 14, 15 and 16. Fifteen was a doozy because it made me sit straight up. LOL

Throughout the procedure, which lasted just under a half hour, I received encouragement from everyone. (and a great blowjob from Laura who was hot so thought I must be, too. LOL I don't remember.) I was intermitently giggling and crying. The emotional high was incredible.

Then it was finished. I was crying and laughing and everyone else was doing the same. It was quite a moment in time. I just laid there at first, not wanting it to be over. Then Master helped me sit up and I looked down at the brand that would be with me for the rest of my life for the first time.

Master's Reaction.

This brand was something that I had desired for about 35 years. I got the idea in my head that I wanted a relationship of this type from some slave book or other that I read in High School. I was addicted to them back then. LOL

Early in our exploration I had asked Master what he thought of branding, because it was something I have always wanted. Body modifications and marks are not something that he has ever desired or required, but he told me that if our relationship ever reached that point that he felt comfortable in marking me as his, then I could have it.

When he, at last, deemed that it was time, I was the one who made all of the arrangements. He chose the actual brand and the basic location. It was a gift he was allowing me, but I could tell he just wasn't "with it" about the branding.

Well, let me tell you all! Something changed in him as his hands encircled that brand. These are his words from shortly afterwards. "I really got stoked about it... It wasn't something that I was particularly wild about conceptually, but it simply couldn't have been more exciting in the doing of it. I was astounded at my own change of attitude about it."

And by the way. Master has decided that I need one more brand...and it will be done by HIM!

The Pain.

About 6 of the 16 were a pain scale 8. The rest were about a pain scale 6. What makes the whole process tolerable is the fact that you just have the initial after-sting at all.

Try this (if allowed) take a thick rubberband...snap yourself with it hard. That's the basic sensation but remember NO after-sting...that makes ALL the difference.

I don't want to downplay the pain too much either. I'm a painslut and though the intent of the branding ceremony was not about pain, pain was certainly involved. It WAS painful. But I don't feel the pain was of such an intensity that anyone except those with the lowest of pain thresholds could handle it just fine. I tried to base my pain scale numbers accurately from my own perception of pain and my observation of the pain levels of others as I have seen in my profession. (physical therapy)

One thing I'm trying to do is dispel some of the myths of branding and also do some teaching on the aftercare. That has actually been worse for me than the branding, because I hadn't prepared myself for it. I focused on the branding itself.


My brander feels you get a more even scar if you just leave it alone. Don't put anything on it except for some aloe (which I didn't even do that). The second day wasn't too bad for pain, though it did start a little. The third day was when I had the most pain. All those little nerve endings were reconnecting!!! So this is when you get the after-sting. But it's not as intense of a pain, just real naggy and I limped. It really hurt with each step and also lifting heavy objects. I stopped limping by the fifth day.

Branding tip: the day after you receive a thigh brand and your Master is doing tickle torture on the top of your toes on the opposite foot while you are NOT stomp the foot on the branded side to help yourself overcome the sensation!!! (which a girl is not allowed to do anyway *deep sigh*)

It was very inflammed on day three also. It looked (and WAS) so sore! the inflammation is lessening now but still there. Also about the third day it will start weeping. oozing a clear liquid.

Which brings me to cleaning. The first two days I cleaned it by scrubbing it with a soapy water mixture made with antibacterial liquid soap and used sopping wet sterile 2x2 gauze pads to scrub. (I am a physical therapist assistant trained in wound care). The third day after the scab was starting to form real good I cleaned it in the shower with antibacterial soap and rinsed it holding the shower head close to it to remove any loosened dead pieces. Plus it was waaaay too sore by this point for scrubbing.

You will not want ANYTHING touching hopefully it's being placed somewhere that is doable. Our brander said inner thigh brands are the worst, followed by butt brands (no sitting for a couple of weeks). Wow, was I glad Master had chosen the spot wisely!!! LOL

Aftercare day six: It's still inflamed though not as intensely red. Still oozing a bit if it cracks and wanting to be picked at!!! lol but NO NO NO NO NO picking.

Aftercare day ten: Today it's very scabby and cracked looking. Some of the scabs are beginning to loosen and fall off. There is no pain now only that increased sensitivity one gets with a scar. It's not even itching (which I was told would drive me nuts but so far nothing).

Aftercare day thirteen: Most of the heavy scabbing is off now. It's very scaley and sensitive. But looking sooo great! It was talked about that I may need to have a few touch up strikes and I can see where they may be needed, but time will tell that a bit better.

One of the big surprises for me (which wouldn't have been if i'd thought about it) was how drained and tired it made me for several days!!! But get it into perspective as a major wound. It's a third degree burn after all! Intentional or not. Your body is traumatized and fighting infection in a major wound. Rest rest rest, drink LOTS of water, eat well and take a good multi-vitamin.

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