September/October 2001
Life Under the Three Moons


by Michael

Greetings All,

I will now continue with the story of the collaring of Mika. The neighbor soon left having discussed some local issues and insuring that all was well. Shortly there after Mika once again found herself appropriately stripped, collared and cuffed at her wrists and ankles. I wanted her to know that she was safe in my collar and that I was not a serial killer or such. So I locked her wrists together behind her back and  bent her over the bondage table assembled in the center of the room. I gave her an introduction to the crop, Deerskin Flogger, Horsehair whip, and various other toys and then unlocked her hands and raised her by the hair and kissed her deeply, the way a Master would kiss his girl. I sensed that there was elation and disappointment in her. Elation that she was safe but disappointment that I had brought the play to an end.  Until this day, Mika had never felt the sting of a deerskin, horsehair or crop and she found them pleasant.

I sent her to the kitchen to bring the food I had had her prepare. A whole rotisserie chicken, cut up fruit and a warmed round loaf of bread with butter. Followed by a delicious wine. Now on Gor this would be a meal of Vulo, Topsits, ramberries, Ta grapes, Larma and Sa Tarna Bread with churned salted Bosk milk followed by some Ta grape wine from Ar. Even now, over two years later we often have meals of Gorean origin:

Bosk = Beef
Vulo = Chicken/Pigeon
Tarsk = Pork 
Gant = Duck 

It can be a wonderful evening if you get out your Drinking Horns and Open Salt Cellars and roast some Bosk, bake some suls and have your girl serve you wine while kneeling nadu, kissing the side of the goblet and raising her hands holding the glass proffering it to you.  Then for dessert slave raping your kajira!

Through the afternoon I deliberately taunted Mika with the possibility of full slave rape but held back. Until, while reclining on a lounge she climbed over me and attempted to have me enter her. I rolled her over and thrusted deeply, filling a void in her body and in her life that had gone three years unfilled. Her body convulsed and shivered in her first slave orgasm. The first of what has been many.

She rested her head on my left shoulder, a place of honor for the first girl. She remains there today.

After this meeting on June 15,1999 our next weekend was the following 4th of July weekend. I arrived on Friday evening and had dinner with Mika and her children. The following day was her oldest son's Birthday and we went to a local water park to celebrate. She had arranged by days end to have all the children be with other adults for the weekend leaving my new acquisition in my capable hands for the weekend. Since that day no weekend was spent apart and often I would visit her on Wednesday to shorten the week. In November of 2000 Mika an her children moved into my home and while we seldom have entire weekends to spend on GOR, We do what we can!

In my next article I will describe our twelfth anniversary (remember months we are Gorean). It was spent at the home of Steve Haworth. The Father of cautery scalpel branding. I will describe this method of branding in detail and include pictures of the branding of Mika and the brand as it healed in the following weeks. The article after that will be of the Twenty-fourth anniversary where the final touches were added to the brand.

Until then "Be Well". Feel free to write me with questions and comments at