September/October 2001
From Stroppy to Slave
by pet_one

I am tired and crabby when I come home, I stand by the front door. I remember working in the kindergarten class. It was so easy, the kids took your word as gospel, and clung to you for love. They absorbed everything you taught them, and demanded more. I wondered who was teaching kindergarten now. I thought back to my college school class today. I have a raging headache. I have one young man in my class that is a trouble maker, making jokes, disrupting the class, yet has a charm & charisma I can't explain. I feel It sometimes between my legs. But teacher/ student fraternizing is not allowed. He is 21, he is 6'1'', brown eyes, brown hair, 240 lbs, he has a large muscular chest, arms and thighs. I had yet another argument with him today and finally gave in. It is easier to let him win, then argue with him in front of the other students. I turn the key to enter my home thankful to be there.

Suddenly a blanket is pulled over my head, and every thing goes dark, I struggle for a long time, screaming and kicking, even trying to bite. Who ever It is is stronger and larger then I am. Finally as I tire, he uncovers me and blindfolds me right away, I can not see but I know It is a man. I can feel him and hear his breathing. I can tell he is a smoker, because he is so out of breath. He binds my hands behind my back, secure but not too tight. I am frightened out of my wits. I hear him mumbling,

Stroppy bitch, your going to become a fuck toy! i can't make out who he is, but his words send chills down my arms and nipples. I am thankful for my clothes to hide my reaction. He reaches under my dress and pulls down my panties, he tries to place them in my mouth. I beg him not to, I promise "I will do anything he wants and will keep very quiet and still." He chuckles and put my panties in my mouth. Looks at my garter and nylons. He places tape over my mouth and whispers in my ear, "I see you are a wet slut already teacher!" I try to struggle but I can't move, he has tied my legs, knees and thighs together very quickly.

He starts to remove my clothes, I have on a gray skirt and blazer, with a white blouse. He removes the gray clothes leaving me stand there in my white garter belt and blouse, suddenly I feel a knife at my throat, I try to scream out, he tells me to hold still and cuts each button off, slowly, deliberately taking his time. I hold very still, I can hardly breathe. Finally the blouse is open and he take my breasts out of my matching bra. I am humiliated beyond belief as my nipples harden. I start to cry and he whispers, don't cry teacher, you are going to learn a lesson in humiliation, and where your place really is.

He makes me hobble over to the desk, guiding me, and removes my blind fold, he has on a hood so I can't see his face. He unties my hands and tells me write 50x "I will not be a stroppy teacher anymore, I will be respectful." I shake my head no, and feel a sharp slap on my back. Painful but not unbearable. I start writing, I do not want to anger him further. I hear the stereo go on to my favorite music. I am mortified he is touching my personal belongings. He walks over and binds my legs to the chair so I can't get up. I hear him walk in my bedroom, I pray he does not go into my private things. I am writing and crying. What have I done to upset this student so much. He comes out, unties my legs which are still bound together. Pushes me over the desk, I feel jelly, and I am screaming into the gag, no, no, no, but no words come out. He whispers, I know you are already a fuck toy, teacher, just sit back and enjoy this, he pushes me back on the desk and uses one arm to hold me down. He plays with my pussy and I am grateful It is not what I thought It was. Suddenly he inserts my butt plug. I growl in pain, and when It is in he plays with my pussy some more. He asks me embarrassing questions, about my feelings and each time he knows how I feel. "Do I like the way the plug feels, do I long for a cock to go with It, do I know how big and beautiful my pussy lips are?"

I am afraid of this man but not the way I should be. My brain is no longer working right. He sits me down and attaches clover leaf clamps to my breasts, I make the mistake of barely wincing, he yanks hard on them and tells me what a fuck toy I am. "Finish writing your assignment, now!" I go back to It and I can't concentrate, I know I am writing but the words are a blur. I hear him behind me, like he is laying things on a table, I do not turn to look. I wonder if I know who It is. It's just too incredible to believe. I finally indicate I am finished and he walks over. He counts the sentences and writes in red on the top of the page, "very good my fuck toy" my head goes down in shame. He whispers "are you thirsty stroppy teacher?" I nod yes but can not look at the hooded man.

I think I can escape now, and he ties my hands again to the chair, lifts my legs and ties them to the chair again. I am helpless. He walks into my kitchen and I hear clinking and clanging. I decide I need to earn his trust, before I try and escape. I decide to cooperate with what ever he wishes. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

He comes back and I see a bottle of my favorite wine, a glass and a bowl. I cringe at the thought of what the bowl is for. He unties all of me, leaves my gag in, and leaves a rope on to hold in the butt plug. He makes me promise to go along with what ever he wants, he is the teacher now. I nod yes, trying not to let him see my eyes. He attaches a collar and a leash. Like a dog tries to lead me, I won't go and I fight him, he turns me over on my stomach, I am amazed at how easy I am for him to man handle. He sits on my back and spanks me. a hard spanking, telling me teachers deserve good hard spankings. I finally am crying, sobbing in my gag and he rubs my butt, a soothing feeling, strokes my hair and I am confused. I don't want him to stop. He whispers, "you want more of this stroppy teacher, you have to be a good girl." I grunt in a bad manor and he slaps my cheeks again. I lay my head down in compliance, I don't want any more spanking. He leads me across the room to drink from the bowl.

Suddenly I look up at him, asking with my eyes if It is OK, he nods and starts running his fingers through my hair. I did not realize how thirsty I was and drink all the wine. I just wait, afraid to move. "There will be more of that for you later teacher, if you are a good girl." I cringe at those words. He leads me and I follow, around the room, I know he is testing me. He leads me to the bathroom, "need to use It teacher?" he asks. I shake my head yes, actually I had to go the whole time, he scared me so much. He turns on the light and waits. I shake my head, no, no, no, he whispers in my ear, "never tell me NO, fuck toy" in a voice that sends fear through me. I start crying again. He just waits. She is surprised he is being so gentle and patient. Finally she just goes, she has to move the rope out of the way but It keeps the butt plug in. she goes to wipe herself and he kneels and takes the cloth from her and cleans her up. Her head falls on his shoulder in shame. She knows his smell, she does not care anymore. She is too humiliated to admit she wants him, and everything he is doing. The student is teaching the teacher.

She motions to his crotch with her eyes, he understands and lets out a loud laugh. Now she is mad and tries to leave the room quickly, forgetting the leash. He laughs and pulls her back to him. She thinks he will rape her and wants to get away. He bends her over the sink and plays with her pussy, he tugs gently on the clamps still hanging there,

She moans loudly, he enters her pussy from behind. First he is slow and deliberate, touching her clit. She throws herself into his cock and wants more, he is content, he has her where he wants her for the moment. Then he fucks her hard and painfully, not letting her climax. She even tries to use her own fingers and he growls "NO" at her. "You have not learned teacher!" he climaxes hard and the teacher thanks God he is done. Maybe he will let her go. He takes her by the leash, spreads her legs and wipes them gently with a warm cloth. She is confused again by his coldness and tenderness.

He leads her back to the carpet and motions for her to crawl. She feels his cum still fall down her legs and she needs to cum herself. She is ashamed of her thoughts. He tells her crawl over to the pile, pick up what ever she want and bring It to him. She does so thinking he is being nice. When she reaches the table a gasp escapes muffled through her gag. She tries to turn away and he is right there, "pick one or I will use them ALL!"

She is defeated again and turns back to the table. He sits down to relax and watch her. He wonders if she knows how sexy she is. How pleasing she can be. He doubts It, she needs to be taught, and she would be a handful. She is ashamed of her body and desires, and he know this. He is deciding weather he really want to take on the responsibility or not. Shakes his head, laughs, he knew he did when he decided his plan. It was too late to back out now. She looks at all the things laid out before her. Some of them she recognizes and some she does not. She sees a cane, she knows they hurt, she has wielded them on students before. She sees a round thing with pins, she would never choose that. She sees a long green whip thing, it's smell draws her but she is afraid of It She finally chooses a crop. It does not look very harmful. He can see her thinking to himself, he knows what she will choose. Next time, he will choose.

She crawls over to him and hands him the crop. He sees the fear in her eyes. "Not so stroppy anymore, are we teacher." She hangs her head in shame and shakes It no. she does not understand the butterflies in her belly, and why she desires this hurtful, evil, man. She waits, eyes lowered, for his next move... he gets up and ties her again, to a coffee table, he removes the small glass and secures her legs to each leg, secures her arms behind her back, all her weight is on her chest on the table. He takes small yellow rope and quickly binds her hair, he attaches It to her crotch rope. He takes her chain from the clamps and UN-tapes her mouth, inserts the chain which is just long enough and tapes her mouth closed again. She realizes whatever she does with her head pain is eminent. She is scared. He adds her blindfold and starts using the crop on her, all over, soft quick strokes, she pulls a little and struggles, there is no where for her to move. He uses the crop on her breasts from under the table, hard deliberate strokes, he sees her struggling and hears her screams through the gag. He knows the clamps are doing their job, especially since they have been on so long. he uses his hand on her ass. She marvels at how big It is. More cropping, hard strokes that he can see are raising very nicely, all in a neat row, on her ass, thighs, a few gentle ones on her pussy, and finally the bottom of her breasts, the clamps bite in and make her scream the loudest. He drops the crop and puts two fingers in her, she is fucking them, he ads a finger to her clit and as she is about to cum takes It away. She is again screaming into the gag. He chuckles softly at her.

She is already such a fuck toy. His past women could not take this. He finally leans over her and enters her pussy with his cock. It is hard and swollen once again. She screams as he enters her but It is pleasure not pain. He fucks her hard and uses one hand to finger her clit gently, he removes the clamps from her breasts with the other one, she can feel her screaming and bucking back into him, using his cock to keep her orgasm going, he can hardly balance and he starts untying her quickly. He grabs her and rubs her breasts, not her nipples, as she finishes cuming. she is mumbling something. He removes the gag. "Thank you Master, Thank you so much Master. The student has not heard "Master" used in this term but he adapts quickly, "yes, my little fuck toy, I am your Master now." She just falls into his arms.

He takes her gently upstairs, his hood has been gone for some time now, he waits for her to notice, she just lays on the blankets he placed on the floor. He secures a hand to the bed with a soft hand cuff. She mumbles "Master David, you don't have to do that." He asks, "when did you know It was me?" "when you gave me the writing assignment Master, over here, we don't use the word stroppy." He chuckled softly. "Master, why do I have to sleep on the floor?" he stroked her softly, "because my stroppy little girl, you have to learn *I am the Master* and you will do as told with out questioning me." "One of these times you will get angry about It, and we will have to deal with your anger." "For tonight, sleep sound, I am right here if you need me." The stroppy teacher went to sleep thinking "I have finally found a Master, and I am glad tomorrow is Saturday. I wonder what the younger student will teach the teacher."