September/October 2001
by Dark Whisper

"Oh God, not here....not now," she mumbled under her breath as she watched the needle slowly rising. The tale-tell steam started off as a trickle, but soon billowed out from under the hood of her car. "Great," she thought to herself as she took a good look at her surroundings... nothing for miles, but some rickety old farmhouses and what appeared to be a herd of long-horn cattle grazing peacefully. Reluctantly, she pulled over to the side of the road, and turned off the engine. She sat for long moments just gathering her thoughts.

This had been the month from hell. Her oldest daughter, Melissa, had come to her last week and broke the news that she was going to marry that boy she'd been seeing since High School. Molly liked the young man, but felt that Melissa had some living to do yet, and should finish her degree before plunging into the real world of mortgages and utility bills. They'd argued for hours until Molly finally just gave up and wished her daughter the best of luck, only then did she find out that she would be a grandmother in four short months. "I'm too young to be a grandma," she thought to herself as she peered into the rear-view mirror, "I'm only forty-two." She looked intently at her reflection, searching for the tiny lines that had just begun to show by her eyes.

She realized that she had been sitting there for quite some time…engrossed in her thoughts. She sighed and stepped out of the car, moving toward the hood with a competent air. She was a competent woman. If someone were to ask one of her 15 employees if Molly McAdams was comfortable with herself, they would receive a resounding "YES!" She was about 5' 7" and while not thin, was certainly not overweight, either. Her eyes were a clear green, and her hair was softly streaked to camouflage the feathers of gray that had been showing up more and more of late. Her best feature was her mouth…her lips full and soft. More than one of the men she employed longed to feel her mouth open and willing beneath their own. She opened the hood, and quickly stepped back as the steam swirled around her head… "Shit…like I needed this."

Molly turned back to reach into the car for her cell-phone, bending at the waist…leaving her backside clearly visible to the police officer driving down the otherwise deserted road. His grey-blue eyes noticed every detail about the car, and the shapely bottom sticking out of the driver-side door. He swung a wide U-turn and parked behind her, she was still unaware of his presence until she heard a deep, masculine voice rumble behind her… "Miss, what seems to be the trouble?" She turned startled eyes to see a massive young man. He was easily 6' 3", and weighed a good 250 pounds. His muscular arms bulged beneath the short sleeves of his uniform. He had one of those rugged faces that can't be called handsome, but held a strength of character that just shouted 'Trust Me'. Her eyes quickly perused him…short dark hair, beautiful long lashed grey eyes, hard body beneath his tailored uniform, but her eyes lingered longest on his lopsided grin. "Ummmm…" She quickly shook her head, and brought her wayward thoughts back to the matter at hand. "The damned thing overheated. I'm very glad you came by…I was afraid I'd be stuck here forever!"

He moved to the front of the car and glanced at the engine. "Well, I'm afraid that you're going to need a tow truck." His eyes were intent on the innards of the car, and not on her face as the color slowly drained. "But...what's wrong?" She squeaked out. He heard the near panic in her voice, and turned to look at her. "Well, at best, you'll need a new head gasket, and at worst, a new motor." She sort of just slumped against the front fender...for once at a loss for words. She needed to be in Sacramento in two days, and no matter what was wrong with the car, she wouldn't make her meeting. Big, soft tears slipped silently from her eyes, she didn't even realize she was crying until she felt a tender finger on her cheek. "Hey, it's not that bad." His voice was surprisingly gentle considering his bulk, and the job he performed. She just turned to him, buried her face into hard pectoral muscles and sobbed out her month of frustrations. "It's....just....not....FAIR!"...she moaned.

The officer was totally surprised at her reaction. She'd seemed so confident and strong-willed. He'd expected her to nod calmly, pick up her cell-phone, and make the necessary arrangements. When he'd first seen the tears, his finger reached for the glistening droplets before his mind even registered what his hand was doing. With difficulty, she gathered herself, and pulled away from the strong arms holding her gently. "Please forgive that...I've had a rough month." He nodded and turned back toward the car. "Tell you what," he said, "I'm officially off duty in ten minutes. Why don't we tow your car to my place and I'll see if I can fix it for you." She protested weakly, but he merely started fixing a tow rope to her car and securing it. She stood back and watched his economy of movement. She wondered where he had learned to control himself that way...probably some martial arts training, she decided. Her guess was right on target. He taught neighborhood kids Tae Kwon Do on the weekends, and was a formidable opponent in the local martial art's tournaments. The children adored their "gentle giant" who moved so damn quickly.

He finished with the tow rope, and turned to her and said, "Okay, ready to go? My name is Bryan by the way." He extended his hand, and as she grasped his outstretched hand, she felt tiny and altogether pleasant feeling. "I'm's very nice to meet you, Bryan." She flashed him a grin, and his breath caught as his eyes focused on her lips stretching into a warm smile. They turned to tow her car the five miles to his house, and the ride itself was uneventful.

Gravel crunched under two sets of tires as they pulled into his driveway. The little house sat far back from the road, and looked cozy and warm from the outside. Flowers were planted in the beds that flanked the walkway to the front door...her eyes just soaked in the peacefulness and beauty all around her. "Your wife must be proud of her home." Molly said as Bryan unhooked her car and pushed it toward the garage. A roguish grin flashed quickly across his features as he replied "Nope, no wife...just me and Rufus over there." He nodded toward an old hound dog snoring gently in the warm sunlight. Molly felt a thrill spark along her spine, then chastised herself for allowing it. She'd been a widow for 3 years, and hadn't found anyone she wanted to sleep with yet. She found herself studying him...the way those muscles in his ass bunched with every step he took, the way the sun's rays bounced off his hair, his arms flexing as he pushed the heavy car.

She swallowed heavily as she felt her body respond to the young man before her, and suddenly...she wanted him. She wanted to feel those strong hands caressing her skin, his lips sucking lightly on her skin. She shuddered as her mind ran rampant with lusty thoughts. Her reverie was interrupted when he turned to her and said "I need to change out of this uniform, why don't you come into the house and I'll get you something cool to drink while you're waiting." She nodded and followed him into the house. She wandered around the cozy living room, her eyes picking out photographs of family members, and what was obviously Bryan in a college football uniform. The photo was fairly recent, and she wondered about his age. He couldn't be more than 25 or 26, and her mind compared his age to that of her daughter. Once again, she realized she was being a silly old woman, and regretfully turned away from the enticing pose.

He stepped out of the kitchen with a glass of lemonade in his hand, and his shirt hanging open. She could see the swirls of hair on his muscular chest, and her hand trembled slightly as she accepted the cold glass. Their fingers touched, and her eyes flew to his...seeing a flicker of interest deep in their grey depths. "I'll be right back...make yourself comfortable." He almost purred the words, and she realized that he found her attractive. A blush warmed her skin as he walked toward the door at the back of the room. "Pull yourself together, Molly girl." She whispered to herself, "He's MUCH too young for you."

She moved around the room, her eyes taking in each detail. She decided to freshen up and looked for a bathroom. The hallway was long and narrow...and she saw a door to the left, and one at the end of the hall. She cautiously opened the door on the left, and her breath caught in her throat. There he stood...completely naked. His body was extraordinarily good. Flat stomach, lean hips, tight ass, gorgeous chest, and his manhood was half erect...his fingers curled loosely around the shaft. She quickly backed away from the door...her mouth working silently...her face flaming with embarrassment, but her eyes remained fixed on his cock. She felt the wall of the hallway against her back, and knew she should turn away...but she couldn't move. He watched her closely...then his hand began to move once again. Long tanned fingers stroking his now hard cock...his eyes bored into hers as his lips parted.

Molly felt her feet move, seemingly of their own accord, and propel her into the room. She stood looking up into his face...watching his eyes as he stared at her. She curled her hand over the head of his cock and squeezed gently. He groaned and pulled her to him. His mouth plundered hers....his tongue hot and insistent against her teeth. She opened to him like a flower in full bloom. His hot tongue moved over the roof of her mouth, her tongue, and her gums. Molly felt a tingle in her pussy, and knew the lips were beginning to swell, and the moisture was gathering between her puffy outer lips. She moaned against his lips and her hand tightened around his thick cock. Bryan pulled slowly back and gazed at her with question in his eyes… "Are you sure?" he whispered.

"Yes" she breathed. She was unprepared when he scooped her off her feet and carried her to the bed. His eyes never left hers as he slowly peeled her jeans from her trembling legs. She found herself thankful that she'd worn these particular panties that morning. They were the color of old lace, and almost transparent. His large, work-roughened hands were gentle on her skin as he slid one finger beneath the elastic hugging the slight curve of her belly. His finger traveled farther and found the soft nest of pubic hair already damp from her excitement. A knowing smile played across the full lines of his mouth as she spread her legs for him. Molly knew that she shouldn't be doing this…especially with a stranger. She didn't care. She wanted him, and by God, she would have him.

He started slowly, his hands running up and down the smooth insides of her thighs while his eyes drank in her reactions to his touch. He wanted to make very sure that she would enjoy everything about this chance encounter. Molly closed her eyes and allowed herself to just feel, without thought, without fear. She quivered as Bryan's lips touched high on the inside of her right thigh…close to where her legs met, and where her soft pubic hair nestled. His lips brushed softly over the curls, nipping at the soft hair. Her hands reached up to cup her breasts, thumbs moving gently over her nipples, making them hard as stones. Bryan's tongue separated the wet folds of her pussy and began to gently lap at the moisture he found. He was very careful not to touch her clit...his lips grazed along her outer lips and he sucked one deeply into his mouth. Her hips rocked up...trying to press herself closer to him. His big hands gently pushed her back to the bed. "Do you trust me?" He whispered softly. "Yes, I do...I'm not sure why, but yes." She answered breathlessly. She felt his weight shift from the bed and with half-closed eyes watched him move to his dresser and pick up the pair of handcuffs sitting on the polished surface.

He returned to her side and reached for her right hand...she was unsure, but gazed into his eyes...seeing nothing but desire. She gave him her arm and felt the cold steel encircle her wrist. He raised her arm up and threaded the cuffs through the bar above her head, reached for her left arm and snapped the cuff tight. She was now his prisoner...and the thought was both scary and exhilarating. He stood back and his eyes took in every detail of her body, his look lingering on her breasts as they rose and fell quickly with desire. He turned slowly and walked to the other side of the room. She lay there...trembling and unsure while he moved quickly to his nightstand. He turned back to face her and she saw the slender black wood of his nightstick. Her eyes grew wide as saucers when he started slowly stroking the smooth cool stick along the inside of her thighs. "Mmmm, I won't hurt you, Molly...if you feel afraid, or hurt...just tell me and I'll stop immediately." Deep pools of uncertainty mixed with lust searched his eyes...finding only desire and what seemed like genuine caring. Her body relaxed and her legs spread for him once again.

The tip of the stick rubbed softly against the curls of pubic hair...and slowly…easily sank between the fold of her sex. She was so wet. He slid the baton back and forth in her slippery wetness…pausing at just the base of her clit. Her body writhed and shivered as he teased her unmercifully. She began pulling on the iron bars of the headboard as her body arched off the mattress…wanting to entice him to give her aching clit some much needed attention. He shook his head and removed the baton entirely, until her body relaxed its rigidity. His voice was low and husky when he said: "No, my sweet…we are going to take our time." It had been so long for her, and here was this young man…daring to keep her panting and flushed with intense desire. She felt the smooth wood once again traveling over her pussy, she fought against her urge to try to control its direction. Bryan saw her gritted teeth and his eyes flared. She felt his cock jerking lightly against her knee as he moved the baton back to her opening, then up to her clit…finally pressing it against the hard little nub, and rubbing it side to side. Molly let out a long moan as she felt spikes of energy shoot down her legs. She didn't realize she was whimpering until she heard the little sounds and wondered about their origin.

Bryan moved tighter to her opening, his nostrils inhaling the wild musky scent of the woman below him. His eyes probing every crevice and fold of her sopping wet pussy. He always liked a woman that shaved the lips of her treasure, even when there was no one to see. He positioned the tip of the baton at the tight entrance to her pussy. "How long?" he queried softly. "Over three years." She answered, her words were breathy, and almost apologetic. He groaned with the thought of how tight and warm she would be when he finally allowed himself the luxury of burying himself into her sweetness. She could see beads of sweat break out on his forehead, and felt a little thrill sweep through her at the thought that while what he was doing to her was sweet torture, he was feeling the strain of holding back as well.

She felt the unmistakable pressure of a hard object pressing into her sex. God, this felt so hot, so sexy, so fucking right. Bryan pushed gently…feeling the resistance of a cunt unused to intrusion. He watched the way the wood gleamed with her juice as he slowly withdrew it. The action caused a slight sucking sound as he pulled and twisted at the same time. He pressed in once again…this time deeper and faster. She arched up, pressing her hips high in the air to take as much as she possibly could. Her head snapped to the side as she felt the baton press her cervix, and she felt her nipples react to the stimulation of her pussy…growing almost painfully hard. He leaned over her while still fucking her with his stick, his mouth taking one nipple deep inside. His teeth came down and she felt the nerve endings contract. Her hands clenching and unclenching…wanting to grab his cock and stuff it into her mouth. "Bryan…let me suck you," she softly begged. Without a word, he turned so that his cock wavered just above her lips. She strained to take the dark red cock-head into her mouth. She tasted his precum as it dripped steadily from the tip, landing softly on the flat of her tongue. Molly closed her lips over him and immediately his hips surged forward…filling her mouth with his hard shaft. Greedily she sucked and licked at the twitching member, her eyes closed as she savored the feeling of a man's cock in her mouth while getting fucked at the same time. She felt his tongue on the skin of her belly while his hand continued to stroke the stick in and out of her juicy pussy. When his lips reached her pubic hair, she groaned around his thrusting cock…he felt the vibrations deep in his belly and his tongue darted out to flick against her hard, sensitive clit. It was too much. Her whole body instantly stiffened…legs going rigid as she felt the first wave of orgasm crash over her. Her mouth moved furiously on his cock, then stopped while she shuddered and twitched. So long…so very long since she'd felt something like this rip through her being. Bryan was licking fast and hard on her clit as it seemed to pull back then expand. He felt the thick river of cum spilling from around the baton. He could wait no longer, he had to have her NOW!

He quickly pulled his throbbing cock from her sucking lips and withdrew the baton. She heard a crash, and turned to see that he'd thrown it against the far wall. Her eyes glazed with passion and lust, she saw him kneeling between her wide open thighs with his bulging cock gripped in his large hands. "Yes, Bryan….fuck me…I can't take much more of this!" her words were thick and almost guttural. He pulled her legs over his shoulder and leaned into her. Her knees grazed her breasts and she willed her muscles to relax and soften. His first thrust was so powerful, it drove her into the mattress. She stifled a scream as she felt his thick cock splitting the delicate membrane between her cunt and her ass. Almost immediately, the pain turned to pleasure as he pulled out and sank into her again…this time more slowly and carefully. He couldn't believe how tight and wet she was. Time lost all meaning as he twisted his hips and plunged into her time and time again. The air was heavy with the sounds of wet skin slapping together and two people lost in excitement. The unmistakable scent of passion permeated the room…filling their senses, and spurring them on to even greater ardor. Molly's hands had long since lost circulation and they hung limp from the cuffs…she never even noticed as he fucked her with his mind as well as his cock.

Bryan grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled as his hips hunched and his cock drove into her. At one point, she realized that she would have bruises on her collar-bone where his fingers dug into the skin. The thought was chased quickly from her mind as she felt her body readying for her second climax. He could feel the difference in her body and felt his balls tighten and crawl back…filling with his seed. The blood pumped fast in his cock, and he knew he would cum with her. He felt her pussy clamp down hard on his cock and he made a powerful thrust. He was buried into her to his balls and his hips ground hard against her pelvis. She began to quake and shudder, he began to feel the hot white jism shoot up from his balls and jet from the tip of his cock. Her loud moan was joined by his coarse yell as they crashed together over the edge.

Bryan collapsed on top of her…his heart beating madly in his chest. Her breath was coming hard and fast against his sweaty neck. He reached trembling fingers for the key to the handcuffs and quickly unlocked them. She had no feeling left in her arms or hands and they fell limply above her head. His big hands took them and began to rub the circulation into them. The tingles began in the tips of her fingers and with them came the pain. He saw Molly's eyes tear up and he kissed her softly on her swollen lips. The two lovers lay quietly in the late afternoon sun…her head nestled in the crook of his shoulder, and his lips on her soft hair. After awhile, he got up and dressed…leaving Molly to fall into a light sleep. When she awakened, the sun was low in the sky and he was slipping back under the covers. "Your car is fixed, Molly…but there is time enough in the morning for you to resume your journey." And with that, his lips reached once again for hers.