September/October 2001
by FineArt

It had been nearly a year since Gregory and Catherine had moved to the city, a move brought about by new jobs for each of them. Gregory had completed his Masters degree and was working for a prestigious firm in the city, Catherine was working at an exciting, rapidly growing fairly new company near their townhouse in the suburbs and was finishing the first semester of her Masters program. Both were working long, stressful hours and both felt the strains on their relationship. It was typically very late in the evening before one or the other arrived home, and often work or projects or school papers encroached on their weekends. And while their intimate times were frequent, they were rushed. They both missed the long sessions when she served Gregory's dark needs... those times when he sought his pleasures in her. And Catherine knew that his recent restlessness was, in a considerable part, caused by the absence of his enjoyment of her gift to him... the gift of herself to enjoy as he wished.

It was mid-morning, Friday, May 9th. Catherine was very tired. Gregory had been out of town all week on business, but he had insisted that she complete all her papers and school work while he was away. She had been up until the wee hours each night, and had come to work early this morning to complete a presentation she would be making later that afternoon. Then she would be rushing home to prepare for Gregory's return. She sighed and reached across her desk when the phone interrupted her for the 4th time in the last fifteen minutes. "Catherine" she said, with some exasperation in her voice. Her mood immediately brightened when she heard a familiar chuckle.

"Little one, have you completed your assignments?" It was not unusual for Gregory to begin a conversation this way when he had something planned. Catherine smiled, holding the phone to her ear as she walked around her desk to close her office door.

"Yes, Master. I finished the last paper last night." The original assignment had come from her instructors, but it was his assignment to finish them that she was thinking about!

"And the presentation, little one?" His voice was as if this was a routine business call, just checking on the status of things.

"I am just finishing the handouts, Master." They spent the next few minutes talking about the presentation, Gregory making sure she had things down pat, as he expected she would.

"Good little one. That is very good. I am sure it will go well. Now, I need you to do two things for me, Catherine."

"Yes, Sir." His voice seemed removed and impersonal, but she knew better. Gregory had something in mind; they would be having some of that time together that they both missed. Her heart was racing as she listened for her instructions.

"You are wearing your watch and bracelets, little one?" It was actually a statement... Catherine always wore two bracelets on her right wrist and her watch on the left.

"Yes, Sir." She waited to hear what he had in mind, knowing if she asked or showed impatience, he would either change his mind or just not tell her.

"Catherine, just before you go to make your presentation, I want you to switch the watch and the bracelets. As you feel them, know, little one, that I am thinking of you, that I believe in you and know all will go extremely well!"

'Yes, Master!" She was smiling, knowing that this was his way to be there with her as she made this important presentation, giving her support.

"Leave the bracelets when you are finished, little one, but turn the watch so that you see the face rotated, upside down... as my world is turned until I can hold you again, Catherine." He was chuckling; he knew her habit of checking her watch every few moments when she was waiting for something.

"Yes, Master. I will do as you ask." Catherine was not nearly as aware of how she depended on her watch when anxious for something as she would be in a few hours!

"Thank you, little one. You please me very much. I am sure things will go well." And she heard the click as the phone disconnected.

Catherine was smiling, the tension relieved, as she finished preparing for her meeting. She knew her weekend was going to be free and hoped Gregory's would be too. She found herself thinking more about what the weekend might bring than what lay immediately ahead... just as Gregory had planned. He knew she got too tense on occasions like these.

By 3:00 that afternoon, the presentation was over and Catherine was heading back to her office. The presentation had gone extremely well! She was in a male dominated company and it was a struggle to establish herself on merit. She had managed to respond to challenging questions well, and to ignore the cocky marketing whiz that spent the whole meeting staring her right in the chest. She knew he was bright, and that her project's success depended on working with him. She only hoped he would work as hard on the project as he would on trying to get in her panties!

But Catherine knew she had nailed her idea, the boss had praised it! She was feeling very good indeed.

Catherine's thoughts jumped ahead to the potential of the weekend as she entered her office. The first thing she did after setting her materials on the credenza was to switch her watch as she had been instructed. It took her a moment to read the rotated face, on the wrong wrist... 3:07. She sighed... another hour and she could go home. She was thinking of how she would prepare for Gregory's return later that evening.

Catherine was checking her watch for about the 10th time when the phone rang... 3:19. She was learning to read the clock face upside down.

"Catherine, I will not be meeting you at home this evening." His voice was again even, calm, but she gasped. Twice before on this project, Gregory had been held over another day. She was certain he was going to be telling her this was happening again, but she could hear the sounds of an airport in the background. "As soon as you can get away today, I want you to drive directly to the Royal River Hotel. I have faxed you directions. Use the valet parking. A room key will be waiting, and there will be instructions waiting in the room. Little one, I am confident today went well! " Before she could even respond, he hung up.

Catherine just stared at the phone for several moments. There were many questions she needed to ask him, but he was gone. What were they going to be doing, what did she need to pick up at home? How were his meetings going? She wanted to tell him about her meeting success! Catherine just looked at the handset for a moment, smiled, then went to get the fax. Catherine cringed when she saw Bob, the marketing whiz, standing in the doorway to the fax room.

"Nice job today." Bob said, smiling, looking at her eyes for a moment, then his eyes dropped back to her chest. "We could go have a drink after work and massage the fine points."

"Sorry, Bob. I've got lots really important things to do." Her voice was icy, and she shouldered past him when he did not move out of the doorway.

"Yeah, I saw the fax." Bob was speaking to her back. "Greggy boy's out of town, isn't he. Bet M's going to have a great time!"

Catherine grabbed the fax and whirled around, glaring at Bob. "Better than you will ever know!" She pushed past Bob, who was openly leering at her, so angry she was shaking. She needed to be able to work with Bob to succeed in her project. Besides, Bob was established in the company, and male. She was new and a woman. She wished she could talk with Gregory right now... but as it turned out, it would be well into the next week before she would have the chance. Catherine slumped down into her chair and collected herself before looking at the fax.

Neatly printed, the fax, addressed to her, gave driving instructions to the hotel. Catherine knew about it. It was often in the news as a place when important events were held, but she had never been there. She was nervous about driving downtown alone for the first time and she had never used valet parking. She was thinking about what she would need to gather from home when she read the last few lines:

"Go directly from work, Catherine. You will need nothing from home. The room key will be at the bell desk and your instructions will be in the room. I will arrive at 8:00. Be prepared as I have instructed!"

As was Gregory's custom, it was signed with a bold "M" for Master. Catherine had forgotten about Bob and was smiling as she tried to guess what was in store for her this weekend.

She was pulling from the parking lot a little before 4:30 and was driving against the weekend rush hour traffic. At a little past 5:00 she pulled into the circular drive of the grand hotel. As soon as the car came to a halt, a uniformed attendant was there to open the door. He looked like he belonged in a circus! Catherine's smile was as much from amusement as friendliness.

"Welcome to the Royal, Miss. Are you here as an overnight guest or for tonight's special events?" His smile was warm... his eyes did a very quick appraisal as Catherine swiveled to get out of the car. He certainly appreciated her long legs... but like so many, his eyes went right back to her chest!

"Overnight." She flashed him her brightest smile. Catherine knew that Master Gregory got pleasure when other men lusted for her, and she was preparing herself to serve him. She reached back for her purse and the keys, causing the skirt she was wearing to slip a bit further up on her legs as they stretched out to maintain her balance... her blouse to stretch tightly around her breasts. She could not help but blush when she noticed the guy staring open-mouthed.

"Leave the keys, Miss. The guys will park it for you." Then he got her last name. "Oh, yes ma'am. We have your room key! Any baggage? I'll bring it right up."

"No, no baggage." Catherine responded. The doorman gave her a knowing smile. He was used to young women arriving to entertain and amuse visiting businessmen, but they normally had at least an overnight bag. And few of them were nearly this good looking! Most of the high-class call girls did not dress with the class of this one. The doorman was clearly envious of the guy this one was heading up to please! Catherine knew the effect she was having and that Gregory would be pleased. Secretly, even under her blush, she admitted to herself that she was enjoying it too. It was helping her prepare for whatever might happen this weekend!

Catherine got the key from the bell desk and headed toward the elevators. She could not help but admire the ornate grand lobby with its mix of professional staff and well-dressed patrons. This was clearly different from the neon-lighted, shabby places or even the chain motels that were all she and Gregory had been able to afford before when they had traveled. She did not really notice that more than a few were admiring her as much as she was admiring the hotel!

She rode alone in the elevator to the room's floor, and turned left... going clear to the end of the hallway. The carpet was a deep, plush burgundy weave, the walls richly papered and tables along the wide corridor held vases of freshly cut flowers. Catherine felt she was in a vastly different world from what she and Gregory had shared... She was! Even the solid "click" of the door lock when she turned the heavy brass key was something new to her... her every sense was live, acute!

Catherine paused when she entered the room. It exceeded the décor of the lobby and hallway... it was not just a room, but an elegant suite. She was in the outer room that had heavy brocaded draperies, heavy wooden, richly upholstered furniture. From the doorway, she could see the balcony that looked out over the massive river and world famous landmark. There was a note leaning against a large bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Catherine smiled as she slowly closed the door behind her, taking in the room as she moved toward the note. She recognized his handwriting... he had planned this before he had left, days ago.

Little one:
If you have followed my instructions and all has gone well, you will have time to relax and prepare yourself for me. You will find all you need either on the bed or arranged in the bath. Wear only what has been provided. Put what you are now wearing in the armoire and do not snoop elsewhere! After you have prepared yourself, at the appointed hour, you will sit as I have instructed you, on the edge of the bed. I will join you at the appointed time and anticipate your service to me with the greatest joy!
You please me little one!

Catherine smiled as she read. This was developing into a wonderful weekend indeed! She had forgotten about Bob or traffic or work or school! She was wondering what Gregory had planned... and how on earth he had arranged for the note to be in the room. She knew he had been nearly a thousand miles away the entire week!

Catherine stopped dead when she entered the large bedroom. There on the high 4-poster bed was the sheer blue negligee her sister, Annette, had given her to wear on her wedding night! Catherine knew it had been in her dresser when she got her lingerie this morning! How had it gotten here! And beside the dresser was Gregory's black bag... the travel case in which he kept those special toys. On the dresser was the Ping-Pong paddle Gregory had carefully covered in black leather... and when she again looked at the bed, she saw the four satin ropes, each tied to a bedpost, arranged to form an X on the bedspread. Catherine blushed, looked about the room... how! Who! She had called Gregory this morning... She KNEW he was far away!

In a daze, she walked into the bathroom. Arranged on one side of the sink was Gregory's razor, his toiletries. To the other, much of her stuff... arranged just as they had been when she left home this morning! Her comb and brush, her cosmetics... even her hand mirror! On the side of the two person Jacuzzi style tub were her shampoo and conditioners, the bath oils she used only when preparing herself for Gregory's use, even her razor! Everything! How had he done this! Catherine picked up the razor... it even had a new blade. She just shook her head... how! She almost died of embarrassment thinking someone from the hotel or one of Gregory's buddies had done this.

Catherine quickly undressed, placing everything, even her shoes, in the armoire as Gregory had instructed. The only things she kept on were her ring and the necklace she always wore... the ring symbolizing the commitments of their marriage, the necklace the commitments and wonders of her gift to him.

Catherine started the bath, adjusting the water to very hot... adding the bath oils. Before the mirror steamed, she examined her reflections, turning this way and that. She lifted her breasts... pausing only a moment to recall the stares they always attracted... Bob, the doorman! But then she smiled, turning to more pleasant thoughts... Gregory loved to attend to these wonderful attributes of her gender. At times, he had spent hours on end concentrating solely on this part of her... to their mutual enjoyment!

The tub filled, Catherine settled slowly into the fragrant, steaming water. She rested, leaning back on the gentle slope of the tub for a long time, feeling the water relieve the physical stress of her body, the steam dampening her face, her hair. Her fingers and toes were pruney when she finally stirred... only momentarily concerned that they would not be smooth by the time he arrived! Finally, she soaped each leg and carefully shaved them, then her underarms... finally, standing for a brief time, she shaved the area that once held the soft golden curls. As she did so, many memories filled her mind... from when she had first trimmed because of the bikini Gregory had gotten her, or the first time he had bound her to the bed and, among other things, very carefully sheared her smooth and bare. Or the embarrassment she had felt when her mother had simply stared at her, in obvious disapproval when Catherine had been changing clothes one time while visiting home. Then there was the doctor and his nurse when she had undergone that distasteful physical examination! But Catherine knew Gregory would examine her ever so closely, and he would be very displeased at the slightest hint of stubble! This was exactly why he had provided this time!

After she had shaved, Catherine carefully washed her entire body with a soft cloth, then washed her hair. After she toweled, she thought about donning one of the fluffy terry robes the hotel provided, but was sure Gregory would not approve. She spent a full hour fixing her hair, redoing her nails (fingers and toes in the deep red polish she found among her things) and applying the very minimal amount of make-up she thought she could get away with... just a bit around her eyes.

Finally, at ten minutes to 8:00, the appointed hour of his arrival, she went into the bedroom and slipped on the sheer blue nightie. It brought out the sparkling blue of her eyes. The garment fell short of her mid-thigh, and really concealed nothing! She had worn it, however briefly, only twice before... the first being their wedding night.

At 7:55, Catherine sat on the edge of the bed, her knees together, feet flat on the floor. Her hands were folded in her lap, and her back straight. She was facing the doorway to the bedroom, with her head slightly bowed and eyes downcast. Gregory had instructed her in this posture, and even though she could have quickly moved to the proper position upon hearing him enter the room, she had her instructions and would neither move nor speak until he arrived and allowed her to do so.

At exactly 8:00 Catherine heard the solid click of the door lock, the quiet movement of the door over the thick carpet. She caught her breath! Surely this was Gregory! Suddenly she remembered hotels like this had something called "turn-down" service... a silly service for people so inept or feeble they could not pull down the bedspread! Catherine felt she would just die if a maid found her like this, saw the satin ropes or the paddle on the dresser!

She heard the door close, heard the dead bolt and chain latches being secured... she heard someone moving about in the outer room. No hello, nothing was said at all!

After several minutes, Gregory quietly stood in the doorway to the bedroom, smiling in that way he did when he was planning wicked things for her. Still, he said nothing...

Finally, he approached her, very gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, and spoke quietly "Absolutely beautiful!"

Catherine did not move, strained to stay still. He was not speaking to her, but about her. His instructions had been so specific, she was to remain immobile and silent until he instructed her otherwise.

Gregory gazed at her for a few more moments, then turned and entered the bathroom. She heard him using the facilities, then heard the water running in the sink... the distinct click of his razor on the side of the sink.

It seems an eternity, but was only a few minutes before he returned. He had removed his coat and tie... and his shoes! Catherine could see him as he casually opened the armoire, hanging his coat. Then he came to stand, hands clasped behind him, several feet in front of his wife.

Catherine was dying, but she did not move... she did not even raise her eyes.

Finally, as he watched her strain to be still, Gregory chuckled. "Come to me, little one."

When she looked up, Catherine saw his arms were extended, he was smiling, his eyes shining. She sprung into his arms and they were exchanging passionate kisses... his hands were exploring her, lifting the nightie so he could knead her soft bottom, crushing her breasts against his chest!

The rest of the night was one of extreme passion. Gregory had stood back to watch as she removed the sheer nightie. He had inspected her, and, as she had known he would, made sure that her shaving had been perfect! He brought her to the heights of passion, but did not allow her climatic release until after she had disrobed him, brought him to the heights of arousal with her mouth.

Gregory had then positioned her on the edge of the bed, on her widely spread knees, her shoulders pressed into the soft comforter, arms extended over her head, fingers laced. He had used the paddle to leave her with a very red, sensitive bottom. And he had not been gentle when he finally took her, ravishing her with all the pent-up passion, not only from the previous week, but weeks of not being able to enjoy her fully! And Catherine matched his passion... noisily!

They were both in the fluffy terry robes when room service delivered meals in the outer room an hour or so later. Gregory had arranged hers so that the robe opened to her navel, and the waiter had nearly stumbled when she was the one who opened the door. Catherine had not been allowed to stay in the robe as she served Gregory his dinner, but he did allow her to sit at the table to eat hers... it had a glass top!

It was late in the night when finally Gregory stopped in his dark carnal use of his Catherine. And he had awakened her twice in the night to take her savagely. It was something they both needed!

In the morning, they had shared the whirlpool tub. Catherine had lovingly bathed him... and he had laughed in pure pleasure when he had positioned her in front of one of the jet streams until her body was racked in orgasm.

Catherine had been bound, spread eagle, on the large bed when room service delivered their breakfast... Catherine was thankful that Gregory had not had the cart wheeled into the bedroom! He had alternated between feeding her and toying with various parts of her body... and had used the jams that had come with the toast on her breasts instead of how it had been intended!

Finally, they had showered together, laughing, exploring, renewing all that they shared together... feeling the freedom, forgetting all the stresses. Catherine found that the dresser drawers contained some flattering, casual slacks and blouse, there were comfortable walking shoes. She just followed Gregory's lead as they took public transportation to the world famous botanical gardens, spring flowers in full bloom. They spent the entire day exploring the gardens, holding hands as they walked, talking quietly, laughing. Many smiled as they watched the two together.

As the late afternoon arrived, Gregory took her to one of the well-known restaurants. They spent three hours eating and drinking, relaxing, enjoying.

When they returned to the hotel, Gregory again sought his pleasure in his Catherine until she was totally exhausted.

They slept late into the morning, then stopped for a late morning brunch on their way home. Not once, during the entire weekend, did either talk about work or school or the other things that dominated their lives most of the time.

For years thereafter, on the second weekend of the second month of each calendar quarter, Gregory and Catherine returned to the Royal River Hotel. Their weekends were a mixture of sexual pleasure and fun, relaxing activities. They attended the Broadway productions that came to the city, or went to a jazz club. They went to sporting events or explored the museums. They went to the zoo or to the Indian mounds. He took her to the Platinum Club and the modern dance presentations!

Catherine seldom knew what was in store for any given weekend. Gregory nearly always planned things, telling her only what to bring... and sometime not even that if it would give his plans away! The one unbreakable rule was that they had to escape everything else that intruded on them... to spend the entire weekend reveling only in what they shared together.

And without fail, they always stayed in the same room, in the corner, down the long hallway.
In Room-