September/October 2001
A View from the Top

A Tale of Three Sisters

by Master Douglas


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Let me set a foundation for my semi-monthly rant. I have been looking to increase the size of my family. I am talking with, exploring, evaluating a new slave to add to the two who presently serve me.  For those of you who have more than one child, you understand sibling rivalry in all its glorius forms.  Adding another to a one alpha poly household is much like that.

Can you say insecurity. While my concept is to add, my girls see replace. While I view it as new blood, new life, more experiences, the girls see divided time, less personal attention, more work.  It always amazes me how the same glass can be half full and half empty.

My perception is we have three bedrooms, one of which is always open (as it’s occupant is sleeping with me). Their perception is there is no bedroom (private space) for the new one and the two bathrooms we have are barely adequate for the three of us.

And as to sex! The thralls seem to believe that if little Master John Thomas (ref. Lady Chattersley’s Lover) is capable of 50% more effort, why isn’t he there now for them to enjoy? How do you explain to females that diversity breeds extra life?  Mrs. Cleveland was visiting a farm and was informed by reporters that a rooster could fertilize 100 eggs every day.  She said, “Tell that to President Cleveland”. The reporters took that story to the President who responded, “Tell Mrs. Cleveland the rooster does it with 100 different hens!”.

So, while dealing with the daily and special problems of the homefront, this Master seeking growth of the poly household starts doing the online dance with a new thrall.  It has been well over a year since I even thought about adding a girl. I belong to several online boards, posting groups. In one of these I read some posts by a girl that intrigued me.  We emailed a few times.  She had a life, a humor, a style which appealed to me. There were negatives and positives, I weighed them and decided to start thinking seriously of ownership. God(dess) I hate long distance relationships but the local talent just hasn’t awakened my mind like this girl.  Now what does the wise Master do?

I have put all the girls in touch with each other. This gives the seasoned veteran slaves a chance to act up, participate in the process, make my life the living hell I truly deserve.  There is no room for me to tell little white lies anymore. Every word I utter resonates in email boxes across the web. One of my friends told me, a Master has to be a masochist to have two slaves and a full blown pain slut to even consider three. One of my sluts is already hitting on the new girl big time. Even if I don’t take her she may (a joke).

Where do we go from here? Phone conversations are next. If she sounds like Fran Drescher all bets are off. Presuming we survive that step we’ll invite her out for a long weekend. I remember seeing a piece on Discovery channel about what to do when you bring a new baby into the house, so we’ll strip the new thrall naked, lay her on a blanket in the middle of the floor and let the others girls sniff her real good. Hopefully she won’t smell like a threat or pee with her diaper off. 

A blended family is difficult. But, there is great joy to be had in having a family that understands and shares your kinks, allows you to be you, and through it all is a place to be safe and loved. I have heard home is a place where they have to take you in when you have no place else to go.  I want my home to be a place you want to come to even if you have other places to go. Wish me luck.

Master Douglas

PS. The thralls want to add they have overcome the new candidates problems (she’s cute, blond, 23, and built like a brick shithouse) and like her anyway. Women can be so shallow.