September/October 2001
Male Chastity Belts
by Altairboy

The male chastity belt has been the subject of much of my fantasies. I've been intrigued with the sexual power implications of having my genitals toyed with, yet out of reach, and under lock and key. The thought of having my penis LOCKED up by a secure device, and my not being able to touch myself or masturbate is highly erotic.

Chastity Belts are more commonly thought of in literature as a method of locking up females (supposedly to protect them from attack by thoughtless males). A properly designed and fitted male chastity device will prevent manipulation of the penis, and definitely prevent sex.

This page was created to present in one place as much information as possible to explain what they are, and where to find them. And, yes, I DO own and wear several of these belts. When someone else has control of the key to your chastity belt, your outlook on life will never be the same again.

Finally, I admit it. I am very interested in what you think of this page. If there is a mistake, or something you feel should be included, or you have any suggestions, comments or criticism, please let me know by dropping me a note at

Tollyboy Style Chastity Belts

Jones belt This design has been called the Rolls Royce of chastity belts. The modern stainless steel chastity belt was developed in the United Kingdom, by the now deceased Hal Higginbottom. The design features a flexible stainless steel band around the waist, with rubber edging to help protect from chafing. The front shield conceals a tube to hold the penis pointed down, and is connected to the rear by a pair of chains. An optional extension is available which can hold a butt plug in place. Erections are impossible. The belt is designed to be worn under street clothing, 24 hours a day. The Tollyboy design was copied and produced in the United States by William Jones of Florida, and later by Access Denied in New York. Most recently, Neosteel in Germany has begun production.

Walter Goethals - Belgian Chastity Belt

This stainless steel chastity belt comes from Belgium. Note the penis tube is a different design than the Tollyboy or William Jones version, yet still pointing down so you must sit to urinate. The testicles are exposed. Designed for 24 hour 7 day use, this belt is adjustable for weight changes, unlike the Tollyboy design.

Northbound Cock Cage

An adjustable leather waist band locks at four points - two at the waist, on the crotch strap, and at the hinged cage. The stainless steel penis cage is hinged at the bottom. When locked closed, the cage contains the penis in the vertical position. A Full erection is possible, allowing touch, but no stroking. Four brass padlocks are provided. Sold by Northbound Leather, Toronto, Ontario. It is possible to wear this under street clothes but it creates a very obvious and funny looking lump.

Mr. S. Leathers - San Francisco, USA

cuff1.jpg This company caters mostly to gay men, but has developed an interesting line of chastity belts and devices. Their original Chastity Cuff has been copied many times. Their designs are hot to look at, well made, and seem to be very popular. Mr. S. Leathers keeps many of the products in stock for quick shipment. follow the link for more company and product information. They have an extensive product catalog crammed with photographs that is worth the price and will most likely get your full attention!

The BirdCage

This is not a chastity belt, but for those that want a long term use chastity device, made out of stainless steel, it might do the job. From Stainless Construction Company.

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