July/August 2003
Life As I See It
by Randy Burns




Jim Martin Encore
ĎThe King of Bondage IIí

To no oneís surprise, Jim Martin just keeps going. He uses Ropes and knots on the loveliest submissive women, while his mind remains completely unbound. He ties them up and photographs them, joking and moving - always thinking of a better tie. The man is a legend in the world of Bondage. He owns Bondage by Request and BDVideo.com. Heís photographed the greats, the best, personal favorites and never stops doing it all. ĎThe twisted mind of Jim Martin,í thatís what it says on his websites.

ďComfort is the death of all creativity. Once a couple loses the desire to communicate about what would bring them the greatest sexual pleasure, they begin settling for whatever comes. Shortly thereafter, one partner starts to seek more excitement outside of the relationship, and then BLAMO-- it's all over.Ē - Jim Martin

Does that sound twisted to you? Everyone loves to quote Jim because he makes things clear when he speaks - no bullshit and no flowers. I received tremendous feedback from my first Interview with him, but that was quite a while ago. I believe itís time that we do some catching up with the extremely talented and outspoken Jim Martin. For those that love bondage and people that speak their mind, enjoy this, you just may learn a few things.

Randy: Jim, when did you realize that you had a fetish for bondage? When you found out you liked it, did you know there were many women in the world that loved to be bound for pleasure?

Jim Martin: I found out about my fascination with bondage and fetish when an ex girlfriend asked me to tie her up and have sex with her. I did it and WHAM, I was hooked. Then she asked if she could tie me up and try. I thought for a moment and said, ďokĒ. NOTHING happened. I was very embarrassed at first, but I came to realize that I was in no way submissive, so I dealt with it by never dating sexually dominant women. I must add, there is a huge difference between sexually strong women and sexually dominant ones. I like a girl with a good appetite for sex. Iíve been lucky in that department. Iíve discovered more and more women who love bondage. It gives them a great chance to be free, to let go and let their partner have total control. It requires great trust and if that doesnít exist between two people you really doní have anything now do you?

Randy: In the beginning, who were your first favorite bondage and fetish photographers? Did you learn bondage photography from trying to shoot like them, or did you develop your own style too quickly?

Jim Martin: I know this might sound weird, but I never had a favorite fetish or bondage photographer. I sort of just had favorite bondage and fetish models. I never tried to shoot like anyone. In fact, the camera being in my hand is second nature. I look through it and when I see something I like, I just click at the right moment. I try not to look at it like a science - my relationship with the model is what I count on.

Randy: When you are attracted to a submissive woman that is attracted to you, do you first want to play, or take out your camera and start shooting?

Jim Martin: HMMMNN. Well, thatís a funny question, cause so often its difficult for me to be attracted to a girl solely based on looks. Usually I start shooting them and talking with them. Most of the time I am attracted to them only as much as it takes to get the shots. Occasionally one will be able to get deeper under my skin, which can sometimes become a problem, it has been more than once. Since I am so picky it takes a lot to break through, but once they do Iím hooked. And, more often than not, they get hooked too!

Randy: At first, did you ever ask yourself why you were attracted to women being bound, or did you just accept the fetish as a natural part of yourself?

Jim Martin: I have to stress, that my quirks and fetishes go so much deeper than the girl just being bound. There are so many things that go into me being attracted to, or turned on, by a girl. Having them tied in a particular way, adds to that. I love the idea of a girl being a girl: feminine and beautiful, relying on me to take care of her, rescue her and so on. As for your question, ďDid I ever ask why?Ē NO!!

Randy: What precisely do you look for in a model that makes you feel sheíd be a good subject for your camera, and possibly yourself?

Jim Martin: That would have to be a 2 part answer. Often models are not ones Iíd pick for me personally and visa vi. As for models, I like someone who is very open and comfortable, someone who has a charm that comes through on film. There are many girls that I photograph that look a lot better in my pictures than they might look in daily life. Thatís not to say theyíre unattractive, the chemistry, lighting and everything just worked for us. Itís a total team effort. Iím often surprised when I see pictures that someone else shot of a model that I worked with and how different she might look. I sometime ask myself, ďIs this the same model?Ē

As for a personal choice, Iím the pickiest person in the universe. There are a million things that go into finding a girl as a good candidate for me. My tastes vary so much. In fact, anyone who knows me well, will know that just when I say I would never date a particular type, more often than not, that will be my next girlfriend. BTW- Iíve stopped saying that. Although, once I dig a chick, EVERYTHING about them becomes a turn on to me.

Randy: Iíve seen your new token site - www.BDvideo.com , my God itís a bondage loverís paradise! If you donít find what you want on BDVideo youíre not going to find it anywhere. Such an array of beautiful women, how do you find them? Do they come to you and inquire, or do you contact them yourself?

Jim Martin: I used to have to hunt them down. But it seems my phone rings off of the hook now. Everyone wants me to shoot them in bondageÖ. Lucky ME!

ďWho can fault us for wishing to enjoy all that sex has to offer? We are experimenting with one of the greatest gifts we posses. We choose not to use anger, hatred and wickedness as our venues, instead we focus on passion, arousal and ecstasy.Ē - Jim Martin

Randy: Jim, why is it that you love shooting bound and restrained women so much? Do you do any other kind of fetish photography? Do you have any other fetishes?

Jim Martin: I have EVERY fetish in the world, from earlobes, to feet, hands, necks and a million more Iíd rather not mention. If I were to photograph all of them Iíd run out of space for pictures, so since BBR and BDVideo were originally rope bondage sites Iíve (sort of reluctantly) limited myself to that. The other thing is that Iím not sure if anyone would really understand just what it is that makes me click, because sometimes I donít even know.

Randy: They say that a fetish, more than likely, comes from a childhood experience that you have retained somehow. Do you remember anything from when you were young that might add some credit to that?

Jim Martin: Not really, and I have tried to think this over for years. Maybe I was dropped on my head or something!

Randy: How would a submissive subject for your camera that is looking for a good break - get a chance to be photographed by you? Is there a set of rules or a certain way you would like them to contact you?

Jim Martin: I really like it when I get an e-mail from a prospective model. Of course I canít shoot everyone who wants me to shoot them, but I still am flattered by the invitation. There really are no rules - usually they have the rules<G>.

Randy: When it comes to fetishes, do you think that weíll ever truly understand them all, or are fetishes like the universeÖdo they go on and on and on?

Jim Martin: I donít think that fetishes are made to be understood. I think they are made to be enjoyed and they are there for those of us who have a higher level of understanding of sexuality and the opposite sex. Those who donít have fetishes, or should I say those who donít fess up to them, are very shallow. Usually sex for these people means doing their partner as fast and hard as they can. I remember a great story a girl told me: ďBehind that door there are two people having sex. The girl is trying to come as fast as she can and the guy is trying to last as long as he canĒ. That pretty much defines sex for those who donít want to understand the opposite sex. Fetishes give us a way to appreciate the other person for more than just their body. Taking the time to focus on the whole being and getting in touch with them can only heighten the experience-for those of us who are into this type of thing.

Randy: After your tremendously successful BondagebyRequest.com and BDvideo.com, do you have any new plans for the future? Bigger and better things - perhaps?

Jim Martin: Iím really happy where I am at this point in my life. I have a life most people would dream of: Naked chicks every day, and them clamoring to be tied up and photographed. Who could ask for more? I am truly grateful to G-d for every gift He has given me.

Randy: You have the chance to go anywhere right now, with any amount of people you like, for as long as you like. Where would you go, with whom and for how long? What Iím asking, more or less, is what would be Jim Martinís version of paradise?

Jim Martin: Paradise is me and my special girl, the one that loves me for me, on a deserted island. With great food, beautiful climate and some soft music. Believe it or not, I would only want one girl. Iíve had two at once and it ainít what its cracked up to be. I would sleep in late, get a massage, enjoy everything that the world (or at least that island) would have to offer each and every moment. I know, I know, you wanna know who that girl should be? She would be kind and soft spoken, someone in love with love and happy with the simplest things and she should look likeÖhmnnnn - Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas. I loved her in that.

Randy: Thanks again Jim, people always like to hear what you have to say. However, I have one last question: What would you say is your biggest character flaw? That is, if you have anyÖ

Jim Martin: If I had to pick oneÖ I love too much! Sounds strange I know, but even ask my closest friends. Loving too much and too fast is my biggest downfall.

So, Jim Martin goes on with his life his way. If he ever finds that girl of his dreams we may never hear from him again. Donít know whether that would be a good or a bad thing, but it would certainly be Jim Martinís thing. You can be sure about that.

You should go right now and check out his sites and his photography. Click on these links: www.BondagebyRequest.com and www.BDVideo.com and have yourself a ball.

Until next time - goodnight lovers. RB.