July/August 2003
The Sadist With A Mean Streak

by John Gault




Pain is often more brutal when it’s mental not physical

We managed to run our little BDSM website for close to a year and all was going fairly well. No we weren’t making a million dollars a month, not even hundreds of thousands. Actually the average for the first year was a little over $1,000 a month. The investments however, were considerably more than the revenues. Still we felt pretty good making some return on investment. Of course her idea of contributing financially to my home was not positive. Her efforts were well intended and she spent endless hours working to make the site bigger, better and interactive. She was looking for a breakthrough and one day she found it.

My slave girl, a.k.a.: bitch, was asking me for a webcam. She had found a few other webgirls using them and she was sure it would bring in more customers. She had no idea how to program a server for webcam or how to write the HTML for a web page to use the cam. Of course she would take for granted that her Engineer educated Master would have little trouble with the technology. She even considered I would likely already know these technology details. Her reasoning was nearly contrived and came close to earning her a capitol B in her name. More investment of money and time came to pass and in short order her webcam was operating complete with her own private chat room. Income did increase and marketing opportunities brought the promise of even more income.

A few months later she had developed a regular clientele of webcam watchers and chat room participants. During the day while I was at work she would spend time chatting and camming with people visiting our website. As the “regulars” grew in number so did the never-ending requests for a live scene. Master, she told me, they want to see me getting tortured over the webcam. I’m not the exhibitionist type at all. I don’t participate in local BDSM groups and public dungeon parties (for lack of a better wholesale term) because I don’t want to play on the stage. My sadistic desires aren’t playtime content, and to me a staged event was just that: playtime. I’m not shy at all. Most of my work career has been in front of audiences giving speeches, technical presentations, and many hours of teaching college level courses. But, S&M was not what I was comfortable “performing” for an audience. I observed her chat room that evening to get a personal feel for what was going on. It was my perception from this observation that the clients didn’t just want to watch her getting tortured, they wanted to direct the torture. My first reaction was an even stronger conviction of - no way in hell! As I thought about the potential of having strangers watching and suggesting brutality to the bitch the more the idea appealed to me. I’m a firm believer in spontaneous torture with no consentually pre-prepared playtime, and this had a lot of that element.

We spent many months doing two or three live shows a week with the webcam. Most of the people would request practical tortures and a few had some very dumb wants. I was very disappointed but reminded of what I mentioned in the previous article (DomSub Lifestyle, April 2003); most BDSM surfers are not really into torture but are into bizarre sex acts. I did a couple of my own torture scenes for the clients about every other live cam show. The results were fewer people coming to the shows on those nights and more coming on the nights I wasn’t torturing. I don’t know if it was because I was more inclined to torture than they, or if it was not being able to tell us what they wanted. Maybe a combination of the two which kept them away. Most of them did like the baseball bat shoved up her snatch and that became a standard request during most shows. Once I substituted the ball bat for a bottlebrush, which they all cheered. I spent a few (20) minutes scrubbing the inner walls of her vagina with a large bottlebrush. Her tears were exquisite and the screams were not as frequent as I would have liked, but well received. When I pulled the brush out of her it was blood stained and visually obvious. The webcam picked it up in all its red messy glory and the clients all got a good view of the evidence of carnage. The bottlebrush was never requested again even if I suggested it. Even now, more than three years later someone will bring up the bottle brush event during a live show. Warms my heart to know I can torture so many with one simple webcam!

One day while she was busy advertising my website she came across a website for sale. When I came home that evening she was obviously excited and anxious to share something with me. As she told me about this site for sale all I could hear was “more money to invest”, but she was learning a lot about the web business so I did listen a bit. It was the first time in our SM relationship’s history that we actually had a mutual discussion. I explained the concept of business expansion, return on investment, potential versus actual revenue, negative growth start up, and learning curves for income. She took in the information like a starved puppy eating a T-bone steak. My web business had already expanded to seven domains and now she wanted to buy an existing one. After we had reached agreement of how to evaluate and make a purchase decision we took a look at the site. It was a very good domain name, very popular with traffic, and showed fairly remarkable income trends. The only draw back I could see was the niche market. This was a swinger site, not bondage, fetish, or even close to SM. Still the cost versus price haunted me throughout the night. It was too good. If the figures played out the cost of the domain would more than be made back in just two months.

I didn’t make the decision to buy the domain because I was convinced it was a great revenue producer. In fact I truly felt the books were fixed. I did buy it though, and the revenue proved to be better than the books. I made my money back in just six weeks. Since then I have had two other similar opportunities to buy domains with good revenue to price ratios and those have also worked out fantastically. But this one, this swinger site was special for my bitch. She had no idea the torment it would bring her. After we had the site legalities completed and cleaned up the web pages to meet my standards it was time to add content to the site. All of our materials so far were SM and bondage. Certainly not what we needed for a swing site. Our work was cut out for us, I would take charge of finding men to fuck her while I photographed and filmed, and she would need to make mad passionate love with all the men I could bring home. Even better, I let her take charge of both finding the men and making them feel sexually satisfied while I took care of the camera work.

The poor bitch nearly expired when she heard the news. The site had to make my money back and even more than that, it had to make a lot of money beyond breaking even. She couldn’t come to grips with having sex with other men much less having sex with them while I watched. After several weeks of teaching her the tricks of being a whore i.e., how to make a man feel he is the best of the rest, how to win his confidence to perform at his best, and how to prevent him falling in love all at the same time -- the real issue was not yet addressed. She, like many women, had never separated love and sex. To her it was a prerequisite to have an attraction at the least to anyone she was going to have sex with. This isn’t sex, it is fucking and fucking is the best! I explained. Besides I want it to happen. The day I brought home her first fuck buddy was precious torture, and to this day the best I ever had.

With a lot of effort and time I finally got her to be a good whore. She can satisfy most any man at the snap of my fingers (literally) and never once let him know the metal torture she is going through. Perhaps she has grown to enjoy it and only pretends to be tortured by it for my benefit. It doesn’t matter to my bottom line and therefore it wouldn’t bother me either way. For now she has to have sex with a minimum of four new partners a month. Photographed, filmed, edited, and posted to the site are her charges. A year later I told her it was time to get some girls over to fuck her too. What’s a swinger site without lesbian content? Now who’d have thought she was pussy shy? My mind sends tingles with each new mental torment for my darling bitch. You must only use your imagination to understand the next several torments (interracial, gangbang, double penetration...) she got to experience and/or will experience for my business - income. Her reward for performance - I’ve stopped calling her bitch and began calling her cheating whore.

John Gault