July/August 2003
The Orgasm
by Mistress Sierra

It had been quite a search for her; the search to find the one who would take her wrath, her anger, her abuse and come back for more, just to please her.

She was a rather sadistic woman; full of evil thoughts of how to use men for her pleasure. They met over coffee one day. He opened the door for her and she walked out to the patio and sat down. She reached in her purse for a cigarette. As she put it in her mouth and was about to look back into her purse for a lighter, he was already there with the lit match. She inhaled deeply, looked up and met his eyes as he blew the match out. "Thank you", she said. "My pleasure, Ma'am", he replied with a pleasant smile.

They spent most of the afternoon at the coffee house getting to know one another and exchanging stories about what they were looking for in a mate. All he wanted was to please and be the best submissive he could be. What she wanted besides willingness and obedience was for a man to be strong enough to take the pain she so needed to get out of her. He said that he wasn't sure how much pain he'd be able to withstand, but that he was more than willing to give it a try to please her.

As afternoon turned into evening, he followed her in his truck to her house. After entering the house, she went about lighting candles.

He stood there awkwardly watching, not knowing whether to help her, sit down or just stand and wait for directions. She notices that he is uncomfortable. He barely sees the smile and the glint of pleasure in her eyes.

When there is a nice glow around the living room, he looks around and notices the modern style of decor; the black couches and entertainment center, but also notices little hints of her lifestyle hidden in various places. The plants are hung from the ceiling with eyebolts and chains; there is a pair of handcuffs hanging on the wall. To the average person, something so subtle wouldn't stand out at all. He can hear the gentle sound of running water and notices various water fountains decorating various corners of the room. He is getting excited at the thought that soon she is about to have full control of him and he is wondering what she is going to do.

Maybe it was the candle lighting or maybe it was the rush of blood going through his body, but when she came up to him and started to remove his jacket, he seemed to notice the sadistic look and glare in her eyes, but with a slight smile added. He's doing his best to look casual and remain calm, but he is filled with so much anticipation and excitement, he's afraid she'll hear his heartbeat.

She then takes off his shirt and throws it over the back of the couch. She takes her fingertip and runs it along his chest over his arm and around to his back. She is looking him up and down, noticing every curve, noticing the way the hair caresses his body, sizing up his muscle tone to see how much he is going to be able to handle. She runs her hands from his shoulders down the bare skin of his back and over his pants. She is getting to know his body, testing his skin temperature, so that when she warms up his butt, she'll notice the difference. He stands there very still letting her inspect him.

She slides her arms around his side, presses her breasts into his back and reaches around to the front of his waist and unbuttons his jeans. She slides her hands inside and runs them along his hips around to his rear and back to the front where she grabs his crotch firmly and gives a slight squeeze. His shoulders tense up in anticipation for pain. However, she releases her grip and gently rubs the palm of her hand over him and back out of his jeans. She pulls down and he steps out of his clothing.

He is standing there in front of her nude. She comes around to the front of him and stands with her arms crossed, looking him up and down. He is rather embarrassed to be in front of her fully nude while she is so carefully scrutinizing him. He tries to read her face for signs of approval, but she gives none. She simply says, "humph" and then walks out of the room to the back of the house. He stands there rather uncomfortably looking around and notices that when she returns, she is holding a few coils of rope. His eyebrows raise slightly and he wonders what she is going to do.

She picks one of the coils and drops the remainder on the coffee table next to her. She unties the rope and holds one end while letting the remainder drop to the floor with a thud. She ties a knot in the end of the rope and reaches around him to put it over his head. He bends down slightly to allow her to reach over him and as he does, he breathes in the smell of her beautiful, long, curly hair. She notices this and decides to tease him further by brushing her breasts up against his chest as she puts the rope over his head and drapes it over his shoulders.

She brings the rope in front of him and begins tying it in knots. She begins to wind the rope around him front to back through the knots. She watches as the rope slides across his hips and sometimes over his erection. She smiles wider as she watches his cock twitch and grow bigger when the rope caresses it. When she has finished wrapping the cocoon of rope around him, she stands behind him and reaches around to the front and begins tightening the rope going from his chest down to his crotch. When she is at the end, she firmly tugs on the rope before tying it off, which throws him slightly off balance for a second. She giggles.

She runs her hands down his sides and feels the combination of rope and his skin beneath her palms. She brings her hands down his body and around to his rear where she squeezes the roundness of his cheeks, gradually squeezing harder until her nails are digging into his skin. She feels excitement at this man's obedience and the control he has given her over him. She goes around to the front of him and grabs onto the harness and pulls him into the bedroom. She stands him at the foot of the bed facing her, and then pushes on his chest, forcing him to the bed. He falls with a thud on the bed and she grabs his ankles and pushes them towards his torso, forcing his knees up and out. His thighs and crotch are fully exposed to her.

She puts leather restraints on his ankles and attaches them to the harness so that he is no longer able to stretch out his legs. She runs her hand from his right knee up his thigh, over his crotch and down the other side. She notices the smooth, unmarked skin and appreciates it as if an artist would a blank canvas.

She rolls him over onto his knees, which now forces his butt into the air. She reaches into her bag and pulls out the blindfold. She pulls up her skirt, straddles his back and sits on him, reaching around to put the blindfold over his eyes. He notices her wetness on his back.

She slides down, brushing her breasts against him as she gets down from the bed. She caresses his bare butt before reaching for the flogger and gently swinging it across his ass. She is very aware of his skin color and how it changes from a light, pale color to soft pink streaks. She watches for a sign of discomfort, but he remains perfectly still.

She begins to build up speed and increases the intensity of the blows as she watches the color change. She stops frequently and feels the temperature of his skin, while caressing and soothing him at the same time. Every once in awhile, she hauls off with a very hard blow, but he still remains motionless, taking everything she can dish out.

She stops the flogging to get the crops. She starts with the short, black riding crop and takes aim by gently caressing his skin with it. She pulls back and gives a good, hard tap, making sure the end and the rod in the crop make contact with his skin. He hisses in air through his teeth, but keeps his body perfectly still.

She smacks the other cheek without warning. She switches to the long, springy, pink crop and gives a good blow to both cheeks at the same time. Again, he sucks in a breath of air, but shows no movement. She loves this. He can take just about anything she dishes out. However, now it has become a challenge to make him grunt or flinch.

She pushes him back onto his back where his thighs and crotch are once again exposed to her. She hits the inside of his thighs with the flogger. The skin here is much more sensitive and begins to turn pink rather quickly. There is still no movement from him. She then takes a long, wooden spoon and taps sharply and rapidly on the inside of his thighs about four or five times. When she stops, she watches his face wrinkle up, his lips open up slightly as he sucks in air through his clenched teeth. This must have come pretty close to making him flinch.

She looks around the room, looking for more torture instruments. She grabs a box of colorful clothespins from the shelf and a thin, short rope from the wall. She ties the thin rope around his cock and balls and tightens it before tying it off. She then pulls on the skin, that is now turning red from being bound so tightly, and one by one, puts clothespins around the outside. He looks like a pincushion by the time she is done or possibly a colorful porcupine. She giggles again.

She sees the red streaks on the inside of his thighs that had formed from the flogging and spoon. She can clearly see the outline of the spoon where she hit him. Since her face is so close to his thighs, she licks the red spots with her tongue. She can feel the heat coming from his skin where she hit him.

She sucks slightly then bites down, gradually clamping down harder and harder, till he finally yells out and jumps. She moves her head back, slaps him on the inside of the thighs with her hand and says with laughter, "Ha! Finally!"

She is excited about finally dishing out enough pain. She examines his body and all the marks she has created. It has worked her up. She is sweating and notices that she is also quite aroused too. She stands over him with her ankles against his sides and grabs his hands. She puts his hands on her legs. He feels the lace of her stockings. He runs his hands up her legs till he reaches the end of the stocking where the garter holds them up. He feels her bare skin where the stockings end and slides his hands over her bare ass before bringing his hands back down her legs.

She puts one of her feet on his face and rubs it over his mouth and nose and lets him inhale the aroma of her stockings. She turns around and sits down on his face. He nuzzles around till he finds the wet spot and begins licking. She now bends over to have access to his crotch again. She strokes his hard cock a few times then reaches down and pinches one of the clothespins tighter. He licks faster.

She begins to remove some of the clothespins. She notices the change of his tongue in her as she is removing the items from his skin. She touches where the clothespins were and notices the deep marks they have left. She pushes slightly and he groans a little bit, but still continues to lick and suck her clit. The markings from the clothespins and knowing his pain are such a turn on to her.

She pushes down harder onto his face, grinding herself into his mouth. She groans and sighs with pleasure while removing a few more clothespins. The intensity of the moment is almost more than they can both bear. So, she stands up, turns around and sits down on his stomach, the wetness between her legs spreading across his skin.

She leans over him, pulls down the lace of the corset under her breasts and brushes the tip of her breast over his mouth. She grabs his hands and pushes them back against the bed by his head. He is unable to touch or see her. He opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and tries to find her nipple.

She teases him by pressing into his mouth, then pulling back again. Again, she giggles. She enjoys teasing him, but can no longer hold herself back and forces her breast into his mouth. He flicks his tongue over her nipple. She grabs his hair and forces his mouth more into her, pushing her breast into him. As he sucks harder on her nipple, he can hear her moaning sweetly in his ear. She can feel his erection touch her ass. She pushes back a little to put pressure on his cock.

She reaches around, strokes his shaft a couple of times, then quickly reaches down and pulls off three clothespins rapidly. It catches him off guard and he tenses up a little bit with the pain, but still continues to suck on her breast. She removes all the clothespins one by one, watching the look on his face, hoping to read the pain. She pops her breast out of his mouth and slides her hips onto his head. Her thighs straddle his head as he sucks and licks with passion. She grinds back and forth over his mouth till he brings her to orgasm. She gently squeezes her thighs around his head as she cums. He slowly and gently licks the juices flowing from her as she twitches and moans from the intense feelings that have just overcome her.

She turns around again, and puts his hand to her crotch and lets him slide his fingers inside her. She reaches between his legs and slides her finger into his ass while stroking his throbbing cock with the other hand. They are both moaning and sighing from the pleasure. Her eyes go between the marks on his thighs to his hard cock in her hand. She is about to have another orgasm. So, she quickly grabs hold of his balls and squeezes while pushing her crotch down, pushing his fingers further inside her.

She is moaning and screaming loudly, while stroking him. The intensity is too much for the both of them. They both explode at the same time with a massive orgasm, which lasts for a good minute. As she loosens her grip on his crotch, they both bring each other down from the euphoria slowly. She slides next to him and slowly removes the blindfold and looks into his eyes. They both smile and collapse to the bed exhausted, while giggling and sighing. "Wow" is the only thing they can both say to each other. After a moment to catch their breath, she stands him up and unties him from the harness, thinking about what they had both just gone through while watching the rope, again, slide across his skin. She puts her hands on his face, pulls him into her and kisses him gently on the lips and says, "My good slut!", then gently slaps his cheek, then gently slaps his butt.