July/August 2003
Mistress Janeroís Lucky sub
by Randy Burns


Youíve only been to one Mistress before me and all she did was make you kiss her boots, spank you, then make you jerk off for her? That was all she did? Thatís a shame, really. Iím glad you called me- honey. You sounded a little nervous over the phone. You can relax and let go now Iím the one you want. Tell me about youíre fantasies, tell me what your secret urges are. Do you like looking at me dressed this way? Hmmm, I thought so. Your eyes havenít strayed from my legs and stiletto heels since you came in and sat on the couch. Do high heels and stocking legs get you excited? Umm hmmm, I thought so. Would you like to touch one? Here, Iíll put one leg up on the couch so you can stroke it and get yourself all aroused. Rub the heel slowly now, up and down its long black shaft- yes, thatís it. Caress it gently like itís my cock. I love to have my cocks played withÖsucked on and licked all over. I know youíll do that for me dear.

Take off your pants and underwear now so I can rub my hard heel-cock against your body. Well! That was certainly quick, and that stiffening hard cock of yours looks so deliciously beautiful! Did you ever wonder what it would be like to suck your own horny cock? Itís as rigid as a tree and it looks like it might explode at any moment! Oh, we canít have that now, can we, not if weíre to have our fun. Iíll just take this thin rope and tie it around the base of your cock and balls, like this---in a figure eight around and between you balls and then I will just pull that up and wrap the rest of the rope around the base of your shaft four times and tie it very tightly---- like this. There now, that doesnít hurt much does it? Your cock is throbbing more than ever now, but no cum will come out of it no matter how excited you get. Iím scraping my long red fingernails down the length of your exposed shaft and cock head -can you feel my red nails digging in? I want them to. I want the marks to last for at least a few days. You can put your hand on top of mine as I play with it so you can feel my fingers scratch and squeeze your tightly tied cock. Ohhh, such sweet moaning pleasure from you. Youíre relaxing now and know you trust me. I can do anything I want because youíre mine now, arenít you? Thatís right, always reply with a ĎYes Mistress.í Do you feel all your control leaving and becoming mine? Do you feel your power transferring over to me? I thought you did, youíre in very good hands now dear.

Iím putting this black leather collar around your neck and attaching it to a chain. If I pull or tug on it you will move instantly in that direction, Iíll be in total control of you at all times. Do you understand completely my little slave? ---- Good, I can see the collar and chain excites you, now Iím going to put these nipple clamps on you that are attached by this chain, there- how do they feel on your hard nipples? I knew youíd like them, but if you hesitate to do what I tell you to immediately, Iíll pull on your nipple chain like this, or maybe harder. That hurts, doesnít it? I have many ways to create pain. Would you like me to pull on the nipple chain again a little harder? Like thisÖÖOh, those moans of yours make me sooo wet and excited- you seem to enjoy what Iím doing to you so much. The more aroused you become the wetter my black panties get until theyíre dripping in my own cum. So, enjoy yourself my little slave, as I cum and cum because you react to me so wonderfully!

Lay down on the floor, thatís right, keep your upper body and head next to my legs. On your back with that tightly bound cock of yours straining straight up and begging me for more attention. Yes-what? I leaned over and pulled on his cock rope to make it tighter. Mistress, thatís right. Always follow anything you say to me with ĎMistress.í Now Iím on the couch above you like I should be. Do you like my black stilettos scratching your chest like this? I thought you would, you really do love my long hard black heels-oh look how swollen your cock is! Iíd better do more of this to you. There now, I have both of my spiked heels directly under your nipple clamps digging into the bottom of your tits as I pull up hard on your connecting nipple chain. I love moving and grinding my spiked heels into the bottom of your nipples as I keep pulling up on your tit chain even harder. Are your nipples hurting now? Do you like it? Yes, yes, you needínt say a word, you are a good little pain slave. Now, open your mouth so you can suck my six inch heel-cock as though you want it to cum in your mouth. Ohhh, I love sliding it in between those lips of yours and youíre sucking on it right away. Good, good, slave. Now, as Iím sliding the full six-inch heel down your throat I want to hear you sucking and sucking, I want to hear you work for the right to suck on my heels. Itís so hard and long, isnít it? Those sucking sounds of yours make me even more excited. Hmmmm, Iím becoming so aroused and horny now. Show me how excited you can make my cunt, as I listen to you suck as loudly as you can on my long heel sliding in and out of your pursed lips- sucking on it like you want to make it to cum in your mouth and down your throat. Make it cum -try as hard as you can to make my heel-cock cum in your mouth, it tastes so good to you sucking it, I can see it in your face. The ecstasy on your face arouses me soo much. Ohhhh, that looks so sexy, the whole length of my heel being sucked like a long hard cock in a girls mouth. Suck it bitch! Louder and harder, suck it like itís my cock and you want my cum running warm and gooey down your throat. Suck it my little slave bitch, suck even harder while I grind my other spiked heel back and forth into the body tissue under your nipple clamps. Youíre so obviously excited now, I hate to stop for even a moment, but I have to. You are missing something that I like so much and you will too. You can trust me. Iím sliding my heel-cock out of your mouth now for a moment and placing the tips of them both down hard on the head of your cock where theyíll make you feel good. Now sit up straight and face me- while I apply some bright red lipstick to your already luscious lips, to make them look so much more inviting to my cocks and whatever else I demand you to suck. Thatís right, just like youíre doing. Now, purse your lips like youíre kissing someone. You have such nice full lips and youíll look so sexy after theyíre bright red -like a whore that gives blow jobs for a living. Hmmmm, this gets me so excited and the lipstick is going on you so smoothly. It makes your lips look so sexy to me. Your cock is turning colors as Iím finishing this application of your red lips, youíre cock loves me puting bright lipstick on you and you love it too! Iím so happy you love what Iím doing to you, it only adds to MY excitement too! There, your lips are done and you look delicious with them so bright red and succulent. You must use those irresistible lips for me right away. Iím attaching a regular size dildo to myself now and I want you to suck on it for me as I get all excited seeing your lipstick smeared and sticking to my strapon as you suck it like the good whore-slave that I expect you to be. There, now lick the tip of it while I sit back on the couch and enjoy watching you sucking my cock like a little slut. If you do it real well Iíll have a surprise forÖOH, your sucking it like a hungry whore now, I can see that you needed no enticement at all. Put one of your hands around it while itís sliding out and then shove it back down into your own throat through those beautiful red lips of yours. You suck on it so well! Keep sucking my cock, bitch, suck it, suck it hard for me my little slave bitch. Your lipstick is all over the shaft now and Iím cuming from the site of itÖohhhhh God, oh it makes me cum soooooo much, oh my cuntís juices are running into my black panties because you please me soo much. Ahhhhh, it feels sooo good and looks sooo sexy I canít stop myself from cumingÖÖ--you make me cum and shiver slut-slave. I expect to cum several times while weíre playing, while you suck me and I fuck you and your cock strains so hard on itís ropes that it turns colors youíve never seen before. You love this, my little bitch, donít you, you love to suck me and be tortured by me. Youíll be fucked soon and youíll love that more than anything else that Iíve done to you. With my cock in your mouth so deeply and you sucking so much-just nod your head that you enjoy what Iím doing to you, nod to me how much you love it all. Youíre nodding your head so vigorously as you suck my cock with those red lips. Itís so sexy and good for me to see, to know that you love it, and love the space Iíve put you in. Youíre so responsive, so much of an eager volunteer for my fetishes, that you please me and I will reward you for that. You look so disappointed that Iím pulling my long red smeared cock out of your mouth, donít be sad, I have an extra special present for you now. May you lick my spiked heels a little more? Yes, my slutty-slave, but just for a little while. You lick them all over now, here, lick the dirty soles as well, clean off the entire heel, toe and sides of my beautiful shoes. You do that so well my sweet little slaveÖlike a sexy little whore, lick and worship them on my long beautiful legs. Now, lay on your back again and put that pillow next to you up under your ass. Spread those nice legs of yours wide open for me. Oh, that looks so nice and inviting, Iím beginning to get myself all excited again watching you enjoy this so much. No need for me to be on the couch anymore, Iíll sit here between your legs so you can see exactly what Iím going to do to you, and I know that youíll love this, youíll think about it in your dreams and cum while youíre sleeping! Look at me while I sit between your legs, look at what Iím doing. Iíve taken off this one spiked heel and Iím holding it up so you can see what Iím going to do to you. See the long slender heel in my hand? Now, with my other hand, watch as I spread Vaseline up and down its long hard shaft and look at how it shines and glistens even more as I apply it to the entire length with my smooth fingers. Doesnít it look so pretty and sexy? I knew youíd think so. Now, just a little on my finger tip to open up your ass for its reward. The heels that you love so much want to fuck you. They really want to fuck you bad. My finger is up your ass now. Iíll move it around until it begins to loosen up. Now Iím sliding my heel-cock slowly into your cunt Öand that cock of yours is going crazy!! You love it, my little bitch whore, Iím sliding it in even deeper now, do you feel it inside you? You love it Mistress- you say? Thatís good, my little sweet one, because itís going into you all the way now, to the very bottom of your virgin man-cunt. With the Vaseline thatís spread on the length of it, I can slide it in and out of you while you lay there shaking in absolute pleasure. It will feel even better the more I fuck you with it, just lay back and think about what Iím doing to you, how my long heel is fucking you like a virgin girl. Oh my, youíve taken the whole heel so quickly, youíre so excited you opened right up for meÖ.thatís so nice of you to want to fuck my heel so badly for me. Does it feel good -me biting down on your nipple clamps as I keep sliding my long heel in and out of your ass as you wiggle and moan in complete pleasure and pain? I can see how much you like this, that long heel that you love to suck and lick so much is now fucking you hard - in and out, faster and faster, to the deepest part of your man-cunt. Beg me to do it faster, beg me to really fuck you hard and fast with my stiletto cock! Thatís right, please fuck me as hard as you can, Mistress, as hard and fast as you can. You answer me well, as I plunge the dark heel into you so severely like a horny man would fuck a whore! Feel that heel deep inside you, love it, slut, love that cock thatís taking your little virgin ass-cunt.

Iíve taken the heel out now, slide the pillow from under your cunt and sit up. Thatís good, just like that. Iím untying your cock and balls now so you can do what I need you to do for me. Iím unwrapping your tightly tied balls slowly, then the rest of the rope will unwind itself from the shaft of your cock as I pull on the end of it-like this. See, youíre cock is free again! Look at you, youíre still so hard and ready! Well, I hope so! Now get up on all fours and make your little slave-cunt face me while we go through your final initiation. This will allow you to be my slutty little slave forever. A little more Vaseline on my dildo and I think weíll be ready. Iím strapping this ball gag in your mouth that fastens behind your head. Now, as I slide my strapon up your ass, stay relaxed so you can take it all the way into yourself quickly and enjoy whatís being done to you in a most pleasurable way. If you donít arch your back enough, Iíll grab the back of the strap on your ball gag and pull it as hard as I can, forcing your head up in the air and your back to arch naturally as I want it to. I have my strapon about half way into you now. Do not touch your own cock until I give you permission! Donít you dare cum without my absolute permission or Iíll whip you to within an inch of your life. My dildo is in you almost all the way now. Is it filling my sweet little slave up, is it filling my slutís virgin pussy? Does it feel like a big cock up your ass that wants to cum and cum in the deepest part of you slutty little ass? Thank you, I want it to feel sooo good for you. One more hard thrust from me and it will be in you all the way. Ahhhh-there it goes, up to the hilt! Youíre doing so well with this my sweet little slave. As I begin to fuck your boy-cunt with my cock, I will go it in and out of you slowly and easily, then I will begin to speed up and fuck your ass as hard as I can. When I say cum, I want you to jerk yourself off into that pan on the floor underneath you. I donít care if you fall on your face while youíre jerking off, I want all of your cum in that pan!! Now Iím moving my cock in and out of you a little faster and I can see your unbound prick getting harder and more excited, but donít touch it yet. Now youíre getting fucked like a whore - IíM SHOVING IT IN ALL THE WAY AS HARD AS I CAN AND PULLING IT OUT AND RAMNMING IT IN AGAIN ALL THE WAY, FASTER AND FASTER! WIGGLE YOUR LITTLE VIRGIN ASS FOR ME LIKE YOUíRE BEGGING FOR IT, SHOVE YOUR ASS BACK UP HARD AGAINST MY COCK LIKE YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT IT, SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT NOW! Thatís right, perfect, itís like youíve been a little slut all your life, and youíre moaning like you never moaned before. There, again I rammed it in as hard as I can, fucking, fucking, fucking my sweet little whore. Faster and faster we go, ramming you with severe lunges from my hips. I grab the back of your ball gag strap and pull your head back as far and as hard as I canÖ I keep on shoving and ramming you with my cock so that you canít sit down for a weekÖ..NOW, SLUT, JERK YOURSELF OFF IN THE PAN, GRAB THAT SWOLLEN COCK OF YOURS AND EMPTY YOUR ENTIRE LOAD INTO THAT PAN FOR ME NOW!!!

OhhhhÖmy, that looks so nice---you furiously yanking your cock as your other hand and arm collapses, leaving you face dowm on the carpet with your ass up in the air being fucked and fucked until every last drop of your cum in is that pan. Look at it shooting out of you, in streams and big gobs! Iíll bet youíve never cum like this in your lifeÖ.OH, GOOD LITTLE SLAVE-BITCH- YOUíRE ALL FINISHED!!!

You may collapse on your side now, but donít spill that pan of cum. Lay on your side for a while-exhausted. You have only one thing left to do for me, to prove yourself. Are you all right now? Good! A little more red lipstick on those luscious lips of yours, like thisÖ that always looks so nice. Your lips are perfect for wearing sexy lipstick. Now, as I dip my spiked heels into your cum, I want you to lick it all off and swallow every drop of it. Lick and swallow your own cum, lick and swallow, thatís right -weíre almost done now. Your last order is to lick the pan clean with your tongue. Thatís it! I didnít even have to ask twice. Lick it all up, swallow and youíre done. Good boy!! Youíve been one of the best little slut -slaves Iíve ever had. Now you can tell me, was that what you came here for? Ummm-hmmm, I thought so, you enjoyed it all sooo much! Now throw you underpants over there and I will throw them out. As a present to you, youíll be wearing my cum soaked panties home tonight. I want you to wear them to bed with you just in case you have wet dreams about this. You may lick or suck on them, or jerk off into them, but I want you here tomorrow at 2PM still wearing those same panties. I have so many other things to show and teach you, my ever-so-willing submissive student. We shall see then where your real submissive secrets are hiding. Together, we will uncover them all, one at a time- until you find everything that youíve repressed for such a long, long time. Say goodbye now, sweet slave, and look forward to tomorrowÖ.