July/August 2003
Lisa & Brad
(Donna & George, Part Seven)
by dark whisper

Lisa waited fifteen minutes after Donna and George left for the evening before picking up the phone. She dialed a number she had only memorized the day before and when the man answered, merely said "They're gone for the evening, why don't you drop by." She smiled when she heard his assent, and dropped the receiver back into the cradle. She was wearing the nightgown she had purchased earlier in the day when she and Donna were at the mall, the shimmery gold material clinging lovingly to her every curve. Her body was still warm from the shower, and her skin was dewy and soft. She wore her blonde hair down in a curtain of softness over her shoulders.

Her makeup was light, and while her face made her look barely sixteen, her body was as lush as any pinup's. The contrast between innocence and wantonness was one she encouraged at every opportunity. Men loved the little girl look of her, especially when they peeled off her clothes and found the erotic woman beneath. She had occasionally played the part of a schoolgirl when she was seeing her previous lover. He was a very powerful businessman, and Lisa often wondered if he would turn into a dirty old man as he got older. She had to smile when she remembered one particularly satisfying evening.

Daniel had sent a box to her apartment, and inside was the equivalent of a catholic school uniform - plaid jumper, frilled white blouse, white kneesocks and black and white saddle oxfords. Lisa wore the outfit with nothing beneath, and Daniel was practically drooling when she came out of the bedroom with her hair in twin pigtails, her kneesocks turned down at the cuff, and an ornate silver cross hanging between her breasts. She completed the look by thoroughly shaving her pussy, leaving her puffy lips smooth to the touch and a soft pink color. Daniel spent close to an hour playing with her pussy, spreading her lips, licking her softly, cooing to her in a half-choked whisper.

When he'd had his fill, he 'taught' her how to suck his cock. She played along, partly because he seemed to really enjoy the game, and partly because she found out a lot about what pleases a man by the instructions Daniel gave in such a patient manner. After only about ten minutes of his tutoring, he was straining to keep from coming all over her face and mouth. He pulled out of her talented mouth and very slowly, very carefully entered her dripping pussy. The next day Lisa felt sated and sore from their long session of lovemaking. They'd made love three times that night, and only the first time was slow and easy.

Lisa shook her head to clear it of the sexy memories and took the time between her phone call and his arrival to create a romantic mood in the apartment. She lit candle after candle, until the room glowed with a warm flickering light. Next, she flipped on the CD player and played some Celine Dion and Michael Bolton. Carefully, she pulled the prepared tray out of the refrigerator and placed it on the kitchen counter. The tray was laden with fruit and a large bowl of whipped cream. Lisa smiled as she took a bright red strawberry from the collection and bit into its firm sweet flesh. She had just finished pouring two glasses of wine when a knock came at the door.

"Hullo Brad." Lisa smiled into the eyes of George's best friend as he stepped into the apartment. Brad's eyes took in the scantily clad Lisa, and a slow sensual smile curved his lips.

"Hello yourself, gorgeous." Brad leaned down to kiss her lingeringly on her full lips. He tasted the slightly sweet, slightly tart flavor of the strawberry, and ran the tip of his tongue over her teeth and across the roof of her mouth. Lisa shuddered with pleasure as he explored her mouth, and she sucked on his tongue lightly. She led him into the apartment, and gestured toward the couch. Brad settled onto the comfy cushions and pulled Lisa down next to him.

Lisa giggled and said, "Jeez, I thought they'd never leave. Donna has a bit of a surprise for ol' George though."

"Oh, I have no doubt about that." Brad grinned, and pulled Lisa into his arms. "But let's concentrate on what YOU have planned." He looked around the room briefly, his eyes picking up all the special touches, before settling his mouth back onto Lisa's.

The kiss was long and satisfying. Lisa moaned as Brad's fingers sought out her erect nipples beneath the fine material of the nightgown, and brushed lightly back and forth across the rigid peaks. She pulled away reluctantly, retrieved the two chilled wineglasses, and handed one to Brad. They sipped the wine slowly - Lisa wasn't much of a drinker, and the wine went straight to her head. She felt deliciously light-headed after only half the glass, and by the time she finished, she was decidedly tipsy. Brad was amused by the way she kept licking her lips, like they'd suddenly gone numb. He reached out his hand and traced her bottom lip with his forefinger, touching every millimeter of her pretty, pouty lips. His amusement suddenly fled, only to be replaced with desire, when she climbed onto his lap and reached down to cup her own breast. Her eyes closed with pleasure when her thumb began to lightly circle the nipple. He watched with acute interest as her nipple grew and hardened.

He felt his cock stir in his jeans as Lisa squirmed slightly on his lap. It became obvious that Lisa felt him harden when she ground her pussy against the firm bulge, rocking her hips back and forth. Brad groaned softly when Lisa bent closer for a gentle kiss. Her mouth was sweet and hot at the same time, and Brad took the opportunity to explore at his leisure. His tongue traced patterns on the roof of her mouth and slipped back and forth along her gums. Lisa felt her pussy respond pleasantly to his gentle touch. She marveled at the barely perceptible throb between her legs as they kissed and investigated each other's bodies - touching here, kissing there. She felt the strap to her nightgown slip off her shoulder as Brad's fingers delved beneath the bodice, finding her warm breast swollen and firm. He rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb while his mouth moved across her cheek to the soft skin of her neck right beneath her left ear. He began to suck on her skin, and Lisa reached for the button on his jeans, tugging at it until it popped free of its hole. She pulled down his zipper and slipped her hand between the denim folds to curl her fist around his hard cock. She began to pump him up and down, putting a delicious pressure on his shaft. Her thumb swirled around the head, and she felt the unmistakable wetness at the tip. Brad's fingers tightened on her nipple as she reached deeper into his jeans and cupped his balls.

Brad put his hands beneath her arms and lifted her off his lap. He sat her down next to him and reached shakily for his glass of wine. "Lisa...you are incredible." His voice was barely audible as he tried to control his breathing and regain some semblance of restraint. Lisa's hormones were flooding her body with need, but she decided to let Brad set the pace for the evening.

"Mm, so are you. Pour me some more?" Lisa held out her glass, and Brad filled it with more of the icy wine. Lisa tipped back her glass and drained it in one smooth motion. Brad knew that she was feeling pleasantly fuzzy, and wanted to see how relaxed and uninhibited she could become. Lisa giggled and rose from the couch to get the tray of fruit from the kitchen. She dipped a slice of kiwi in the whipped cream and offered it to Brad. He took her hand and raised it to her lips instead. He watched with smoky eyes as she licked the cream off the fruit before biting into the firm flesh. Her eyes never left his as she took a slice of peach from the tray, then dropped the nightgown to the floor, revealing her lush curvy body. Brad watched her every move carefully as she trailed the sticky fruit over her lips and down her neck.

Lisa was enjoying the expression on his face as she twirled the cold fruit around her nipples, making them sticky and even harder. She didn't stop there, but drew it down her belly to the trimmed hair of her pussy. She leaned back on the couch and propped one leg behind Brad's neck and the other on his knee. She was wide open to his view. He saw that her pussy already gleamed with moisture. She dipped the peach between the folds of her pussy and pushed it inside her hole. Brad grinned as she moved her finger to her clit and started rubbing it gently. He could tell that she was enjoying herself, her whole body was trembling lightly, and every time she flicked her fingertip over the firm nub of flesh, her body jumped as if struck by lightning.

Lisa reached back down and pulled the peach from inside her pussy. The fruit was even juicier than when she'd slipped it inside, and she offered it to a suddenly ravenous Brad. He sucked the piece into his mouth then licked her fingers clean of the sticky goo. He reached out his hand, scooped up some of the sweet frothy cream, and spread it over her breasts, concentrating on her pointy nipples. He got another handful and smoothed it over the trimmed hair of her pussy before spreading open her labia and smearing more inside her slit. Lisa was shaking with excitement by the time he placed several slices of fruit over the cream. He knelt next to the couch and began to lick his way down her trembling body. His mouth was warm on her chilled skin, and his tongue seemed soft and rough at the same time. His teeth closed over a nipple and he nibbled on the rigid flesh. Lisa wanted so much to touch herself, but restrained; she wanted to let Brad do whatever he wanted to her.

What Brad wanted to do, was to touch, lick, kiss, and fuck her until she was a quivering mass of jelly. His hands moved slowly up and down her belly, teasing her skin and bringing gooseflesh to her flesh. He licked his way downward, stopping here and there to kiss and suck on her very sweet skin. When his head slipped between her thighs, she arched up off the couch and buried her hands in his hair. She pushed his head into her sticky snatch and ground her pussy into his face. His tongue was lapping up the cream sweetened juice as fast as it could. She gasped as she felt a shower of icy cold liquid pour over her crotch and looked up to see Brad holding the wine bottle tilted over her pussy. He sucked and licked and flicked his tongue rapidly over her clit. The combination of sensations sent her spiraling into her first orgasm of the night. She began panting, then her whole body went rigid. Her thighs tightened around his ears as she bucked up and down on the couch. Brad kept up his frantic tonguing until she went limp, then lightly flicked at her burning clit. Every time the tip of his tongue made contact, her body twitched until she reached down and pulled his face away from her sopping wet, sticky cunt.

“That’s....enough. Oh God.” Lisa’s voice was weak from the intensity of her orgasm, and Brad pulled away. His face was shiny with her juice.

“You don’t know how sexy you look right now, Lisa.” Brad’s voice was thick with desire, and his cock was almost painfully hard. He grabbed the shaft and ran it up and down the length of her thigh, her juices making it slide easily on her skin. Lisa sat up and pushed him backward onto the floor. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his jeans and peeled them from his legs. As soon as his cock was free of the tight material, it bobbed up and down with every beat of his heart. The head was a dark purple from the flow of blood into the tight muscle. Lisa grabbed a peeled tangerine from the tray and squeezed the juice all over his cock. He groaned as he felt the wonderfully cool liquid hit his heated skin. He groaned again when her lips closed gently over the head. Her tongue swirled lightly over the tip, darting into the tiny slit at the top, then sliding up and down the shaft. Brad was in ecstasy as her hand closed over the shaft and began pumping up and down. Lisa’s mouth was hot and wet, and his eyes closed in pleasure as her hand slid up and down on his juice lubricated cock. He thought he would explode when he felt her licking softly at his balls. She sucked gently on his sack as her fingers kept up the steady motion on his shaft. He arched his back and his prick stabbed the air when she drew one of his balls between her lips. Lisa used all her considerable talent and ran the flat of her tongue firmly over the sensitive testicle resting in her warm mouth. She felt a squirt of precum hit the side of her face when she started flicking her tongue back and forth over his oh-so-sensitive sack.

Brad couldn’t stand the pleasure much longer, and didn’t want to come in her mouth. He pulled her greedy head away from his crotch and then settled her on top of his stomach. Her pussy was slick with juice as she rocked her hips back and forth. She sat facing him, and his fingers reached for her swollen nipples, pinching them lightly while his own hips bumped up and down. Lisa scootched backward until his cock was resting between the folds of her pussy, the tip of his cock barely brushing her exposed clit. He lifted her hips and settled her back down, his cock sliding delightfully deep as she impaled herself fully on his engorged cock. She sat there for long moments, not moving an outward muscle, but squeezing his cock with her inner pussy walls. Brad thought he would not be able to maintain control if she continued, but just when he thought he lost the battle, Lisa began a slow rocking motion on top of him. It was just enough to keep him from coming and he thrusted powerfully upward, filling her completely. Lisa planted both feet on the floor next to his hips, and rose up a couple of inches, giving Brad ample room to thrust his iron hard cock into her.

He grabbed her hips and used the added leverage to pound upward. Lisa was moaning loudly with every plunge of his cock. Brad rolled over and took her with him, Lisa ending up on her back on the thick carpet. He turned her sideways, and positioned himself between her legs. His hips were a blur as he fucked her hard, his cock slamming deep with every lunge. Lisa’s fingers were gripping his thigh, and her nails dug into his skin. Brad moaned and his hand came down hard on Lisa’s ass. SMAAAACK! Lisa screamed as she felt the stinging slap.

“Oh yes! God yes!” Lisa pushed her hip up, trying to encourage another of the hard slaps. SMAAAACK! SMAAAACK! Two more punishing blows to her asscheek had Lisa quivering and ready to burst with pleasure. “That’s it baby, fuck me...fuck me hard!” Lisa practically growled the words, and Brad could contain himself no longer. With an animal lust, he rammed himself inside of her, the air thick with the smell of sweaty sex, and the sounds of two bodies meeting violently. His fingers dug painfully into the skin of Lisa’s hips as his cock spewed jet after jet of hot cum deep inside of her. As soon as Lisa felt him spasm, her own body clenched up and spikes of white hot lightning shot down her limbs, straight into her pussy.

Time seemed to stand still as their bodies convulsed and shook with the intensity of their orgasms. Brad continued thrusting into her long after his cock was emptied of his seed. Lisa’s hips kept meeting his slowing thrusts until both were near exhaustion. Finally, Brad pulled his semi-soft cock from Lisa’s pussy and he lay down next to her on the rug, Lisa’s head nestled against his shoulder. They lay for long moments, just touching lightly and kissing. Eventually, Brad turned to Lisa and said, “So, want to tell me about Donna’s plans with George?”

Lisa turned to him and said, “You’ll never believe what she was wearing under that sensible dress of hers.....”

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound