July/August 2003
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Rating: and a Swish of a Tail

Panic Snap by Laura Reese

Laura Reese, author of the previously review Topping From Below, has done it again with Panic Snap. Chuck full of mystery, murder and mayhem it is also dripping with sexuality, sensuality and S/M! This author has the ability to draw you in until you are part of what it going on and to me that makes for a great author and excellent book.

" ...The accused murderess in a sensational trial, Carly Tyler, waits outside a California courtroom as a jury decides her fate; Is she the depraved Madame de Sade of the newspaper headlines or the innocent victim of one wealthy family's gothic past? Left for dead by the side of the road fifteen years earlier, she emerged from a coma with no memory and a face completely altered by the plastic surgery needed to repair her injuries. Who is she and what happened to her? The trail leads her to a magnificent vineyard and its mysterious owner. James McGuane, a man of wealth and immense sexual charisma who holds the key to her past. But to unlock it, she must risk her life on a terrifying erotic journey that tears apart a dynasty and reveals the truth about an appalling murder."

Carly Tyler was "born" at the age of 17. All memories before that were wiped clean. The brutal attack that should have killed her took everything from her, even her face. She survived and the doctor's "remade" her but even after 15 years she still yearned to find out who she was and who had left her for dead in an empty field. And then she saw an article in the Wine Spectator, an article about James McGuane and the Byblos Winery. There is no sudden flash of memory but a hidden something that tells her that her past is connected with the winery. She gets a job as cook for the McGuane family and begins to search for any clue as to why this of all places called out to that part of her that she had no knowledge of. While sleuthing around one night Carly spies James through the window and he is not alone. Not only that but "...in his hand he wields a whip; it's long and black, with several thongs of leather dangling from the handle....". She wants to step back, pull away, only she finds herself drawn to the scene in front of her and aroused. Later James confronts Carly about her snooping around and she informs him " I saw you....and that woman".....AND......" I want you to do that to me" !!

What follows will draw you in with powerful erotic scenes so sensuously described that you will believe you are part of them. You will watch as Carly begins to find bits and pieces of not only her past but of her sexuality; or is it just her desire to know her past that draws her? Is it the man and what he does, what he demands of her that drives her or obsession? His or hers or both! She submits to him even while trying to figure out why. Even after she is sure that he was the one who left her for dead all those years ago she cannot stop..." I am unable to say no. His desires have become my own..."

As with Laura Reese's other book, Topping From Below, Panic Snap keeps you wondering up until the end what exactly did happen fifteen years ago....and then some!

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Panic Snap