July/August 2002


Colleen spends a fantasy weekend at an exclusive Bed & Breakfast - Pt 2
by Colleen


(Colleen, now a full TG, whilst waiting for Mistress to inspect her one morning, is remembering the weekend, long ago, at Master and Lady B’s B&B, when she first got completely hooked on BDSM and TV. We pick up in Part 2 on Saturday evening)

At Dinner on the Saturday night, Lady B announced that she had run a poll to allocate the subs to new rooms for Sunday. Colleen found out that she was assigned to the ‘Dark Room’. That room would involve different methods of body encasement - leather, saran, plaster, liquid latex etc. So after dinner Mistress T, the Mistress in charge of the Dark Room took over control of Colleen from Mistress C and led her off to her new room.

The first thing to deal with was the matter of the punishments accumulated during the day. This was difficult since Colleen, who enjoyed almost every form of pain, was normally punished by being sent home, but given the nature of the course, Mistress T decided that she would try out her extensive collection of floggers with more than her usual strength. Colleen was suspended from hooks in the ceiling on tiptoe, with cuffs and collar attached to two spreader bars and completely naked, Mistress having removed the false breasts and vagina, and a lot of hair from Colleen’s chest and crotch as they came unstuck. Mistress also applied wax to Colleen’s face and removed beard hairs in another painful operation, but one that left Colleen feeling amazingly feminine. The butt plug was also replaced with a larger sized one after Mistress had given Colleen another enema. Although Colleen was no longer wearing make up or wig, Mistress applied a very large rosebud on her lips in bright red lipstick and the same color decorated her areola. Knowing of Colleen’s love of nipple pain Mistress placed on her nipples two of the largest spring clamps, normally used for holding sheaves of paper, which caused pain far in excess of mere bones. A tight blindfold was fitted together with a ball gag. Now Mistress was ready for the punishment. She started the warm up by slapping Colleen’s bottom with her hand until she had got a nice pink glow all over, then switched to a riding crop which she used across the bottom and especially the inner thighs making sure to accidentally hit her cock and balls several times in the process. Colleen made noises through the gag but Mistress wasn’t to be stopped, if anything it spurred her on. Now Mistress switched to Colleen’s back. Mistress liked to start slowly with each instrument with a pattern of harder and harder strokes alternating between the shoulders and the lower back, finishing eventually with two very hard strokes across the shoulder blades. The first whip was a small thuddy type nylon stranded one and Mistress built up through five sizes of these repeating the pattern with each. Now Mistress switched to her favorite toys, the horsetail (stingy and thuddy), the leather strands (marking), the plastic strips (cutting), the bullwhip and the looped plastic. As Mistress progressed the sight of the marks she was creating seemed to excite her and the lashes got harder and harder. Colleen who initially had been concentrating on just keeping balanced on her tip toes and jerking at the lashes, gradually stopped moaning and got drawn into the pain continuum and gave herself to Mistress with complete abandon, hanging from her bonds and soaring into space. After what seemed an eternity, but was probably only 15 minutes, the lashing stopped, the nipple clamps were removed and her breasts rubbed vigorously and Colleen heard Mistress say, “Now it is time for the punishment to begin”. Instead of the normal period of tender loving care from Mistress, Colleen was straight away bound face down over a table and Mistress applied the paddle for 101 strokes, each one acknowledged by Colleen, “One Thank You Mistress; Two…” When she was finished Mistress abruptly left Colleen to experience her punishment, which had produced two sets of very painful cheeks, especially with such a large butt plug in the middle.

About half an hour later it was bedtime and an assistant appeared to put Colleen to bed. The assistant produced a body sack made out of latex. Colleen slid naked into the main section, whilst her arms slid into separate tubes attached down the outside. The top then zipped up across the shoulders and a special hood was added. This was the two-layer variety, with an air barrier between the two. Breathing was by means of a tube, which entered her mouth through a rubber teeth gripped gag and was connected to a breathing machine which pumped air at a suitable volume down the tube, breathing out through nose tubes. Having secured Colleen totally in the sack, it was suspended from the ceiling along its length by several slings so that she was hanging horizontally high off the ground. Colleen could now hear and see nothing, her body throbbed with the pain of the beatings and she was totally and utterly helpless. What Colleen didn’t know was that the air supply was first used to give her a sedative, so at least she had a restful night, well sort of, and then during the night to feed her drugs which by morning had her waking up very horny and feeling not at all herself.

After some very amazing dreams, which Colleen always very quickly forgot on waking, but seemed to involve growing monster breasts and losing her penis somewhere, Colleen awoke next morning with a big hard on and feeling a bit like she had when she had tried drugs as a teenager, out of control! After being taken out of her nighttime cocoon, the assistant did all her bathing and preparation, which puzzled Colleen slightly, but she was not really able to concentrate that well, everything was sparking and flashing and it felt so nice to be pampered. Her make up was done beautifully, heavy but not slutty with false eyelashes and very plucked eyebrows; her wig was a beautiful shoulder length blond one with a straight fringe across the front. Especially after the removal of her facial hair there was no sign of any blue beard and she looked so beautiful. Colleen was wearing the short corset and this time a complete Tollyboy Chastity Belt that encased her penis completely, but left her balls free, and was secured by chains to a steel band round her waist. In fact so hard was she, that it was necessary to encase her with ice cubes before she could fit her penis into the tube. A short red skirt and red satin blouse completed the ensemble with long dangly pierced earrings, bracelets and her collar, which was steel links with a hook at the back. Colleen was even allowed to put on Chanel #5, to her intense pleasure. There was still no sign of Mistress T as she was led to breakfast where she ate a small but exquisite breakfast served off elegant china feeling and looking extremely female but still very spaced out.

After breakfast Colleen was led to a meeting with Master and Lady B. They both complemented her on how beautiful Colleen looked and how well everyone was enjoying having him/her to stay. They mentioned that Colleen had done so well that they wanted to include her in a circle of their friends that they maintained, who were committed to BDSM in Phoenix and who had intimate get togethers from time to time. Colleen feeling so incredibly feminine, euphoric, pampered and wanted, saw this as a wonderful opportunity to move into what she now craved for with her whole body and happily signed the three page initiation contract without a second glance. Still not having seen Mistress T, Colleen was getting very nervous, her pent up feelings and desire for this new Mistress seemed to be rising to red hot passion which was coursing through her body, as she longed to be able to fling herself at her Mistress’s feet and be under her control again as the beautiful Colleen. However the assistant led Colleen back to the Dark Room for her day to begin.

First on the agenda this morning was the Japanese Rope Bondage, to be followed by Saran Wrap and then Plaster. After disrobing of everything but the CB and her jewelry, the Rope Bondage started with simple rope binds round the crotch and waist and round the chest and neck. Then a backbone was put in place along her spine which, with an extension backbone up her arms, looped about every foot around her body, legs and arms, which were bound together behind her back, with extra binding at the ankles and wrists. Then after being turned on to her face, her ankle bindings were attached to another rope and her legs were drawn up into the air until she was totally suspended from the ceiling by her ankles. Then her arms were drawn up by another rope attached to her wrists to the same hook, arching her body but with her head near the floor as if in mid dive. At this point Mistress T arrived and greeted Colleen by slipping a set of bones on to her nipples and saying good morning with her favorite horsehair switch, until she was red all over. Now she knew what had been done to her, she was totally hooked on this relationship with Mistress T, a feeling she had often hoped for but never until this moment felt. Yet she knew from signing the application form that none of the Mistress’s would be allowed to continue a relationship outside of the B&B, so the only way she could ever see her again was to come back for another weekend and ask for the Dark Room. Mistress helped to let her down unwrapped the ropes and rubbed her wrists and ankles to bring back the circulation.

Now it was time to start the Saran wrap. Mistress chose green and had Colleen bend forward against the wall while she started to encase her body from under her armpits to her feet. However first she took off the CB and lightly smacked her balls with a small crop from behind. When the wrapping got down to her legs, Mistress first encased each leg down to the ankle, and then joined both legs tightly together. She then had her stand upright while she bound her arms then with her arms at her side she bound them against her side with further wraps around her body. Finally she came to her head and wrapped in as one would a mummy across and around leaving no place uncovered except that she didn’t cover her nostrils. With the help of the assistant Colleen was lowered to the ground lying on her back. Mistress now took a small pair of scissors and cut holes so she had direct access to her nipples and balls. Colleen wondered why the soles of her feet had not been covered, but not for long as Mistress started a pattern of strokes on the soles of her feet first with a short leather strap and then with a cane, which had Colleen bouncing round the floor in pain. Then Mistress attached a pair of bones to her nipples on setting 3 and placed a few more around the areola. Now Mistress turned her attention to Colleen’s balls. First she did the string wrap. She wound a thin length of string round her penis from the tip all the way down, criss-crossed around her balls and under her scrotum until it was totally encased. Whilst this was maturing she playfully tugged at all the bones, took off the main ones, rubbed hard and replaced them back at 90 degrees to the original placement with glee. Now she bent down and grabbed the end of the string down at her scrotum and pulled it hard and steadily. The result was that the string unwound very quickly causing Colleen some significant pain, which had her squirming about again, grunting through the wrap. Mistress finally decided to put on a cock harness and then gently eased a Sound down her penis until it almost disappeared and as a parting gift slid a fresh piece of stem ginger down the now widened opening. Colleen was now turned over face down on the floor. Mistress then proceeded to work steadily down from her shoulders to her knees using her favorite whips, gradually removing the wrap as she sliced through it. What with the pain from her nipples, penis, balls and back, Colleen was soon entering subspace and shortly after the remaining wrap was removed and Mistress placed Colleen in her arms and had her suck her nipple for comfort.

Lunch was due shortly so the plastering was started. Colleen was covered in bandages from head to toe in a sitting position, which was then covered in Plaster of Paris and left to set. Her arms were locked with the elbows at right angles down to her side with even her hands covered and only her mouth and nose were left open. She was the wheeled down to lunch where every one had great fun in writing interesting comment on her cast, whilst Mistress had hysterics feeding her with a teaspoon and a drinking straw. After lunch things went a little quiet and Colleen realized that she had been left all alone in her wheel chair and it was impossible for her to move or break free. Luckily the enemas had helped take the strain off her digestive system, but she still found a desperate need to pee and after an unequal struggle felt that familiar warm feeling spreading down her legs once again. After what seemed forever, but was probably only half an hour, she felt herself being wheeled out of the lunchroom, hopefully back to her room.

At last she felt herself being cut free and wiped down and there was that absolutely beautiful face of Mistress T beaming at her. “Well now I get to have some fun,” she said, “its time for the latex”. Colleen was fixed against a wall with hands secured to the side and legs attached to a spreader bar but otherwise naked. Mistress had had the assistant tidy up Colleen’s make up and put her wig back on as she said that she wanted her to look good in the photos. It appeared that Mistress had been shooting pictures of Colleen’s predicaments all day for her web site, but having been mainly blindfolded, Colleen had not noticed before. Mistress then opened the various colored latexes, which unfortunately have a terrible smell, and proceeded to do a real time painting. The main theme was a bikini set, so Colleen had a nice bra and bikini bottom in dark blue, with a red lining, with white knee socks and elbow gloves added and an interesting tattoo across her belly. When she was finished Mistress photographed the resultant Colleen Collage for posterity. She now set to the task of removing the latex. This has the effect of taking with it any underlying hairs and although Colleen had shaved recently, there was still enough growth available to make it a very hair raising, and painful experience. Not satisfied that Colleen was really sufficiently depilated, Mistress decided to pluck the remaining hairs from her balls until they glistened. Then deciding that Colleen needed cleaning up Mistress took out her water pick and hosed down her nipples and genitals, approaching ever closer until she howled for relief.

Now was time for the finale of the weekend, each participant would be dressed in appropriate fashion and attend the Grand Parade led by her Mistress. Colleen was dressed from head to toe in leather, with her CB in position and the stuck on breasts replaced, but with enough showing of her face that her refreshed make up and wig complemented the ensemble. She had 3” leather boots with spike heels and delicious naughty dangling earrings. Mistress T told her she had enjoyed her very much and was very proud of her performance. Then Mistress led Colleen down to the parade by a leash attached to her collar. The other participants were there; each led by her Mistress in an outfit appropriate to her room theme, or for the steerage participants, sackcloths and chains. Master and Lady B reviewed the parade as it circled the room. Then the participants lined up in front of Master and Lady B, with their Mistress’s standing behind them. The participants prostrated themselves to their hosts, before sitting at their Mistress’s feet. Master thanked everyone for choosing to stay at his B&B and hoped that they had enjoyed themselves and found it good value. Master offered all participants 25% off the fees for a repeat visit, as long as they chose a different room, and 50% off once they had tried all rooms. He also announced that Colleen was the winner of the owner’s prize for the most delightful participant and that her prize would be to be offered to Mistress T for a trial contract and if Mistress T found her satisfactory this could become permanent. Finally he drew everyone’s attention to the CBs they were wearing. They could if they so wished pay $2000 to buy the key to their belt right away, or they could attend the weekly soiree put on by Lady T every Thursday evening at 7pm at the B&B, where there would be a draw for one key each week. Every fifth week there would also be a drawing for a free Weekend at the B&B as a steerage participant, which could be upgraded by payment of the difference to a themed room.

Colleen wasn’t sure she wanted to leave in the CB, but heck it would be no more than 10 weeks before she was free at worst, and she was sure there would be more fun at each soiree, so she happily accepted. After a tearful au revoir to Mistress T and final cleaning up, Colleen was finally dressed in street clothes and headed home a very happy man, for now! What Colleen didn’t of course know yet was what she had signed for in the contract for Master B, when she was feeling a bit woozy, but that is another story….