July/August 2002


A New Voyeur
(Donna & George, Part One)
by dark whisper


The winter air was frigid on her neck as she hurried past the row of streetlamps casting weak yellow circles on the icy asphalt. Donna hated working the night shift, but until she earned her degree, she was stuck making her living as a cocktail waitress. She really didn't mind the work, it gave her mind a break from the computer classes that seemed to take all of her concentration. The tips were great. Often, she'd come home on a Friday or Saturday night with over two hundred dollars in her purse, and feet so tired they ached.

She slid into the driver's seat of her 10 year old Fiat and prayed as she turned the key in the ignition, hoping the little Italian excuse for a car would actually start. When the engine caught, she breathed out softly...watching her breath frost in the weak light. With the radio turned up, and the heater blasting, she reversed out of her parking space and made her way to the two bedroom apartment she shared with her classmate Lisa. She was almost thawed out as she pulled up to her parking space and found someone else's car parked half in, and half out of the lines. She swore a rather un-ladylike curse when she saw the expensive sportscar, and went to park in the visitor's parking.

Her mood was not much improved as she opened the apartment door and saw a trail of women's clothes scattered across the living-room. Lisa was a sweetheart, but sometimes Donna was hard pressed not to shriek at her like an old fishwife when she saw the condition of the apartment after working a 6 hour shift on her feet. She started to pick up the clothes, but she decided the hell with it, Lisa could pick up after her own damn self.

Donna moved tiredly into her bedroom, and was immediately soothed by the cool blues and soft peach colors that might have overwhelmed her if not for the oversized bed with the snowy white down comforter and crisp blue pillows. She stripped down to her bra and panties, and lay full out on the comfortable bed, letting her body relax fully as her mind wound down from the evening's hectic pace. She must have fallen asleep, because the next thing she became aware of was her roommate's muffled scream. She leapt up from her bed and stumbled to the doorway, heart pounding fast in her chest as she raced for Lisa's door...her hand was just turning the knob, when she heard the unmistakable moans of a woman and man engaged in sexual play. It was too late to stop the momentum of her hand and the door opened slightly. Donna started to pull the door closed, but for some reason her body refused the demands of her mind, and her eyes went to the bed in one corner of Lisa's messy bedroom.

She watched with a thudding heart as the man (she couldn't see his face) was poised over the wildly squirming Lisa, his erect cock hovering over her belly...the veins standing out on his arms as he teased her with the dark red tip, drawing it slowly over her tight stomach. Donna felt her body flame as she watched the way her roommate's eyes followed every movement her partner made, greediness shining in their hazel depths, and her tongue peeking out from between her kiss-swollen lips. The man straddled Lisa's tummy...his cock level with her pebble-hard nipples. Lisa raised her head and reached for the bulbous head, her tongue making contact with the drop of pre-cum already shining at the slit.

"Oh yes..." The man's voice sent shockwaves through her body. Butter soft and lightly accented...just enough to send a warm surge of excitement to Donna's groin. She could feel the crotch of her panties getting moister by the moment as she watched. She never considered herself a voyeur, but this...this was definitely turning her on. He surged his hips--sending the head of his cock deep into Lisa's frantically clinging mouth. Donna was breathing fast and shallow in the doorway, her knees trembling with desire as Lisa curled one slender hand around the base of his thickness and squeezed. When Lisa's other hand crept toward her pussy and slipped two fire-engine red fingernails between her puffy lips, Donna sank slowly to the carpeting outside the door, and spread her own legs.

Just as Donna's fingers slipped into her panties and separated the folds of her pussy, she looked up and caught Lisa's eye. Lisa was watching her through the crack of the door, and from the smoky look in her eyes, Donna knew she was excited by her audience. Donna's fingers pulled quickly from her panties and a deep blush stained her cheeks at being caught watching.

She scrambled up and quickly returned to her bedroom. She was wildly excited and embarrassed at the same time. She laid back down on her bed, and lifted her breasts over the top of her bra cups...the tight material lifting them high and giving her lips access to their rosy peaks. Her tongue flicked out and played with her nipple as her fingers reached into her nightstand drawer, and pulled out her vibrator. It had a stainless steel shaft and variable power settings...from a low throbbing hum, to a highly intense vibration. She set the vibe to low, and gently slid the smooth shaft through the lips of her pussy, feeling the throb deep in her belly. Donna moaned deep in her throat as the pulse neared her sensitive clit, but she pulled it back before making contact. She knew that as stimulated as she was, it would only take a little bit to send her over the edge.

By this time, the crotch of her panties was soaked through, but Donna left them on, enjoying the feel of wet silk brushing her pubic hair. She pulled the elastic farther away from her opening, leaving it exposed to the cool air as she slipped the tip of the vibe into her hole. She shuddered as the cold metal entered her warm cavity and slid easily in the slippery wetness. She twisted her wrist, and the vibration turned up a notch. Her knees drew up and she gave a savage thrust...burying the now pulsing vibe to its hilt. Her head arched back as she began to pump her silver cock in and out of her steamy cunt. She no longer cared about her moans, she expected the other couple was too busy to even hear her.
She felt it building...that all consuming fire that would flash from her pussy clear out to the tips of her fingers. Her leg muscles locked and her back arched several inches from the surface of the bed. She was cumming, and there was no stopping the lightning as her body bucked and writhed in pleasure.

"God, that's sexy." The voice was ragged, and very male. Her eyes flew open to see Lisa and her incredibly handsome partner standing in her open doorway. Both were nude, and the man's cock was so hard it was standing away from his body, twitching as he watched Donna cum.

For a moment, Donna wanted to grab a robe and cover her wide open body...but the naked lust in Lisa and her partner's face forbade it. So instead, she slowly pulled the slick vibrator out of her pussy, and brought it to her lips. Her eyes traveled back and forth between the two sexy young people, watching their reactions as she slipped the musky vibrator into her mouth. The man couldn't stop himself as he walked across the floor, kneeled on the bed next to her, and started licking her fingers and the base of the vibrator. When he reached her lips, he kissed her deeply, his tongue seeking out every crevice of her hot mouth. Donna kissed him back, just as deeply and with just as much naked desire. His hand reached for the tight material of her bra and yanked it open. His palm closed warm and tight over her left breast and Donna arched into his touch. Her legs were still spread wide open, and she felt a warmth stir the soft nest of curls between her thighs. She jumped just slightly when the warm breath was replaced by Lisa's tongue.

Donna had NEVER experienced anything like this in her entire life, and if asked an hour before if she would ever consider such a thing, the answer would have been a resounding no. But right now...right at this very moment, she luxuriated in the feel of two people loving her this way. Lisa's tongue seemed to unerringly find her most sensitive spots...flicking here, lapping gently there, every now and then sucking on a lobe or lip or clit. Donna closed her eyes and allowed them to taste, touch, and kiss almost every inch of her tingling body. She felt as if there were more than just these two, Lisa’s tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. The contrast between a woman’s touch and the stranger’s touch only added to the pleasure. His fingers felt work-roughened on the sensitive skin inside her thighs as he ran his hands down to her knees, then back up to slide between the crevices of her pussy...probing deep into her hole when he reached it. He lowered his mouth to her and slurped up her juice, licking fast while her hips bucked, then slow when she began to tremble. Always keeping her right on the edge of orgasm.

Donna’s eyes opened in surprise as she smelled a woman’s scent directly over her face. Lisa was straddling her face, with her pussy lips spread open and glistening. Donna was tentative at first, but when Lisa moaned and ground her pussy onto Donna’s tongue, she started lapping and nibbling in pure enjoyment. The Stranger leaned back and watched the two women...his cock throbbing with the need to cum, but thrilled with the actions of Donna and Lisa. He told Lisa to lie down and let Donna eat her...Lisa obeyed, and Donna bent eagerly to her task, holding open the lips of Lisa’s pussy with her fingers as she fucked her with her tongue. Donna’s butt was raised up, and the man had a perfect view of her oh-so-wet pussy as she concentrated on bringing Lisa to orgasm. He couldn’t stand it any longer, and placed the head of his cock just inside Donna’s pussy. Immediately, she pushed back with her hips, taking the full length of him in one stroke. She shuddered. His hands grasped the full cheeks of her ass, and he pulled almost all the way out before slamming himself against her again. God, she was so tight and so fucking wet!

Donna turned her head to the side, and caught a glimpse of the erotic tableau they made as they pleasured each other...the man’s face straining as he held himself in check, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy...her face between her roommate’s sexy thighs as Lisa’s head rolled back and forth in pleasure. Donna didn’t think it was possible, but the sight in the mirror turned her on even more. Her hips started rocking back and forth in perfect unison with his ramming hips...meeting him with a vicious thrust of her pelvis. His fingers dug deep into her ass cheeks, his nails leaving crescent indentations in the soft skin. He pulled out...if he hadn’t, he’d have spent his load deep in her pussy, and what he desired more than anything was to come in her ass.

His cock was coated with her thick juice, shiny and slick. He buried two fingers deep in her pussy, twisting them back and forth, getting them slick and gooey. He gently probed the tight ring of her ass with his forefinger. He heard Donna moan between Lisa’s thighs, and her tongue sped up it’s action on the other girl’s clit...flicking it fast from the underside. Lisa was squirming and almost crying with pleasure. He could tell that his probing finger was giving Donna incredible pleasure. He pressed the tip of his finger against her hole, increasing the pressure as it began to slip into the tight heat of her. Her ass tightened on his finger, but he kept up the steady pressure until she relaxed. The finger was inserted about halfway when he saw her pussy flare. The juice was now dripping down the inside of her thighs. The more he pushed, the more her ass gripped his finger. God, this woman was soooo hot.

He started to pump his finger in and out of her ass...slowly adding the second finger. Her hips were circling while her mouth kept up its steady assault on Lisa’s burning pussy. Finally, he removed his fingers and placed the head of his cock against her ass. He slowly but firmly pushed his hips forward. He felt her resistance, but like before, also felt her ass open and accept his throbbing cock. He groaned as the entire head slipped past the tight ring, and the muscles of her ass held him like a tight leather glove. He kept pushing...she accepted all he had to give. Finally, his balls nestled up against the wet fur of her pussy. He was buried to the hilt in her ass, and he was jerking with excitement. He watched as Donna started finger fucking Lisa...her painted fingernails disappearing in the other girl’s wetness. Lisa could hold out no longer, and started screaming out in pleasure. Her fingers grabbed Donna’s head and held her tight to her bucking crotch as she came. He groaned again and started fucking Donna’s tight ass. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed as her ass rhythmically clenched on his turgid cock. His hands gripped her hip bones as he pulled her tighter against him. Donna was delirious with lust as he pulled all the way out, then slammed himself back deep in her butt. She felt the fire licking along her thighs and crotch...her fingers reached for her clit as he fucked her ass. One stroke, two strokes, and she was whirling into a cataclysmic orgasm. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he rammed his cock into her. Her body arched up and she felt his balls slapping furiously on her pussy as he gave a final plunge of his hips and spurted his load deep in her ass. It felt like an eternity...hot thick liquid spurting inside of her, her ass clenching and forcing the jism back out of her ass even as he shot another stream. The inside of her thighs was sticky with their combined juice when he finally let go of her hair and pulled his still semi-hard cock from her ass.

They collapsed in a heap on her bed. Three bodies sated and exhausted. Donna turned to look at Lisa and was surprised to see a look of embarrassment on the other girl’s face.

“I’m sorry, Donna.” Lisa said in remorse, “but seeing you watch us...getting all excited...we just couldn’t resist when we heard your moans in here.”

Donna just smiled and told her, “Lisa...it’s okay. Trust me.” Then she looked over, held out her hand to the man that had so thoroughly fucked her and said, “Hi...I’m Donna, and who might you be?”

He chuckled and said, “I’m George, Donna...and I’m very pleased to meet you.”

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound